Subtle Bedding Set

I had it set to be released yesterday. But when I wanted to make screenshots something was wrong because the bedding wasn’t showing properly. After more then an hour work I said screw it and fixed it today. There are 6 differnt subtle patterns in 7 colours. Sheets and pillows are seperate so you can mix and match :)

- You need the original mesh found here (Bed Blanket Plain & Bed Pillows Plain)
- 42 recolours

I sit and wait here playing house in my mind. You’re running late, dear, or am I off on the time? What could have been makes me stay. It’s so fucked up. I’m just a minute too late.

You know what I’ve decided?

I really want to be the Weird Aunt. You know, the one who turns up at weddings and family reunions, and always tells you cool stories and takes you on day trips to odd places you didn’t think you’d want to go to?

And is probably the first person to let you drink alcohol and stuff?

Problem is my Sister is not gonna have kids, like, I can’t see that happening in any shape or form - so one of you guys is going to have to let me be your Spawns weird Aunt.

I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.



Like the constellations up in the sky
They’ll never see the morning light like you and I
I sit and wait here, playing house in my mind
You’re running late, dear, or am I off on the time?
“Could have been” makes me stay
So fucked up, just a minute too late
But I’ll keep making a bed for two
I’ll keep making a bed for you