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Mother’s Day

Summary: Bucky’s daughter enlists his help to create the best Mother’s Day present ever.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, OFC Becca Barnes, reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1127


Bucky could feel someone staring at him as he slept. He slowly opened his eyes to find his daughter kneeling at the side of the bed. He groaned and looked at the clock.

“It’s only 6am,” Bucky mumbled sleepily. “Go back to bed.”

“Daddy, I have a mission!” Becca whispered urgently.

“A mission?” Bucky asked, sleep still taking over his senses.

Becca nodded her head vigorously. “It’s for Mommy’s Day! Can you help me?”

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Rebelcaptain fanfic: 5 times Cassian and Jyn shared a bed

But then again, you can be quick to envy someone else’s struggles when they appeared easier than yours. 

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    The first two weeks Jyn Erso simply didn’t sleep.

   It was that easy; she instead haunted Yavin base, wandering the endless corridors like the rebellion’s very own personal ghost. It was fitting. There were enough ghosts surrounding her, so she may as well invite them in, let them become a part of her. She would eventually pass out in odd places: inside a crate amongst several blasters, in the middle of the north staircase. Once, she was even found curled up inside the cargo hold of one of the transports. She might’ve ended up in Imperial territory if someone hadn’t found her.

   Cassian seemed to be the only one who was willing to dare approach her. She wasn’t aware of much, but she would hear the other soldiers make the call (“Captain? Uhhh … yeah, sorry, but we’ve found Erso again,”) and knew he was the one who would come for her. She was liable to lash out at anyone who dared try and wake her, but the man was nothing but patient and Jyn didn’t know whether she loved or hated him for it. He would wake her as gently as he could, before sliding his arms under her slight weight. She would protest weakly, but the truth of the matter was that her brain was tired, confused and dangerously spiralling, and she would let him take her to the sickbay.

   “You’re going to hurt yourself soon,” he would say gruffly as she dozed half-conscious in his arms.

   But the dark abyss of sleep threatened to swallow her whole every time she tried. Every time she closed her eyes, her ghosts were faithfully there to keep her company. Rogue One would hang over her head, the blaster shots, the explosions, the pain and the exhaustion of the battle. The tears she’d been unable to choke back as she watched her father’s message, her cries as she held his broken body in her arms – all of it would flood her in sleep until she was sure she was slowly being driven insane.

   Cassian kept bringing her to the sickbay, probably because the man just didn’t know what else to do. Somewhere in her mind she recognised this and felt the guilt churning, knew that he was worrying over her, wanted to make it better somehow, but didn’t have the first clue how. She used to be so good at sleeping. She was a thief, a liar, always on the run, always trying to keep her head down and hide; she had to be good at sleeping whenever she got the privilege. Where had that Jyn Erso gone?

   Maybe she really had died on that beach.

   She didn’t recognise any of the parts of herself that were left, after all. 

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Waking up early in the morning and trying to get out of bed until you get pulled down into a mostly asleep Hoseok’s arms as he mumbles incoherent noises of disapproval towards your attempt to leave him to sleep alone

Hotel Room (SR)


Request :: Reader and Reid have to share a hotel room during a case and they both don’t like each other but through the days of staying together they fall for each having to share a room and bed ;) (fluffy fluff maybe)

Warnings: None

your pov:

The case was frightening. We traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina. There were a few child abductions the children all ended up thrown on the side of the road all in critical condition. 

The leads were all dead ends and the day had just begun. “Y/L/N, Reid go to the hospital to see what they have determined.” Ugh Reid. He was always sassy to me. I don’t even know what I did to him to not like me. “JJ and Emily you go to the Hotel get everyone checked in and then we’ll all regroup. Rossi you’re with me.” Hotch Pronounced. I rolled my eyes seeing Reid already head out the door to the black SUV. “Come on Y/L/N we don’t have all day.” He rolled his eyes setting himself down into the drivers side. “Well sorry. You stormed off without me.” I told him slamming the door as I got in. “No need to slam the door.” He said starting up the car. I groaned and sat quietly, not even worth commenting back. 

“All the children were left in critical condition but they were left to make a full recovery. The were starved, and beaten but no signs of sexual assault.” The doctor explained quietly to Reid and I. Reid turned towards me, “So they tortured the children long enough to terrorize them but then lets them go. All the kids say they don’t remember seeing the unsubs face.” I nodded my head and furrowed by eyebrows in thoughts. “And why would they leave victims. Why not just kill them off so they can’t speak about what happened to them?” Reid shrugged his shoulders. “We should get back at the station.” He said rushing out of the Hospital without me. “Ugh Spencer wait up. You have longer legs!” I said trying to catch up to him. He just kept walking until we both made it back to the car. 

“Come on everyone needs rest.” Hotch demanded. “Everybody is already checked into the hotel. We had to double up rooms. Rossi is with me. JJ and Emily already have a room and Reid and Y/N.” Hotch said as we walked towards the cars. You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s already enough that I have to deal with him at work but having to share a room with him is too much. I sighed and rubbed my temples. 

When we got to the hotel everyone was tired and racking their brains trying to help spare the children of the horror. “I’ve got the keys.” Reid said holding them up carrying his luggage. I nodded my head and followed behind him, waiting as he opened the door. “Um I’m going to go take a shower. This case makes me feel icky. I need to wash it all off. I shouldn’t be too lon-” “Just take a shower it’s fine.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I washed off my makeup and ran the shower until it went warm. I removed all of my clothes feeling the relief of my bra being gone. I stepped into the shower letting the warm water cascade over me. I washed my body and hair quickly shutting off the water. I dried myself off and stepped out bringing my toothbrush and toothpaste out of my bag. After my teeth were minty fresh I pulled the oversized FBI t-shirt on with some socks. 

I opened the bathroom door and stepped out feeling the cold room flush my senses. “The bathroom is all yours.” I said into the room. I looked over to the bed seeing there was only one king sized bed. I groaned and saw Spencer already asleep on the bed. I looked towards the couch. I pouted just knowing the pain my back would be in. I walked to the closet pulling out the extra linen. I then pulled a pillow from the bed and set up the couch. 

I smiled and nodded my head feeling that the couch was now worthy of my presents. I turned out the light and made my way back to the couch when I noticed Spencer still had on his glasses and shoes. I quietly moved towards Spencer taking off his glasses and untying his shoes trying softly as I could. I pulled the blanket over him as best as I could. I yawned and walked back to the couch laying down snuggling myself under the blankets drifting to sleep. 

I felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me. My eyes snapped open seeing Spencer standing over me. “Yes?” I asked closing my eyes again. “It’s time to wake up.” He said going to the mirror to fix his hair. I groaned and sat up stretching feeling my spine pop all the way down. I winced and pulled my legs out from under the covers. “You okay?” He asked still looking in the mirror. I tilted my head confused as to why he asked if I were okay. “Oh um yeah this couch isn’t really comfy.” I commented standing up. “You didn’t have to sleep on the couch. You could’ve slept in the bed with me.” He told me turning around. He gave me a small smile. I was taken aback seeing him actually smile at me. “Uh yeah okay. I’m going to get ready Reid.” I said walking into the bathroom to do my business and put makeup on. 

After I applied the last bit of my makeup, I walked back out into our room to get clothes. “I’m almost ready.” I mentioned. He simply nodded his head and turned back to his book. I walked back into the bathroom to change. “Reid are you ready?” I questioned him. “Yeah. Let’s go.”

We stopped out in the lobby for some coffee and a bagel and then headed out the door to meet everyone at the station. “Thanks for taking care of me last night.” He said quietly. “What?” I questioned confused. “You took off my glasses and shoes and covered me.” He told me smiling. “Oh yeah well, you’re welcome. I guess I’m the mothering type.” I said looking out the window thinking about Spencer’s odd behavior. 

The day dragged on the same but this time we had the unsub in custody. All we had to find now are the kids. “We’re not going to find anything if we are all tired we need to get rest and have a clear mind. “No. I’m staying here and making that son-of-a-bitch tell me where they are. They are children.” I said getting angry. “Y/N you need rest. You’re barely keeping your eyes open.” Hotch said. “No I’m staying here. I need to find them. They are just kids.” I said frowning. “Y/N you need sleep. We all do.” Spencer said softly placing his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged off his hand and stormed outside. 

I got into the passenger side of the car and waited for everyone else to pile out of the station. Rossi, Hotch, and Spencer came out together huddled up talking. Then JJ and Emily. Hotch drove JJ and Emily back to the hotel while Rossi drive Spencer and I. “Y/N I know you want to help those kids but you need some sleep. You can’t do this on your own you need to let all of us help.” Rossi said starting up the car. 

The drive was silent. I stared out the window into the dark town noticing the small details of the shops and the happy people that walked those streets not even worrying about if their children are in danger or not. I closed my eyes and pressed my head against the cool glass thinking. “I wonder what happened to her.” I heard a whisper from Spencer. “Who knows. We all have our secrets.” Rossi answered. The flashbacks of the case I had flooded my mind. The children. I couldn’t save all of them. Hell I even almost got killed trying to save every child that was in the damned fire. I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Wake up Y/L/N we’re at the hotel.” I heard Rossi’s voice say. I slowly opened my eyes and nodded my head. I opened the car door and stepped down letting myself take in a big breath. 

I followed behind the rest of the gang taking my time. Spencer and I arrived to our room and walked in. “You can take a shower first. I think I’m going to take a bath, it might take a while.” I told Spencer. He nodded his head and grabbed his pajamas and shampoo closing the bathroom door. I took off my shoes and laid back onto the bed placing my arm over my eyes. I laid in silence feeling the guilt in my stomach. “Y/N, Y/N.” I heard Spence say louder. I shot up and placed my hand over my chest. “I’m sorry Spence, I was just thinking.” I said taking short breaths to calm down my startled brain. “It’s okay, the bathroom is all yours.” He told me nodding to the door. I thanked him and gathered my clothes and makeup wipes. “Y/N?” He said before I entered the bathroom. “Yes?” I questioned back. “If you ever need to talk I’m always here if you need it.” He said giving me a warm smile. His smile made my heart flutter. I looked down and nodded my head. “Thanks Reid.” 

When I stepped out of the bath I dried myself off loving the feelings of the warm water on my skin. I placed the same shirt on myself as the night before and added some shorts knowing I was going to sleep in the bed with Spencer tonight. I brushed my teeth and flossed. “I’m ready for bed.” I announced as I walked out into the main area. He placed his book down on the bedside table. “Do you feel better?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders and lifted the covers slipping underneath trying to warm myself from the cool room. We laid in silence for a few minutes before I spoke up. “Spencer why don’t you like me?” I asked quietly. “What?” He sounded confused. “It’s just before this case you always were short with me. What changed?” “I don’t know.” He replied, turning his back towards me. I frowned and did the same reaching up to shut off the lamp.  

My heart raced and my body grew warmer. I was back inside the burning building the unsub caught on fire leaving two, four year-olds, two five year olds and two six. My mind raced on how to get them out looking in every angle. Seeing that we were all blocked with fire. I screamed for help. “Please, please help. Get the children out leave me!” I yelled as I was pulled out before anyone else. “What the fuck are you doing there are kids in there! They need help!” I screamed and fought back trying to go back in. “Y/N you can’t go in there. Y/N. Y/N.”


I shot up in sweats. “I’m good I’m good. I’m fine.” I explained placing the palm of my hand on my forehead. “You don’t have to tell me what happened but I wish you would get help. What ever you are going through I’m sure it wasn’t your fault.” Spencer said as he placed his hand on my back. I laid back down and let out a huge breath. “I’ll be here if you need me.” He said softly turning on his side to face me. I just simply nodded and closed my eyes again trying to sleep. 

I guess Spencer though I was asleep. I felt his hands run through my hair brushing it out of my face. His touch gave me the chills. He felt so right. His touch felt soft and delicate like he was afraid of hurting me. I acted like I was stirring in my sleep to flip over onto my side so he could continue brushing through my hair. I felt his hand ghost over my hip softly landing on my waist pulling his arm around my front to pull me back into him. His body felt right pressed against mine. The feeling of his hands on me ignited a spark throughout my body. “I know you’re not asleep.” He said whispering in my ear making me shiver. “How did you know?” I said turning around to look at him. “Your breathing.” He simply commented. “Look Y/N I really like you. That’s why I was short with you. I thought I couldn’t have you so I tried to push you away. But in reality that only made me want you more.” He said rubbing his thumb over my cheek. I placed my hands on the back of his neck and pushed him down to my lips to kiss him softly. “That was stupid of you Spence.” I told him against his lips. He nodded his head and pulled me close into his chest, holding me tightly. “I promise you we’ll find the kids. I have a feeling.” He said rubbing my back. I rested my head in the crook of his neck and nodded. “Thank you Spence.” 

“That’s not going to happen because I see two of you right now.” + Mark

“Rise and shine, baby!” Mark shook your shoulders from behind you only to receive a rebellious groan. “Come on, let’s go do something today.”

To stall time, you persuaded him to let you stay in bed longer. “No, Mark. Let’s just sleep in the whole day.” You sounded groggy and extremely unattractive to your ears. You hated your own morning voice at the moment because you weren’t feeling like yourself. Your voice came out scratchy and sore. Not to mention, your eyes could barely open to see your surroundings. There was a pounding in your head that refused you from visually taking in your environment.

You felt Mark plant an affectionate smooch onto the nape of your neck, which caused you to scrunch up a bit. “Mark, stop that.” You delicately giggled at his action. “Go back to sleep.”

“Going back to sleep comes with consequences,” He faintly, yet suggestively muttered. “Are you willing to agree to them?”

“Mark, you’re crazy.” You tried to suppress you laughs as you turned over onto your back, giving him the opportunity to pin you down on the mattress.

He stated his options to you, “Wake up or stay in bed?”

“Mmmm…” You breathed. “Stay in bed, please?”

“Well, then…” He let his lips do the talking as he started off by pampering you with wet kisses down your neck. In oppose to that, his hands worked their way up under your thin negligee.

“No, Mark. We can’t.” You held onto his forearms, not fully stopping his hands from feeling you or pushing his welcoming lips away from your exposed neck.

“Why, baby?”

“That’s not going to happen because I see two of you right now,” You successfully cracked open your eyes to gaze at him. Your head was taking over your mind and you couldn’t really give him your full attention.

Perplexed with your response, his brows lightly drew in with a questioning look, but you cleared it away with the pad of your thumb. “I have a headache. I don’t think I can focus if you get down on me like that,” You chuckled gingerly.

“So you’re sick?”

You shook your head in denial, causing your hair to spread even more across the white pillow beneath your head. “No, not necessarily. I just have a little headache.”

“Even so, how do you manage to look so tempting?” He broke into a soft, loving grin. “God, you make me weak.”

You kissed the pads of your fingertips and dabbed them onto his lips, “I promise you can get your way the second I feel better.”

inbox me an ‘illness starter’ + a got7 member for a short drabble!


[I decided to start a little series - Imagines based on vine edits.]


Imagine waking up next to Sehun in bed, who’s eyes are already open because he’d been watching you sleep. You first notice his glowing skin and his silky dark hair. Did he seriously have to look this perfect at all times? 

You shut your eyes again playfully, pretending to be asleep. 

“You can’t take it back. I already know you’re awake,” he whispers in his low morning voice. 

“5 more minutes,” you whine, making a cute little pouty face.

He lets his fingers slip through your soft yet messy locks. “Okay, but only 5 more minutes, then it’s time for breakfast.” You nod and smile, closing your eyes, feeling nice and warm and comfortable next to him, soon dozing back off to sleep. 

“Baby girl.” He whispers softly to himself in fondness but you hear him. 


“Oh,” he chuckles. “Nothing. I just-,” then pauses.

“W-what is it, Sehun?” You question, big doe eyes staring back at him looking for answers.

Sehun’s face is a few shades pinker than before and he’s taking seemingly painful bites out of his thick lips.

“Nothing. I-I just… Let’s sleep in, today. Okay, baby girl?”

You sigh in relief, “Okay, I like that idea.” You pause and let yourself admit, “I like it when you call me baby girl.”

“Is that so? What about when I call you princess? Or kitten?”

“I love all those names… I love sleeping next to you. I love your kisses and cuddles and hugs,” you confess. 

He hums, loving the comfort of having you next to him. His heart is beating faster because he knows the feelings are getting too strong, and things, or rather words, could slip out at any moment. 

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Breakfast In Bed

So, I was browsing Tumblr, as you do, and I found this prompt from whatinthenameofjohnsmoustache 

Prompt: Lily gets the sniffles and James tries to make her breakfast in bed while looking after baby Harry.

Image Source: anxiouspineapples

           Lily sneezed again, her normally pale skin clammy with cold sweat as she shivered under the blankets. Her nightgown was rumpled and her auburn hair was raked up into an impossibly messy knot on top of her head, her breathing labored from her congestion. James’s eyes flickered to her every three seconds, concern taking over every feature of his face. “How are you feeling, love?” he asked worriedly. 

            “Bloody brilliant, like I could take on an entire gang of Death Eaters blindfolded,” she answered sarcastically. The raven-haired, bespectacled man next to her chuckled, folding her into his arms and snuggling her close, placing sweet kisses on her neck. A small smile fought its way onto Lily’s face despite her fatigue and illness as he did so, relishing the thought of having such an amazing, lovely, sexy, thoughtful husband. How could she have ever thought he was a toe-rag? Well…at the time, he had been, but now, now, he was the most perfect person on the planet and Lily loved him more than life itself. His lips continued their exploration of her soft, pale skin with fierce abandon. That is, until a cry came through the baby monitor that was placed on their nightstand. Lily moved to get out of bed to fetch and take care of Harry, but James looked at her incredulously. 

            “You aren’t getting out of bed, my beautiful flower,” he said sternly, casting a loving glance at his gorgeous wife. Even when sick, she was still most the glorious creature to walk the earth, in James’s opinion. His hazel eyes, sparkling with flecks of green and gold, were firm in his conviction.

            “James,” Lily began.

            “No, Lils. I’ll take care of Harry; you, my love, will stay here, okay? Okay.” He answered his own question, sliding a maroon robe over his broad, shoulders, leaving it untied as he quickly hurried to his son’s room. James adored being a father, truly. The only things he felt as lucky for were his love affair with Lily and his friendship with his fellow Marauders. He hastened into the room, decorated in soft gold and maroon – Gryffindors until the very end, he and Lily were – and made his way over to the crib that housed a beautiful baby boy with the shock of messy black hair as his father, crying loudly for his mum and dad. James easily scooped him up, holding him close to his chest and bouncing him slightly before kissing his forehead. “Good morning, Harry,” he whispered. 

            Harry’s eyes opened to reveal the same green as his mother’s, only making James love him more. Harry James Potter was indeed the perfect mix of Lily and him, perhaps just the most perfect baby ever. Harry stared at his dad for a moment before James began to tickle him carefully, emitting a few shrill giggles before Harry relaxed against him. “Mummy’s sick, Harry. We’re going to make her breakfast, okay?” He knew he wouldn’t get a response from the little boy, instead moving to change his diaper before toting him down the stairs to the spacious kitchen that Lily enjoyed so much. James and Lily took turns with the cooking or did it together because both were actually quite skilled in the culinary department. 

            He put Harry into his little swing that was in the kitchen, turning it on, along with the soft ocean sounds setting, to keep the little tyke entertained. It was storming outside with rain pounding relentlessly against the windows and Harry was swaddled in a blue blanket, in his Gryffindor lion pajamas, watching his dad curiously. “We’re going to make Mummy some pancakes and bacon, aren’t we, Harry?” he said, smiling at his son over his shoulder. Harry seemed to gurgle in agreement as James quickly pulled all the fixings for pancakes out of the cabinets and began to mix the batter together, heating the pan with a bit of butter in the bottom, his gaze moving to Harry often, just to check that he was still okay. He started the bacon in a separate pan and chopped up some strawberries and a green apple on the side while the other items cooked. Harry watched the bacon sizzle with a questioning look before seeing James flip the pancake.

            Then Harry’s accidental magic kicked in. “Oh! Shit!” James muttered, Harry levitating the pancake around the room. 

            “Harry! Harry, please stop!” he pleaded. The green-eyed baby boy just giggled mirthfully, as he watched the flapjack zoom around the room. James quickly drew his wand, halting the pancake in mid air and bringing it back down to the pan with relative ease, irritated with himself that he had totally forgotten his wand that was in his possession at all times. Soon enough, breakfast was done cooking and James plated it with ease, making his own as well before levitating both plates, along with two lap trays, up the stairs, with Harry held gently but steadily in his arms as he ascended the steps. Lily looked utterly exhausted, but pleased and relieved nonetheless to see her son and husband entering her bedroom. Then her eyes landed on the food that was floating beside James, raising a brow at him. 

            “You made me breakfast?” she questioned, astonished and grateful. 

            “Of course, love. I thought breakfast in bed was just what the doctor ordered. Harry helped of course,” he added with a mischievous grin, noting how adorable his wife looked while curled up in a ball under the gray bed covers. He set the food on the bedside table, setting up the tray tables and placing their plates on them, putting Harry on the pillow between them while they ate. 

            “When you say Harry helped,” Lily began. James smiled. 

            “I mean that he levitated your pancakes and sent them flying around the room,” he replied with a mirthful smirk. She laughed brightly, the circles under her eyes pronounced and her voice slightly more gravely than usual from her cold. The couple ate happily, laughing at jokes and sharing a few kisses because James refused not to touch his wife, even if she was sick.

            “You’re going to end up ill, James,” she sighed.

            “Don’t care… worth it,” he responded, leaning in and pressing his mouth, sweet and firm, against hers, tasting the strawberries she’d been working on. They finished eating soon enough and James sent all the dishes and trays downstairs with a flick of his wand as Lily wiggled her nightgown off so that Harry could breastfeed. He latched on happily and James was pleased to see that a bit of color had returned to Lily’s complexion as he did. She noticed James watching and blushed heavily, about to pull the covers over her exposed chest, but James didn’t let her, instead pressing another kiss to her lips. “You always get so flustered when I watch you, but its only because you are the most exquisite creature ever to exist.” She looked down, her cheeks tinged with pink, green eyes meeting his again.

            “Yeah, but I mean I look awful because I’m ill and I’ve only just had Harry and I really need to –“ 

            “Do nothing because you’re gorgeous,” James interrupted with finality, hating how self-conscious his wife was about her body. She’d just had a baby for Merlin’s sake! And still he loved every inch of her skin, perhaps even more than he had before; her legs were fuller, hips wider, chest more plush. She was entirely too stunning. He pulled her into his arms lovingly, careful not to interrupt Harry’s nursing, and enjoyed the simple pleasure of having his family with him.

            “I love you, James. Thank you so much for breakfast,” Lily told him, sniffling slightly, irritating her, but making James chuckle heartily, the sound deep and velvety. 

            “I love you too, Lily. Thank you so much for being mine.”

breakfast in bed

namjoon fluffie fluff :) requested by my friend. an average morning with your wonderful boyfriend, kim namhusbandmaterial ;)

Sounds echoed in your ears, not yet registering in your brain as reality. You turned over, your hand reaching out and grabbing a soft handful of blanket.

You opened your eyes slowly. The tangled white bedsheets before you were empty. A coffee cup sat on the bedside table. Long fingers wrapped around it the night before, bringing the smooth white cup up to his lips over and over as you watched with a smile, until he looked up from his phone and laughed with embarrassment, deep dimples appearing in his cheeks.

Now the cup was cold and empty, and Namjoon wasn’t in the bed next to you.

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