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Unfinished scribbling of dark link

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Link and Zelda reacting to their s/o falling asleep on their shoulder?


- she can’t handle this!!! she takes a few moments to soak up the cuteness and think to herself goodness i’m so in love i can’t believe this is real

- after she’s calmed down, she’ll continue whatever she’s doing with her head resting against her s/o’s 

- she falls asleep there soon enough and they both have crazy stiff necks in the morning yikes


- surprised they fell asleep before him tbh but his heart melts instantly

- he can’t get over it and they’re occupying all of his thoughts now so he decides to stop whatever he was doing bc its Bed Time

- carries them to bed and snuggles all night

-mod makar

Bed Time

Fandom: Zelda: BoTW

Summary: Since the day they got married, Link and Sidon’s life moved like a whirlwind, bringing about the most stupendous of days. From the days they adopted their children and each day after, they experienced a lot of change.But if one thing stayed the same, it was the way Sidon wouldn’t put their kids to bed without reading a bed time story first.

Author’s notes: So uh. I did a thing. Again. Also a few actual notes~

-This fic is definitely taking place in the same timeline as Teeth and probably takes place after a yet-to-be written epic saga of Sidon’s helpless pining after Link that ends in big gay feelings

- yeah I definitely used Okami for the bed time story in question. I highly recommend playing it if you haven’t

- To any of you who are watching the Game Grumps play Breath of the Wild…the voices Sidon uses throughout his storytelling is entirely based off of the dumb voices Egoraptor uses (especially the one he gives Muzu and the little shrine dudes that Dan HATES)

- ….I most certainly spent all yesterday writing this instead of working on the two papers that I have due this week OTL

You can also read here at Ao3!

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Light The Way - Volga/Link [Volink, NSFW]

Okay but Link and Volga getting trapped somewhere like a cave or something, and Link having to cuddle up next to Volga because he’s so warm (or like hatesex in the cavern because they blame each other for getting trapped, that works too).


Smut is so difficult to write. It wants plot.

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Pleeeeeease click on this if you want to view it, tumblr resizing is awful

I got a Zelda vibe from these two in the new episode and was compelled to make this. Halfway through I realized that it wasn’t even that Zelda-ish anymore, but I still think it looks pretty nice! I’m proud.



Legend of Zelda - ‘Time For Bed’ Zelda’s Lullaby Blanket

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