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If your animal hurts you, take a step back and ask yourself why

This morning I am typing this with my ring finger, as my middle and thumb are pressing gauze to my index. Please excuse the typos.

I have been blessed with either docile animals and animals that love me dearly. I know I have. And when people at work ask me about hamsters in particular, I tell them I’ve been extremely lucky to never have been bitten.

This morning Bernie decided to tell me that he thinks his cage is more of an apartment and he would like a spacious house more. I knew that day would come - he is a Syrian after all, and very few cages really exist for them - but I was hoping it would take more than two days. I bought the biggest cage that could house him but he is not a fan. He has experienced life outside out of the box he was in at work and goddamn he is gonna enjoy it.

The only cages big enough are only available online where I live and take one to two months to ship. I told Bernie this, but of course being a hamster, he didn’t care. So I gave him a tissue box with a few pulled out, stuck some noms inbetween the sheets, and made a digging cave for him.

Not good enough, man. I booped his snoot, and he bit me.

So first off, hamster teeth hurt like a motherfucker.

Secondly, I wasn’t mad. I did yell out a foul word, but more out of pain than any anger at him. It’s not his fault. He just wants s bit more room AND his cool toys, not one or the other. I left to grab some gauze but I came right back, and took Bernie out, and we had ourselves an explore on my bed, which IS much larger than his cage, obviously. Bernie had a blast. He tunneled under sheets. He tunneled under pillows. He climbed Pillow Mountain. He wanted to rappel down the sides of the Bed Cliffs (Mama said no).

Bernie is now back in his cage thinking he is Hot Shit. And while out of cage time is important, it’s equally important that his actual cage be big enough so that I can work an eight or ten or twelve hour shift and come home and go right to bed, and know that he’s okay and not bored. In the meantime, I’m thinking of going to Walmart and buying one of those long bins used to store sheets and making him a maze out of cardboard. A big maze, with empty passages and passages stuffed with bedding and chambers big and stuffed with bedding to tunnel through. He’d like that. I’ll keep it once the big cage comes in, but hopefully this will tide him over while he lives in the apartment cage.

Bernie bit me to show he was frustrated. He wants to run NOW, not in two hours, not in two months. NOW.

Luna, Apollo, and Aisha, my cats, don’t bite and never have, but they do occasionally scratch. Not on purpose. They’re trying to get down or get up, they slip, or something exciting or scary happens and they need to book it. And it hurts every time.

You’re going to get hurt if you own a pet. You’re going to get bitten or scratched - by them, their equipment, etc. If they’re a bigger animal, you’re going to get body slammed from time to time. It’s okay.

I’m not saying you can’t yell FUCK when the pain hits. It’s actually scientifically proven that that helps lessen the pain. But don’t blame your pets. Look around and try to see it from their perspective. Maybe they’re tired, or something scared them. Maybe they have to pee. Maybe you’re bugging the crap out of them, or they want to play in an animal way, not in a people way. Maybe it was genuinely an accident and your body invaded the space they’d intended to put their body.

It’s okay. Talk to them calmly. Grab a bandaid or some Tylenol. Don’t yell at them. Don’t hit them. Don’t be mad at them. They’re just trying to talk to you and it’s not their fault you don’t speak hamster or bird or lizard, etc etc.

Roles Of The Royal Court

The court of a monarch, or at some periods an important nobleman, is a term for the extended household and all those who regularly attended on the ruler or central figure. 

It can also refer to the physical residence of the monarch where the court resides or a series of complexes. 

The court of the monarchy would gather in the throne room.

In the largest courts, the royal households, many thousands of individuals comprised the court. 

These courtiers included the monarch or noble’s camarilla and retinue, household, nobility, those with court appointments, bodyguard, and may also include emissaries from other kingdoms or visitors to the court. 

Foreign princes and foreign nobility in exile may also seek refuge at a court.

So I bring to you just some of the many roles of the traditional royal court.

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13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round the Side of Your Bed
A Silver Mt. Zion
13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round the Side of Your Bed

13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the Side of Your Bed
A Silver Mt. Zion
He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms (2000)



My theory is that Pink, Yellow, AND Blue diamond were all created by White diamond herself. I think she is the true gem matriarch. Her appearance is of course the one that’s taking the longest. In every insignia for the Great Diamond Authority, the white diamond is on top while all others are beneath her. 

Notice how all 3 diamonds intersect and make a tiny, shaded diamond? I think it  represents Pink. Kind of sweet.

Yellow and Blue are side by side, and in the previous insignia, pink is right below them. And, both their gems are located on their chests. But when you look at the murals of White and pink Diamond, White has hers on the forehead, Pink on her Navel. That’s no mere coincidence. I think this means that Yellow and Blue were created at about the same time, Pink last, and White is the first. Let’s look at their murals.

Yellow has 9 planets, so I believe she’s older. Her general demeanor appears strict, dutiful, and reserved. But when it comes to Blue Diamond, that facade softens. She becomes very concerned,

has a tendency of butting into her business,

Wouldn’t you rather forget her?

gives her advice and tries to inspire her,

Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue? You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!

and even orders her own Yellow Pearl to “make Blue feel better.” The mural, along with her tendency towards taking responsibility and forcing others to do the same, 

I’m here to bring you back to reality, Blue.

It’s been thousands of years, Blue, and you still can’t bring yourself to destroy these Gems? She was shattered by a Rose Quartz! The entire cut of Gem deserves the same fate!

and putting her own feelings to the side so she can show a brave face 

Don’t you know I miss her, too?

for those that need her.

Look at how terrified they are.

Look at Blue’s concern 

This points towards her being the elder of the two of them. Her actions line up with what an older sister, who knew her duties and responsibilities, would do. It’s clear she doesn’t feel at liberty to disclose or showcase her feelings, because of those that look to her as a pillar of strength.

Holly Blue Agate: You can just feel strength and confidence radiating from her. 

Next, we have Blue Diamond.

Blue has 8 planets, so I believe she’s only slightly younger than Yellow Diamond. In “That will be all,” Yellow Diamond is seen trying to get her out of her funk, and Blue Diamond turns her head and makes the face a petulant child might while getting a lecture. Just look at the dynamic here.

Blue Diamond: Why can’t you just let me grieve?
Yellow Diamond: You can’t keep coming here forever!
Blue Diamond: Why not?

But let’s look at the whole picture. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that Blue has been mourning the loss of Pink Diamond for at least 5,000 years. Meanwhile, it looks like Yellow Diamond has continued progress, not allowing herself to be distracted in the least.

She has so much to do, that not only did she not look at the communicator to see to whom she was speaking, at first, but she didn’t even immediately recognize that it was about a mission regarding Earth, a planet that’s caused her endless grief, that she’s wanted to destroy for eons. That’s crazy.

She’s had her subjects fill out detailed reports on their missions, that she actually reads herself,

Yellow Diamond asked for, uh, my dad, a Connie, a Lars, a Sadie, a mailman, and an onion, I think. Six human variations specified in a report by Peridot 5XG.

has a hands on approach in regards to reaching out to supervisors 

To Peridot: I’ll inform your manager of your incompetence.

and has sent out subjects to carry out literally 4 missions on Earth so far: checking the status of the Cluster, sending Jasper and Lapis as a bodyguard and informant, respectively, sending a team of Rubies to retrieve Jasper, AND personally dispatching a Topaz fusion and Aquamarine to collect human specimens. SHE’S ON TOP OF HER SHIT, Y'ALL.

Meanwhile, in comparison, Blue Diamond is spending her time quite leisurely by preserving, maintaining and visiting the Zoo, mourning in Pink Diamond’s bed chamber, and sneaking to Earth to mourn at her palanquin. Basically stuck in time. But how is it she is at liberty to do these things, for millennia, whilst Yellow is working so consistently?? It’s like Yellow Diamond has thrown herself into her work, and Blue is sulking. It’s almost as if Yellow Diamond has had to pick up twice the pace, in order to make up for Blue’s slack. If that’s the case, then it makes TOTAL sense that Yellow is not only concerned, but frustrated and upset.

She lookin’ like “Girl, if you cut this sh*t tf out…” 

But, when Blue Diamond admits that she wanted more humans for the zoo, she drops everything to personally dispatch her subjects to gather some, for Blue Diamond’s sake.

Yellow Diamond: Is that what you want? Sapphire, has the Cluster emerged yet?
Sapphire: No, it has not.
Yellow Diamond: Then there’s still time. That will be all.

Based on all that, even with her strictness and severity, I think it’s clear that she’s been coddling Blue Diamond all this time, allowing Blue to grieve and lament, but not giving herself even a moment’s reprieve to do the same. That seems like the exact sort of thing an older sibling would do for a younger sibling, and it also makes sense that a younger sibling would also have the leniency to do all those things.

Now for Pink Diamond. She only has 1 planet on her mural. And if the actions and words of Blue Diamond are to be believed, all they have of her is the Earth and the Zoo. Which makes sense as to why Blue is so desperate to preserving those things, because it’s “all they have left of her." 

Yellow, she made them. This is all we have left of her. These Gems, this place, and the Earth. 

She didn’t get to conquer scores of planets like her peers, all she had was Earth. Then she was destroyed (but was she really???) She only had, as far as we know 3 species of gem, all Quartz types, all designed as soldiers for protection, defense, and conquest. Meanwhile, Blue and Yellow have far more speciation in their gems, technicians, engineers, construction workers, diplomats and aristocracy, etc. If this is the case, it makes sense that she would start her empire with soldiers that could keep her safe whilst acquiring new territory and then creating more gems later on, in her image. Yellow is militaristic and practical, Blue is aristocratic and diplomatic, who knows what Pink would have been? This leads me to believe she was the youngest, because she had the fewest planets, and her potential is so unknown.

Finally. We’ve come to White Diamond. We know the least about her. As previously stated, every insignia we know of, has her at the very top of the order. But check out her mural, compared to the others.

Notice anything?? Firstly, she has the most planets of any of the other Diamonds, coming in at about 13, I think. Second, she is the only figure that faces forward, while all the others have a profile view. All other figures hold their planets with one hand, extended from their bodies. But Look at how White Diamond holds hers. It’s at at the center of her being, and cupped gingerly with both hands. That’s gotta be homeworld. No other planet on any mural has the same significance. And if she is the gem holding the most significant planet, then I argue that it is she who must be the most significant gem of them all. Now let’s consider the other Diamonds. I said it made sense for the first gems Pink made to be militaristically based. I think the same applies for White. If she created the Diamonds, it would make sense that the first beings she created to be militaristic such as Yellow Diamond, for the sake of extending her empire. 

But why and where did she come from???

I don’t know who created her or if she even had a creator. It may be possible that she was a singular entity and perfect being that had been alone for eons. Until she decided to create her own home and family. Or not. Whatever, ¾ backstories ain’t bad. But I definitely think the other Diamonds were created for serving the purposes of White Diamond. I think it’s very possible they are afraid of her and that she is the true villain of the series. Just think of the expendable manner in which she/they treats her/their subjects… What do y'all think??

I know it’s super last minute to post this theory, since it looks like the reveal is finally on the way, truth is I’ve been thinking of it for a while, but only JUST today figured out ow to embed images in tumblr. It was super hard to figure out before, but it looks like they made it easier, so here I a lol. Please be kind


“I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room and continued a long time traversing my bed-chamber, unable to compose my mind to sleep.”



‘The Queens bed chambers’
Marie Antoinette

The Palace of the Versailles is a central part that housed the French Government.
Most known for its Royalty during the reign of Louis XIV.

Before the revolution, the Versailles included the palace, gardens, a walled-in royal hunting ground, a smaller palatial structure known as the Grand (or Marble) Trianon and an estate used by Marie Antoinette (Louis XVI’s Queen).

Robb being jealous and having possessive sex would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Wooo Robb!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him having spent the day hating whoever was around you so much but denying it over and over in his head until he can’t handle it anymore

-Him waiting for you by the bed in his chambers or tent and simply being honest with you about his feelings

-Him standing up as you’d approach him, only to confess to you how much he loves you and for you to cup his cheek to calm him down

-Him getting lost in your eyes and grabbing your hand before moving it away to cup your neck and crash his lips to yours

-Him making you breathless with how rough and passionate he is, only to feel his hands roaming your body to undress you

-Him pushing you down the bed and quickly undressing himself before pinning you under him and whispering to you how he must show you that you’re his

-Him kissing and leaving hickeys at your neck and chest as much as he can, only to remind you that you’re his

-Him kissing down your body to give you slow oral, to make you moan and beg for him loudly so anyone passing by outside could hear you

-Him turning you and holding you tightly as thrusts and kisses the side of your cheek, making you hold onto him

-Him chuckling to see you smile so much afterwards and playfully asking you as to who is it that you belong to

What if

Rowan never finds Aelin. What if Maeve is forever one step ahead. What if he has to return to Terrasen alone and with a failure weighing his shoulders down. What if we still get Aliens pov. We get both of the their pov. And we can read moments when he was barely a footstep away from her. What if she is pregnant? What if she loses the child? What if she is never free from Maeve until she is old and grey. What if one day she is freed. She is brought to the castles of terrasens doors and when they are opened the strangers do not recognise her.

Except for an a middle aged lady with elides face and lorcans height. What if she screams for manon. The last surviving person from the wars. What if she sees Alien, old and dying and just cries. What if Aelin, with her dying voice asks for her mate. What if she begs for him. For her family. For every person who had fought for her. What if Manon has to tell her that they are dead. That Dorian had such beautiful sons with her but no magic could keep him alive forever. That Chaol and nesryn returned to the east and never came back. That aedion and Lysandra died living the lies Aelin had set for them, never able to produce a terrasen heir but madly in love. What if she speaks of how Evangeline died an old lady and how elide died a mother. What if she tells of how Lorcan died with her, his heart broken one too many times.
And yet again Aelin asks for her mate. So Manon brings her to him. Lying in his chamber bed, as greying and dying as her. What if Rowan sees her and just, he can’t do anything and Alien cries and she mouths sorry to him a hundred times over. What if Manon leaves and Aelin crawls into Rowans bed. What if she tells him once more of what she has been through and he holds his hand to his heart. Never letting it go as he kisses her. And he holds her as they cry. And eventually they fall asleep. And forget to wake up again.

And great I’m crying.

Family (Jon Snow x Reader)

Anonymous said:

Can you do a jon snow imagine where him a reader have sex before he leaves for the wall and she finds out she’s pregnant and never tells him until they reunite after the battle of the bastards! Thank you xx

A/N: My first actual imagine with Jon. If you’ve read my Robb imagines, then you should know I am fairly new with writing for the males of the show. I’ve done a bit of writing with Jon, but none where he was in this situation, so if Jon is a little out of character then you know why. This would have been posted sooner, but I accidentally deleted the one I originally wrote, and I was too pissed to finish it until now. 

 (S/N) = Son’s Name

Warning(s): I think this one’s pretty obvious, but sex mention. Also includes some arguing.

Originally posted by kitsn0w

You grew up with the Stark children, and because of it, you had seen each and every one of them at their best, and at their worst. You were there when everything happened to them. Absolutely every name day, every phase, every heartbreak.

You and Jon were close in particular. You’d always go out of your way to be kind to the bastard boy, and you always spent as much time as you could with him. There was always a sort of tension between you, something so taught and palpable it felt as if at any moment, everything would shatter.

One day, it did.

It was early in the morning, just past dawn, when you awoke to see him standing at the foot of your bed in your chambers. You sat up quickly, your eyes adjusting in the darkness to see the outline of his silhouette, his dark curly sticking up wildly. You rubbed your sleep-filled, blurred eyes and squinted at him in the darkness.

“Jon? What are you doing here?” You asked wearily. Your voice was barely above a whisper, and in the darkness of the room, it seemed to fade into oblivion. You reached to the table by your bed, reaching for a candle to light the room.

However, as your fingers reached it, Jon was suddenly there. He gripped your hand, and you could barely see him shake his head in the darkness. He sat beside you on the bed.

“(Y/N), there’s something I have to tell you.” He said. You could hear something in his voice, but you couldn’t quite place what. The tone of his voice, whatever it was, was serious, and for that very reason, he had your attention.

Sitting up straight, you took his hand in yours, as if that would reassure him.

”What is it?”

Jon cleared his throat. “I am…” He shook his head, as if he tried to shake away a thought. You squeezed his hand. “You know I’m not good at this, (Y/N). Confessing, that’s something Robb is good at. I’m… not.”

“Confessing?” You questioned. Confessing what?

You were closer to Jon now, so close your thigh was brushing against his. You could see his face in the darkness, and you could see him nervously lick his lips.

“I love you.”

Those three words felt lighter than any light out there. You felt them within you, and for once, you knew that they were true. You loved Jon, too. Perhaps you had known, and perhaps you hadn’t, but in that moment, you realized it. You opened your mouth to speak, to tell him, but all that left was empty air.

You couldn’t speak.

Instead, you cupped his cheek, and moved in to kiss him. Your lips missed at first, connecting with the side of his mouth. He chuckled lightly at that, but pulled you to him. Your lips finally met. The kiss was intense, and it held everything you couldn’t say. You nibbled at his bottom lip as you fell back on the bed, pulling Jon onto you. The next moments were a blur, and before you knew it, your clothes were abandoned.

Some time later, the two of you lay in bed together. Jon had his arms wrapped around you tightly, kissing your bare shoulder. You both had goofy grins while you lay there, simply enjoying each other’s presence.

Jon had been your first, as you were his. You didn’t regret a thing. That is, until Jon became serious. He sat up in bed, facing you with a stern expression, brows furrowed with thought. You held your blanket up to your chest while you sat up. The adoration that once filled the air between you was now filled with tension.

“Is everything alright?” You asked. For a moment, you worried he regretted sleeping with you. “Was it bad?”

He was silent, and you looked down, your hair covering your face. You couldn’t see his eyes widen.

“No! No, that’s not it. Look at me,” Jon tilted your head up to him before he softly kissed you. He pressed his forehead to yours, his hand caressing your cheek. You don’t know how long the two of you remained like that, but at some point, he released you. Jon was now looking away from you.

“I’m leaving today.” He said.

This time, these weren’t the words you wanted to hear. Your eyes widened. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to join the Night’s Watch.” He still wouldn’t look at you, and you couldn’t decide what angered you more; the fact he couldn’t even look at you, or the fact that he slept with you without telling you he wasn’t sticking around long after.

“Why,” you said through clenched teeth. “Didn’t you tell me this before?”

“I was going to, (Y/N), I swear it. I just couldn’t-”

“Get out of my bed.”

Your blankets were bunched up in your hands now, and you were seething. You were now the one who wouldn’t look at him. It took all you had not to slap him.

“(Y/N), wait, please let me explain-”

“Get out! Go!” You shouted, shoving him this time. He fell out of the bed. However, being Jon, he didn’t just leave. He stood and faced you.

“Let me explain, (Y/N). I’m not leaving until-”

Again, you interrupted him. You stood up, sliding on your clothes. You bunched up his pants then threw them at him. They hit his face and fell before he retrieved them. Tears were sliding down your cheeks, and you were shaking with anger. It was all too much for you. You couldn’t deal with this, not now.

Now half dressed, Jon approached you, reaching his arms out to embrace you. You were far too furious for that, so you slapped them away. He came closer this time.

“Go away, Jon! I don’t want to see you! Get out of here!” You shoved him again, your silent tears beginning to turn into sobs. The sadness in his eyes hurt you, but it was nothing compared to the pain you felt inside. You hated him for lying, for making you fall in love with him, only for him to leave you.

His arms successfully wrapped around you this time, and no matter how much you slapped and shoved at his chest, you eventually succumbed.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you.” He continually whispered this to you, but no matter how much he said it, you couldn’t bring yourself to forgive him. Your cries began to fade, until eventually you were left staring off into space, drowning out his voice.

Once you were calm enough to speak, you threw his arms off you and stood. You walked to a window and looked outside, anywhere but at him, your arms crossed over your chest. You could feel that he was looking at you.

“When do you leave?” You asked hoarsely.

“As soon as my uncle is ready.”

That hurt more than you expected. You swallowed, as if you could rid yourself of your feelings that way. “Then you better go. I am sure your family wishes to say farewell.”

Even you were surprised by how cold your tone was. You sounded like you didn’t even know Jon, as if you didn’t love him. You were detached and you knew it.

You felt his hand on your arm, and shook it off.

“(Y/N), please. I don’t want to leave you like this.”

You whirled on him in that moment, glaring at him. “Excuse me? You don’t want to leave me like this? Perhaps you should have thought about that, before you decided to say you loved me! What did you think would happen? That I’d kiss your cheek and wish you well while you left to a death sentence? Or did you think I’d congratulate you, as if this was the honorable thing to do?” You scoffed, this time getting in his face. “I let you lay with me. I told you I loved you. Does that mean nothing to you?”

“Of course it means something to me, (Y/N)!”  

“You have a strange way of showing it. Leave me, Jon. You’ve made your choice.”

With that, you faced away again. He hugged you, but you did not return it, no matter how badly you wanted to. You remained still while he pressed a kiss to your temple. You remained silent when he told you he loved you.

It was only when you heard the door close behind him that you fell to your knees and began sobbing.

*time skip*

The Boltons were ruthless and brutal. You, and everyone left in Winterfell, knew this. You feared Ramsay, as did they. When Sansa married him, you wanted to warn her, but any time you tried, you were interrupted. After that, it became far too dangerous. You were joyed when you learned she escaped, but you had to hide it.

After all, you were not only protecting yourself.

After Jon had left for the wall, when it was time for your cycle, it never came. That’s how you knew you were pregnant. Skip ahead nine months, and you bore a beautiful baby boy, (S/N). He had Jon’s eyes, but your hair.

It was dangerous, raising a son when you were unwed and alone, but you managed the best you could. While the ways you made coin weren’t exactly savory, you did whatever you could to provide for him. You protected him, too. You avoided angering Ramsay, because you knew how sadistic he was. When Sansa spoke to you, you kept it brief. She did see your son, and you wondered if she knew he was Jon’s.

There wasn’t a single day you didn’t think about Jon. You still loved him, and you regretted the way things ended between the two of you. That didn’t mean you forgave him, however. You were still furious at him, both for not telling you he was leaving, and for leaving you to raise your son alone. Of course, Jon had no way of knowing you’d get pregnant. If he had, he wouldn’t have left. You couldn’t help but be bitter about it. You thought you would never see him again.

But when you learned that he had killed Ramsay, that the Starks now re-took Winterfell, you could scarcely believe it. He was home. Winterfell was home again.

You took your son with you when you decided to confront Jon. You had (S/N) wrapped within a fur cloak, which you held beneath your own to keep him warm. From the outside, no one would be able to tell you were holding him. He wasn’t a tiny little baby anymore; you had to half hold him against your side now, while he slept soundly. He was growing up so quickly.

Finally, you stood before Jon, in the center of the Great Hall. You didn’t care who was watching as you descended forward, to the front of the room where he and Sansa sat.  The room was full with various lords and such you didn’t recognize. When Jon’s eyes met yours, he was obviously stunned. He stood as you approached.

“(Y/N)?” He said your name as if he couldn’t believe it was really you. As he rounded the table and approached you, you felt your anger fading. How could you stay angry with him when he was giving you such a pained yet happy look?

You gave him a one armed hug, holding (S/N) in your other arm.

“It’s good to see you again, Jon. I thought the Wall was a life sentence?”

He smiled. “It is.”

You wondered what he meant by that, but you didn’t ask. There were more important things to discuss, such as your son. The son he had no idea about.

“I need to speak with you, alone.” You whispered. Jon nodded, told everyone he would be back, and left the room with you. Once you were in the hall, away from prying eyes and ears, you finally uncovered (S/N). As soon as Jon looked at the boy, his eyes widened. You couldn’t read his expression.

 “Is he-”

“Yes, Jon. He’s ours,” You nodded.

 It did not surprise you that he could tell. (S/N) looked so much like his father already. You handed your son over, watching the way Jon smiled and laughed at him. It was a beautiful sight, far more than you expected. You half anticipated Jon claiming the boy wasn’t his; you needn’t have been worried.

However, the calmness didn’t last. Jon furrowed his brows and regarded you carefully. 

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” 

“Seven hells,” you scoffed. Wonderful. You hadn’t even been together for more than five minutes and you were already beginning to argue. “What was I supposed to do? Write you and tell you that you have a son? It’s not like you could’ve left the Watch to be with us, is it?” 

“No,” he paused, shaking his head. “You’re right.”

“It’s alright,” You sighed. “I guess we’re even now, huh?” 

Both of you began laughing at that, probably a little more than necessary, but it didn’t matter; you were just happy to see Jon smiling, just as you were happy to be smiling again. 

The three of you stayed there like that for so long that one of the lords came to make sure Jon was alive. After that, Jon had to return, but he made sure you were taken to his chambers first. He told you to wait there, so you did.

Once he returned, you shared what had happened since you last met. It felt just like old times, and once again, you realized you still loved him. Even after everything the two of you faced, your feelings never changed.

You were still just as in love with each other as you were before. Seeing him smile, marveling at your son while he held him, you knew that everything would be okay. This was further confirmed that night, after Jon had given you a room at the hold to sleep in. You got (S/N) to sleep, and asked one of the serving women to check on him. With that, you left to Jon’s chambers.

You didn’t really know what you were doing until you climbed into bed beside him and lightly shook him. He stirred, his eyes opening. You barely gave him a chance to ask what you were doing there before you kissed him. You worried he would push you away, but he didn’t. Instead, he returned the kiss. 

There were still so many problems both of you had to face, both with each other and with outside forces, but none of that mattered; you were reunited. You, Jon, and your son were finally all together. 

A family. 

A love among the ruins pt 1


Pairing: Taehyung / Reader.

Genre: Royalty AU

Summary: As a maid working for the royal family, it is your job to serve those who are above you. You know the rules and are supposed to keep them, however said rules become harder and harder to follow when put into actual practice.

Word count: 1876

Note: Seeing as this is only the prologue, there it’s pretty tame compared to what’s coming. Just mentions of sex in this one. However, there will be full blown explicit smut later on in the series, as it helps to progress the plot. Just giving a fair warning to anyone who may not like that sort of thing.

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Where the quiet-coloured end of evening smiles,
Miles and miles
On the solitary pastures where our sheep
Tinkle homeward thro’ the twilight, stray or stop
As they crop–
Was the site once of a city great and gay,
(So they say)
Of our country’s very capital, its prince
Ages since
Held his court in, gathered councils, wielding far
Peace or war.
Robert Browning, Love among the ruins

If anyone were to find out what was happening you were sure they would not believe you when you said it wasn’t your intentions. You were much like everyone else in your village; not of noble blood, not particularly beautiful or intelligent, but you wanted to serve. Like every young girl or boy you had been brought up to practically worship the royal family, learning how to make their lives more comfortable and to how pay your respect on the odd occasion they would travel down to your village. However not once did you question why you did it, it was simply was what it was: they were there to rule, and you were there to serve.

Being exposed to this lifestyle so early you knew not to question it, why would you? Everything that was said to you, shown to you, read to you practically oozed the dominance the family had built around themselves, and so it was only natural for you to only focus on them. As the years passed, you became more and more interested in the family that resided in the castle above your village, curious as to what the people you had heard so much about were really like. So, being the ambitious girl you had been, you worked as hard as you could; not only to reach the standard where you could  achieve your family’s recognition and pride, but also the admiration of the village. Receiving only encouragement from the people around you only served to fuel your desire for success, nothing being ‘too much work’ and easily cast aside what would be considered important for youth like yourself.

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Sterek: A reunion kiss 😙

Thanks for the prompt, anon! I hope you’ll enjoy this 1k medieval royalty AU that this prompt somehow inspired ;) Read it on AO3

Derek hears them arrive before he sees them. The excited cheers from the crowd carries all the way up to his bed chamber. Looking out through the window, they are mere dots slowly moving across the ground far down below. He anticipates the knock on the door and tries to remain stoic when it opens to reveal one of his servants, despite his heart beating out of his chest.

“Your Majesty,” the servant says. “The knights have returned.”

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How do they act when they are jealous? (GOT)


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Robb Stark

Robb would try to be discreet over his emotions, he is meant to be Lord of Winterfell after all, although he was incapable of doing so. So if he saw someone being over flirtatious with you, or generally being ‘too nice’ for his liking, he would manoeuvre behind you, not caring if you are still in conversation with the offender. He would then wrap his arms around you, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Sending a clear message that you are his, as wolf defends its pack.

Jon Snow

Jon wouldn’t get jealous often, you were at the wall after all, therefore your company was almost always male. But occasionally an encounter would get under his skin. Therefore he would expose his jealousy discretely. This consisted of simple hand holding, with him initiating it. This would alert you to Jon’s feelings. His thumb would rub the back of your hand. In all honesty the Snow would just want the man to back off.

 Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay is a very public person, with a small amount of feelings. So when he felt jealous, he felt jealous, this caused many scenes to be made. Many show casing his dominance over you. So in order to get this through to the other party in the conversation, he would place his hands around your throat, so you were unable to move from his grasp, therefore unable to show him up. While he kissed you with the upmost passion, often leading to the bed chambers after he has shooed off the intruders.

 Theon Greyjoy

Pre Reek

Theon felt like he was the God’s gift (old and new), and he wanted that message to get across to the seemingly inferior men around you. So if any feelings of jealousy rose up, he quickly combated the source. Theon had no care if you were in public he just wanted to message to go past that you are his. Therefore he would capture your mouth in a kiss, with his hand reaching down to your behind, groping it for the offender to see.

Post Reek

After Theon’s encounter with Ramsay, you could never tell if he was jealous, at least at the beginning of his return. Slowly you picked up the signs, he would never tell you directly or hint that he was jealous, as he never felt privileged enough to have your attention let alone your love. He felt like he deserved the loneliness.  

Oberyn Martell

Oberyn wouldn’t necessarily get jealous regarding men or women flirting with you, after all he believed you were the most beautiful person in all of Westeros and didn’t want to deny you the many adventures love would give you. Nut he would like to remind people that off all the women and men he had slept with, you have stayed with him throughout the adventure. The reminding would begin with a simple kiss on the cheek and then would evolve in the kisses and suck on the neck, to show his love for you to the surrounding people.

Jamie Lannister

Jamie was so used to his life, love and other things being taken or known by everyone. So when he felt jealous he didn’t know what to do with himself. He never wanted to put the blame on you or act forwardly. This lead to many moments of anger being withheld, to brew in. But he knew he couldn’t make a scene for your sake.

Father's Day (Peter Quill & Yondu Udonta)

Requested by @anonymousglitchingowl: Do you think you could possibly do a thing where Peter makes something for Yondu for father’s day? Cause I seriously think he was a pretty awesome dad. Even though he’d probably act all grumpy about it in front of everyone I could see him being pretty touched by it. Basically cuteness, I’d really like to see some Yondu cuteness.

A/N: I hope you will like how this turned out :)

No warnings.

“Sometimes, the thing you’re searching for your whole life is right there by your side all along” - Star Lord

~ ~ ~

“Oh, this is just stupid and ridiculous.”

Peter sat on the bed in his chamber, studying the little blue, glass figurine standing on the table in front of him. He wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be, but its blue color and red eyes reminded him of Yondu. Peter knew why he had bought it, but now it felt so stupid all of the sudden.

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A Confession (Thranduil x Reader)

(You are an elf working for the elven king, Thranduil. One day, you tell him how you feel about him, and you are rejected, until Thranduil mysteriously asks you to discuss something with him) (A PART TWO WILL BE COMING SOON!!!)


“I am very sorry,” you said in a clear yet faded voice, your eyes refusing to take inter image of the elven king standing in front of you. You longed for the simple contact your eyes were used to making with his, but waves of shame pulled them back to the floor beneath your feet.

“Tell me, what is it that troubles you?” Thranduil questioned, his voice low with a hint of genuine curiosity. The slight emotion in his voice caressed your worrying mind, lifting your head to face him.

As you watched his body inch closer and his long emerald robes sweep the floor, your mind flooded with memories. You had worked in Thranduil’s endlessly ornate palace for years upon years, yet what caught your attention most was the elven king himself. Working was hard when he was nearby. You failed to focus on cleaning the nearly infinite halls and chambers if his sky blue eyes watched you, and you longed for each slight conversation you shared with the king, whether it was a discussion of what had to be done that day or a quick exchange of good wishes during feasts and festivals. You wished this was easier.

Thranduil said your name in a questioning tone, pulling you out of your thoughts and back into the space you occupied in front of him.

You shuffled your feet beneath you, your brown cloth shoes making a breathy sound on the brown stone floor. “I can no longer work under you, my lord.”

You lifted your eyes enough to see the king raise an eyebrow in surprise. “And why is that?” he asked in a tone that made it seem as if it was a statement.

This was the hard part. You envisioned Thranduil smirking with pensively squinted eyes as you bid him good morning and goodnight each day, at the start and end of your work. You envisioned the way his eyes strayed to you when you were ordered to clean his throne room, directly in front of his powerful figure seated above.

A shiver ran from your feet to your head. “I have grown to love you,” you said softly, hoping in a strange way that he would not hear you.

Thranduil’s eyebrows lowered and his lips shifted into a slight grimace. He stood, silent and serious. After a moment, he shifted on his feet and looked out past the many amber-colored pillars and warm lanterns streaking the room. You watched as the elven king’s eyes fluttered shut. His snowy hair swayed across his shoulders and back with each step that brought him further away from you. You could almost feel his absence weighing down your chest.

“My deepest apologies and regrets, my lord,” you said briskly, trying to pull his gaze back to you. “I know it is completely unprofessional of me to feel such things for-”

“I do not care in the slightest,” Thranduil’s deeply resonant voice filled the room like a spreading flame. “If you are worthy of working in this kingdom, then you will not allow trivial things to stop you from providing your services.”

You felt your stomach drop to the floor as the palace was ablaze with the king’s voice. “Yes,” was all you could say before you turned on your heels, facing the other side of the room, where a hallway would soon take you away from the misery that now seemed to linger in every inch of the room. “Yes, my lord.”

You could hear the whispers the king’s robes made as he turned, but you refused to look at him again as you quickly walked away. Whether he turned towards you or his throne, you did not know.

Remembering that moment was torture. Forgetting it was impossible.

As Thranduil wished, you continued to work as you did before. You were constantly cleaning and doing all that you could to avoid the king. The smiles he once gave you were replaced with short blank glances, and the small conversations you once had with him became nothing at all.

That did not mean you stopped thinking of Thranduil. In fact, although you wished to forget him entirely, he constantly occupied nearly all of your thoughts.

You had almost achieved neglecting the thought of the king one midsummer evening, when you were indirectly asked to report to his chambers by another elf.

Brushing off dust and dirt from your clothes which you acquired with ample chores, you nervously walked down the endless twisting hallways. Filled with worry, your mind sprinted from one hypothesis of why he wanted to see you to the next. Your feet picked up their pace, trying to keep up with your racing mind.

Finally, you reached the door to his bed chambers. You lightly knocked on the wooden door, then instinctively took a step back. With a small creak, the door opened, revealing the king.

His robes bore the exact color of an autumn leaf anticipating its graceful fall from beauty and glory, yet the simplicity of his attire comforted you. Cold icy eyes greeted you.

“You summoned me, my lord?”

“Yes, I did.” Thranduil turned to open the door wider, his platinum hair swaying onto his broad back, not held back by his usual crown of twigs and thorns. He outstretched an arm, motioning for you to enter the room.

Hesitantly, you stepped inside, immediately taking in your surroundings. The walls were a mixture of dark, glossy stone and chocolate-colored wood. At one end of the room sat a desk along with some evenly-placed shelves. At the other end was a bed covered in deep red blankets. You felt heat rush to your face when you realized that these really were his private chambers.

You heard the door click behind you. You turned on your heels to see Thranduil gliding towards you, the flowing motion of his robes making him appear as if he was not walking at all.

“I wanted to discuss something with you,” he said in a tone drenched in a stoic confidence. Thranduil continued to walk towards you, until you could see each detail of his sky-tinted eyes and his worn-yet-youthful face.

You gave him a slight nod of your head, taking in how unbearably close he was.

“I assume you recall when you told me about how you felt-” he began, his voice so close you could feel it reverberating through your body, fueling your racing heart.

“Yes, and once again, I am very sorry. However, I don’t see the need to discuss-” you attempted to guard yourself, spewing out any words you could find at your grasp until he took another dangerous step forward.

“Allow me to finish.” Thranduil lowered his face, dipping it in shadow.

You opened your mouth to protest, but became unable to do so once you felt a warm hand on your shoulder. Fire shot through your upper body and bounced off in every direction. Your face felt unbelievably hot.

Seeing your reaction, Thranduil’s lips curled and his hand slid over your neck and up to your cheek. “What I wanted to tell you was…” The king spread his fingers and gently pushed a strand of hair behind your ear, fingertips grazing your scalp. He held the bottom of the strand between his fingers before releasing it, depriving you of his touch. His lips curled up further, yet his eyes continued to take you in with serious scrutiny. “I share the same feelings.”

Frost (Chapter Twenty)

NSFW right off the bat here guys lol mind the cut. Seriously though, the sweetness and playfulness between the three of them after the smut will rot your teeth out. Its the f*cking cutest.


Enjoy :)


Loki was laid out across the sofa in his chambers, legs falling open, head back, hands digging into the cushions, mouth open as he tried and failed to draw full breaths.

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