giant domestic family au

-whenever stan notices jerry being jerry he pranks him like the mature old man he is
-summer and her girlfriend wendy help
-rick is amused
-beth fakes exasperation but finds it hilarious
-mabel knits herself and morty matching sweaters with “m'n’m buddies!!” written on them in glitter (get it morty and mabel aayyy i need to stop)
-theyre bedazzled
-morty pretends to hate it but secretly sleeps in it
-summer wears wendy’s flannel
-mabel bedazzles rick’s portal gun
-ford and rick flip each other off without even looking up whenever they pass by in the house
-he is terrified but flattered
-rick: “ford? i h-havent seen u in thirty years”
-ford: “shame that has to end. i liked not seeing ur stupid hair. you look like sonic the hedgehog”
-rick: *burp* “fuck you sixer”
-mystery twins + morty on adventures and shit!!! nice
-soos helps beth feel like a more complete woman over wine and a spa day
-jk jk but theyd totally bond

i’ll add to this later when i feel trashier lmao

Terri keeps a. Bedazzling gun in her room for decorating her jackets n she’s even bedazzled designs on some of Abe’s sweaters like some pastel candy gore kind of shit
he wears them

To Gravity Falls, From Piedmont: Chapter Two

Summary: It’s a long way until next summer. Until then, Dipper and Mabel share their daily antics and life problems with their lifelong friends and attentive great-uncles through an endless string of e-mails. Distance makes the heart grow fonder after all, and there’s no place Dipper and Mabel love more than Gravity Falls. 
It’s been over a week. I’m starting to recover. It’s a slow process. There are still tears now and then. Some bouts of sadness. But mostly I’m happy that Gravity Falls got the conclusion it deserved. Super excited for Journal 3 to hit stores!

Previous Chapter: One
Next Chapter: Three

CC: Wendy Corduroy (Lumberchick); Soos Ramirez (QuestionMarkDude); Grunkle Stan (StantheMan); Grunkle Ford (Highsixer); Dipper Pines (GhostHarasserfan); Candy Chiu (SweetasSugar88); Grenda Gosling (Hugsx0x0)

From: Mabel Pines (ShootingStarRainbowUnicorn)

Subject: Lost Bedazzler!

Okay, so I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find my bedazzling gun! I think I left it in Gravity Falls, but I can’t remember where! I’ll give twenty bucks to whoever finds it and sends it back to me. I’d really like to have it back as soon as possible!

Much love,


“Aw, I can’t believe I forgot it!” bemoaned Mabel. She wiggled her small frame further underneath her bed, hands patting against the floor in hopes of stumbling across her favourite craft tool. “Huh. Mom sure kept this place clean while we were gone!”

When Dipper entered the bedroom, it was to see his sister wedged halfway under her bed, legs sticking out across the carpeted floor. Rolling his eyes, he went to sit on the edge of his bed, bowl of potato chips in hand.

“Mabel, it’s not here.”

“Maybe I missed it,” she insisted.

“You’ve gone through this house three times. I can also guarantee that if your bedazzler gun is in this place, it’s definitely not under there. You wouldn’t treat your weapon of mass glitterization so carelessly.”

“Fair point.” Giving up the fruitless effort, Mabel attempted to wiggle herself back out, but found herself stuck. “Waddles! Help!”

Waddles hopped up from where he had been laying on the floor and went over to his owner. He took hold of her socked-covered foot and pulled, managing to drag the girl out from the stuffy space.

“Whew!” she gasped, patting down her frazzled hair. “Good pig!” She went over to the computer and swung herself into the leather wheelie chair. “Maybe someone responded to my e-mail.”

“Why did you include me in the conversation?” asked Dipper through a mouthful of chips. “I’m right here.”

“I figured you’d like to be included in this mystery.”

“It’s not a mystery,” snorted Dipper. “You forgot your bedazzler somewhere and now the gnomes probably have it.”

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