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Peter Parker x Reader

Request- Hi! Can you do a Spiderman x reader fic where the reader and Spiderman are best friends, but the reader is also Spiderman’s rival? And then they both find out about it? Thank you so much!!! I love your blog :D

Warnings- language but what else is new

A/n- anon didn’t specify what kind of power they wanted the reader to have, so i just gave them telepathy and teleportation, hope thats ok!  Hope you enjoy!


You sat at the edge of the building, looking down at the city below. The cool wind blew, causing a shiver to run up your back as you focused all your energy into listening. You could hear the thoughts of every person in the city, just for a fleeting moment, barely registering in your mind before they were gone and the next one came. Nothing so far had caught your attention, until you suddenly heard the frantic thoughts of a woman who sounded like she was getting mugged. You were there in an instant.

Before you, there indeed was a woman being robbed, along with two men, one collecting her things and the other pointing a gun at her.

“Hey!” You shouted, but there was another voice mixed in there shouting at the same time, and looking over your shoulder to the roof above you, you saw none other than Spiderman.

“Hell no.” You muttered, before teleporthing across the street to the woman. You grabbed the man who was holding the gun and spun him around to punch him, only for your raised fist to get yanked back, bringing you along with it. You spun around from the force and nearly fell to the ground. Letting out a growl of irritation, you pulled off the string of sticky webbing stuck to your hand.

“You asshole! I was here first!” You shouted at the man in the red suit as you punched the other man who now had one of his hands webbed to the wall, but was thrusting at you with his knife. The woman had taken her things and fled the scene, and the man with the gun had managed to escape when you had been distracted.

“I don’t think so. Now just teleport away and let the professionals handle this.” He retorted as he dodged a kick from you while dodging the knife from the man.

“You always do this, and I know you do it just to make me mad.” you grunted, finally managing to knock the knife out of his hand you tried to keep him still so Spiderman could web him to the wall, when he shook you off and hit you straight in the jaw.

“Now that’s no way to treat a lady,” Spiderman said webbing his hand and both feet to the wall, “But lucky for you, it’s just her.”

You glared at him, wiping the blood from your mouth as you stood up, “I would have been fine if you hadn’t distracted me.” You growled. You didn’t have to read his mind to know that he thought you were weak, in fact, you never read his mind. Regardless of your less than friendly feelings towards each other, you respected his privacy. You also didn’t really care who he was, though when you had first met him, you had thought his voice was kinda familiar… But, you and Spiderman had never gotten along. Not since the first moment he had webbed you up thinking you where the bad guy, and thus let the real bad guy escape.

“Sure, that’s your problem.” He said sarcastically.

Clenching your jaw, you narrowed your eyes at him from behind your mask, “You are such a dick. I pity the people that have to spend more than five minutes with you.” You spat, turning to leave when suddenly you felt his webbing on your arm and you were being yanked to his side, nearly falling over from the force. Letting you a yelp, your mind registered the gun shot that had just rang out, and you saw the bullet had just grazed your arm. You were almost shot in the chest.

You looked up at the masked man before you, neither of you saying a word, before you clenched your jaw and teleported away.


You woke up the next morning to someone knocking at your door. Your head was pounding and your arm hurt from where the bullet had hit last night, so you answered just to get the noise to stop, “What?”

“Peter’s here. Should I have him wait downstairs?” Your mom called.

“Ugh, no, just send him up.” You yelled back, rolling onto your stomach to hide your face in the pillow. In your moms thoughts, you could hear here thinking about how your room better not be dirty, and you better be dressed. Luckily, both those things were true.

A minute later, there was another knock before Peter let himself in, “Hey sleepy head. You know its nearly noon?”

You smiled sleepily at the boy before you, also know as Peter Parker, also known as you best friend. You two had been friends since the start of high school, when you both happen to be late to the same class and were pared up as partners for the whole year.

“Ya, I know. I’m tired I was up super late last night.”

“Tell me about it, me too.” He said, sitting on the end of your bed, “But now it’s time to get up cause there’s this new game out that I want and we are gonna go buy it.”

“You say it like I don’t enjoy video game shopping with you.” You laughed, sitting up.

He laughed at your bed head and left you to get dressed. In your closet hidden under a pile of various crap, was your suit and mask. Luckily it was black, so you couldn’t see the blood on the arm, but you were not looking forward to having to sew it up tonight. The wound on your arm, while not too deep, still hurt. You couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened last night. Your relationship with Spiderman was complicated to say the least. You two hated each other, yet he had still saved you. That of course got you thinking, if the roles were reversed, would you save him?

“(Y/n) hurry up!” Peter shouted from downstairs.

Shaking the thoughts of your night job out of your mind, you got ready and met Peter downstairs.

“Took you long enough,” he chuckled and the two of you stepped outside and began the walk to the mall, “So what kept you up all night?” He asked.

“You know, the usual, clubbing, bar hopping, meeting up with random guys.” you stopped at a cross walk and pressed the button.

“Wow, and all I did was homework.”

Hooking you arm through his as to not get separated in the downtown crowd, you two laughed. Letting out a small sigh, you leaned into your best friend, smiling. You loved what you did at night, and felt a great deal of pride in helping out those who were in danger, but nothing could compare to the little moments like these with your best friend.


“Mom! Where did you put my sewing kit?” You shouted, looking through the drawers of your bathroom.

“Why?” She yelled back.

“Cause I need it!”

“What for?” 

“Mom I swear I’m going to lose it if you don’t-” You suddenly froze, the sound of the tv catching your attention.

“Tension is high this evening as an unknown robber is holding a group of bystanders hostage in a bank. It had been reported that he is armed with multiple weapons including some type of bomb.”

Grabbing your suit and mask, you pulled it on, “Mom! I’m going out!” Then you were gone.

Reappearing behind the bank, you listened in. You could hear terrified thoughts of the hostages and the rushed, almost panicked rambling of a guy who was clearly the robber. 

You soundlessly entered the bank. The hostages were huddled in a group while the robber filled bags with money from the vault, his back towards you.

Quickly you began to teleport the hostages out of the building, it was easier than you expected as the robber was not paying attention. You were down to the last two when you heard the voice of the guy you wanted to see least at this moment, alerting the robber of your presence

“Wow, you must be really oblivious to loose a whole group of people without even noticing.”

You stood up from your crouched position, “What the fuck dude!” 

Before the robber could even aim his gun, it was pulled out of his hand with webbing. 

Rolling your eyes and not bothering to stick around to hear his stupid comment, you took the last two and let them go on the street. You turned, ready to go home and continue your hunt for the sewing kit, when you heard one last thought in your mind. 

Well, if I’m gonna go down, I might as well take the Spiderman with me.

You could see the images being played out in his mind, and without hesitation, you reappeared in the bank, grabbed Spiderman by his waist before teleporting out. You barely made it into the street before the building blew up, throwing you both to the ground.

You were stunned, lying face first on the concrete. Your head pounded and your whole body ached. Coughing and groaning, you rolled onto your back. The whole street was filled with smoke, and you could see the bank was up in flames.

To your left was Spiderman, also lying still on his back, but you could see his chest rising and falling.

“Hey,” you huffed, “Are you conscious?” 

“Ya, just a little internal bleeding, that’s all.” 

Despite the circumstances, you smiled as he turned to look at you.

But when his masked eyes met yours, you could see him tense up.

You instinctively looked behind you, expecting to see someone there, but there was no one. When you turned back to him, he was sitting up.

“(Y/n)…?” He breathed out.

You gasped, reaching up to find the somehow during the explosion, your mask had fallen off and it lay on the floor a few feet from you, “Oh my god I- wait…you know me?”

Slowly, he reached up and pulled off his own mask.

“Peter…” you stared at each other, through the smoke, sirens in the background. You couldn’t believe it, your best friend, the guy you told everything, they guy you loved, was the same guy you couldn’t stand? Where did this leave you two? 

After a moment, you stood up and he followed, leaning on each other for support.

His hand found yours, and in that moment you both knew that everything would be ok between you two. That nothing would change, and if anything you would come out of this stronger.

“Lets go home.” you mumbled before the two vigilantes disappeared.

So i have a lot of peter parker request but i aint even mad i love him so much ugghhh

anyways thanks for reading

A Furry Little Problem

Parring: Young!Remus Lupin X Reader

Word: 815

Warnings: Nah

Summary: Remus is keeping a secret from his girlfriend, Y/N (what could it be?)

A/N: Another Marauders imagine? what can i say, i love them! I’m working on a big Christmas-Avengers project, which is why i don’t really post that much. But enjoy this piece of shit art, and tell me what you thought about it!

Maybe the reader is acting kind of bitchy, but i guess it’s just that time of the month;)

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Time for a story - Vertigo


1. This is a 5x08 inspired chapter without aliens. It’s in no way what I would have liked to see for 5x08, especially since Arrow and Time for a story are quite different…

2. This is a monster chapter, basically as long as a small multi-chapter. That being said, I am not sure when I will get to post a new chapter because I have a lot to do for school. Like I told you already, my schedule will be unpredictable until the beginning of September and right now seems like a time that there is little time to write, especially since I am also working on my multi-chapter “To make you feel my love”. Take this monster as an “apology in advance” for the irregular and short chapters lately and the short and irregular updates in the next months. :)

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When she woke up at the jarring sound of her phone ringing, Felicity turned her head into the pillow and blindly reached out her arm to make Oliver take the call for her. Her fingers only touched the empty sheet, though. Frowning, Felicity lifted her head from the pillow and opened her eyes to stare at the empty side of the bed. It took her a few seconds before she remembered that Oliver had woken her shortly before midnight with a kiss to her cheek and a whisper into her ear that he was needed in the Arrow Cave and heading out.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! First thing first, I love your answers! I recently started following you, and I haven't bit disappointed one bit! Now, for the reaction request! Could I have a "damsel in distress" situation with the companions? But for minor things like.. Danse having his foot stuck in some wireing and can't get free because of giant suit, or killing a spider because someone is afraid! Just small, cute, and fluffy gestures uwu Love you!!

Of course you can anon and thank you so much I’m so glad you enjoy them! Love you too anon! ^-^ 

This is also the 1000 celebration post! A bit of fluff for this one :D

Cait: Cait was having trouble with a particularly tricky bottle that refused to open and almost broke it in frustration. Sole came in to the rescue and wrapped their hands around hers which were subsequently round the bottle. As Sole popped off the top with a gentle nod to indicate a job well done, Cait gave a them quick peck on the cheek to show her gratitude, followed by a playful punch to the arm and a goofy face, she was already smiling again.

Codsworth: Codsy was trying to keep the house clean when he struck a paint can that engaged a domino effect that led to the whole shelf rack falling down. Codsworth was the only thing stopping it from collapsing entirely. Sole rushed in to scout out the commotion and couldn’t help but giggle a little at the sight of Codsworth almost trying to juggle all of these miscellaneous objects. “Uhh Sir/Mum… a little assistance? Please?” Sole gladly helped Codsworth and to make him feel better broke out the polish and buffer. They made Codsworth look as good as new again.

Curie:  She was not used to feeling pain so when she pricked her thumb on a thorn, while out picking flowers, she was certain she was going to die. Sole came running to the sound of screams to find Curie curled up in a ball holding her thumb and whimpering, Sole rolled their eyes with a gentle smile and picked up their big baby Curie. Sole patched her up and gave her thumb a little kiss to make it better. Later on Sole returned with the flowers, except now all tied into a bunch with a little ribbon and presented it, with a big cheese-ball smile, to Curie. She blushed and on her tippy toes she gave sole a quick but loving kiss to Sole’s lips, showing her love for her gift

Danse: In his bulky power armour Danse had gotten himself caught on some torn barbed wire ;). Danse riggled his leg feverishly to get himself free but alas could not. When Sole walked over with thier “Danse what the fuck are you doing? look” Danse in despair replied to Sole’s expression “It’s hopeless soldier… I’m… I’m done for… I’m stuck and cannot get free… go on without me and complete the mission” Sole was in such a trauma from Danse’s dumb ass antics, they sighed all the way over to him and sighed even more when the say it was a stray, ragged strand of old wire that inhibited him. They pulled away and held it to his face, with their own look of “Really Danse?” Danse had gone an unusual bright red “Well, er…. L-lets er…carry on” Sole just thinking to themselves “Big doofus…”

Deacon: “SHIT, WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?!?!” Deacon ran scrambling about trying to find them, Sole simply sat with their head in their hands as Deacon ran about relentlessy “I CAN’T DO MY DISGUISE WITHOUT THEM!” Sole walked over and stopped Deacon in his tracks, holding him as he panted from his frantic searching. Like with Danse Sole donned a “Really Deacon?” look on their face as they reached up to Deacon’s pompadour, then pulled back shading his eyes. Deacon sheepishly reached out to his face, “Ah, er… there they are… err…” They were on his head the whole time…Deacon had turned a bright red from his senior moment.

Dogmeat: Whimpering an awful lot and struggling to walk, Dogmeat eventually curled up in his bed with his head hidden. Sole came over as the sight of Dogmeat in pain weighed heavy on them. Sole gave him the once over and found it was actually a thorn that had stabbed into Dogmeat’s paw. With a quick jolt the thorn was gone and Dogmeat was full of life again, thanking Sole with a barrage of wet dog kisses to the face.

Hancock: He’d got wasted the night before, barely knew what was going on when he tried to get dressed, tripping over as he did so. Suddenly everything was dark. No sound, void of light. Hancock cried out for Sole “HELP! HELP ME LOVE! I CAN’T SEE!” Sole footsteps were heard shooting up the stairs, but they couldn’t see Hancock? They heard his cries coming from the other side of a door, upon opening and flooding Hancock’s eyes with light he flopped out on the floor “Thank god you came… I… I was in some place…. darkness all around me…” “Hancock” Sole replied sternly but with a laugh starting to creep through “You were in the closet…” Sole internally dying at Hancock’s drunken antics, they thought to themselves “For christs sake Hancock” trying not to laugh out loud as they did so.

MacCready: The night before he had a couple nightmares about getting hurt in combat and when he woke in a cold sweat the fear became very real. There was no sensation on his legs?!? “Oh my god… Oh my god… OH MY GOD I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!!!” Sole woke in a flustered haze, muttering “Huh… wha..” When Mac explained in tears to Sole that he couldn’t feel his legs, Sole looked down in horror. Then looked at Mac, then back at his legs, then back at Mac. “Mac… you do know right that… those are my legs…” “Oh er… really? oh thank god…” He replied, Sole flopping back down onto their pillow, exhausted from the day and from the mad antics that had just taken place.

Nick: Nick and Sole were exploring an old department store when Sole accidentally set off something. A horrifying whaling filled the room and made Nick jump out of his synthetic, falling apart, skin. “IT’S THE INSTITUTE! THEY’RE HERE!” Nick almost started to unload his revolver at moving shadows when Sole flicked on the lights. “Nick… it was a hair dryer, calm your synthetic ass down metal man :3″ Sole stood by the light switch, watching Nick fumble as he tried to compose himself “Could’ve been the Institute you know…” Nick’s voice turned a little sheepish after his outburst at a wild imagination.

Piper: Sole could hear her screaming and immediately bolted to her aid, when they got out they saw Piper covered in ink trying to stop the printer from squirting more all over the place. As it quickly stopped mere seconds later, Pipers frustration almost brought on slight tears. Luckily Blue was there to help, they took Piper in their arms and handed her a towel to wipe away the ink and creeping tears. Sole quickly left and then returned as quick as they’d gone, they sent Piper up for a hot bath and to relax her trembling anxiety. About an hour or so later Piper came down with a towel wrapped around her precariously. She was in complete shock “Blue… you… you… the printer? It’s fixed!” Sole had scrapped an old set of power armour, used it to fix and rebuild Piper’s printer, fully loaded with ink and polished to a high shine. Piper’s world had lit up as she jumped at Blue to thank them with a rapid succession of kisses all over their surprised face. 

Preston: While traversing the wealth, Preston felt his coat get grabbed by something. In his mind “OH God…. they got me… I’m already dead I know it” Whereas out loud “GENERAL… H-HELP ME!!!” Sole sprinted to assist but when they got their, they just simply put their hand to their face following a sighed laugh. A certain “Preston pls” look as they strolled to Preston’s coat. “Preston… no one’s got you” They said reassuringly “Your coat is snagged on this branch ya big doofus” Preston’s cheeks grew a warm red, as the blood rushed to his face, he felt a tiny bit stupid about the whole thing. He gave his general a quick peck on the cheek as a thank you.

Strong: Somehow Strong had managed to get his head wedged in an old cat flap after chasing one of the strays that sometimes passed through sanctuary hills. With Sole’s handy work and a trusty screwdriver Strong was free of the door in no time, although the flap was still stuck. Strong considered it a gift from Sole “Strong thank human for… helping strong with stuck head. Human never saw did they?” To humour Strong, Sole of course played along, they still think of it every time they strong, or any household pet.

X6-88: Like Curie X6 was new to pain, being so highly skilled in combat meant he never got hit. When X6 caught himself of a shard of glass and saw the blood come fourth “Sir/ma’am… I think… I think I might be dying. Yes… I’m sure I’m dying” Sole gave him a bit of a puzzled look at X6′s dramatics and carried on to wrap his cut in a bandage. Giving X6 a soft jab to his arm to show Sole both cared and thought he was a tiny bit dramatic. When X6′s cut got a little better it graduated to a hug for the big synth cinnamon hunk.

A special fluff post for breaking 1000 followers, I wanted to get this one done to celebrate and it is a very late 2 am here xD. But thank you guys so much for everything, this blog would be nothing without your support so thank you! I love all you guys <3 ^-^

How can I sleep at night, there’s a WAR inside my head
   I found a LION hidden right beneath my bed
            I will NOT hide myself from the tears that you have shed
   Cause I am a lion and you are DEAD

Independent. Selective
Bakugou Katsuki RP Blog
Written by Chey.

Miss Blake

Derek Hale X Reader

Word Count: 907

Requested: @dylanlover24

Request: Can u make it a Derek x reader, please

Originally posted by thesweetfandomlife

You had been avoiding Derek as much as you could for the past couple of hours, you’d seen him with Jennifer and he seemed so happy you only wished that it was you. You’d been his best friends since before his house burnt down and the same thing happened when he met Paige you were sure that he saw you as just a friend and even after all these years you were still coming to terms with it. You shrugged your jacket off as you looked down at the text on your phone Cora had been giving you updates while she was trying to track her brother and who everyone thought was dead, she’d asked you to stay at home just in case he showed up. You highly doubted that he’d show up at your place but you stayed there anyway. A couple of hours later you phone began to ring and Derek’s name flashed up but when you answered it Jennifer spoke you resisted the urge to growl. “Hey (Y/N) umm, Derek showed up really beaten up and I managed to bandage him up but he keeps calling out for you I think you should come see him,” Jennifer explained she sounded shaken up but for some reason, you really didn’t believe her concern.
“Alright.” You mumbled as you swung your feet off the coffee table and grabbed your coat and keys “where are you?”
“We’re in his loft,” Jennifer answered.
“I’m on my way, Miss Blake?” You questioned her last name having not paid attention to it.
“You can call me Jennifer.” she answered.
“I’ll be there in a minute Jenifer.” You said flatly as you closed and locked your door before hanging up the phone, once you’d done that you texted Cora to tell her that her brother was at the loft.

When you finally got to the loft Cora was already there and so was Peter. You walked over to Cora “is she still here?” You asked. Cora nodded.
“Hasn’t left his bedside.” she jutted her head over to the bed that was slightly hidden by the pillar littered around the room. You groaned before plopping down on the sofa and kicking your feet up and closing your eyes. “How’d you find out he was here?”
“She called something about him saying my name of something,” you said dismissively, you eyes still closed.
“In his sleep?” Cora asked. You’d known Cora since she was small as well although you didn’t live with the Hales you spent a good portion of your time there and when Derek started spending more time with Paige you found yourself playing with the younger members of the pack. You had developed an understanding of Peter and although you didn’t agree with his methods you wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon that said ‘kill him’.
“I don’t know, maybe you should ask her.” You mumbled shrugging. You heard movement and assumed that Cora had gone off somewhere.
“You don’t want to know,” Peter said after a few moments.
“Excuse you?” You asked.
“You don’t want to know, you’ve spent a good amount of your life trying to get over him and after realising that’s not going to work you’ve learnt to live with the feelings and now this is happening,” Peter explained.
“Thank you for that.” You mumbled. “I’ll be on the roof if anyone needs me.” 

Hours passed before you were finally interrupted you looked up and saw that it was Derek and there was no Jennifer attached to his side. “Hey,” he said.
“Hi.” you waved slightly as you leant forward, your legs crossed at the ankle.
“Cora told me something,” Derek said.
“Really?” you asked moving over so that he could sit down.
“She told me that Jennifer called you because I was talking in my sleep and I said your name, I wanted to make sure that this hasn’t changed anything between us,” Derek explained.
“No, apparently it hasn’t.” You answered.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Derek asked.
“Nothing, I’ll go.” You mumbled before getting up, you hadn’t even to the door before Derek grabbed your wrist and stopped you from moving.
“What is going on?” Derek asked.
“Nothing.” You answered.
“Nothing doesn’t change your scent or heartbeat,” Derek argued. You growled in response and you were almost afraid to look at him when he growled back.
“I… Nothing it’s fine I just… Don’t worry about it.” You dismissed before pulling your arm away. You were about to open the door but Derek grabbed you again, this time, trapping you between the door and his body.
“It took a while but I got it,” Derek informed you. “Your scent it’s jealousy, you’ve been my friend for years and you’ve only ever acted this way with one other girl and that was Paige,” Derek noted. “Your jealous and I would like to know why.”
“Somethings are better left buried.” You answered a little above a whisper.
“Hmm” Derek moved closer his lips inches away from yours, “You think?” his lips lightly brushed yours as you leant up he leant back, stopping you from kissing him.
“Fine, I think I’m in love with you.” You answered grumpily.
“You think?” Derek asked lips moving away again.
“I love you, Derek.” You corrected.
“Thank god.” he sighed before crashing his lips to yours hand placed firmly on your hips pulling you closer as you hands were pressed against his chest.

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riverdale-incorrect-quotes  asked:

Do you have any headcannons for Angela Shepard?

- 110% a cat person

- Her ex taught her how to ride a motorcycle

- Shes very observant, to the point where it`s a bit strange

- She first learned how much detailed observation changed your perspective in Science class, so Science is her favorite subject

- Never seen in public without painted nails

- Dresses surprisingly nice

- She gave her old clothes to people in school with no sense of style and called it ‘charity’ 

- Can and will spill milk over your head

- Has a stash of money hidden under her bed in case things get too rough

- Her favorite movie will always be The Wizard of Oz because when she was little Curly would sing her  Somewhere Over the Rainbow [ credit:

- Will give you her panties if you do her math homework

- Constantly humming no matter what shes doing

- A really light sleeper, one of her most distinctive childhood memories was the front  door slamming shut, which she would later find out to be her dad walking out on them

I hope you enjoy these Angela Shepard headcanons!   ♡

A Hidden World

Beneath the roof there is a bed
upon it lies my weary head

hidden deep inside a tree
a hidden world of make believe

I came today, I’ll come tomorrow
on hidden trails, never followed

I left my world and life behind
on an adventure, that I might find

a world at peace
with freedom I seek

far from the shadows that dull the night
where the sun and the stars still shine some light

Totally inspired by the world we live in today

2nd Day of Christmas

                “Whoo! Yeah!” You yelled cheerfully while you pulled your gloves up your wrists and tucked them under the bulky sleeves of your winter coat.

                “Y/N,” Cas said your name softly.

                You ignored him. He wasn’t nearly festive enough. Wrapping your scarf around your throat, you pointed at the door. “Merry Christmas Eve, let’s have a war of snow!” You declared, bolting for the front door.

                “Y/N,” Cas sighed sadly.

                Thirty seconds later, when you trudged back in, sweltering in heavy winter gear and with a dejected, heartbroken frown on your face, the angel tried again.

                “Y/N, there is no snow outside.”

                “Yeah, Cas,” you said sarcastically, “Thanks. I hadn’t noticed.” Disappointed, you ripped off your hat and threw it towards the nearest furniture, storming back towards your room.

                Knock, knock, knock-knock, knock. You picked your head up from your pillow where you were sulking and stared at the shut door across from the bed just in time to hear someone sing, “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

                “There’s no snow because we’re in Hell!” You shouted back at the archangel, hiding your face in the pillow again.

                “Come on, let’s go and play~” Gabriel’s voice popped up from the side of the bed and you jumped, but kept your head resolutely hidden in the linens. “Trust me, sweetie, Luci’s domain’s a ton hotter. It doesn’t have to be a snowman!”

                You sniffed and your face flamed. It felt like he was making fun of you for being so upset. Maybe it was a silly thing to be so aggravated about, but you had been so looking forward to a snow day. The last several Christmases had been spent on the road hunting, and obituaries had pulled you everywhere from Texas to Louisiana to California, but not once in the last four years had you woken up with more than a bit of frost on the ground, which had melted by the time you ate breakfast. The weather forecast had said you’d have snow this time, and you’d been so excited.

                “Go away,” you mumbled.

                Instead of following Anna’s example and singing goodbye, Gabriel hummed as he pretended to think about it. For three seconds. “Hmm… Nope, don’t think so!” He grabbed your wrist and pulled, yanking you towards the edge of the bed. “Come with me on your feet or I’ll carry you, sugar!”

                “We can’t make a snowman. We can’t even make snow prints!”

                “Maybe not in South Dakota, but we sure can in Alaska!”

                “Wait, what?”

                Gabriel saw your head pop up and smirked at you cheekily, reaching down and scooping you up bridal style. Shifting you around so your head was against his shoulder more comfortably, he started to march for the door, which opened with magic.

                “Angel Airlines is open for business!”



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anonymous asked:

heyy, I know this is weird and requests are closed and stuff but I just broke up with my bf of 1.5 years and it was really hard but it just wasn't working out and I just really need to be happy so if you could please write some pure harry fluff I would be eternally grateful, please help me out!

“Wakkkkkeeeee upppppp.”  You heard Harry’s voice sing song in your ear, his warm breath puffing out over your cheek.

Surely he was on fire.  He had to be.  There was no other explanation for why on earth he’d be waking you up this early on a Sunday.

But he wasn’t on fire.  He was perfectly fine.  Perky even.  He rolled you over onto your back and pressed a kiss to your not-yet-brushed-your-teeth mouth,

“Hey…you awake?”

“Yes.”  You grumbled, trying to turn back over and go back to sleep.

He shook his head, pulling you back down,

“Uh uh…we gotta go.”

You popped one eye open to look at him,

“Go?  Go where?”

“We have a date.”  He stated as he sat up.  

You opened your eyes all the way now to see he had hidden his bed head under a beanie but his pajamas were still on.  You pushed yourself up onto your elbows,

“A date?  Harry it’s-”  You stopped as you lifted your wrist to check your FitBit, “It’s 9:02 a.m.”

He nodded,

“And I asked you to go out on a date with me last night.  You said yes.”

“I thought you meant like dinner…later…tonight.”

“I have a better idea.”  He quirked his brows, the smile on his face reminding you of the same smile that was on your brother’s face when he was six and he got a bike for Christmas.

You were intrigued to say the least,

“What’s your idea?”

“I mean…yeah, we could get dressed up in uncomfortable shoes and uncomfortable clothes and I could put some gel in my hair while you take two hours to put on makeup you don’t need-”

“-I told you it enhances my features.”

He giggled at your interruption,

“Or we could get up and go get some chocolate chip pancakes with our PJs on.”

You stared back at him, your smile fading slowly,

“Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite.”  You whispered in response.

He nodded, leaning forward to kiss the tip of your nose,

“I know.”  He pulled the covers back off of you and offered you his hand, “Let’s go, Beautiful.”

You smiled, slapping your hand into his as you scurried up off the bed.  Harry turned to offer you a piggy back ride down to the car, laughing about your Strawberry Shortcake PJ pants the entire way.

Special Friends: Chapter 5

Submitted by: Panicattackkisses

Description:  When Stiles’ phone buzzed and lit up with the image of Lydia with two chopsticks in her mouth, he answered immediately.
“I thought I told you you can’t keep calling me up for meaningless, mind blowing sex, Lydia”.

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff, Romance

All Chapters

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anonymous asked:

"you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital"

He’s never been so grateful that he has the bad habit of forgetting to set his phone to airplane mode until the very last second, that he’s able to answer the phone call from the hospital before the flight attendant can tell him to power off all of his electronics, that he’s able to scramble off of the plane in time.

The hospital where she’s been admitted isn’t far from the airport and Castle doesn’t think he’s ever ran so fast in his entire life, unable to stop until he’s stumbling into the emergency room lobby, gasping out her name to the nurse at the front desk.

“Kate Beckett,” he pants, his chest heaving almost painfully. “I’m Richard Castle, her emergency contact? They called me, is she-”

“Deep breath, Mr. Castle,” the nurse tells him with a placating hand rising from the mouse of her desktop computer, but he doesn’t have time for this. The doctor had said she was suffering from a severe case of hypothermia and he needs to know how the hell she had nearly frozen to death. “She’s stable,” the nurse informs him, reading facts from a clipboard on the desk that he’s all too tempted to steal. “Unconscious still, but-”

“I need to see her, please just – let me see her,” he practically begs, his heart beating too fast in his chest for him to stand it much longer.

The woman behind the desk must take pity on him, or just want to be rid of him, because she rises from her seat with a sigh, motions for him to follow her past her work station and down a narrow, white hallway.

“Doctor Davidson should be back to check on her within the hour,” the nurse explains, but Rick can barely hear her over the deafening beat of his heart climbing up his throat and thundering through his ears as they come to a stop in front of a door the woman opens for him.

His gaze follows the nod of her head towards an occupied hospital bed partially hidden by a half drawn curtain, but he’s still able to catch sight of her, Kate.

“Just don’t touch anything, Mr. Castle,” the nurse sighs, disappearing with the click of the door at his back.

Castle nods even though the woman is gone and starts towards the one in the hospital bed, bundled in blankets with an IV attached to the back of her hand, flushing fluids through the riverbeds of blue veins he can see too easily through the ghostly pale of her skin.

“Oh, Kate,” he breathes out, unable to stop until he’s towering over her hospital bed, as close as he can manage, close enough to graze his fingers to the papery thin skin of her cheeks, almost recoiling at the frigid feel of her flesh. Close enough to notice the tinge of blue to her lips in the dimmed room, the smudges of purple coloring the sunken in skin stretched around her sockets, the near black quality to her nail beds.

He has no idea what happened, how she ended up like this when the last time he’d seen her nearly two weeks ago, she had been fine. Broken hearted and furious with him, but physically stable. He has no idea what happened, but he should have been there, should have kept her warm.

“I’m so sorry, Kate,” he rasps, gingerly stroking her hair back from the harsh bones of her face, unable to stop touching her again now that he’s started, hopeful that some of his warmth will bleed into her.

But Kate’s eyes flutter when he traces his thumb to the frozen shell of her ear, the lift of her lids looking like a true struggle, her lashes like dead weights dragging them back down.

“Castle?” she murmurs, so soft and confused, and Rick nods, cradles her chilled cheek in his palm.

“Hey,” he gets out, watching her eyes slide up to meet his, feeling her head tilt just slightly into his touch. “Wanna tell me how you ended up an icicle?”

Her mouth quirks, but Kate merely sighs, her lips barely able to part, make enough room for the words’ escape. “You came back.”

And Castle tries not to choke on his remorse.

“I never left,” he admits, brushing his thumb to her brow when it creases in question. “I got the call from the ER before the plane took off, but Kate, I’m - I’m so sorry, so sorry I’d decided to leave in the first place. Regretted it from the second I left your place that night.”

“Shh, Castle, it’s okay,” she whispers, one of her hands emerging from within the cocoon of blankets. “Our stupidest fight yet.”

Castle chuckles, a broken, watery thing that has her snagging the hand at her cheek, fitting her fingers through the spaces between his.

“Yeah, it was, but you had every right to be upset when I sprung the whole book tour on you, expecting you to follow me to Europe-”

“Follow you anywhere,” she muses with an arch of her eyebrow and a playful twist of her lips, and a weak squeeze of her fragile fingers to the bones of his. “It was just a bad day, hard case, I wasn’t - the book tour thing just took me by surprise, too much.”

“I know and I’m-”

“But I would have said yes,” she rasps, trying to clear her throat, and Castle moves to reach for the pitcher of water on her bedside table but Kate squeezes his hand harder. “Rick.”

“I love you,” he breathes, drawing her hand up to his lips, sealing a kiss to the brittle bones of her knuckles while she hums in approval, strokes her thumb to the corner of his mouth. “And I’m just glad I got off the plane in time.”

“God, I’m so sorry they called you,” she mumbles, blinking against the exhaustion that’s clear in her eyes, but Castle scoffs.

“I’m not. Still honored to be your emergency contact, especially after – everything,” he murmurs. “If I wasn’t, I would have been having a panic attack in Paris trying to get back to you as soon as Ryan spilled the beans.”

A breath of laughter escapes her chapped lips and Kate tugs on his hand, flickers her eyes between him and the bed. “I think it goes without saying that our breakup is annulled.”

“I agree with this assessment.”

“Then get in the bed and warm me up, Castle.”

The laughter that bubbles out of him is a little easier this time, the pace of his heart not so painful, and once he’s settled in beside her, the frail frame of her body curled tight against his side, he holds her like he would have in the freezer she tells him about.

good girls and bad boys

masterlist requests

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked.
Calum pulled himself out of his stupor and smirked, “reasons too unpure for your innocent ears, sweetheart.”
you rolled your eyes, it was a habit of his, staring at his next target. you refocused your attention onto the board, overflowing with unsolved math problems. most of the time the numbers made sense to you, very rarely struggling. and it was just your luck that they had decided to not stream the classes this year, putting the numbskulls in your class. calum was one of these guys; running through girls faster than pieces of chewing gum, never caring about his grades, with his lips in a permanent smirk. sure, he was hot, but you weren’t about to get caught up in his games.

the bell rang and you packed up your stuff. as you made your way to the door, your teacher called to keep you back. “and you too, mr hood.”
slightly confused, you gave her a wary look, “what’s this about miss?”
“calum’s grades this semester have been horrendous for math, and if he fails this class he’ll have to attend summer school,” she announced.
calum’s eyes went wide, “summer school!? but summer holidays i need to spend with the band, working on new material!” his cool guy act circled and went down the drain. whoa, seemed like he was really passionate about his “band”.
“well if those are your plans, your only chance is for Y/N to tutor you,” she remarked.
realising that you had been dragged into this, your first reaction was horror. you were supposed to spent more time than necessary around someone like that? it was then followed by a sense of sympathy. because if anyone could help him, why not you? and plus, it would look great on your resume under school service.
“sure, i’ll bring it, if you can take it,” you smirked. oh how the tables turned.
realising what had just happened, calum quickly fixed up his sly demeanor, “i’ll take on any challenge you’ve got, angel.” 

a few afternoons later, you met up at the local library. You had arrived early, being eager to help Calum. He however staggered in a quarter of an hour late, feigning nonchalance. His hair was in a purposeful bed head, and his brown eyes were hidden behind rayban sunglasses.
“How soon can we get this over and done with? I’m missing band practice for this,” he annoyedly asked.
“As long as you want it to,“ you calmly retorted.
"Just email me the work or some shit, okay?” He grunted before storming out again. This was going to be harder than expected.

After sending him as much work as your attachment limit allowed, your phone started ringing. “Are you batshit crazy girl? How am I supposed to finish all that before the deadline?!” he exclaimed.
“I never gave you one,” you replied, “but now that you mention it, finish it for our next session.”
“Hell no, no can do, I’ve got a life.”
“Or we could just do it in the session, then you won’t have as much homework. Of course, this relies on you starting to behave and not doing anymore diva exits on me,” you said.
“I am not a diva!” he stated, “and if it means that I have more band practice time, then sure, let’s go geek.”
letting the geek comment slide, you arranged once again to meet at the library, and this time, he gave his word that he wouldn’t storm out once again in the style of a diva.

throughout the weeks, his disinterest in the sessions and the “geek” remarks lessened, as he began to grasp more concepts and tackle the exercises with far more ease. and it was wonderful seeing him slowly become more confident in regards to maths too….as well as seeing him every week. you didn’t know how, but you found yourself falling for those brown eyes, that were framed with eyelashes girls envied. for the jawline so sharp it could kill someone. for the lips that you would kill to kiss. it was hopeless though. an unrequited love on the guy all the girls wanted. and whilst you were pretty amazing yourself, he could have any girl. why would he choose you?

it was two weeks after the final maths examination for the year. this had been calum’s chance to make or break it. you, personally, had found the test rather lacking in difficulty, and were hoping for an A. you knew that calum had done better than he said, but he was still unsure of his possible performance. suddenly your phone rang, and you picked it up.
“you’re very welcome, i’m proud of you!” you chimed, relieved to hear that he did so well. “and trust me, the hours spent with you were some of my favourite,” you mumbled.
“Pardon, what was that?” he asked.
“Nothing at all, just thinking out loud,” you replied, not being able to afford him finding out about your crush on him.
“well i was thinking that after spending so much time helping me get more band practice in, you should swing by and check us out,” he suggested.
“sure, i’d love that!” you quickly answered, trying your hardest to feign nonchalance.
“alright, come by anytime this afternoon, see you then,” and he hung up. so you were finally going to see him in action. wait, was this a date? no, it couldn’t be. he just said “swing by”. so what would you wear? why was this all so confusing?

you ended up deciding on a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a striped tank top and black converse. after driving to his house, you tentatively knocked on the garage door. “hello? calum?” 
he emerged from the front door, and walked out to meet you, “hey y/n, quick change of plans.”
“um, alright, let’s hear it,” you said.
“well you see, there isn’t actually a band practice going on right now, and i really just wanted to spend time with you, but without maths and take you on a date,” he mumbled, scratching the back of his head. 
it certainly was strange to see the ever-confident calum so flustered and things didn’t add up, “so you mean to say, that you just want me to be another notch in your belt?! just like all the other girls?! i cannot believe you, or that i thought you were decent for my unrequited feelings!” you angrily yelled, before storming off.
you didn’t get very far, because he grabbed your wrist, “look, hear me out Y/N. please?”
turning around to face him, you demanded, “you’re on thin ice buddy. speak. now.”
“i know i’m a player. and i know i should treat girls far better. and i only realised this after spending time with you. because you were this girl whom i met so frequently. but didn’t sleep with or do anything with. because i knew that you were the only chance i had at getting out of summer school. and i guess because i didn’t jump the gun, i started to notice you properly. the way your Y/H/C falls. the sound of your laugh. the range of colours in your eyes. and someone in between those hours at the library, i guess i fell for you. and i mean it. you’re not just another notch on my belt, you’re someone i really wanna get to know. give me a shot Y/N, please? just one date? then if it’s all just in my head, you can go ahead and never talk to me again. but just once? please?” he begged, jutting out his bottom lip.
“lucky for you, hood, but the feelings are mutual.”
“so is that a yes?!” 
you smiled before saying, “yes,” and kissing him on the cheek.
“pick me up at 6, i’ll be waiting,” you smirked, before turning on your heel and strutting away. where the newfound confidence had come from, you had no idea, but you knew that you had scored yourself a date with calum hood.

PS: let me know if you want a part 2 xoxo

Hypothetical Scenarios Test

prompt: ((((inspiration www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=yg6lM-bwjbQ ))) phil is making a video about “Hypothetical Scenarios Test” with dan and after a while he says what would you do if i asked you to marry mE AND HE PROPOSES RIGHT THERE AND THATS ALSO THEIR COMING OUT VIDEO AND FLUFFY FLUFF FLUFF PLEASE

Words: 959

Genre: Fluff *__*

Warnings: mild swearing

A/N: I have never written something with so much dialogue! My goodness

Phil scrolled through the notes on his phone, finding the question before speaking. “If you could change sex for a week, would you do it?”

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18. - Booze, Blunts, Brawls, Blood & Boogeymen.



It was finally Friday and that meant no school, no work and no worries. The entire week felt like it had dragged out and had taken forever to come around.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by much the same as Monday, only difference was that Rah, Chance and even Keenon were the ones to stay with me during my lessons. Malakai’s will power to control himself around Mr C was wearing thin and so we decided it would be a good idea if he didnt come anymore and the boys take over instead.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do any kind of Percy and annabeth au or something please? I've just been rejected to homecoming

Chin up, bud! Their loss!! Hope this helps! xxx 

  • Percy was bummed out to say the least 
  • he lay on his bed, head hidden under his pillows, feeling sorry for himself 
  • he heard his door creak open and felt as a weight settled onto the bed beside him 
  • “You heard?” 
  • “Yeah, Jason called me.” 
  • “Fuck.” 
  • “Percy, people get turned down all the time, it’s not that bad.” 
  • he rose from his hiding place, propping himself up on his elbow so he could properly give his best friend the stink eye 
  • “Sorry, not helping.” 
  • he flopped onto his back and let out a huff 
  • Annabeth tapped his arm, causing him to shift over so she had room to lay next to him 
  • “You realize it’s her loss, right?” 
  • he didn’t turn to look at her or say anything
  • “Percy, you’re great. Don’t let some stuck up cheerleader make you think you’re not.” 
  • “I thought she liked me. I wouldn’t have asked her if I thought she didn’t like me. She was sending signals!” he shouted, throwing his arms up towards the ceiling 
  • “To be fair, you’re pretty dense when it comes to that stuff.” 
  • “What are you talking about?” 
  • “I mean, you think you’re getting signals from someone that isn’t interested, meanwhile you’ve got someone trying to throw signals at you left and right and nothing… Absolutely nothing.” 
  • Percy didn’t miss the way she seemed to grumble the last part 
  • “Wait. Are you saying that-” 
  • “Yes.” 
  • he shot up, and Annabeth followed, albeit more calmly 
  • “You like me?” 
  • she scowled at him in place of a verbal response 
  • “Why didn’t you say anything?” 
  • “Did you miss the part about the signals?” 
  • it was Percy’s turn to scowl in silence 
  • “I heard Luke asked you to the dance,” he admitted timidly 
  • “He did… and I turned him down.” 
  • her heart sped up when she saw the way his eyes lit up at her response 
  • “You did?” 
  • “Yeah,” she said, unable to look at Percy 
  • “Why? You had a crush on him, like, forever” 
  • “Well, because he’s not my best friend.”
  • a huge smile broke out on Percy’s face, with no sign of going away any time soon 
  • “Besides,” she continued, “he had no plans on wearing anything blue to the dance and that just won’t do.”  
Imagine Dean getting turned on by you speaking Latin during sex

Original Imagine:
Author: winchestersinthedrift
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2970
Warnings: none

‘Listen, Dean, all I’m saying is that it’s not one of the things you can just bullshit your way through, OK? A spell is phrased a particular way for a reason, and one word wrong is just as bad as –‘

‘The fuck you think I don’t know that??’ Dean snapped back angrily, taking his beer and stomping off, though in a hotel room this small all that really meant was leaving the bartop where your take-out was spread out and flopping down on the far bed. ‘Sam, I said I’d get it. I don’t need my damn hand held.’

Sam crossed his arms and glared across the room. 

‘Well get this, Dean, if we die next time because you forget how to pronounce aedific—‘

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