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cutie cliché dates are so appealing to me. like going ice skating, hot chocolate in one hand and yours in the other. or going to a furniture store and testing the beds together and pretending to be decorating our own place. or dancing in the kitchen while making pancakes and being messy and silly. sometimes doing corny things is a lot of fun, especially with you there.

Jokers Daughter Imagine: What We’ve Been Waiting For

Request: Hi!!! I love your blog so much and I was wondering if you could do a joker x harley where harley finds out she’s pregnant and is scared to tell joker and the story continues through the kid being born and becomes a joker x harley x daughter story. Thanks so much!!!

@dysfunctional–wonderland  Thank you so much for the compliment and request :) (sorry it took so long)


Harley sat on the bed holding the pregnancy test in her shaking hands. She was never scared of anything even when she was Harleen, but now she was riddled with fear. How am I going to tell Puddin, what’s he going to say, do, will he still love me? Her mind was racing uncontrollably and she started to get teary eyed. She shook her head back and forth causing her pigtails to fly everywhere trying to bring herself back to reality. She couldn’t spend time worrying herself. No matter what she did he was going to find out eventually. She hoped off the bed and tip toed down the hall to the Jokers office. She took every movement as slow as possible, clutching the pregnancy test behind her back. She peaked her head in the door and saw him working at his desk.

“Pu..Puddin, can I talk to you for a quick sec?” she asked softly 

“mmmhh” he was deep in whatever he was working on but gave her a hand signal to enter. She sat and spun around in the chair across from him for what felt like forever, without uttering a word.

“Harls…” he inquired raising an eyebrow to look at her.

“What puddin?” 

“You said you needed to talk?”

“Who me? Oh no no” she giggled nervously and joker shrugged it off.


“Yes.” he said sternly starting to get annoyed.

“Can I talk to you for a quick sec?” she said twirling her pigtail between her fingers.

“Oh for fucks sake just spit it out would ya Harls!” he shouted at her

“Don’t ya yell at me ya clown!” she shouted back shooting out of her seat.

“I WILL YELL WHENEVER I WA-” his words were cut off when Harley threw the pregnancy test on his desk.

He immediately stood up out of his chair and put his hands on the desk to make sure he didn’t collapse. He knew what it was and what it meant. His heart wasn’t pounding, in fact it didn’t seem to be beating at all. He felt like he had left his body and was watching this unfold from above. He looked up at Harley, who couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. Her mouth was open slightly wanting to speak but she couldn’t get the words out. The Joker’s stomach felt both empty and a strange sense of warmth.

“Harley.” he stated her name.

“..yeah puddin?” she was so nervous she didn’t know if he was going to flip the desk or just walk out.

“This is highly unsanitary.” he said smirking at her.

“Puddin please let’s be serious for once, I don’t want to either but we have to!” she pleaded with him.

“hey hey hey” he walked around his desk to her. “Calm down would ya?” he wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his chest focusing her eyes on his tattoo to take her mind off of crying. “I’m sorry.” he whispered in her ear.

“Sorry? For what puddin?” she felt his hand go over her stomach.

“I’m sorry for yelling in front of the baby.” his voice was low and gentle. “You know I don’t handle change very well.” 

The nine months went by fast at times and agonizing slow at others. Joker tried to put on a good face for his queen as much as he could, but like her he was nervous as well even though he would never admit it. Some days he would stay locked in his office or drive in his lambo for hours on end. The Joker never thought things through, he just acted and was used to it. Harley was the only person that had ever made him look inside himself and now she was doing it again. He’d drive as fast as he could until the sun came up aggravated that he was having normal thoughts. What type of father would I be to my son? Would he take after me? Do I want him to take after me? All those thoughts and more swirled in his head. He was out on one of his late night drives trying to relax when he got the text from Frost. 

“It’s time boss.”

 He took a moment to process it, going almost numb but comfortably numb. He shifted and drove to the hospital. If anything Joker was the planner during all of this. He had taken a member of each doctors and nurses family hostage months in advance to make sure Harley could get proper care in the hospital. Warned them that if they didn’t take care of her and his future son or if the cops showed up he’d slit the throats of wives and husbands and children alike.

When he got to the hospital the sight of Harley screaming in the hospital bed made it hard for him to stand up. He didn’t know what to do. He had killed people for just looking at her in a bad way before and now he was totally powerless when she was in complete pain. He circled the hospital bed doing the only thing he knew how to, intimidate the doctors and threaten them to make her feel better. 

“Puddin!” she screamed but he wasn’t sure if she wanted him to hold her or just wanted to scream his name. Strange how much like sex this is he thought. ‘PUDDIN!” she screamed louder and extended her hand and he immediately raced over and grabbed it. 

He rested the gun on the side table, he never put his gun down in front of strangers, and comforted her as much as he could. Her nails dug so deep into his skin they drew blood but he didn’t even notice the pain. All he could think about was how beautiful his queen looked. She was going through all this pain and she was doing it for him. Will you live for me? The words he asked her so long ago echoed in his head. He believed her when she said yes, but there was always a part of him that doubted he could be loved. Not anymore. She was so devoted and loved him so much she was giving him a son. The Joker didn’t know what to do with what he was feeling. The world was becoming a great big blur that the only thing that snapped him out of it was the crying of the little baby.

He looked at Harley who drew a big sigh of relief and rested her head back and then he saw you. He looked at the doctor holding you and went into a rage. He grabbed his gun and pointed it at the doctor.

“GIVE ME MY SON!” he screamed and you cried louder in the doctors arms.

“uh…uh ye…yes sir.. of course. But sir… please don’t hurt us but… It’s a girl.” the doctor said shaking trying not to drop you. 

The Joker lost control of his grip and the gun dropped to his side. A girl. A girl. A girl. the words just kept repeating in his head. A nurse grabbed you from the doctors arms who was now pale white with fear. She walked him over to the Joker trying to keep her composure and handed you out to him. He had thought about the moment of the birth every day. He expected, even though he hated admitting it to himself, that he would be frightened, at a loss, vulnerable as to what to do. He just assumed it would be a boy. He thought he was a guy so he would know what to do better. What would he teach a girl? How would he raise a girl? The only girl he ever bothered to get to know was Harley. He reached for you without hesitation and cradled you in his arms.

You stopped crying when your little body felt the warmth of his chest. The Joker looked down at your big blue eyes staring at him, it felt like they were looking directly into his soul.

“get out..” he whispered to the nurse and they all scattered to freedom outside the door.

He sat down in the chair next to Harleys bed. She leaned over to trace her finger tips alone your forehead and nose. 

“Puddin we have a daughter! Do you believe it?!” the Joker looked at his Queen in adoration. Even after all the pain she just went through she was as bubbly as ever. He saw the glee and purity in her smile and couldn’t help but mimic it.

He felt you moving around in hi arms and all of a sudden felt like the strongest man in the world. A daughter. Our daughter. My daughter. He never took his eyes off of yours. He was captivated by you. He felt like he could fight anymore and would fight anyone for you. He wanted to kiss you but he felt like he wasn’t worthy to kiss you. As you moved around in his arms letting out little noises he leaned down to whisper into your ear.

“princess… I don’t know if you understand me… but I need to tell ya something kid.” he watched as you responded to his voice. The first voice you ever heard was his and that thought made his heart flutter. “You’re my little girl ya hear. You’re the clown princess. Mommy and I might be a bunch of kooks but now you’re my little looney tune.” 

Harley turned to her side and cuddled up with her pillow admiring the moment. She felt fulfilled and the happiest she had ever been, happier than she thought she could be.

“No ones ever gonna hurt ya. If they do ya just tell me okay?” you let out a noise that could have been anything but he took it as a giggle. “You hear that Harley? Our baby girl has your laugh!” the Joker cackled and it was like a lullabye to you. You fell asleep in his arms. 

He looked at Harley and leaned over to kiss her then his attention went back to you. He finally worked up the courage to kiss you. He pressed his lips gently on your forehead. My girl. My clown princess.

He leaned back and studied your face. There was only one thing left to do.

“Let’s go home.”


2 jades i drew in class


The Yamaha GX-1 is one of rarest and most expensive synthesizers ever built. It Debuted in 1975 at a cost of $60,000 (close to $320,000 in 2016 money), and  served as a test bed for future synthesizer technology (mostly the Yamaha CS80). Fewer than 100 were made, and only about 13 are estimate to exist outside of Japan.

Mostly notable users include Keith Emerson who used it on Works Volume 1 & 2, Love Beach, Emerson Lake & Powell, as well as using it on the Works Tours (the famous Fanfare for the Common Man synth) .He eventually ended up owning 2 GX-1s

John Paul Jones used it on the Zeppelin album In Through The Out Door an the 1979 shows. He later sold his to Keith Emerson.

Richard Wright owned one briefly, but never recored any music on it.

Stevie Wonder owned one and used it on Songs In The Key Of Life

Benny Andersson of ABBA used it on several records an live shows.


Back story
So Nikki takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive. When max comes to check on her she hides the test not wanting him to know.
After he leaves to check on the camper Nikki claps on the bed sobbing holding the test in her hand. Not sure what to do.

She doesn’t want to tell max and make him feel he has to be with her out of obligation. Because that’s what happened to her parents and now they can’t stand each other.

So when Nikki finally gets dress she made the decision to break up with Max
But their is a chance it was a false positive

let me know if you want me to finish this minnie story



Sierra: Think about it like this, the sooner we do this dinner, the sooner we can get married and test out this bed together.

August: Haven’t we already tested this bed… several times?

Sierra: Not as an official married couple we haven’t. 

August: Maybe we should practise the wedding night… just to make sure we get it all right. 

Sierra: Maybe after dinner. 


Working Human Skeletal Muscles Grown In Lab For First Time

Bioengineers at Duke University reported today that they have made the first lab-grown human skeletal muscle tissue that contracts and relaxes with electrical and chemical stimulation.

“The beauty of this work is that it can serve as a test bed for clinical trials in a dish,” said Nenad Bursac, an associate professor of biomedical engineering who led the study. “We are working to test drugs’ efficacy and safety without jeopardizing a patient’s health and also to reproduce the functional and biochemical signals of diseases—especially rare ones and those that make taking muscle biopsies difficult.” 

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