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@morewordsthantime said: Adam Parrish + a cactus (or just Adam!)

I really hope you didn’t mean something like “Adam, holding one (1) cactus in his hands” because in this case my interpretation of your request would be wildly overambitious haha

Either way, I hope you can live with Adam in his St. Agnes Apartment, forcefully decorated by Blue and Gansey (Ronan probably couldn’t care less about interior design).

It was supposed to be simple. Just one, sordid night between the sheets. No emotions, no strings attached. But things never went according to plan, and Garfield and Raven find their lives more tangled than ever before…


Raven stared up at the ceiling. She was so dreadfully tired, that her whole body just ached. From her fingertips to her toes, everything seemed to throb. Raven heaved a sigh. She had wanted to get some reading done, but she was just so painfully tired, the very thought of moving made her cringe.

At this point, just lying here and possibly taking a nap seemed like a spectacular plan, and Raven breathed another sigh. She let her eyes flutter closed, her mind drifting towards dreamland.

The alarm began shrieking, spurring Raven upright with a groan. Her head pounded and she felt awful, but she managed to crawl off of her bed, slip on her boots, and stumble out into the hallway. Once on her feet, Raven felt a little more steady, and she marched her way to the ops room, trying her best to suppress a yawn.

And the desire to crawl back into bed.

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angieisacutedemon  asked:

Can you please do ❤ for BBrae? ( I didn't find the thingie you put, so I'll suppose it's a heart)

Here it is! C:

1. Who’s the first to wake up in the morning: Raven. Beast Boy has issues sleeping; half of him wants to stay up all night, the other half is ready to crash. So he often goes to bed late and sleeps in, no matter how hard he tries to wake up early.

2. Who’s the one to make breakfast: Beast Boy. Raven can’t cook to save her life, and he knows his way around a stove.

3. Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed: Beast Boy wants to. He just can’t seem to get himself up out of bed in time. Raven doesn’t mind, though.

4. Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:
Beast Boy. ;D

5. Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:
Beast Boy. The guy could sleep all day, if he wanted to. Raven just snorts and rolls her eyes.

6. Who chooses the movies:
Both. They’ve come to a compromise by taking turns.

7. Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together: Beast Boy. Though he knows better than to distract her too much if it’s a movie she’s into.

8. Who orders lunch: Raven. She’ll stop by at his work with some takeout.

9. Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking: Beast Boy, but only when Raven’s practically finished.

10. Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy: Beast Boy. He shifts into a cat and falls right asleep. Raven pets him and reads a book.

11. Who distracts the other from trying to work at home: Beast Boy. It all starts with some innocent kisses…

12. Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:
Beast Boy. He also uses the face, which no Titan is immune to. Raven stands no chance.

13. Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream: Beast Boy. He somehow gets her to pose with him for a selfie, which makes her embarrassed. But then he coos over the pic and sets it as his background, making her blush.

14. Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face: Raven. They don’t make it back to the house. ;)

15. Who cooks dinner: Beast Boy. He makes some fantastic dishes, which surprised Raven at first.

16. Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:
Raven. Beast Boy ‘helps’, and they end up making out on the countertop.

17. Who stays up until 2 reading: Raven. Beast Boy cuddles with her as a cat and they both fall asleep on the couch.

18. Who stares at their partner while their sleeping: Depends; some nights it’s Beast Boy, some nights it’s Raven.

19. Who kisses their partner while they sleep:
Both. They can’t help themselves.

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super fast and rough, but i needed a break to draw not work and not rwby angst, so here’s team evil mom raven

(based off of @theoriginalmysteryincorporated‘s tags about raven being a shitty mom who leaves first family, only to end up with an even worse second one)

Her Freackless.

Small, unbeta’ed fics. One for every hiatus day. Mostly canon-verse.
Read the whole collection of fics here.
Day 7: 31 May 2017 √

“You’re so freckless, Bell.” Clarke leans her head to the side and stares at Bellamy’s eyes, “One of the reasons I love you so much.”

Bellamy laughs, pulling Clarke to his side, “You you mean freckled, Clarke.” He grins, taking another slip from his drink.

“You’re so drunk, Griffin.” Raven says, standing up, “Be right back.” she adds and nods at her empty makeshift cup.

Clarke shakes head against Bellamy’s shoulder, “No, no I mean freckless.” She smiles, “You’re freckled and reckless. That makes you freckless.” She explains.

Bellamy can’t hold back his laughter, tilting Clarke’s head to press a kiss on her temple, “You’re so adorable when you’re drunk, princess.”

“I’m not drunk.” Clarke argues, “I’m all good, Bell.”

“Yeah, I’m sure of that.” He smiles as Raven takes a seat opposite of them again.

“What did I miss?” She asks, glancing at Clarke.

Before Bellamy can say anything, Clarke pushes away from Bellamy and climbs on his lap, “I love you, freckless. You know that right?” She whispers, grabbing the collar of his jacket and before he can respond, she pulls him forward and crashes her lips on his.

“YEAAAAH!” Raven shouts from behind them, rising her cup on the air, “Get him girl!” She laughs, making several people turn to look at them but quickly look away.

Clarke only pulls back when she’s out of air and rests her forehead on his. Bellamy smiles, arms going around the lower back to hold her still. “I love you too.” He says lowly, trying to find his breath too.

“Get a room!” Raven chuckles, earning a glare from both Bellamy and Clarke.

“You know what?” Bellamy nods, “You’re right. It’s time for bed.”

Raven smiles, emptying her cup again, “Good.” She beams, leaning back against the chair.

Bellamy gently pushes Clarke back to her seat to sit there and stands up, waving the two girls to follow, “Come on ladies, let’s go.”

Clarke folds her arms against her chest like a child, “No. I want to stay here.” She argues, glaring at Bellamy.

“And you’re not my boyfriend, so leave me out of this.” Raven lifts her arms up like she’s surrounding.

Suddenly Clarke jumps on her feet, fisting Bellamy’s jacket again and looking up to him, “DAMN RIGHT, REYES! He’s my boyfriend and no one else’s!”

Bellamy can’t help but laugh and then grin. “Aha. And your boyfriend says it’s time for bed.”

For a moment Clarke considers arguing again but decides otherwise. She turns back to Raven and says, “See you in the morning, Raven.” And then grabs Bellamy by the wrist and pulls him with her towards the exit.

great-aunt Moiraine telling Elayne’s kids the best bedtime stories in the world

Hello friends I am here for like five seconds

I’m heading back home (I typed homo and Dratz and Mux are laughing at me) tomorrow in the afternoon sometime so expect a lot of pictures and junk and yeah. I AM TIRED BUT EVERYTHING WAS FUN AND GREAT AND YES. I got a commission of Nasomta done at otakon and omg she looks great so I’ll definitely post that too once the artist gets it scanned and/or mailed to me. I got an HMM Van Blade Liger and a replacement HMM Raven Geno Breaker and I also picked up a bunch of books from Peter S. Beagle that he signed for me (ps Peter is such a sweetheart omg) and yeah SO MUCH FUN I LOVE THIS.

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