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I’ve found a great product for us spoonies who are unable to spend time styling their hair, queen beach by tigi bed head. All you need to do is dampen your hair then spray this salt induced spray and scrunch and twist your hair. Within five minutes you would’ve achieved these perfect beach waves which last all day. This spray had worked wonders on my usually limp straight hair and it is a style I can achieve even on a bad day. I’ve tried salt sprays before but never had any great results but I can highly recommend this one. Perfect for spoonies or anyone else who wants to achieve a quick beach look. 

12 Hair Conditioners to Avoid

The bright lights of a drugstore hair care aisle or salon waiting room can make any bottle of conditioner look promising.

Plus, those labels can lure the most skeptical among us with their claims. Guarantees to give you touchable body and Beyonce-like volume with just one wash. Promises to transform your dead ends into healthy hair instantly. It’s enough to make you pop open the bottle. And then you’re a goner – the sweet scent of ripe apples or fresh rosemary inspires you to take it with you to the checkout counter.

While the pretty packaging and bold claims work a lot of magic, how do you really know which conditioner will actually deliver? Typically, you don’t. You just have to buy the bottle and hope for the best – until now. Now you have these user reviews to tell you which bottles live up to their flashy promises – and which are nothing more than a delicious scent.

Unfortunately, users say these 12 conditioners not only don’t deliver on the hype, but actually leave hair greasy, tangled, and damaged. Read on and make a note not to buy these the next time you’re shopping.

No. 12: LUSH Jungle Conditioner, $ average user rating: 6.8* 
Why: Although users “love LUSH” and “wanted to like this,” LUSH’s Jungle Conditioner “was a BIG disappointment.” Users agree that the bar conditioner left their hair a “tangled mess,” while some experienced other problems: “Even after I spent twice the normal time washing it out than I do with regular conditioner, it still left chunks in my hair that only made it look greasy and dirty,” says one user. Another agrees, saying, “I even tried letting it soften in a bowl of hot water before using it and it still didn’t absorb into my hair at all.”

No. 11: Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Conditioner, $ average user rating: 6.6* 
Why: This promises a “soft, tousled look that begs to be touched,” but instead, users say, “it made my hair look messy – and not a ‘sexy’ messy like the bottle says.” One user says, “The bottom section of my hair became one big matted rat’s nest – not awesome. And after a few days, my hair felt like straw.” Another user adds, “I was really hoping that this line of products would help define my waves and help them last at least for a few hours. After using these products, my hair looks like it was only rinsed with water and is very dull. I wouldn’t recommend it." 

No. 10: Dove Cool Moisture Conditioner, $ average user rating: 6.5* 
Why: Most users agree this conditioner "smells good but fails in the moisture area.” One user says, “I really wanted to like this because it smells so fresh and perfume-y! But over time, my hair began to feel weighed-down and the ends of my hair were left a frizzy, crumpled mess. Just say NO.” Another user says, “It doesn’t add a significant amount of moisture. I have waist-length hair and the conditioner doesn’t do a very good job detangling." 

No. 9: Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Conditioner, $ average user rating: 6.5* 
Why: This conditioner "really doesn’t deliver on the smoothing claim. Not only that, but my hair feels more dry after I use this.” Another user says, “After about three washes I noticed that the conditioner was giving me a dry scalp and I was getting loads of dandruff as a result.” Another user with curly, frizzy hair adds, “This is the worst product for people with my type of hair. Even when I got the brush through one section it would re-tangle my hair instantly, which of course meant a ton of breakage." 

No. 8: NeXXus Keraphix Restorative Strengthening Conditioner, $ average user rating: 6.2* 
Why: This claims to repair "damaged hair for softer, stronger, healthier-looking hair,” but users had uncertain results. “Although after washing my hair I felt it was softer, it immediately went back to being dry and brittle during the day,” says one user. While another says, “I was just not impressed with it at all. My hair was so hard after the conditioning that I had to use another conditioner after that to soften my hair. I spent way too much money on this product." 

No. 7: Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner, $ average user rating: 5.9* 
Why: Users agree that "nourishing” is one thing this conditioner is not. One user says, “It seemed to strip my hair of moisture instead of adding to it. It also made my hair more tangled, even after adding an additional leave-in conditioner.” Another adds: “This conditioner didn’t do very much in the way of actual conditioning. My hair didn’t feel smooth or moisturized after I rinsed

No. 6: Burt’s Bees Hair Repair Shea & Grapefruit Deep Conditioner, $ average user rating: 5.8* 
Why: Although it’s infused with shea butter, honey, and grapefruit extract, this conditioner left user’s hair feeling anything but soft. One user says, "It felt like I put actual honey in my hair because the product coated my hair, then dried it out.” Says another, “This conditioner has a great aroma, but it falls short in carrying out its actual function. My hair felt greasy, weighed down, and was still tangled." 

No. 5: Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner, $ average user rating: 5.8* 
Why: While users agree the price is a "plus,” this conditioner doesn’t leave hair “well-nourished” like it promises. One user says, “This reminds me of a cheap children’s hair product. It smells great, but does nothing for your hair.” One woman says, not only is it “not hydrating enough, but it also leaves a waxy coating on my hair.” And another user with high hopes says she bought this conditioner “because it smelled really good, but when I started using it, the product did not help my hair – it actually made my hair even drier." 

No. 4: Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, $ average user rating: 5.5* 
Why: "The vanilla in this product made it smell tasty, but the texture was a sticky, oily mess,” one user says. “Most of the ingredients in this concoction are natural – lavender, nettles, vanilla. But that did not save it from wreaking havoc on my hair,” says one woman. “I used it on both dry and wet hair with disastrous results. It was as if my hair had been coated in starch, leaving it dry and unmanageable." 

No. 3: Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner, $ average user rating: 5.5* 
Why: This conditioner left some users with "buyer’s remorse” and one was so dissatisfied (her words: “I hate this product”) she returned it. She explains, “When you put the conditioner on your hair, you can feel right away that the product isn’t being absorbed.” Proof? “My hair was stringy and tangled after I used this.” Another reviewer adds, “It left my hair and scalp dry and irritated. Once I stopped using it, my scalp health immediately improved.” Another awful side effect? “This conditioner gave me dandruff! Aveda products are usually good to me, but I had to take this one off my shelf." 

No. 2: TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Conditioner, $ average user rating: 3.9* 
Why: Users say this product leaves hair "greasy” and “oily.” One user says after using this conditioner, “my hair got tons of build up, felt greasy, and looked nasty! I just wanted some control over my curls, but I got left with a grease ball. Not cool.” Another user says her hair was “weighed down and the roots were oily.” While others just got static: “My hair got CRAZY static-y! Shampoo and conditioner have never made my hair that crazy before." 

No. 1: Alberto VO5 Silky Experiences Champagne Kiss Conditioner, $ average user rating: 3.8* 
Why: Users wanted to "save money” with this product, but found that “it’s not even worth the $1 you spend on it.” One woman says, “This product feels like it is more water than conditioner. It does nothing, absolutely nothing, for your hair. If anything, it stripped my hair and made it stringy, dry, and just feeling gross.” Another user adds, “This conditioner is by far the worst. Not only was my hair not silky and had a sickening smell to it, but the conditioner tangled my hair, making it look greasy. I don’t even want to give this product one star." 


15 Worst Shampoos

Of all the hair care products in your shower, your shampoo is a nonnegotiable necessity. We all need a good lather to wash out the grime after a run or after we’ve employed multiple styling products. But a great shampoo should not only leave our hair soft, clean and smelling delightful, it should also help cut down post-shower styling time by priming strands for our desired style of the day. 

But when the shampoo we choose to use ends up dirtying our hair instead of cleaning it, and dries it out instead of infusing it with the moisture we need – that’s when it ends up on our worst shampoos list. 

No. 15: TRESemme Vitamin B12 & Gelatin Anti-Breakage Shampoo, $ average member rating: 6*
Why: Readers say, “This shampoo (with its matching conditioner) actually seemed to dry my hair out even more. You’d think that a product that’s supposed to inhibit breakage would help moisturize the hair, but this really didn’t at all. In addition, my hair felt like it had an odd ‘plastic-y’ coat on it that made it feel heavy. I’m guessing that’s from the gelatin. I don’t recommend this at all.” Another says, “It left my hair feeling waxy (from the gelatin in it) and dry. The smell and the price was great, but not worth going back to purchase more." 

No. 14: Matrix Amplify Volumizing Shampoo, $ average member rating: 5.9*
Why: One reader says, "I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, so the girl told me [this product] would give me volume. I saw no volume and it left a buildup on my hair, which I did not like – and it even says on the bottle [that] it won’t leave buildup.” Another says, “this shampoo is awful. It smells good, but totally stripped the color from my hair and didn’t really add much volume at all.” And one reviewer says, “This product didn’t give my hair any extra volume. In fact, I think it became more flat after using this shampoo and conditioner. It smells nice, but doesn’t do anything for my thin, flat hair.”

No. 13: Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Moisturizing Shampoo, $ average member rating: 5.8*
Why: Readers say this shampoo “leaves hair sticky, greasy and lifeless.” One explains, “'Ugh’ is all I have to say about this shampoo. All you get is scent but little else. I ended up using mine for shaving my legs. Not worth the hype or the price.” Another agrees saying, “this smells lovely in the bottle, but I find the scent does not last on my hair. I also find that it makes my hair more unmanageable than my usual shampoo but it costs more.” And one reader says, “as something that’s supposed to moisturize, this shampoo fails utterly. It actually stripped my hair of moisture, leaving me with dull, rough-looking hair." 

No. 12: Burt’s Bees Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar, $ average member rating: 5.6*
Why: "Not only did it NOT clean my hair, [this shampoo] dried it to a Brillo pad. It’s an item to bring with you on a camping trip, I suppose, but not if you intend on combing out your hair afterward. I had to reenter the shower and use half a bottle of conditioner to get my hair somewhat approachable,” says a reader. Others complain about the lack of suds saying, “I had to use a lot of this to get some kind of lather in my long hair [and] it still didn’t get my hair very clean.” Another agrees saying, “it was pretty difficult to get enough lather to completely get my hair clean, and I ended up in the shower for way longer than I wanted to be.”

No. 11: John Frieda Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo, $ average member rating: 5.5*
Why: "This has to be one of the worst shampoos I have ever used,“ says a reader. "Not only did it make my hair greasy and tangled, but it also did not seem to be preserving my color at all. I even used it with other products in the line: the conditioner, the color enhancing cream, etc. and all it did was stain my fingernails and towels red.” One reader says, “the first (and last time) I used it my hair turned a maroon color.” And another says, “after one shampoo my white towel was red from the color this shampoo stripped." 

No. 10: TRESemme ColorThrive Brunette Shampoo, $ average member rating: 5.4*
Why: Readers say, "this did nothing for my color. It didn’t help it last longer or brighten it and it worked so-so in terms of cleansing.” Another reader says, “At first I really liked this shampoo, but maybe after three times of using it, my scalp was itchy. And I’m not allergic to any shampoos.” And one woman simply warns, “beware." 

No. 9: Head and Shoulders Refresh 2 in 1, $ average member rating: 5.4*
Why: One woman says she "thought my hair was going to fall out” after using this product. And another says, “it burns my scalp and got in my eye – you don’t want to know what that feels like.” One reader says, “this bottle got tossed in the trash before my hair was dry. I’d rather live with the dandruff than to ever put myself through that again. I had a minor out-break of dandruff and, of course, decided on the one and only dandruff shampoo that I’ve known since the '70s. Never again. The burn that penetrated my scalp was painful and I could feel the texture of my hair disintegrate in my hands.”

No. 8: Aveda Clove Shampoo, $ average member rating: 5.3*
Why: This product “smells great but doesn’t do anything for color depositing like the name suggests,” says a reader. Another reader says, it “doesn’t really act as a coloring agent. If you use this in the shower, as most people do, prepare for a lot of brown residue on places other than [your] hair.” Overall, readers say it “left my hair frizzy and stripped,” and is “way too expensive for shampoo." 

No. 7: TIGI Bed Head Self Absorbed Shampoo, $ average member rating: 5.1*
Why: One reader says, "this shampoo is no better than any drugstore brand. The smell is too chemical-y

No. 6: TIGI Bed Head Moisture Maniac Shampoo, $ average member rating: 5.1*
Why: Readers say, "this did nothing for my hair other than make it feel greasy and weighed down. I wouldn’t recommend it!” One woman says, “wonderful smell, average product.” Another agrees saying, “my hair smelled great after using this, but it wasn’t very moisturized.” Another says it left her hair “with an oily residue” and one person says the “name is misleading. Although this shampoo smells great, it does not offer enough moisturization for my dry, breakable hair." 

No. 5: Alterna Ten Shampoo, $ average member rating: 4.9*
Why: Readers say this product has an "outrageous price” and is “not worth it at all.” One says, “this shampoo is definitely not worth the price [as] it made my hair feel very heavy and flat.” Another user had a similar experience saying, “I used a small amount of the shampoo like it said to and my hair ended up limp, lifeless and full of static. My hair was impossible to style – no body and wouldn’t hold a curl for anything." 

No. 4: Burt’s Bees More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut Shampoo, $ average member rating: 4.9*
Why: One reader says, "this shampoo smells great but doesn’t do much for my thick, coarse hair,” and it leaves another reader’s fine hair feeling “waxy.” Another woman says this product “made my hair a matted mess! It made my hair drier than it was to begin with [and] the smell is sickening. FAIL!” One user says, she “was amazed how terrible it was. Within two days of purchasing it I threw it out. My hair felt greasy, matted and all around dirty.” Another says she “hated the smell” so much that “it was so hard to get past it. It smelled sour and rancid.”

No. 3: Bumble and bumble Seaweed Shampoo, $ average member rating: 4.5*
Why: Readers say, “I heard about Bumble and bumble and thought I would give it a try. I was not impressed at all. I have fine hair and by the end of the day it was greasy and flat.” Another says, “I was really disappointed with this shampoo, especially considering how much I paid for it! Didn’t do anything special to my hair and it didn’t even smell good. The only thing that it did do was clean my hair, but so can a 99 cent bottle of Suave. Never again!” And one woman says, “I’d only use this to wash a dog I didn’t like." 

No. 2: Samy Smooth Shampoo, $ average member rating: 3.3*
Why: One reader says, "this is an awful product, and the words I uttered in the shower while using it aren’t the kind of words to use here. Where do I start? The back of the bottle should say, 'remember, you get what you pay for.’ Sticky? Yes. Foul odor? Yup. Causes knots, tangles and unbrushable hair? Yup. Will conditioner fix this problem? Nope … no way.” And another says, “this shampoo made my hair heavy, dry and just horrible! I used it once then washed my dog with it." 

No. 1: Biosilk Hydrating Shampoo, $ average member rating: 3.3*
Why: One reader describes her experience with this product as "one bottle, three people and a trash can.” Translation: “My roommate gave this to me with no explanation and I was stoked. I kept using it even though it barely lathered and left my poor hair stripped of all moisture and impossible to style. Finally I gave it to my sister, thinking it would work better [for her]. She used it once and threw it out.” Another reader also “really wanted to like this” and thought “maybe a fifth or sixth attempt may 'improve’ the hair,” but alas she continued to be left with “a greasy scalp by the end of the night, lifeless tired roots, and dirty hair that needed to be rewashed.”

K HyX� ��

Hair routine

So I always get 101 questions about my hair - it being white, and me being in hairdressing. So here’s what I use to keep it soft and alive:


- Redken Extreme Shampoo.

- De Lorenzo Silver Shampoo.

- Redken CAT Treatment.

- Redken Extreme Rescue Force Treatment.

- Aveda Colour Conserve Strengthening Treatment.

- Bumble & Bumble Deeep Treatment.

- NAK Aromas Oil.

- Redken Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment.

- Tony & Guy Smoothing Serum. (Possibly changing this to Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener)


- Redken Heat Protectant. (Can’t remember the name of this one, but it’s the pink spray)


- Bed Head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff.

- Aveda Air Control Hairspray.

Also, in summer, I use the Aveda Hair Veil, and the Redken UV Light/Sun/Ocean/Chlorine Protectant, (can’t remember it’s name!)

I also have all Aveda products on my hair when it’s being bleached out and toned - however, a lot of the toning actually comes from the De Lorenzo Silver.

I might do a video on this? I constantly get asked, so I decided to do a post on it :)