bed of notions

Christmas Traditions

On Castle Wulfenbach the older children fill stockings for the younger. No one is left out, there will be Hell to pay if Vonn Pinn finds you made a little one cry on Christmas morning. Christmas seems to make her edgy, anyway. She’s been seen staring at the porcelain angel on the tree as if it personally offended her.

In Sturmhalten the children, many of them visiting for Christmas, sneak out of bed on Christmas Eve. They put spikes in the chimneys, tripwires around the beds, and huddle together until morning. Legend has it that Santa’s construct helper, Blank Peter, wears out every year and bad kids are taken to replace his parts.

In Mechanicsburg the children are snug in their beds, content in notions of good and bad that Santa seems to share, at least within town limits. They’ve been carolling earlier, singing songs that ring more of Solstice than Christmas. Food for the winter, blood in the snow, masters and monsters standing watch through the longest night.

It has been years since you’ve been afraid of monsters under the bed, pushing the childish notion from your mind as you went into puberty. As your falling asleep, you feel a hand grab yours and a voice hisses into your ear.
“It is time to come home.”

'Bones' Stars and Creator Address 'Possible' Revival Plans

Is there a chance Bones could return?

Fox’s long-running procedural was picked up for its 12th and final season last February, but the cast and creator addressed the possibility that it could be resurrected in the near future. (According to the creative team, it was not their idea to end the show after season 12.)

“I think those things are always possible and very desirable,” creator Hart Hanson told reporters at the show’s final Television Critics Association session on Wednesday.

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Longtime stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel had a different take, however, putting to bed the notion that Bones could see a revival a la Prison Break and 24: Legacy.

“Everything is possible in life, but I tend to like to go forward,” Boreanaz said of a potential reboot, adding, “In general, I don’t like reunions and I don’t like to go back.”

Deschanel echoed Boreanaz’s sentiments, saying that she’d like to have “some time” away from the universe before revisiting it again – admitting that it was quite “emotional” for the cast to film the final season.

“It’s very emotional to say goodbye and then next week, you’re coming back!” the actress said of the odd position of closing one chapter and then unexpectedly continuing the same story, though she did leave the door open for future plans.

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“When we come back next year for the four bookends, we’ll do it all in old makeup,” Boreanaz joked.

As for the final moment in the show, Hanson revealed that the ending is not the one he originally envisioned in his mind.

“I did not come up with this ending,” he said. “I love what [executive producers Jonathan Collier, Michael Peterson and Randy Zisk] have done. I give them my full support.”

Bones’ final season airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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                         she was  in Heaven from the time she heard that musical LILT in her beloved’s voice until she would again be bereft of her presence. Raja’s smile was wide, wolfish, stare alight with adoration. Night after night she lay in her lonely bed mourning the mere notion of her Ella kneeling before a relentless hand.  ‘ They will know no peace from me. ’ Raja vowed, though she feared that such a declaration had given Ella pause if she wished to confess her lamentations of a woeful home life.

                   Affections eclipsed Raja’s thoughts as she was anointed by a loving mouth. She was WEAK to Ella’s touch. Her heart sang her praises. She kissed her with abandon, arms surrounding Ella’s figure and hands grasping the back of her dress. Raja withdrew only for want of breath. She grinned yet again.  

                    ❛  I would insist you owe me nothing, but I could never object to your kisses, my dove.  ❜   Raja’s expression was a bashful scarlet.  ❛  I only ask that there be some time in between, otherwise I may just BURST. ❜

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In which UmiNico lived together for so long that they’re married but neither realize it.


Umi checks the clock.


The time flashes a neon green by the bedside table and in her heart she knows, in five minutes’ time, Nico will rise and get up from under the fluffy covers, leaving her side empty and cold. The clock will ring once, or maybe twice, before Nico moves across their tiny room in a display of agility, practice from years of being an idol.

She hears Nico’s soft breathing by her side and inches a little further, hands placed over her chest as she tries to even out her own breathing. If it wasn’t for saving up the fees spent on furniture years ago when they were students, she would definitely not be sharing a bed with Nico. It is something that she hated to admit, but over time she has gotten used to having somebody sleeping by her side. Nico never fails to warm her side of the bed.

The notion of buying a new bed seems to be put off every time, despite the fact that they had both earned enough money these few years. Too tedious, Nico says, whenever she mentions about it.

And then she got used to it.

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where is
Rhode Island?
take me to its
shadowy place

where I can
Exist between the sunset
and the moon
and walk the grains
time by time

I’m traveling to
Rhode Island
because I like
red tops
and bejeweled eyes

I can skate between the
silver paths of ocean
and when I’m scared
I’ll find a bed
of the lighthouse notion

point me to
Rhode Island
my sandals are black
and ready to be walking


Jocie Adams - Mary Mary (Live at WBUR)