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Steve's puppy is in love with his shield. She insists on sleeping in it, eating out of it, and is not impressed when Steve tries to swap in a replica to fool her.

Tabitha was tiny and black and white with a little black spot around one eye and Sam took one look at her and joked that she had the same worried crease between her eyes that Steve did.

He’d adopted her from down South, a pit mix of some kind that was attentive and sweet.  And curious. Snuffling around his gear and when she tipped his shield over on accident she went scurrying away, only to creep back when it didn’t chase her and nose at it until she realized it was perfect for a rocking-bed.   

Steve took approximately 300 pictures and decided there was no harm in letting her doze in his shield while he set up her bed and bowls and toys and made sure he’d puppy-proofed everything.


Only that wasn’t the end of it.  A week later, and she was still nudging it with her nose until it tipped over and snuggled in for the night every night.  He’d given her a meat bone earlier in the day and she’d trotted off with it, tail high, to curl up in his shield and chew on it.

It was on his next mission he decided things had to change.  The fur could be easily brushed away and the bone bits washed off, but the leather straps had little teeth marks in them that would soon be big teeth marks and Steve realized he might have encouraged a bad habit without meaning to because it happened to be cute.

So he bought her one of the plastic replicas he found on Amazon and set it on the floor for her.  She was interested at first but had barely gotten a paw in it before she pulled back and left it for his actual shield.  He put treats in it and tried redirection and she kept stubbornly (like you, Sam smirked as he filmed some of Steve’s unsuccessful retraining) refusing to use the plastic shield.  

He went on Etsy and bought a cosplay replica that was an impressive facsimile.  So good, Tabitha laid down in it.  

For five minutes.  

It was Clint who finally fixed everything, sending T’Challa a series of photos and a note that simply read “a little help?”.

A week after that, a package arrived from Wakanda.  Inside, a perfect replica of Steve’s shield in pink, white, and blue with “Tabitha America” painted on it and half-dozen leather straps for her to chew.


@overdrivecow was watching me draw the atla au fanart for @acepilotpoe and he. asked about mccree’s gun and i have absolutely no idea if its… even a thing in this au but then he came up with this line and i couldnt stop laughinG so here have, some doodles,

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them


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Have you ever done the fracky with kakyoin or polnareff *D*

“…I’m sorry Jiji, you’ll have to say that again. I couldn’t hear you over the loin-splitting orgasm I’m clearly having right now.” 

 Yare yare daze, next question please. 

((That’s @badlydrawnk4kyoin and @badlydrawnpol he’s hanging out with.))

Monsta X reaction to your 5 year old daughter liking Kpop.

jen-jen-dragon said:Can I request a Monsta X reaction. Them reacting to meeting your 5 year old daughter for the first time and finding out she likes Kpop too (my daughter loves shownu and jooheon it’s so funny) Ps I cried a little with the BTS reacting to the child calling them dad/ appa reaction I need more reactions/ scenarios like that being a single mom and all 😍😍


Shownu: You told your daughter to tell him that she likes kpop, because she did, and you thought he would enjoy that about her. But, your little girl was a little confused and ended up telling him she like kpop…..but she said her mommy told her to say that. Him: *Looks over at you* “Did she eh?”

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Wonho: Him: “Who’s your favorite member of Monsta X?” Her: *Savage mode* “Well it’s not you, I can tell you that.” Him: *GIF*

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Hyungwon: “Awwwn am I your favorite member?” Her: “Yes….did you know my mom likes kpop too?” Him: “Really??..she tell you who’s her favorite member?” Her: “Well…It isn’t Wonho, Minhyuk, I.M, Shownu, Kihyun..I think it’s You-OH no that’s not right my bad.”

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Kihyun: He coaches her into saying he’s the best member, and giving her all compliments to say about him. It doesn’t go like he thought it would…Her: “Kihyun is the best member of Monsta X. (Whispers to you) I told him their all good, but he told me to say that mommy.

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Minhyuk: She comes running to him, with a piece of paper, he welcomes her with wide arms….but a hug, isn’t what she wanted. Her: *Fast talking* “Sign please, please, pleassssseeee”

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Jooheon: Him: *Rapping his part from one of their songs* Her: *Enjoys listening…but then takes over and starts rapping* Him: *In his head* Oh damn, well Ok.

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I.M: He was having a blast talking about it with her . You: “Sorry, we have to go now, she has to get to bed.” Him: *Gives her real nice hug before she leaves*  (Whispers) “We’ll talk all about it some more, when I see you again.”

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DATING YUGYEOM or  boyfriend!yugyeom

  • okay as we all know yugyeom is rlly sweet bUT EVIL ASFFFF
  • okay well for starters yugyeom would be a cute ass boyfriend
  • he would love to do all those cliche things couples in dramas do
  • he would loveeeeeeeee to show up at you’re apartment at 4am with roses in his hands
  • he would so be the type to sweetly kiss your forehead alot
  • it’s not that you guys didn’t kiss or anything bc bOIII that kid would have his lips all over you but he loved giving you forehead kisses to show off his sweet side
  • he would also loveeee to hug you from behind and put his chin over your head
  • this would be something usual for you guys since he’s like 7ft and you’re barely average height
  • walks around the city
  • I imagine yugyeom taking you out for cute walks holding your hand as you both giggle about the stupidest things ever !!!
  • couple outfits
  • random acts of kindness
  • like bringing you your favorite food while you’re stuck at home studying for some stupid anatomy test
  • or taking you out for a cup of coffee at 2 am because he freaking missed you and wanted to see you
  • yugyeom would freaking love to hold you in his arms singing cute lil songs to you
  • but like when are we gonna get to eviL MAKNAE GYEOM ???
  • bro this little bitch would annoy the shit out of you
  • babe”  “babe” “babe” “babe”
  • “babe” “babe” “babe” “babe”
  • “yes?”
  • “babe” “babe” “bab-”
  • “OH MY FU-”
  • he would pull the stupidest of pranks and laugh at them  
  • like the classic baby powder in your hair dryer
  • he
  • would
  • freaking
  • die of laughter
  • but like you love seeing him smiling so you would shrug it off …. sometimes
  • protecting him 25/8 from jinyoung bc that lil hoe wants to kill ur baby
  • ok now for the S I N
  • sex with yugyeom
  • bro let me tell you, this boy is nothing but innocent
  • yugyeom is a freak in the bed, and let’s be real now you’re one as well
  • this boy will work you up so good
  • kissing you up and down worshiping your body as if it was God itself
  • lustful eyes
  • low whimpers leaving both of your mouths and he works himself in you
  • back scratches tracing his back
  • love biteS E V E R Y W H E R E
  • hitting the right spots as you both reach you climaxes
  • the aftermath of everything being you both just laying down with your head on his chest  
  • slowly drifting to sleep at the beat of each other hearts


gn guyssssssssss hope you like it! dont forget to request more of whatever you like!! - ericaaaaa

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hey do you still happen to be doing the request meme? can i ask for "swallowed thickly" then? :P

Yessss I like to use those words a lot haha:

“They were going to let you bleed over their boss until you had nothing left,” Gon repeated, eyes dark. “Then they were going to get Alluka and do the same thing to her. I couldn’t let that happen, Killua. Not to you.”

Killua swallowed thickly. The way Gon was staring at him- a burning kind of desperation and want in those gold depths- made his skin uncomfortably hot. He didn’t know what to say.

“D-Did they say why they were gonna do that?” Killua managed to ask.

send me a word - if it’s in my wip document i’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in!


i thought of this & laughed

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what was all that stuff in the background of the video. mandy. m a n d y.

like, i’ll admit, when they started hinting at the beginning of year about needing more storage i was like okay maybe they’ll move this year but prob not soon 

and then when everyone screamed moving and they didn’t deny it outright i thought ok well they’re probably still not moving soon they just want us to be ready for it when it happens 

and then when the painting was gone 

and dan’s bedside tables were empty 

and he didn’t do the liveshow at his desk 

i was like okay well this is awfully suspicious but i don’t want to firmly say i think they’re moving only to have them stay in the flat for two more months 

and then when he confirmed they’ve prefilmed a months worth of videos i was like well that’s awfully convenient to do, exactly what someone moving who wants to buy some time would do

and now of their bedding piled in the office for no real reason, i mean it alone doesn’t explicitly saying moving but all of their bedding piled in the office combined with dan’s bedroom being empty combined with prefilming combined with #danneedsstorage combined with doing life things in 2017 combined with actually just common sense

i’m ready to say i think they’re actually moving