Kylo Ren Imagine- Addiction

Request “hi could you please do a kylo imagine based on the panic at the disco song nicotine? like it’s based off the readers point of view of kylo? if not it’s ok I just really love your writing’


You let your hair loose as you shut the door behind you. The comfort of being alone after a long day was something that you looked forward to. You let out a heavy sigh as you crawl under the sheets, letting the soft blankets swaddle your worries away. The bed feels like wispy clouds underneath your aching muscles.  The black nights envelopes you, and your eyelids grow heavy as if someone was adding weights atop your eyes. Despite your exhausted condition, sleep evades you. 

Instead of falling peacefully into sleep, something else haunts your memories. His figure like a birch tree in winter looms over you. The feeling of the tender skin of his plump lips burns into your skin. You will never forget the way his breath smelled, or the distinct smell of his cologne that evening. The night you kissed Kylo was a night you will never forget. The whole situation was purely an accident but his ghost still roams around your body. You clutch the blankets tightly to your chest trying to replace the feeling of his touch. 

Down the hall Kylo is experiencing similar thoughts. The feeling of your small figure as vulnerable as a little child in his embrace surges through his thoughts. The fruity taste of your sticky lipgloss tingles on the sensitive skin of his lips, a taste he will never forget. He fights the urge to give into his cravings, but he knew it wan’t wise to give in to foolish desires. Your kiss was like the bitter taste of alcohol on a lonely night, and Kylo was the alcoholic. Unable to bear the burning flame inside of his chest, he exits his room and marches down the hall toward your room. 

You try everything in your power to dismiss the thoughts from your mind but you can’t shake away his touch. Sitting forward, you swing your legs over the side of the bed and burry your face in your sweaty hands. 

The door to your bunker flies open, followed by an exasperated Kylo. A lost absent expression is plastered on Kylo’s face as he steps into your room. With a huff he shuts the door behind him. You try to get up but once on your feet Kylo’s hands forcefully grab your head, spinning you so your back is against the  wall. The wall is as cool as a brisk wind against your exposed thighs.  Trying to eliminate any space between you two, he pushes your arms up against the wall, your hand resting just above your head. There is a brief pause, your faces so close together that they are almost touching. Your breathing is rapid as you eagerly await him to close the gap. Just when you think you can’t go on any longer, his bottom lip brushes against yours teasingly. 

He finally crashes his lips against yours passionately after you let out an almost inaudible, but desperate whimper. His actions are precise and decisive, as if he has imagined this moment over and over again in his head. 

“Kylo.” you mumble in between kisses. 

He moves away from your lips, leaving them swollen and tingling. He plants wet kisses to your jawline and down to your neck, nibbling softly at the tender skin. Every time Kylo connects his lips to your skin he experiences a high. Kylo craves you like an addict craves their fix, you are his fix. 

“Don’t talk.” he pants. 

Obeying like a training puppy, you let him take the lead. His spider-like fingers dance around your waist, desperately tugging at the seams on your shirt. Better judgment was warning you like a parents warns their children against giving into temptations. With a new spring in your step, you jump and latch your legs around Kylo’s waist. Momentarily he breaks the kiss and looks at your with his deep set eyes, a look that could melt any heart staring into your soul. 

“I’ve lost control (y/n).” 


“I don’t want it back.”

“We shouldn’t be doing this Kylo.” 

“I don’t care.” 

A giggle departs your lips when he moves you over toward your bed. If there were any doubts in your mind that he wasn’t interested before, there certainly aren’t any now. 


the sky was so amazing i literally couldn’t breath

bed of clouds silhoutte by moemoechi on Flickr.


today’s sunset