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so i have swimmers ear in both ears and im in so much pain tbh and can you just do a fluffy little thing with Ashton taking care of you like it doesn't have to be the same situation but i just need something fluffy right now tbh

(Awww that sucks I’m sorry babe I hope you feel better!! Eat some ice cream or something and rest up okay? Hope you like this little blurb apologies if it’s horrible lol)

Your head hurt, your ears hurt, everything was in pain right now and it was draining you out. You were in bed, blankets over blankets covering your fragile body as you lay there, waiting for your boyfriend of 2 years to get back home.

He was at the studio, working on some songs when you texted him, desperately pushing the thought away as much as you could so you didn’t interrupt him but you couldn’t take it anymore. You just needed someone right now.

Immediately Ashton stood up, telling the rest of the boys he had to leave early today, worry etched into his features at the thought of you hurting.

You heard the door open and close, slightly opening your eyes as you heard his footsteps. He peered through the empty space left by the door, slowly making his way through in case you were sleeping. You sat up, cracking a smile at his concerned face when he saw you.

“Hey baby.” He whispered, coming close to you as he sat at the edge of your bed. “How ya feeling?”

You hummed in response as he put a hand to your forehead, feeling you burning up. Getting sick on top of your ears feeling like they were being crushed was just the cherry on top wasn’t it.

“You could have called me sooner you know?” He grabbed your hand, interlacing your fingers together as you closed your eyes again.

“I didn’t wanna worry you.” You replied, wincing in pain again as your ears felt like they were shattering.

“Okay it’s okay.” He scooted closer to you as he rubbed your arms trying to relieve the pain in any way that he could. “Did you eat anything today?”

You shook your head no, Ashton rolling his eyes at you. “You need food honey.”

“I wasn’t hungry Ash.” You heard him let out a heavy sigh at your behaviour. His brown curls falling back onto his forehead as he pushed them away from his eyes.

“I’m gonna make you something to eat, you stay put and call me if you need anything okay?”

Before he got up, you held his hand tighter, making him stop as he looked down at you.

“Wait, can we cuddle first?”

He softly smiled at you, nodding his head as he stripped off his jacket and climbed in, pulling you closer to his broad chest. You inhaled his familiar scent as you snuggled him, placing a gentle kiss on his neck before burying your face in the same spot.

He rubbed your back, occasionally drawing some patterns and shapes on your hoodie, his hoodie actually, his presence instantly calming you down and lulling you into sleep, making you momentarily forget about the ache in your head.

“Love you.” You said as you drifted off into a peaceful slumber, forgetting about the food completely. He’ll let you sleep for a bit before waking you up again and forcing you to eat something. He knew you could be stubborn which is why it was going to be a battle getting you to eat when you woke up again.

He smiled though, looking down at your vulnerable, serene face as your lips were slightly parted, strands of hair from your messy bun framing your face perfectly, making you look absolutely breathtaking.

“Love you too.” Kissing your forehead he relaxed into your touch, joining you in your well needed rest.

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