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there they are–the good kids
I’ll draw more of them later (and maybe a few new ones if I do the name meme again), but for now take this!
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Sketch page for lochingbird​! Thank you so much for commissioning me :) I really loved getting to work with this character, I hope I got everything right (and do let me know if I didn’t). I tried to incorporate some of her characteristics that you shared with me!


anonymous asked:

The NaruSaku fandom were robbed of their ship being canon so naruto could fuck the big tits moe side character. Whatever "threats" we've made are justified. We're angry. You naruhina fanboys are just glad you can self insert and wank off to the idea of naruto and his bit tit bimbo wife. We didn't do anything wrong.

I gotta say, I was laying in bed, debating getting up now or later, poking on tumblr with my phone when I got this and just immediately felt a wave of energy come over me, so thanks random nonsensical anon, you helped give me the energy to get up and trounce this sorry string of excuses and silliness. You really helped me out there! I almost feel bad about what’s coming next. Almost.

Lets break this down bit by silly bit. First off, “The NaruSaku fandom were robbed of their ship being canon.”

No. For several reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t make sense. To be robbed, you’d have had to had something, first. Which, flatly, you did not, in several layers. Like an onion.

You see, the first layer of this is the fact that NaruSaku was never canon, and therefor you cannot be robbed of canon status as it was never something you had to begin with. So that can’t be what you were robbed of. Secondly, given NaruSaku had explicit sinking moments in the manga several times, had zero foreshadowing of actually becoming a thing, and so on, it wasn’t even like a bait and switch version of being ‘robbed,’ because it was never even something IMPLIED you were going to get. 

You weren’t promised being canon, you weren’t even implied you’d be canon. You were owed nothing, and you got nothing, and that’s the way things is. You know what this view is, really? I hate how the term gets thrown around, but so many anti’s seem motivated by ENTITLEMENT. They felt ENTITLED to their ships, and this manifests in how anti’s will interpret any sort of merchandise or moment that seems to exist between two characters as being some sort of targeted marketing for them.

Art with Naruto and Sakura in proximity is not targeted at NaruSaku, just like art with Naruto and Sasuke is not targeted at SasuNaruSasu. Naruto rushing off when he gets word of a threat from Sasuke is not a ‘SasuNaruSasu’ moment, its Naruto taking his job seriously as hokage. It isn’t about you, it never was about you, and the only reason folks think it is about them is entitlement and refusal to acknowledge that, in the big scheme of things, they really don’t matter in this.

This is where the anti-Naruto fandom ends up sitting below sea-level and claiming they have the moral high ground. In reality, the moral high ground is a great place to site your canon. Excuse me, cannons.

Moving on, we get to “so naruto could fuck the big tits moe side character.” 

Alright, lets tackle this gem. Again. I’ll get into the specifics of things later, for now, I want to address simply the accusation about Hinata as a character. Simply put, Hinata does not fit the moe archetype no matter how much certain folks want to imply she does. At least, she does not if we actually use moe as it really is intended, and not in the entirely flanderized term that has becoming functionally meaningless. This is the same way folks will accuse Sakura of being a tsundere (she’s not) or many characters (I’ve seen it for Naruto and Hinata the most, actually, but not Sasuke, which is odd…) of being Mary Sues (or Gary Stu for the males.) They’re not.

Moe is an archetype Hinata does not fill, because her shyness, self-esteem issues, and the like are never used in a sort of romanticized way; they’re never used to invoke this sort of protective draw to Hinata. Rather, they’re used as actual character issues to overcome. You are meant to empathize with Hinata, but you’re not meant to want to be her protective sibling or the like. Which, of course, ties into the fact that moe isn’t really a fetish, or at least, it’s not supposed to be. Moe characters are not characters you want to fuck, they’re characters you want to protect. Moe fetishization honestly isn’t even ABOUT sex, it’s about assuaging a desire to protect and nurture. 

In a similar manner, Sakura is not tsundere. Tsundere is not ‘temper, and sometimes nice,’ it’s a larger character archetype that Sakura does not really fit. Sasuke fits tsundere more than Sakura, and even that I’d be dicey. Really, there aren’t any real tsundere characters in Naruto.

I feel no need to touch on the bust issue because its simply pointless and been done to death. Suffice to say that anti’s seem to focus on her bust far more than her fans do.

Now then, “Whatever “threats” we’ve made are justified. We’re angry.”

Yeah, no. Anger is not a justification or excuse for behaviors that are beyond the pale. They might explain it, but they do not JUSTIFY it. Given the entire reason you are anger is not legitimate, too, claims that it could justify anything are simply ridiculous. I’m sorry, but no amount of anger would justify threats of violence, threats of death, or the like, against Kishimoto or actual people.

This is a universal across all fandoms and society really. No amount of threats of death or violence are justified over, literally, someone not producing the thing you wanted them to produce. This ties into the point above, the entitlement that is driving forward this thing. Entitlement breeds this idea that you were slighted, which breeds moral justification for bad behavior. The reality is you’re just behaving badly.

“You naruhina fanboys are just glad you can self insert and wank off to the idea of naruto and his bit tit bimbo wife.“

I wrote a short think on why the self-insertion argument is fault, but I’ll restate it here. To start, making an assumption like that without any sort of evidence is fairly silly, particularly when it doesn’t line up with the reality of the fandom or characters. Hinata does not fit the archetype of ‘bimbo wife,’ for one, nor is portrayed as such in the fandom, so this idea itself is absurd, but secondly, the idea that it must be about self-insert is fundamentally flawed.

Am I any more right to say that NaruSaku fanboys are just ‘nice guys’ who want to self-insert into the role of loser who gets the girl who only went after the jerks but finally noticed him? Or the relationship where he gets to remain the immature manchild with a significant other that is more a mother to him than wife because she has to ‘keep him in line.’ The oedipal overtones of many NaruSaku arguments get to me, I’ll be frank; the fixation of Sakura being like Kushina miss that fundamental flaw that he is not engaging in a relationship with a mother, but a spouse.

Yet I’d still be flawed if I made the assertion these were the ONLY or even PRIMARY views or motivations of NaruSaku fans. You are not even attempting to understand why someone might ship a thing. You could, I don’t know, ask a NaruHina shipper why they do… and that would give you THAT shipper’s motivations. Do that time and time again you might get a general picture of some reasons.

Further, there is a contradiction, based more in your misunderstanding of moe as stated above. If Hinata was a moe, than she really can’t also be a ‘bimbo,’ which more simply shows you have no idea what the terms you use actually mean, you just want to be hateful and throw insults you don’t even understand.

“We didn’t do anything wrong.”

‘We’ as in the entire fandom? No, because collectivizing guilt is a dangerous game. However ‘we’, as in a large number of anti’s who happen to ship NaruSaku or SasuNaruSasu? No, they very much have done wrong. You’ve done wrong yourself, even in this ask, but on a greater amount? The harassment and threats to Kishimoto and his assistant? The defacement of the Thank You page? The constant lies and insults about Kishimoto, the series itself, or fans who don’t cleave to the anger and toxic bile you stew in?

The actual threats, credible or not, of violence against Kishimoto? The threats and vile hate sent to fans, like a friend of mine who had a NaruSaku fan tell them they hoped they and their young child would be raped. Yeah, that’s not wrong at all. Yet this is not the fault of all non-canon ship fans, no, just the ones behaving badly. The problem is, you’re killing your own fandom. Your tags are dying because you fill them with hate, and it festers like an open wound. 

You’re hemorrhaging fans, and you have no one to blame but yourself.