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A day in the life of Rex...

Brand Guidelines: we must tell stories in our messages, we must be innovative and we must be fresh

Me: writes a brilliantly witty email that tells a story in a fresh and unique way

My colleagues in Marketing: we don’t like this. It’s too risky. You’re focusing too much on the story. Write it like this [inserts dry boring copy]

My boss: what happened to the funny story telling? Why did you take it out? Go back to the original one you did


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May I request a certain mister Miles Luna getting v hot and bothered by his s/o staying up late and waiting for him in some v cute lingerie?

Word Count: 460

Warnings: NSFWish

You kept checking your phone trying to see if Miles had text you, letting you know he’d be late or other indicator that he was on his way. It was unlikely though because you hinted you’d already be in bed when he got home, a lie.

You were watching the clock count down, tick closer to tomorrow. Tomorrow the both of you had the day off for Miles’ birthday and you had a whole day planned though you had a little extra surprise planned for tonight.

You heard a car pull into your apartment complex and quickly hit the light switch before hurriedly lighting the candles on the small cake you had made.

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part of this is me projecting BUT how about trans yuri who gets really, really painful cramps when he gets his period. even though he takes aspirin and does all the tricks to make them stop, they still hurt so bad he can't even move form the bed. luckily, beka is always there to provide him with hot water bottles, chocolate/comfort food, blankets, netflix, and cuddles until his baby is feeling better <3

me, currently laying in bed, home from school because my period cramps make me throw up for an entire week: i need me a freak like that. (this is going to be long. destigmatize periods!!)

caring bf beka!! hecking yes!! beka laying in bed with his baby, holding his hands over yuri’s stomach, pressing lightly to relieve the pain. beka massaging his baby’s chest very slowly and carefully because his entire body aches and it feels so nice. beka, stocking up on chocolate, lilia be damned. his baby is in pain. fuck his training diet. 

beka spending hours in a store with trans!sara, trying to find the comfiest blankets for their partners. (yuri and mila are synched. this is canon.) beka and sara staying up together to talk when their babies’ pass out from exhaustion. beka and sara becoming very close friends over their partners.

beka always having tampons on him because he knows yuri is forgetful and he cares for his baby so much. beka always having a sweatshirt with him to tie around yuri’s waist if there’s an accident. beka in a convenience store, being asked if he’s shopping for his girlfriend at checkout and very proudly telling them that these are for his baby boy. (checkout attendant apologizes and then puts ibuprofen in his basket as well because three ibuprofen and two asprin work wonders together.)

beka being pro period sex because nothing about his baby’s body is gross and he shouldn’t be made to feel that way. beka laying down towels and making love to his baby because he isn’t afraid of a little blood. he just wants to worship his wonderful boy.

i have so many feelings about this and all of them are so good. i love trans yuri and i love supportive bf beka and their love makes my heart ache. x