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domestic headcanons meme!

Send a symbol to hear the following about my muse…

☾ Sleeping habits
☼ Favorite time of day
☂ Favorite weather
¿ Term for the TV device, whether it be “clicker”, “remote”, or something else
↪ Internet browsing activities
☹ Response to a leaky faucet or other household problem
♡ What their wedding invitations would look like
☃ What they wear around the house
♆ The worst kind of neighbor they could have, and how they deal with them
♨ Their cooking ability (or lack thereof)
✂ How well they do yardwork (or blow up the lawnmower)
♟ If they like board games, and how good they are at ‘em
✧ How clean their living space is now, and/or would be ideally
♜ Interior decorating aesthetic
♘ Any pets they might have
☗ What you’d find in their cabinets
⚒ What you’d find in their toolshed (if they’d have one)
▀ What they’d hide under the bed
○ What tune their doorbell has, if not a standard ding-dong
☺ What their welcome (or not-so-welcome) mat would say
☻ How late they stay up
♒ If they do their laundry in a timely manner
☆ How they’d throw parties (what would go on at them, refreshments, etc)
✓ What a typical Tuesday night looks like
❥ How they’d invite you home for the night (yes, it could be a pickup line)

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I keep on seeing karahell on my dash and it's making me really sad, do you have any cute supercorp headcanons? I just feel really sad and could use something to make me smile. Sorry to ask :(

No problem!! I have a handful of headcanons that’ve been on my mind lately 1. Jess is making TRIPLE the amount she started with because Lena feels so bad about her constantly walking in on her and Kara 😏 2. When Kara and Lena go for drinks Lena is “as stubborn as her brother” so she’s CONSTANTLY trying to keep pace with Kara, which, to Kara’s amusement, leads to her being a flirty crying typa drunk. Kara has to carry her home and tucks her lil cryin ass into bed…while trying to tune out the Sappho poetry Lena is religiously reciting lmaoo 3. This isn’t really supercorp as much but @suprcorp and I yelled about this awhile ago: Lena and James would be SUCH good friends. He’d carry her tiny ass all the time, talk about Kara w her and how much they both love her, and defend her more fiercely than ANYONE. For an L-Corp photo shoot he won’t stop jackin with her and they end up dorkin around for HOURS before they’re done… also James helps Lena cheat on game night. I speak! The truth! 4. The supercorp wedding is both beautiful and a MESS… but it’s what Kara and Lena both want despite the side eyes from Alex bc the weird ass color scheme choices… James (LENA’S BEST MAN) takes AMAZING pictures (they hire him as the photographer, duh) and Lena slips him 400$ to get pics of Kara’s butt in her wedding getup (tux or dress idk?) little does Lena know that Kara did the SAME THING except she bribed James with like food probably… LENA CRIES THE WHOLE WEDDING CAUSE SHE LOVES KARA SO MUCH and… and… when Lena and Kara leave the wedding and are assaulted w bubbles or whatever ppl do so Kara scoops Lena up bridal style and flies off into the sunset. they get lost on some remote ass coast but they still have a good ass honeymoon ! (cause sex) 5. Lena gets pregnant by Kara for some reason… my theory is Kara is extra fertile cause she’s an alien… her and Lena try to scissor (like us silly wlw often do, I know I’ve tried a LOT)… and something abt Kara’s pussy just fuckin’ . Makes Lena pregnant . Jess finds out after noticing Lena doin something ONLY someone pregnant would do (Jess has a bisexual sister who was pregnant at one point, so she knows the signs despite being a lesbian). Lena is terrified and she goes to Alex first… Alex laughs and laughs so she tells Winn and James next. They think it’s HILARIOUS… James follows Lena around taking stomach shots (even though she’s not showing yet… he’s just bein WILD) and Winn sews a bunch of superbaby outfits . After a few weeks Lena works up the nerve and goes to Kara CRYING (she’s always cryin, lmao) about it and they’re both like “I have something to tell you” “you go first” “no you! I insist” they’re talkin over each other like crazy and then both ladies are like “I’M PREGNANT” surprise Lena also got Kara pregnant… do I know how? no! but it’s still facts

Help your Omega, Alpha.

This is a TomTord Smut-Fic…  It is stuff about heat and stuff, im sorry if i get some things wrong, i am really sorry, i just really like heat sort of things.

Tom was alone in his room, playing Susan boredly on his bed, humming to its tune.  He always enjoyed how calming the Sound it made.  A Sweet scent wafted through his bedroom, making him stop and putting down Susan and sniffed the air.  His Alpha senses pushed through and he drooled a small bit.
‘Someones in heat…’ He thought but shook his head, he thought that no one was home today.  Besides that, this was the scent of an Omega.  He knew Edd was an Alpha like him, and Matt was an Omega but he knew that He and Edd had gone out to by Matt a new mirror.  He didn’t know what Tord was but he always Assumed he was an Alpha. 
Tom shook his head and would stand up to follow the scent, it might of been Eduardo, Mark, or Jon, but it smelled like the Omega was inside the house.  He walked into the hallway and his head turned towards Tords room and his ‘eyes’ widened, He would of never guessed that Tord was an Omega.  He would quietly creep up near the door, placing his ear against the door only to hear light moaning from the Norweign man.

Yeah yeah, He knew, He was an Omega, it wasnt to much of a big deal.  Tord belived no one was home today and he was laying on his bed, his ass facing up and towards the door and his face down against a pillow.  His arm moving towards his as he pushed his lubed fingers into his hole.  He let out a low moan as he pushed it in further.  Fuck, a fingers not gonna do it…  He needed a Dick.  He would lean onto his fingers as he pushed a secound one in, letting out another groan but stiffened as soon as he felt a Cold hand touch his ass.
Her jerked away from the hand to stare wide eyed at the eyeless man who had been watching him for who knows long.
“ T-Tom!  W-What are y-y-you d-doing here?!? “ The Omega Whined, completely embarrassed now.  He could now smell the Alpha scent wafting from him.
Tom didnt say anything, he had a slightly hungry look on  his face.  What happened next Tord did not expect,
“ Do you… Do you want help? “ The Alpha asked.  Tord just stared at Tom
“ W-wha?! “
“ Don’t look into it!! “ Tom Growled, And holy shit did that growl Turn him on.
The Omega stared at the the ground hesitantly.
“ Well?! “ Tom snapped, making the Omega tremble and nod quickly

Oops, Timeskip

The Alpha was thrusting his length roughly into the Omega, letting out low, rough grunts.  The Omega was screaming in pleasure, Leaning onto his dick and his tongue was lolled out, drooling.  Tom Shoved his dick further into Tord as he leaned down to his neck, leaving red hickies along it.  Tord was trembling massivley at how large Tom was and he soon felt something growing in his stomach.
“ A-Ah!  T-Tom!  I-im go-going t-to c-cum! “ The Omega whined out loudly and Tom grunted a small bit
“ M-me…  Too… “ He growled as he thrusted in once more, a warm liquid instantly filling Tord up to the brim and leaking out.  Tord let out a Extremly loud moan of Ecstasy as he came all over the bed sheets.  Tom kept pounding in, riding his orgasm and would slowly stop, Panting alot.  A few minutes later as they recovered from their high, Tom had knotted In Tord.
Tord panted a small bit before growling
“D-dude, What th-the HELL?! “  Tord Growled as he tried to tear away from Tom but they both winced a small bit.
“ Hey!  I was j-just helping you!  Now move over, we’re gonna be here a while… “

mirrorball (  elbow  )
send in the clowns (  frank sinatra  )
elenore (  
the turtles  )
fooling yourself (  
styx  )
la vie en rose (  
louis armstrong  )
the way you look tonight (  
tony bennett  )
the sound of silence (  
simon & garfunkel  )
the logical song (  
supertramp  )
copacabana (  
barry manilow  )
stayin’ alive (  
bee gees  )
to build a home (  
the cinematic orchestra  )
yesterday (  
the beatles  )
sebastian’s favorite song to cry to:
     could it be magic (  barry manilow  )

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((All i can think about reading this is Prince hiding under the bed humming the tune of "Kiss the Girl" very quietly ))

(( XD I’m think that’s how everybody feels right now! ))

ya’ wanna know what really grinds my gears ? — what ? no ? well, uh … too bad. so, i give people all my time and dedication during the day, right ? that’s already a whole lot of effort ‘cause a selective few like to fuck with my precious time. when i decide to put my ‘ hello kittie ’ onsie on, get into bed in order to tune into my favorite eyebrow tutorial.. they want to text my phone with their simple ass problems. this is what i hate about my job, though. i can’t clock out, nor can shorty even catch a break around here. but now, i’ve promised myself to hide in bed today and learn how to fleek the brow and .. well, no one can stop me. i’m cierra, commonly referred to as ‘ five feet of fury, ’ and the way to my heart is through fast food. so, keep me company ?

Needy Boys Pt. 2 (JackBam)

Guess who’s back? Back again. Gabby’s back, and welcome my hell I hope you enjoy your stay.The weatheris nice and hot and the wifi is pretty good.

a/n: you guys can all thank @gotbangtrashcollector for begging me to finish this.

Pairing: Jackson Wang x Bambam

Genre: Smut// Filth// Daddy Kink (yup i have no shaaaame)

Word Count: 2,679

Pt. 1 (MarkJin) - Masterlist

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Send me ✍️ + a muse, and I’ll try my hand at writing as them || open? 

Guest Muse: Pyrrha (with side muse Nora! bc I need sisterly love lmao who you also rped as!!)

Pyrrha had been training all day for the Vytal Tournment on her own free time. She was dedicated to it because she didn’t want to let her teammates or the people who looked up to her down. She wasn’t nicknamed “the invincible girl” based on sheer talent. It took hours of training and she wished people knew how very much human she was. Being on a pedestal was nerve wracking. One small move in the wrong direction and everything she had worked on could come crashing down. 

Entering the dorm, she saw Nora sitting on her bed listening to some tunes as she flipped through a magazine. Pyrrha waved to the red-head before sitting on her own bed debating taking a nap or changing first. Exhaustion crept in on her eyelids. “You know, Pyrrha you should take care of yourself more than worrying about others.” 

Pyrrha gazed over at the girl who she had thought was consumed by the media that surrounded her. “I’m alright, Nora. This isn’t really new to me. I’m used to training at this difficulty.” Nora’s green eyes gazed at her, softly. 

“Your back is going to get a hunch in it if you keep carrying the world on your shoulders.” The girl took her headphones off and sat up, crossing her legs. Pyrrha smiled at Nora. The girl seemed all bubbly at first impression, but she was incredibly astute with her observations. Nora always knew what to say. 

“I suppose you are right. I guess I get caught up in all the expectations sometimes.” Pyrrha replied as let her shoulders fall. “At least, I have friends like you to help me with this burden.” Nora let out a laugh. 

“Well duh! That’s what friends are for!!” Both of the girls let out laughs that filled the room with joy. The exhaustion and nerves leaving Pyrrha for that moment.