seriously though the life of Ada Lovelace is some next level Mary Sue bullshit

oooh I’m the daughter of Lord Byron, I’m a countess, I get Dickens to come to my house to read me bed time stories in person, I’m learning mathematics from De Morgan, I know calculus, I take tea with Charles Darwin, I’m the world’s first computer programmer, I display a depth of understanding that won’t be reached in the software industry for another hundred years, la de fucking da

lady, chill
i'm coming home to you. - Fangirlqueen87 - Emmerdale [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Emmerdale, robron
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Aaron Dingle/Robert Sugden, Robert Sugden/Chrissie White
Characters: Aaron Dingle, Robert Sugden, Chrissie White, Rebecca White, Victoria Sugden, Adam Barton, Chas Dingle, Andy Sugden, Katie Sugden, Charity Dingle, Ross Barton, Pete Barton, Liv Flaherty
Additional Tags: Sweet Home Alabama AU, estranged lovers, husbands from afar, Childhood Sweethearts, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Self-Harm, Homophobia

Robert has it all. He’s got the fiancé and he’s grown accustom to the lifestyle she leads. The future is looking bright. There’s only one catch, he’s married, and he’s got to travel all the way back to his old village to try and get a divorce.

Aaron shakes his head and presses it back against the door of the pavilion. “You just left.” He looks towards the wooden slabs beneath him. “You left me, walked away from what we could have -”

Robert needs distance, pulls himself up. “Could have been? Aaron we were just stupid kids, we - we were in over our heads. Both of us.” Aaron pulls a face and Robert doesn’t know what it means but he does remember Aaron being adamant that no one could know he was gay. That’s changed, obviously. “None of it was real.”

Aaron lifts his head at that, and Robert can see that he’s hit some mad nerve, that he’s gone and insulted him or something. “Felt pretty real to me.” He says, drags the bottle up towards his lips and forces it down.

THANK YOU TO @softrobertsugden for being the brain child of this beautiful fic and making the idea come to me in the first place!! have 49k of feelings. 

The Signs as Five Senses

Aries: Looks like fireworks. Smells like the woods. Feels like calloused hands. Sounds like yelling at sports games. Tastes like hot tamales.

Taurus: Looks like a ballerina. Smells like flowers. Feels like silky hair. Sounds like acoustic guitar. Tastes like water from a waterfall.

Gemini: Looks like sunflowers. Smells like birthday cake. Feels like a surprise party. Sounds like the screams of an amusement park. Tastes like strawberry ice cream.

Cancer: Looks like a genuine smile. Smells like soap. Feels like fresh laundry. Sounds like beach waves. Tastes like mother’s homemade food.

Leo: Looks like eyes reflecting the sea. Smells like metal. Feels like faux fur. Sounds like musicals. Tastes like rich chocolate.

Virgo: Looks like perfect handwriting. Smells like cinnamon. Feels like the hugs your mother gives you. Sounds like a heart beat. Tastes like black licorice.

Libra: Looks like angel wings. Smells like vanilla extract. Feels like someone tracing your palm. Sounds like a harp. Tastes like mandarines.

Scorpio: Looks like melting gold. Smells like rose perfume. Feels like tucking yourself into bed after a long day. Sounds like roof top screaming. Tastes like hot cocoa.

Sagittarius: Looks like abstract art. Smells like an antique shop. Feels like a leather bound book. Sounds like the starting of a jeep wrangler. Tastes like a lollipop.

Capricorn: Looks like a skyscraper. Smells like coffee. Feels like the heat of your laptop. Sounds like motivational speeches. Tastes like caramel.

Aquarius: Looks like dystopic movie covers. Smells like salt water. Feels like skin against ice. Sounds like humming to your favorite song. Tastes like hot cheetos.

Pisces: Looks like a flower garden. Smells like a loved ones t shirt. Feels like the joy of Christmas presents. Sounds like bed time stories. Tastes like fresh lemonade on a hot summer day.

How to be Little in Public

❤️ be playful and silly, your friends and family are probably more familiar with your little side than you think. Joking around and being goofy is a great way to let your little side out

❤️ where something that makes you feel cute. My little side really likes pastel colors, my puppy side really likes black. So I have been incorporating those colors into my wardrobe.

❤️ have a cute water bottle with you. Drinking water or juice out of cute bottles is a very simple way to feel smol. I recently got a unicorn bottle at Walmart and no one looks twice at it, except to say how cool it is and I feel very cute when I use it.

❤️ Listen to music that makes you feel little, or listen to an audio book. I have a little playlist of a bunch of Disney songs and other music that makes me feel little. I also LOVE audible! It’s like someone is reading me a bed time story.

❤️download some cute little apps. Tumblr is great, but may be a little obvious. I love the game Neko Atsume, it’s a virtual yard that cats come to and play. I also like My Boo Album, it’s a sticker collection app.

❤️ eat food that makes you feel little. When I’m out in public I like to eat fruit, especially if it’s cut up. I also like juice boxes, cheese sticks, graham crackers, teddy grahams, gold fish. Just about any snacks will work, but I would not eat actual baby food out and about. If you want something similar apple sauce is a great alternative.

❤️ fidget toys or other main stream stim toys. They are cute, stylish and fun, all while helping with anxiety and stress are inconspicuous.

❤️ bring a small toy or stuffie with you in your bag. It is a big comfort to know that you have a soft friend with you wherever you are

So basically what I gathered from the Ceci mag interview:

  • Moonsun loves and works hard for the fans.
  • Moonbyul gets a free show from Solar (gets to see sexy dances too).
  • Moonbyul gets one of the top three spots for Solar’s happiness even though she’s already technically one of her loved ones. She still deserves a spot of her own.
  • Solar heals Moonbyul.
  • Moonsun is in love with each other.

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the signs as wlw aesthetics
  • aries: spring wlw; racing each other through meadows, picnics by the riverside, small bracelets made of daisies, ice lollies, lying down and noticing shapes in the clouds
  • taurus: floral wlw; arranging bouquets, long walks through english gardens, flower crowns, tucking a flower behind their ear, floral summer dresses
  • gemini: library wlw; whispering between aisles of books (+ hiding from the librarian), reading bed time stories, sharing favourite books, staying up late discussing recently-finished novels, writing secret messages in between the lines
  • cancer: soft wlw; cuddling under the blankets, watching the rain, listening to music on the rooftop, long walks at the beach, sharing sweaters
  • leo: summer wlw; matching sun hats, sipping peach iced tea, being the best looking couple at the beach, lying side by side in a sunflower field, cycling on a tandem bike
  • virgo: forest wlw; picking berries, tree-climbing competitions, strolling through the lovely dark and deep woods, laurel wreaths, studying nature together
  • libra: princess wlw; gifting each other tiaras, sneaky glances, ballroom dancing in gossamer gowns, secret conversations in carriages, long handwritten letters
  • scorpio: moon wlw; silver eyeshadow, heated late night debates, evening walks, stargazing, secret conversations at 3AM
  • sagittarius: road trip wlw; making plans together, toasting marshmallows by the bonfire, sleeping in tents, swim-racing in the river, singing together in the car
  • capricorn: glow wlw; neon shoes, eating dinner in an empty diner at 11PM, 7/11 shopping dates, texting each other at 3:58AM, watching the sun rise
  • aquarius: space wlw; watching space movies, visits to the planetarium, 2AM debates on the existence of aliens, matching constellation tattoos, sun & moon chokers
  • pisces: mermaid wlw; lavender+aqua+silver hair, 2-people pool parties, swimming far out in the ocean, collecting seashells, doing each other's hair (fishtail braids lmao)

BakuDeku Fic Recs

I’ll try to post a new one every 15-20 fics I read if you guys are interested. This is sorted from lightest to heaviest in both rating and topics.

Child’s Play by stardustacademia (cosmiclarents)

rating: General
notes: tiny Izuku is adorable

Katsudeku week prompts byJustaperson1718

rating: General
notes: just a bunch of super fluffy one shots!

How to Fall in Love with Your Enemy by Insomnia_Productions

rating: General
notes: this gave me cavities and pain

May I take your order, dipshit? by supercrunch

rating: Teen+
notes: “i like my fic how i like my pizza incredibly cheesy with a little bit of sausage.”

Silver Lining by pec

rating: Teen+
notes: seems like something that could happen in canon :)

Sparks Fly by limesicle

rating: Teen+
notes: this is great, please read it

Scoville Score by oisiflaneur

rating: Explicit
notes: spicy blowjobs

Boys on the Seashore by purpleho

rating: Explicit
notes: angsty but happy ending?

I Summoned a Demon 101 by EAter

rating: Explicit
notes: idk my dude just read it and see if you like it, I love it

Caught Looking by EAter

rating: Explicit
notes: 6k+ words of porn A+++

Falling by soulstring

rating: Explicit
notes: slow burn but then its heats up 🔥

I feel you by soulstring

rating: Mature
notes: Izuku becomes addicted to emotions

Coherency by Ramabear (RyMagnatar)

rating: Explicit
notes: everyone is really emotional, im angst, shinsou is best boy

standing in awe of death by Ramabear (RyMagnatar)

rating: Explicit
notes: this series is not for the faint of heart at all, many heavy topics, read the tags carefully, this was my first fic of what would become my otp and it got me shipping it bc I’m a messed up individual.

Make Every Moment Last  by osakakitty

rating: Explicit
notes: one of my absolute favorites, beautifully written. I reread this fic every couple days and each time I find a new emotion to feel.

Like the Moon by osakakitty

rating: Explicit
notes: this is so so well written I cried a bit but also there’s raw emotions from both the characters and the readers while reading it and wow this changed my life, one of the best one shots I’ve ever read for all fandoms if not The Best.

Overall osakakitty is an amazing author, their characterization is on point and I feel so many emotions pls read all their stuff.

Little Bedtime Asks(∪。∪)。。。zzzZZ

♡ What time is your bedtime?
♡ Do you like being tucked in or half covered?
♡ Big fluffy blankie or soft thin blankie?
♡ Bed time story or movie?
♡ Milky or juicy?
♡ Do you have strict bedtime rules?
♡ Are you fussy or easy to put to seep?
♡ Feet out or in?
♡ Footie pjs or onesie?
♡ Binkie or thumb?
♡ Cuddled up or sprawled out?
♡ Nightlight or no nightlight?
♡ Bath time or shower?
♡ Favorite stuffie?
♡ Heavy sleeper or light sleeper?
♡ Do you wake up for midnight snacks?
♡ Side sleeper? Back sleeper? Tummy sleeper?
♡ Do you have to be warm or cool to sleep well?

Bedtime Story

Pairing: Dean, Sam, sister!reader

Warnings: None

A/N: I decided to go ahead and post another drabble/ficlet based on a gif. I found another one that I thought would fit into my sister!reader story line. Again there may be some mistakes. But I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. Also readers age in this one is about six years old. So this would be during Season 6 timeline. 

“Come on man, I told her a story last night.” Dean grumbled.
“I know, but I found this really cool lore book in Bobby’s library, and I really want to go through it as much as I can before we leave.” Sam pleaded.
Dean scowled at Sam, muttering “Nerd.”
“Rock, paper, scissors?” challenged Sam.
“Alright, you’re on.” Dean agreed.

“Son of a Bitch!” Dean exclaimed.
“You always go for the scissors Dean, when are you gonna learn?” taunted Sam.
“Screw you, go get me a beer while I think of a story to tell the kid.”

Dean headed up the stairs to y/n’s room at Bobby’s. He poked his head into the bathroom as he saw the light on and figured she was finishing brushing her teeth. “Hey kiddo, you ready for story time?” he asked.

She looked over to the door with her toothbrush hanging out of her mouth, gave him a sudsy smile, and nodded.

“Alright hurry up and I’ll get you tucked in.”

Y/n scurried across the hall to meet Dean. He tucked her into bed and then sat beside her.

“Ok, so you know the drill. Big brother Dean doesn’t do princesses and castles. So I’ve got another installment of your favorite cowgirl’s adventures for you tonight.”

She giggled and clapped her hands. “Yea!” she squealed excitedly.

“Alright so, when we left off, Texas Ranger Mary Campbell had just entered Fort Smith, Arkansas following the trail of one Bill "Mad Eye” Sayers. Now we know Ol’ Mad Eye was a bad one, he was wanted for several crimes, the worst of which included murder and cow rustling. So Mary was determined to find him and make sure he saw justice.

Mary knew she had to find Mad Eye quick. Fort Smith was full of all kinds of sorry types at the time. He wouldn’t be the only murderer or cattle rustler in town. If she didn’t find him soon, he might join up with a gang and make tracks elsewhere.

She decided she would do best to start off looking in the saloons. Even though Fort Smith was just a small settlement there were several to choose from. In fact, there was an entire area known as ‘the row’ which was a famous red light district housing saloons and bordellos.

She entered one such establishment named Miss Laura’s Social Club. Walking up to the bar she swept her eyes around the room taking everyone in. She didn’t see Mad Eye right off, but he could be upstairs. She’d need to chat up the barkeep and maybe ease into asking a few questions. She had the flyer with Mad Eye’s picture on it she could show around. She just didn’t want word to somehow find it’s way back to him and ruin her chances of catching him off guard.

She settled into a stool at the bar and signaled the barkeep. She asked for a whiskey and turned to observe the room further.

When the barkeep sat down her drink, she gave a nod and took a sip.

'Where ya in from?’ Asked the burley barkeep.

Mary raised her brow and responded, 'Little bit a’ everywhere. Most recent I was out Kansas way.’

'Huh, he grunted. And what brings ya here to our little river town?’

'Oh this and that, I been looking for somewheres to settle down. I ain’t getting no younger.’ she replied.

'Eh, I hear ya there. So your thinkin a settlin here are ya?’ he asked with his brow raised.

'Maybe so, thought it couldn’t hurt to take a look around anyway. Get a feel fer the place.’ she shrugged.

'Well you decide you’d like a tour you jus let me know.’ he said winking.

'Sure thing, mister. Name’s Mary by the way, Mary Campbell.’ she said holding out her hand for a shake.

'James White, ma'am. It’s been a real pleasure chattin with ya. I gotta get back to the other customers, but you need anythin else you jus holler.’

'Alright James, I sure will.’ she answered.“

Dean stopped his story to glance down at y/n. He realized he got so lost in the story himself, he hadn’t heard a peep from her since he started.

She was passed out against his side, snoring softly. He chuckled lightly figuring he might have bored her right to sleep. Although she did seem to genuinely enjoy his old western stories. At least that was something they had in common.

He gently moved her over on to her pillow and tucked the covers up around her. He softly kissed her forehead before turning out the bedside lamp and exiting the room.

Once downstairs he grabbed a beer from the fridge and joined Sam in the study. He plopped down on Bobby’s old couch and threw his feet up on the coffee table with a tired sigh.

"Y/n asleep?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. Out like a light.” Dean responded with a smile.

Honestly? I can’t wait to have kids.
I can’t wait to watch my wife try and slowly manipulate her glowing body out of my car as we make our way to the ultra sound appointment.
I can’t wait to pull a small piece of paper out of my pocket that has about 300 questions I have to ask our doctor.
I can’t wait until the doctor tells me google exists and I will be just fine.
I can’t wait to stand in the book store carrying more “how to” books than necessary to the cash register. Looking both bewildered and enamoured as my wife shakes her head with embarrassment at my intense excitement.
I can’t wait to hear her tired voice ask me for Pringles and peanut butter.
I can’t wait to be laying on her belly and feel a small foot on the side of my head.
I can’t wait to see my beautiful wife standing in the mirror rubbing me stomach slightly concerned.
I can’t wait to reach my hands around and pull her in tight and whisper how utterly stunning she is. How unbelievably lucky I am. How unbelievably lucky our “little guy is.”
I can’t wait to discuss who’s genes you’re going to get. Argue over who’s nose we hope you have.
I can’t wait to hear the “it’s time.”
I can’t wait to be next to her, holding her hand. I know she’ll tell me she can’t do it. But I damn well know she can. She will be the strongest bravest person I know.
I can’t wait to hear your cries as you breath into this world.
I can’t wait to look down at my wife, exhausting, but glowing. She’ll be looking at you. But I’ll be looking at the two of you. No moment will ever match this. No moment will ever feel so accomplishing. So important. As to when I see my family together for the first time.
Honestly? I can’t wait to have kids.
I’m so excited to hear uncoordinated footsteps fill the hallways of my home. Followed by high pitched laughed filled screams and the voice of my wife shouting “I’m gunna getcha!”
I can’t wait to pull you both close onto my lap as I read the same bed time story I’ve read every single night for the past month.
Watch both of your chests rise and fall together as your breath becomes rhythmic.
I can’t wait to sit on that couch with you both asleep in my lap not wanting to move because no matter how tired, how uncomfortable I am. For god sakes I couldn’t look away if I tried.
There are so many things in this world I look forward too. But this lifetime I’m going to get to create? I am so excited for.
—  I can’t wait to meet you.
LDR Little Bed-Time Routines

We all know Little’s have a hard time getting ready for bed when they don’t have their Mommy/Daddy there. It can be frustrating for both parties when the little is fussing because they’re tired and refuse to go to sleep because they don’t have Daddy/Mommy. So I’m gonna attempt to come up with some (hopefully) helpful routines to get your Little to bed with less fuss. 

🌙 | Phone call. Call your Little Prince/Princess before they go to bed. Listening to their CG’s voice can soothe any worries they have in the moment. It may even help with nightmares.

🌙 | Rules. Give them a set of routines to do every night before bed, such as: Brush your teeth, Brush your hair, Change into PJ’s, Glass of water.. and so on. 

🌙 | During the phone call, if there’s time, read them a bed time story, sing to them, or just babble about how much you love them or how your day went. I’m sure they won’t care what you’re talking about as long as you’re paying attention to them. Use pet names, their favorites, your favorites, and coo at them! Not necessarily baby talk, bring out the Mommy/Daddy voice.. the same voice when you compliment/praise your baby. 

🌙 | Remind them how much you love them, why you love them, why you love being their Mommy/Daddy. Remember all little’s need constant reassurance they’re not too needy or in anyway annoying.

🌙 | Make sure they’re happy/content. If they’re sad, they are definitely going to have nightmares and need your help (though there’s nothing wrong with needing help). If your little girl/boy has anxiety, then you need to make sure they’re not upset about anything.