bed time cat

Guess what!

Okay, so Mum cat had her babies, there are 6 and a day old.

I love Mum cat and I sat by her all 7 hours of the birthing process and 2 hours after to make sure the babies were alright.

After a scare with the 6th one not breathing, all are doing well.

I went to check on her and the babies this morning, and when I sat down, Mum cat put her babies in my lap and then curled up next to me, I checked them over and thankfully all are doing well.

Mum cat is such a proud and good Mum


Tonka has always been a nervous kitty, but it got particularly bad about a month ago. We tried a lot of things (calming infusers, treats, etc) but nothing was helping. Finally, we got her a calming shirt like what Sadie (who is also a nervous wreak) has, and it’s working! She just looks a little silly wearing it XD

(the shirt is technically too small for her because it doesn’t fit around her belly, but the neck fits perfectly, and she really freaked out about the extra strap by her ear, so she gets a little bandana belt!)