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ricooola  asked:

Oops someone else just asked that please ignore me lol... How about linking us to some of your favorite fic writers?

NBD, I wish I knew some more McHura fics. i think I’ll go hunt some down for you guys tonight. Favorite fic writers? 

1. kianspo (who has yet to let me down)

2. notboldly50295 (who i have loved so far, but i haven’t read all of his/her work)

3. centrifuge 

AND eimeo who you should look up on KS archive. his/her writing his by far some of the best i’ve seen in the fandom, but i cannot vouch for content only style

ricooola  asked:

please don't feel bad about looking at thinner photos of yourself from the past. i did the same thing with my photos yesterday but i realized something, that in spite of everything and just having to go through all of my clothes and get rid of most of everything (there are currently 6 full bags of clothes i have to get rid of)... people don't know me for my weight. they know me for my smile, music, sense of humor, artwork... and i'm sure the same goes for you. please feel better soon. <3

This was really sweet. I thank you.