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where r u percabeth fluff fics

Could Be Canon:

Percabeth | things you said when we were the happiest we ever were | Percabeth’s First Date | Annabeth becoming part of the family | Reunion | Percy being flustered by how hot Annabeth is | Annabeth being flustered by how hot Percy is | Percy Braids Annabeth’s Hair | things you didn’t say at all | things you said when you were scared | Sleep Ins | Married | Emergency Accommodation | Percy in a Tux | Annabeth in a Tie | Percy in Glasses | things you said at 1am | things you said when you were drunk | Annabeth admiring Percy’s hair | Olympus Can Wait | Percy with stubble | Annabeth’s 23rd Birthday | Car Crash | Flying Fridge | Killing Spiders | Annabeth’s a bed hog | Percy’s 23rd Birthday | Blanket Burrito | Beach | Stupid | Period | Obtuse | Happy Percabeth HCs |

At High School | AHS Headcanons | Prom Night | Surprise | The one where they have to look after a baby doll | things you said over the kitchen table | Not So Shore (a ‘mortals meet’ fic |

New Athens | Dreaming It | Designing It | Completing Construction | Moving In | Percabeth getting married there | Extras |


Skater!Percy | Skateboards and Snapbacks |

Bi!Percabeth | Bi the Way | Bi!Percabeth HCs, Percy-centric |

Disney AUs | A Dream Come True | Percabeth at WDW | Percabeth Sleeping Beauty AUPercabeth Enchanted AU |

Percababies | Percy and Annabeth have kids | Percy’s first moments as a dad |

Chef!Percy | Delicious |

College!AU | Socks and Spiders |

Percy and Annabeth’s Adventures on Public Transport | Tripped Up | Out of Line

Bridal Salon AU | Summary

| Percabeth: “My brothers stole your bike, sorry.” |

Bookshop AU |

Theme Park AU |

Holiday Themes:

Halloween | House of Horrors | Spiders |

Christmas | Gingerbread |  Enchanting (Magic AU, written for the PJO Secret Santa 2016)

literally nothing is more relevant to my life than any posts talking about bed hogging.

I am the ultimate bed hog.  

Coleman told me this morning that he had to physically shove my body to one side of the bed because I was sprawled out in the middle of it and had taken all the covers.  

Holly used to end up in the black hole side of her bed because I would sleep diagonally on it and force her into the black hole.

Anyone who has to share a bed with me, I’m sorry.

My roommate

…is a 12 pound bully.

Last night of course he was in the bed before me. I get in…have to push him to one side so I can have space & fall asleep.

Well that little jerk kept inching his way over…which in my sleep I must have been moving to make room for him & then…I FELL OFF MY BED!

He was happily nestled, center of the bed with his head on my pillow.