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How They Are in Bed

Louis: I feel like Louis would be super dominant in bed. Hed be sort of an angry lover, if that makes any sense. He’d take out all his frustrations and anger and emotion right there. He’d go as hard and fast as he possibly could, and you’d just melt under him cause he’d feel so good hitting all your spots with so much force so quickly. Then the next morning he’d be really apologetic like “I’m sorry I was rough last night I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything I love you I’m sorry” and you’d be a little sore but you wouldn’t really be hurt and even if you were it was completely worth it so you’d tell him you liked it and he’d grin and kiss you and cuddle and be adorable.

Harry: I feel like Harry would be really relaxed about sex. He wouldn’t mind fucking right away or waiting as long as you wanted. He would just want you to be comfortable and happy. And then when you did fuck, he’d just get really into it. He’d be more about making slow but intense love than about a quick fuck. He’d say your name and want you to say his, and he’d tell you how beautiful you are and how much you mean to him, and he’d cover your neck and face with kisses and just stare into your eyes as he came and i asdfksjaownsj

Liam: I feel like Liam would probably be the kinkiest out of all of them. He’d want to be trying new things all the time, like role playing and handcuffs and even some toys. When you first started having sex he’d keep it simple, but as your relationship developed he’d get more daring with it. He’d look at you with those big puppy dog eyes and ask if you’d try something he was thinking about with him, and he’d be kinda embarrassed admitting his fantasies and kinks to you and he’d blush a little and you’d tease him and he’d just grumble “forget it” and then you’d laugh and tell him you’ll do it and he’d just light up and pull you into the bedroom and you’d both be exhausted by the time you finished but soooo satisfied.

Niall: Niall would be really into foreplay. He’d like teasing you if you were out at dinner and whisper in your ear all the dirty little things he wants to do to you. And if he were on tour he’d always be asking for nudes or phone sex and when he finally got home he’d be so happy to be inside you again instead of just getting himself off (cause it’s really not the same) and he’d barely last but he’d want to for you so he’d probably go for like a minute and then you’d have a round two and three and four and then you’d pass out in each other’s arms. Normally though, I can see him wanting to make out for a while first, and he’d just enjoy slowly taking your clothes off, and kissing all over your neck and face while running his hands over every piece of skin he could get and then when you finally did fuck it’d be this huge release and fucksksoanajskdosiwn

Zayn: Zayn would be all about both of you getting the most pleasure as you could out of it. He would try out all these new positions, he’d go hard and gentle, slow and fast, and he wouldn’t be able to come until he had watched you come undone yourself. Zayn would also be an emotional fucker too. Everything he did and every move he’d make would be full of passion and emotion and love. And then if you two had a fight I could see him being really rough and angry and the two of you rolling around almost like wrestling while he pumped in and out of you.

But imagine poor lukey coming home late at night and going to work early in the morning and sometimes youd force yourself to stay awake and he would walk through the doors with red eyes but the biggest smile on his because he would be so happy when he came home to find you slightly dozing off but awake and he would give you a big bear hug and after a few seconds youd let out a breathless ‘lucas’ bc hed be like suffocating you and hed be like 'sorry i just love my girl’ and you would smile and your face would get hot bc no matter how long youd been together itd always make you smile (and he knew it) so then he would just flop down in bed with you and hed be telling you about his day and then he would look down and youd be curled up into him sleeping and hed just smile and whisper 'my girl’ and pLEASE PICK ME UP OFF THE FLOOR