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Hi (again)! What is with you and dragging people onto your popsicle-stick sailboats? Because suddenly I'm finding myself cut into pieces and boating in several of them. Also, you are a horrible enabler, and I'm knee-deep in Fugaku/Hiashi/Hizashi angst hell. Thanks a lot. God, I love you and your works. Feel free to throw me a rope, though. I could use a lift out.

xD I can’t help with the Hiashi/Fugaku/Hizashi, because twincest is absolutely not my thing, but…

Fugaku’s head hasn’t hurt this badly since Minato’s bachelor party.

(It’s possible that thought should be warning enough, given how Fugaku woke up the morning after that disaster, but hangovers aren’t exactly conducive to logical thought.)

He remembers—if vaguely—heading for the bar after Mikoto finished her explanation of why second chances and resurrected lost loves meant that she was ending their amicable, if less than blissful, marriage. Not that Fugaku is overly upset—marrying your best friend from childhood is lovely in theory, but results in rather too much sexual frustration when one feels a greater attraction to other men than one’s wife—but the mere thought of the Clan Elders’ collective reaction is more than enough to drive even the hardiest man to drink.

Fugaku would be the first to admit that while he is a hardy man, he’s not that hardy, and his wife leaving him for another woman is aggravating, if only conceptually.

(Of course, as Mikoto pointed out with all the mercilessness one would expect from a former ANBU captain, if Minato had reappeared, unattached and open to a relationship, it would have been Fugaku doing the dumping the instant he got Mikoto alone.)

Still. Being abandoned doesn’t sit easily, even if intellectually Fugaku is quite aware that Mikoto isn’t actually going anywhere. He’d beaten a swift retreat to the nearest jounin bar and settled in to drink his way through a good portion of their stock. And then…

And then what?

He pries his eyes open with an effort, squinting against the slanting light of an unfamiliar room. His sense of direction says those windows are west-facing, which means it’s headed towards afternoon. Gods, but how much did he manage to drink last night? And…this is most certainly not his bedroom, so—

The dark head resting on his arm groans, shifting slightly, and Fugaku winces at the pins-and-needles sensation of blood rushing back into his limb. Then, belatedly, he realizes what a companion in bed means, and that hair is slightly browner than Mikoto’s ink-black, if almost as long. It’s not Mikoto, because the body is larger, a man’s muscular build rather than his former wife’s sleeker one, and he can feel a hint of stubble against his skin.

Fugaku takes a careful breath, steeling himself, and reaches out to carefully brush some of that dark hair back. At the same moment, his unexpected partner rolls over, and pale, nearly-white eyes flutter open.

Hyuuga Hiashi, Fugaku thinks, and it’s possible there’s a note of hysteria to it. Oh gods.

Hiashi stares at him for a long moment, clearly just as startled as Fugaku, and then shifts enough to get an elbow beneath himself and push up a little.

“…Uchiha,” he allows after a second. “It appears we had rather too much to drink last night.”

“Not enough,” Fugaku mutters, pressing the heels of his palms into his eyes until starbursts bloom behind his eyelids. Hells, but Mikoto is never going to let this go. Not because they’re technically still married—she made it clear that would only last until the correct papers could be signed—but because she’s the only living soul to know about the massive, belligerent crush he’d had on the Hyuuga heir as a genin.

Of course, Fugaku is an Uchiha, and therefore anyone outside the clan would probably find his actions more closely resembling infinite loathing than a crush, which Fugaku was absolutely fine with both then and now.

Things are coming back in bits and pieces now. The bar, Hiashi drinking with his old team in the corner, and then drinks together when the night wore on, and then—

Well. Given that he and Hiashi are both naked, Fugaku can guess.

“Oh, hells,” Hiashi says suddenly, and flops back down onto his back on the pillows, draping an arm over his eyes. “Tsume saw us leave together. Tsume knows.”

For a moment Fugaku can’t think how that’s relevant. Then, as a thought occurs to him, he chokes, twitching away from Hiashi. “You—you and Inuzuka?”

Hiashi’s pale eyes go wide, and he blanches. “What? No! Of course not, we’re just friends! And beyond that, I think Shibi would gut me.”

Fugaku makes a face, both at calling the Inuzuka woman a friend and the idea of her and Aburame. There are lots of things Fugaku has never needed or wanted to know about his Academy classmates, and who they go to bed with is a very large percentage.

Hiashi must see, because he snorts softly. “Loosen up, Uchiha. Just because they don’t confirm to your standards as Clan Heads doesn’t make it wrong.”

“You do realize the irony of you telling me to loosen up,” Fugaku retorts, but despite himself his eyes are drawn to Hiashi’s bared chest. Before the mission to retrieve Killer Bee, Fugaku hadn’t seen him in anything but his voluminous robes in years. He’s leaner than they make him look, broad across the shoulders and still sporting the musculature of an active shinobi.

There’s a dark bite already purpling on the line of his long neck, and Fugaku can’t quite tear his eyes away from it.

Not seeming to notice his straying attention, Hiashi makes a sound of quiet amusement and stretches, and Fugaku’s mouth goes truly dry at the sight. “I realize it, yes, but I’ve recently come to the understanding that the world will not crumble if I allow myself to live.”

They certainly lived last night, if Fugaku’s patchy memories are to be believed. He has a flash of Hiashi on his stomach with Fugaku on top of him, reaching back desperately to grasp at Fugaku’s hip as he tried to form more than fractured words, and—

Fugaku swallows hard, and manages to keep his voice steady enough to ask, “Inuzuka wisdom?”

Hiashi drops his arm, and the smile he’s wearing is faintly bittersweet, but there’s a pained sort of peace in his eyes as he meets Fugaku’s gaze. “Hizashi’s,” he corrects, and it’s somewhere between sad and fond. “Though I think we both forgot somewhere along the way.”

Fugaku knows very well what that’s like, and he sighs before he can help it, reaching up to rub his forehead. He and Mikoto used to talk about love, even though they knew they’d never feel anything beyond platonic love for each other, and Fugaku can remember telling her to take the chance if she ever found it again. The Uchiha don’t love easily, but when they do, it’s a powerful thing, and well worth upsetting the Elders over.

With that in mind, Fugaku doesn’t try to hide the way his eyes sweep down over Hiashi’s body, right to the edge of the slipping sheet. When he glances back up, the old sadness has faded, and Hiashi is watching him with a heated sort of amusement. “Really, Uchiha?” he asks, though he makes no move to resist when Fugaku leans over him. “I didn’t think one-night stands were supposed to indulge in morning sex.”

“What happened to loosening up?” Fugaku complains, even as he slides his fingers into Hiashi’s long hair and angles his head for a deep, lazy kiss.

As they break apart, Hiashi laughs, and it’s breathless enough to make Fugaku’s want just that much deeper. “I can’t have you think I’m easy, Uchiha,” he retorts.

Fugaku snorts, sliding fully on top of the other man. One of Hiashi’s arms loops around his lower back, and a leg drapes lazily over his, sliding them together in very interesting ways. “Then you shouldn’t have let me pick you up in a bar in the first place, Hyuuga.”

One elegant brow arches, only for the expression to be lost the moment Fugaku’s hands find their way under the sheet. Hiashi’s head falls back, breath catching in his throat, but an instant later the leg hooked over Fugaku’s tightens, and in a blur Hiashi flips them over, coming out of the roll sitting astride Fugaku’s hips. He’s smirking, and Fugaku is recalling exactly how it feels to want to punch someone and kiss them at the same time.

“I think you’re forgetting exactly who did the picking up last night, Uchiha,” he says archly. “Really, the way you were throwing yourself at me, you’re lucky I didn’t—”

Fugaku flips them again, and feels no remorse for shoving Hiashi’s face into the pillow.

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Companions react to:

Control. (Kim Taehyung.)

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Requested – No.

Prompt – Taehyung is a fuckboy and you are a fuckgirl. The two of you both want dominance but only one can remain in control.  

Warning – Smut, fuckboy Taehyung, oppa kink, slight angst. Listen, I’m not that great at smut but here I am. By the way, this is unprotected but just wanted to tell you all that safe sex is the best sex. 

Words – 2,036. 


“Fuck, that was amazing.” Jungkook sighed as he plopped down next to you. Although Jungkook was one of the most attractive boys in this college campus, sex with him was anything but amazing. You would say he was an average companion in bed considering the fact he was able to make you come at least once but sex was so bland and you wanted something wild.

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Headcanon time: Whenever Danse starts looking sad or says something self-deprecating, Sole or Deacon immediately sidles up to him and stares at him intensely. Then, very quietly: “We can Danse if you want to…”


“We can leave the Brotherhood behiiiind…”

“I swear to god-”


“I hate you all.”

Bonus: Hancock has a fucking field day when he finds out Safety Dance belongs to a genre called synthpop, of all fucking things.

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What do you think the romanced companions would do for M!Sole's first date with them? Loving your stuff by the way!

Thank you so so much! Also sorry it’s so late! 

Danse: Does a nice picnic by the beach, lighted by lantern and the soft moonlight. Stars illuminating in both of the men’s eyes. Danse packs a lunch catered to both of them; brahmin sandwiches, mirelurk cakes, veggie sticks, and purified water. Sole surprises Danse with a box or two of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and Danse surprises Sole with some Dandy Boy Apples. The gentle crash of the waves is what they hear while they eat. Both he and Danse end the night with them cuddling, Sole sitting in Danse’s lap and Danse wrapping his arms around Sole’s chest, feeling each breath he was breathing. They love watching the moon and they place soft kisses on top of each other before they drift off to sleep.

Deacon: Cleans up an old abandoned diner. Gets Tinker Tom to reprogram some Mr. Handy’s so they can serve both him and Sole. Sole appears in his nice suit, surprised by the fact that not only Deacon dressed up for the occasion, but Deacon isn’t wearing his signature shades, showing off his deep blue eyes. They both sat down in the booth, starting off from across each other, but by the end of the meal, Sole ends up in the same side as Deacon. He lays his head on Deacon, letting the howls of Roy Brown lull him into a comfortable state. Deacon smiles and kisses the top of Sole’s head, reminding him that he was still there.

Preston: Surprises Sole by setting up a simple candlelit dinner. He learns how to make Pizza with a little help from Codsworth. He sets the table following the instructions from an old pre war book where the couple has a romantic dinner; set with a red and white table checkered cloth, the middle has a wine bottle that was repurposed as a candle holder, and the pizza is laid out for both of the men to enjoy. Each of them feeding each other, letting the cheese get tangled between their slices. as Codsworth plays music out of an old holotape Preston found.
When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.

X6-88: He decorates the local bar they have at Sanctuary, with flowers that Sole said he really likes. X6 tries to have everything perfect for him. (He’s a ex-courser, he needs it to be perfect.) He studies everything that Sole likes and he tries to get more information about those things that he likes; what he loves to eat, his favorite drink, his favorite snack. X6 just wants Sole to be happy. Of course, following Murphy’s law, everything doesn’t go as smooth and X6 is a little disappointed. Sole is still fine with everything and even gives X6 and kiss at the end of the night.

Hancock: He sets up a huge dinner date around Good Neighbor. Hancock is pulling up all the stops for the man he loves. First off they start in Hotel Rexford, where they have a nice dinner set up in the little restaurant area. Brahmin steaks and potatoes. Then they head to the Third Rail, where they drink until they start feeling the buzz, both of them holding each other’s hands and laying kisses on each other. Then it’s off to the Memory Den, where they both experience a good memory that they had with each other. The last spot is Hancock’s house, where they end the night with a bang.

Maccready: Sets up a little “Impromptu” shooting lesson. He wants to teach Sole how to effectively snipe from long range. He also has a little basket full of snacks and some quick foods to eat during a break. He teaches Sole about long range shooting. He even helps Sole straighten his posture by wrapping his arms around Sole while he shoots. “Just keep your eyes focused, you can do this.” MacCready whispers into his ear. They take a break when the wind starts to pick up and shooting long range gets a little difficult. Sole sets up the blanket and MacCready lays out the sandwiches, candy, snacks and the waters/beers. Sole ends up jumping on top of MacCready and the rest of the lesson is spent with them kissing each other and rolling around. 

Nick: Plans out a scavenger hunt for Sole. He sets up notes at the Power Noodle, on Takahashi, in Dugout Inn, Vadim is to give out the note, and in the Colonial Taphouse. A man dressed like Nick will give out the note to Sole. He starts it off by leaving a note for him in the Agency, the note says for Sole to dress up in this suit and meet Nick at Power Noodles. He follows him around. Nick wants to see Sole’s reaction to everything. When Sole enters the Taphouse, Nick heads back to the Agency, where Ellie has the rooftop set up for their little picnic. Nick sees Sole walking back with some Noodles and some wine. Nick laughs, and he turns on the radio to the Diamond City. He lights a cigarette and stares off into the setting sun, as he hears the hatch open.  “Nicely done, detective. You found me.” Nick says, and Sole runs into Nick’s arms. They have a lovely dinner and Sole falls asleep in Nick’s arms, his face in Nick’s chest. Nick kisses the top of his head.

Gage: Plans out a romantic day, like a pre war couple would. They would eat breakfast. Gage packs a simple lunch: Deathclaw steak sandwiches and some Nuka Cola. They head off to Nuka World. First to Galatic Zone, where they ride the Nuka Galaxy, and they explore the Among the Stars exhibit, each getting lost by the millions of stars and with each other. Then off to the Kiddie Kingdom, where they ride the ferris wheel. Sole held onto Gage. He was alway Ferris Wheels “Don’t worry, I got you darling. I won’t let go.” Gage whispers into his ears. Then it’s off to Safari Adventure, where they have lunch at Cappy’s Treehouse, admiring the view. Then it’s off to the Nukacade, where Gage wins Sole a little sloth plushie, it all ends with a dinner at the Fizztop Grille, where Sole and Gage have a nice dinner and they cuddle in bed.

One More Tomorrow, Chapter 7

photoset @slashyrogue

Finally a new chapter is out! This part is ~~extra long because I haven’t updated in such a long time it was only fair! Enjoy and if you want to talk to me about it please go ahead! I love this little AU to bits.

The first snippet and the illustration for the AU’s right here:

Chapter 2 is here:

Chapter 3 is here:

Chapter 4 is here:

Chapter 5 here:

Chapter 6 is here:


The warmth of Will’s body glided along the surface of his skin and despite himself, despite the muffled terror he felt in the pit of his stomach at the thought of falling asleep again, his temples relaxed and his breathing started following the rhythmic movements of Will’s chest. Within minutes, conscious thoughts dissipated into the darkness of oblivion and he slept, trapped into a suffocating molasses that stank of iodine and tear gas.

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Anyway David Tennant was honestly one of the most profound and moving Doctors…like one can top him…no other doctor who characters will ever be as complex and amazing and the ones during his era, none of the story lines will ever be as memorable or iconic as Russel T Davies’ story lines.

Lights Out

Well, as some of you know I was trying to write for the MovieAu day for KakaSaku week. The fic started to become a multi-chapter monster since i am an insecure mess and i figured no one would want to read my shitshow I didn’t post it. Anyway, I made it into a short fic based on like the first 20 minutes of the movie. 

Word Count: 1638

In case you don’t know the movie, here is a link to the trailer:

@bluefurcape and @lunamiru Enjoy my very late KakaSaku Week: Movie AU (Lights Out)


When you are little, one of your first fears is darkness. Shadowy figures dancing in moonlight, while you try to will your body to sleep. Just close your eyes and they will go away. 

When the fear stays, your crawl your tiny body into bed next to your mother and she fights off the darkness, she makes the fear go away. They tell you that you have an overactive imagination and when you grow older, the dark won’t be so scary. You get older, you grow up, but the fear stays and it follows you into each night.

“And they all lived happily ever after.” Tsunade pushes the book closed and leans in to give her daughter a kiss on the forehead. Sakura smiles brightly, pulling the covers against her chest. Her tiny nose and pink eyebrows scrunch up suddenly.

“Have you heard from Daddy?” Her tiny voice cracks slightly as she watches her mother rise from the edge of the bed. Tsuande turns to her daughter with a sad smile and slightly wet eyes.

“No, but I am sure he will call soon.” Tsunade places her hand on the light switch to hit off. “Goodnight Sakura.  I love you.”

Sakura’s eyes adjust quickly to the darkness as her heart begins to race. “Mom, can you put the light back on?”

Her mother sighs. “You just turned 8, don’t you think you are a little too old to sleep with the light on?”

Sakura opens her mouth to reply but her mother was already closing the door. She closes her eyes tightly and counts the seconds until she hears her mother’s door start to close.

The room is silent. Not a sliver of light is seen from the hallway.

Cars pass by and the swoosh becomes a lullaby.

Her mother’s door closes shut.

Sakura holds her breath and turns to her closet in anticipation. If she got up to turn her light off, it would take 1.58 seconds. But she would have to pass by her closet. She closes her eyes again and tries to shake off the feeling of eyes staring at her from the slightly ajar walk-in.

The closet door begins to creak.

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So as requested by @iseektheholygrail​ here’s Kasra Adaar as a companion AU

Now as I already stated he is already a companion in my canon but some things are going to be different so this still counts as an AU I guess. I copied a Inquisitor as a companion meme cos I wasn’t sure where to start. I left out the companion card questions because I honestly have no idea, though I’d love to commission that sort of thing for both him and Cadence some day. 

I kind of want to write companion banter too but that can come later. 

Name: Kasra Adaar
Age: 34 at the time of the conclave 
Race / Class / Specialization: Qunari, Mage, Knight Enchanter
Gender/sexuality: cis male, pansexual
Varric’s Nickname for them: I’ve got nothing honestly he probably just calls him Adaar 
Short bio: Born 8 Firstfall 9:07 Dragon near Kirkwall in the Free Marches to Tal Vashoth parents who’d escaped the Qun several years prior, his mother a Saarebas, and his father a soldier. His parents worked as mercenaries and raised him as such, his father training. him how to be a warrior until his magic abilities surfaced. He never really let go of what his father taught him and such is why he eventually pursued the Knight Enchanter specialization.

The jobs they took caused them to travel so he grew up all over in various places in Nevarra, the Free Marches, Orlais and Ferelden. When he was 16 he started taking jobs here and there himself and at 18 he signed on officially with the same company his parents were a part of. 5 years later his parents decided to retire from mercenary life, finally settling near Highever in Ferelden simply because that’s where they’d been at the time of the decision. Kasra remained with the company until he was 25 before he and a couple others broke off to start the Valo-Kas which he quickly became the leader of. He proved himself a strong competent leader and his skill in magic put him a cut well above the average mercenary. 

He had a good thing going with the Valo-Kas if not for the conclave making him realize how bad things actually were and him wanting to get directly involved in putting the world back together, he would’ve remained just as he was. 

Recruitment mission: Not really a mission so much as a meet and greet. Kasra was at the conclave as I just stated. He meets with Herald personally at Haven and asks to join up, offering both himself, his company and his mercenary contacts to the inquisition should they want them. 

Where they would be in Haven: Near the main doors to the Chantry 
Where they would be in Skyhold: In the library

Personal quests

Quest 1: Cutscene takes place in the library shortly after reaching Skyhold. Kasra mentions how he was talking to Bull about the Qun, and how his parents never really told him much. He ends up asking the inquisitor if they could procure some books on the subject as a personal favor. Refusal results in disapproval. Acceptance results in approval and a war table quest titled Knowledge of the Qun with another cutscene to follow upon completion 

Quest 2: Available after the Crestwood portion of Here Lies The Abyss is completed. The inquisitor finds Kasra on the battlements and he confides in them that he hasn’t been able to get in contact with his parents since arriving at Skyhold. He’s worried and wants the inquisitor to join him in investigating. If refused Kasra permanently leaves the inquisition, as he values his family above all else. 

If accepted the inquisitor travels with him to Highever where it’s revealed that a massive fade rift opened on his parent’s land which caused them to abandon it. After closing the rift Kasra and the inquisitor then ask around town for the whereabouts of his parents who are found safe taking shelter at castle Cousland with some others who were run off their land for the same reason. 

A cutscene follows back Skyhold where Kasra thanks the inquisitor for the assistance, telling them that it’s a debt he could never repay. 

How to get their approval: Support mages, help people, flirt with him, pretty much just don’t be an asshole

How to get their disapproval: support templars, be an asshole 

Are they romanceable? Yes, by any race/gender
Can you have sex with them? Yes
Are they open to polyamory? Yes
(I can get more into what his romance would be in a separate post like if you’d like me to, just covering the basics here)

If they can be romanced and are not, will they begin a relationship / relationships with other character(s)? If so, who? Iron Bull 

Who are they friendly with? Bull, Cole and Dorian are who he’s closest to

Who do they dislike? He doesn’t actively dislike anyone

Side Missions: No fetch quests from him. Lord knows there were already enough

Opinions on mages / templars / how the world is going to shit? As I said he supports mages being one himself. He’s not sure where he stands on everything else. 

Something guaranteed to make them leave the party: If the inquisitor was truly malicious and power-hungry, and just really in it for themselves. If his approval was low enough he would leave, say the inquisitor recruited the templars or conscripted the mages, then sent away the grey wardens and on top of that was constantly turning away those in need and was blatantly rude to him and inconsiderate to his feelings. He would not serve blindly under someone, if he didn’t agree with a good majority of their choices and their morals he would walk. Also as stated above refusal to complete his second personal quest will cause him to leave and not return. 

Well that’s it I think? If there’s anything I missed or you think I should add let me know and I will do it later right now I just want to go to bed. 

companions react to finding an artistic sole's sketch book-- full of sketches of them! (bonus points if there's lovey dovey poems to go with the sketches)

Awww :3 so I’m going to do this as if Sole has a hidden crush on the companion that they had no clue about until this point, no romance for dogmeat, strong and codsworth so didn’t add them)

Cait: She finds the sketchbook while noising through soles things in their room, she’s in awe when she finds intricate sketches of herself, all of them with much more grace than she’d see in herself, she traces over one with her finger, cheeks rosy with both flattery and embarrassment, especially when she finds the small poems dedicated to her. She didn’t know felt so strongly about her, she decided to confront them about it telling them the poems were cheesy but beautiful and the drawings simply amazing. 

Curie: She finds the book accidentally while searching for something to read, she scans the pages of the book studying the artwork while comparing herself to them in the mirror, she feels honored that sole would use her as their muse, she stops her studying when she notices some small poems underneath the work, she reads in it a small whisper, sighing dreamily and hugging the book to her heart. She leaves a poem of her own in the book, with a small portrait of sole, hoping they realize how much she cares about them to. 

Deacon: He finds the book while searching for his lost shades, at first he doesn’t realize the artwork is him, he marvels over it impressed with the details, his heart skips a beat when he notices the familiar male is himself, he’s whole wholeheartedly touched that sole can distinguish his features under all his disguises, it makes him feel exposed but more trusting towards sole. A  small smile spreads on his face when he notices the small poems dedicated to him, he immediately rushes of book in hand to find sole, excited and nervous for this first time in years.  

Danse: He found the book when grabbing the technical documents sole had collected,  seeing the precise art of himself made him blush furiously, he was torn between guilt on intruding on sole’s work and curiosity, nobody had ever shown this amount of affection for him before, his eyes were wide as he scanned the book, delicately turning the pages, his face turned pure red when he noticed a small poem fall from the book. it was dedicated to him.He held is shyly, hands shaking slightly, he hid the poem in his pocket, hoping it would persuade him to pluck up the courage to talk to sole about his feelings. 

Hancock: He plucked the book from sole’s hand when he saw them intensely gazing at it then back towards him. He broke into a large Cheshire grin at the sight of the portraits, he commented on how sole had captured him mayoral glory in each image, as well as his sexy charm. He was beyond impressed with the work, telling sole he’d pose naked for them if they wanted. He pretended not to notice the small poems for sole’s sake, he didn’t want to embarrass them further, his heart did flutter at the sight though, he managed to push it down. 

Nick: He finds the book when grabbing a case file from Sole’s bag, if he could blush his face would be beet red, small noises of surprise and wonder escaped his lips as he scanned the pages, he mouthed the word “wow” over and over, a large smile spreading on his face as he enjoyed his friends artwork. He put his hand over his heart eyes darting over the small poem he’d discovered, it made him feel special, and warmed to the core. He carefully slipped the book back in the bag, sole would talk to him about this when they where ready. 

Maccready: He finds sole’s sketchbook when it accidentally falls from their bag, when he discovers the artwork sole had done of him he’s a little freaked out at first, it takes him a moment to truly appreciate the artwork, he marvels over it, feeling pretty important in sole’s eyes, he’s grinning widely as he continues looking at the book. When the poem catches his eye his heartbeat begins to speed up, nobody had ever shown him this much love since Lucy, he quickly closes the book shoving his feelings down, trying to clear his head. 

Preston: When he notices the artwork of himself in sole’s book he’s in complete shock, he’s in love with the beauty and detail of the art but he’s very embarrassed sole has been paying so much attention to him, he’s not upset, just didn’t expect it. He spends almost an hour scanning over the work, finding even the crumpled up art in the back just as beautiful, his emotions are racing even higher at the discovery of a crumpled up poem in the back of the book, he hides it in his coat pocket, keeping him feeling warm and protected. 

Piper: She noticed sole with the book very often, she sneakily picked it up when sole left the room, studying the beautiful portraits of herself she couldn’t help but let out a small scream, almost fangirling over sole’s artwork, she was repeatedly squealing about how beautiful and unique it made her feel, eyes wide and cheeks tinged with pink. Her excitement turned into a heartwarming feeling when she noticed the poems dedicated to her, she couldn’t believe it, frozen on the spot with a loving smile on her face she waited for sole to return, eager to discuss her findings. 

X6-88: He is highly impressed with sole’s skills when he sees the drawings of himself, he does wonder of their purpose though, analyzing him? hobby? comparing synth anatomy to human. He jots down how impressed he is in the sketchbook and offers to model for them knowingly if they wish. When he notices the poems he begins to understand sole’s motives, a small smile graces his face for a mere few seconds, he pushes his own feelings back down, putting the book pack on sole’s bed. 

It was one of those things that just came up, one of the things they talked about as they chattered away during the night together when the insomnia kept them up and the darkness was suffocating and the future was uncertain. 

Mina knew as soon as it was suggested that it was a bad idea. She was carrying another man’s child, a man that she was divorced bitterly from. A man that had a past with her bed companion, and that bed companion had a past with her father figure. 

And here she was, four months pregnant from a marriage of convenience and the idea came up…for another one. 

“Killian,” she whispered and stroked her swelling belly, “That…idea is insane. We can’t- we can’t get married. I just got out of a miserable marriage. We didn’t compliment each other at all.”