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More BendyxAlice headcanons please~?

The first time they met, Bendy tried to flirt with her after a show she did (this is the song i now think she sang. Got it from a friend during a stream), and she ended up trying to kill him with a sword, because you know. Devil vs Angel. (Note, he didn’t know she was and angel. Her costume he two small wings, and real angels have 3 pairs (meaning 6) of wings. PS: Alice has white wings that shine gold in the sun light)

It involves her chasing after Bendy back stage, and Boris not knowing what’s going on, but helping him either way. At some point, she slices of his hand. By the end, Boris is put peril by standing under a falling sand bag, to which Bendy pushes him out of the way and gets splats him self. Alice sees this as something she never expected from a demon, and thus, let him go with a warning.

And a later episode, Boris gets a gig as a drummer for a band currently in Paris. He invites Bendy along, because he can speak French (as well as Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swahili, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, and more). As they prepare to embark on on a journey, Bendy reveals this he doesn’t trust ships much any more, since the last one he sailed on sank. He was on the RMS Titanic (this would probably be like a 9/11 joke by today’s standard). So instead, he breaks the fourth wall and does a scene cut.

As they make it to Paris, they enter the bar/pup/restaurant he will be preforming at, and this is when they find out it’s Alice Boris will be working for (they find out after watching the show to know what he’ll be working with. Alice comes out preforming this: Its safe to say Alice and Bendy aren’t all that happy about it, but she welcomes Boris with open arms.

As the days go by, Alice and Bendy are forced to be around each other more, Because Alice can’t speak French either. Even if they can’t stand each other, they both have time to playfully Tease and insult each other. As well as have fun with a very excited Boris, who loves France very much. (All the while, Bendy is being hunted down by an evil priest or bishop, that wants to exercise him).

One night, when Bendy and Alice are left to clean up the place, and here they start, once again, tease flirt with each other. At this point, they get much closer to each other, and come in for a kiss. The priest sees this, and find it a blaspheme.

The next day, Bendy and Alice are both arrested, for being an evil demon and a fallen angel. They try to plead that it’s not the case, and the priest gives them a task. They must preform a song together to prove she is not a fallen angel, because a demon and angel can’t work together stereotype. (note, if she is proven to be an angel, she will be able to order him to not harm Bendy). They think it’s a piece of Cake, but they are informed at the last minute, they must sing in French.

Alice and Boris panic, as neither can speak or sing French, and fear for the worst. Bendy comes up with an idea. Alice must sign a contract with him, allowing her to speak and sing in French for 24 hours. Alice is very weary of this, because giving her soul is a sin. Bendy then said he will not take her soul, and they will discuss his reward after wards.

And as they go on stage, Bendy mixes things up and plays a guitar, spicing things up a bit. (this is the song in French: The song became such a hit, that even when the priest tried turning the tables on them, he was kicked out, and Alice, Bendy, and Boris was safe once more. Bendy now decides what he wants in return for the contract, and he very suggestively asks her to but him a golden bow tie, bedazzled . Which she does.

And so, Boris and Bendy leave France, and leaving Alice as well. As they say goodbye, Alice picks Bendy up (or at least his head), and gives him another big ol kiss on the lips. (Boris later teases him about it).

And the THIRD time our trio meet, it’s out of pure coincidence. They just bump into each other one day, and just hang out. I can’t really figure out a story for this third episode unfortunately, but by the end, Alice decides to stay with Bendy and Boris in their apartment in Brooklyn.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Not the Wedding Type

becasbackrub suggested that they’d sell their soul to see this happen in fic form, so…it happened. Maybe more Bechloe-heavy than I had planned but TOO BAD. 

Beca had grown accustomed to the way everything seemed duller since graduation - how the colors of the city were muted, her thoughts unintelligible, her iPod looping the same song over and over on her drive to work without her even realizing it. Still, she told herself that at least she was healthier; having her heart rate spike dangerously fast every time a certain redhead walked into the kitchen for coffee or suggested a movie night wasn’t exactly doctor recommended.

It still surprised Beca, though, how the grey numbness she used to live in before Barden seemed so much more unbearable now. She didn’t know how much she craved those electric jolts of touch or grins or glances until it was gone. But she did. A lot.

Which was why - even though she was vehemently against weddings - Beca Mitchell was kind of, sort of, maybe, possibly, secretly really looking forward to Cynthia Rose’s wedding. The constant texts being sent in the group chat should have been irritating to Beca, who had no preference for Save the Dates and gift registries, but the texts would occasionally feature an excited Chloe holding the wedding invitation, the veins in her neck popping to push her smile as wide as it would go or a flirtatious Chloe posing in front of a mirror at some dress store, donning plunging neck-lines and shades of green that made her eyes sparkle. The redhead lived for weddings, as Beca remembered entirely too many Saturdays spent watching wedding specials and bridesmaid movies.

Beca hated weddings and all the “til death do we part” lies that were spread over the pure white of the bride’s dress, and she hated airplanes with every fiber of her being, but she was currently willing to endure both to see that unbearable, impossible enthusiasm that made her days at Barden so much more colorful than before school. Or after, for that matter.

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