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Entry #16: Again

FFxiv 30 Day Writing Challenge
Prompt #16: Ceruleum

Possible triggers: light blood

It was far enough past nightfall that most of the small sect of the Coeurl tribe was fast asleep, no motion or sound in the encampment, save for one lone, slender figure creeping about in the dark. She tiptoed through the sand, clutching the leather sack she carried close to herself with both arms, carefully cradling it against her chest with all the care one might hold a newborn baby. Struggling to see through the darkness with those slitted pupils, she crouched down and lifted the flap to one of the many tents, crawling inside as quietly as she could to avoid disturbing her sister who slept soundly on one side.

Kitty crawled toward the opposite side atop the pile of blankets and skins that comprised her bed, sitting cross-legged atop them and gently resting her sack next to her. She fumbled around in the dark for a moment before she managed to find a bottle of spirits and a roll of bandages. She splashed some of the alcohol onto her shoulder where she sported a bleeding cut across her skin, fortunately not too deep, though the stinging sensation of the wound being cleansed caused her to release her breath in a sharp, pained hiss.

Her sister’s feline ears twitched at the sound, the other Miqo’te stirring and pushing herself up onto her elbows to groggily look in the direction of Kitty’s bed, eyes half opened. “Therrrin? The fuck’re ya doin’?” she mumbled.

“Uh, nothin’, I jus’ sneezed,” Kitty answered in a quick whisper as she began to wrap the bandages around her shoulder. “Go back t’sleep.”

“Are ya stealin’ scrrrap metal again?” she muttered. Now that her vision had focused through the darkness, she glanced from the sight of C’therin bandaging herself to the sack that rested next to her upon her bed.

“What? No. No scrrrap metal. Prrromise,” she vowed, but her sister had already called her bluff, reaching across the tent to grab the sack. “Hey, stop that!” Kitty struggled to keep her voice down, grabbing the opposite side of the bag and tugging it back toward herself.

The two struggled briefly in their tug-of-war before the bag slipped from both their hands and landed upon the ground, a large jar of something bright and glowing blue rolling out of the sack onto the floor. With the whole tent illuminated in a fluorescent blue light, the two Seekers of the Sun simply stared at the jar in silence for a moment before one finally spoke up.

“Therrrin? Is that cerrruleum?”

“It might be,” she answered dodgily. 

“Ya snuck inta the prrrocessin’ plant again?”

“I might have.”

“Hells, yer gonna blow us all up.”

“I will not, I swear it! I ain’t gonna blow anyone up! I won’t explode anything!”

“…again. Ya won’t explode anything, again.”

“…right. Again.”

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stregaomega  asked:

I've got THE FLU! >_< How about a funny one where Emma has the flu and is totally convinced she is dying and Regina can't help but mock her but then SHE get's sick too and they're both miserable and bickering but still very much obviously in love. :)

Damn, having the flu sucks!  I hope you enjoy the ficlet and thanks for the prompt! ;) 

Take care!

The parquet reflected the bluish light of the wee hours of morning and the sound of footsteps ricocheting against it echoed horribly in Emma’s head as the blonde groaned in bed, hiding deep into the bedsheets and refusing to even acknowledge the smirking brunette that opened the door of the master bedroom before chuckling to herself at the lump that was her wife.

“Want some water?”

Her question was met with a groan, louder this time, as Emma popped her head from below the pillow, her red-rimmed eyes and runny nose sticking against the white duvet much to Regina’s amusement. Breathing through her mouth, the younger woman pointed at herself pathetically before wrapping herself further into the sheet.

“I’m going to die.”

Her nasal tone and the congested whimper she let out afterwards made Regina chuckle as she approached the edge of the bed, quietly sitting down as Emma pouted, a cough ruining the sullen look she tried to give to the former queen.

“You”. Regina started, expertly straightening the sheets around Emma’s figure, ironing the wrinkled fabric with a few gentle passes. “Are not going to die.”

“I am.” Emma’s pout grew more pronounced but Regina let out a throaty laugh and moved closer. Brushing her lips against the woman’s forehead and moving backwards when Emma tried to wrap her arms around her, she rose a brow at the blonde’s muttering about the dozen symptoms she had that clearly spoke of her imminent death.

Less amused by the minute but still pretty much entertained by Emma’s antics, Regina shook her head once again and caressed the blonde’s slightly dry skin.

“You are not.” The former queen quipped before kissing the blonde again, disentangling from the Emma’s loose embrace and marching towards the door with a few quick strides. “But you need to rest”

Famous last words as she would later discover since that very afternoon the beginning of a fever firmly settled on her temples as well as a stomach ache she frowned at before realizing what had happened.

Emma was definetely delighted that night when it wasn’t only her but Regina as well who slumped in bed while muttering against too smart flu viruses that didn’t disappear with a little bit of magic. Regina… not so much even if she felt pretty proud of herself once she stole Emma’s pillow once the blonde fell asleep.

“If you wouldn’t have been eating ice-cream in the middle of January none of this would have happened” She said petulantly, an easy smile on her lips despite her feigned anger. “I need the pillow more than you do.”

An answer Emma didn’t take particularly well from the way she hid herself deeper into the bed, grumbling about evil queens and how miserable her life was. Ultimately, however, it was her the one who kissed the other woman before hugging her close.

“Emma, are you trying to steal my spot?”


so the kwami incorporate their features into the suits, right?

like so:

antennae ribbons


bald heads

and for those partaking in the spoilerfest from jeremy zag, you can easily see this continues on the rest of the users as well.

…except for the turtle, who they have been fairly secretive about.

so then… what could be waiting for us…?

we can only speculate… 

but my theory is he will look something this:

i dunno about you guys but i am ready for dipsy fu, how bout u?

So canon it hurts :”D

  • Me, before I got my binder: I'll only put it on when I go out and when I get home I'll take it off asap cause I won't need it on! I'll remember to take deep breaths and to stretch too!
  • Me, owning my binder: *Wears it for 12 hours at a time, almost forgets to take it off when going to bed, sits at home with it on. Unsure if I've even taken a breath at all today*

dean’s tenderly dabbing a cotton pad against the cut on cas’ temple when he realizes it. it’s not a totally new feeling. he’s always known that he loved castiel as a friend and a member of their little patchwork family, but this - this is different. he’s in love with cas. he’s not exactly sure how long he’s been in love with him, or when things changed between them, but sitting here with someone who’s given up so much - his grace, his wings, god damn immortality - to sit on a ratty mattress after getting his ass thrown around by a rougarou and smiling fondly at dean like he hung the moon, dean’s not sure he cares when it changed. all he cares about is finally stowing his crap and kissing the small smile on cas’ lips.



also 💁✨ jasper wears brand name~~~~