bed cats


Q: To relate with my ID, draw a cat with a bell around its next for me, little bell, ring ring ring! Also I’m a senior in college, I’m still very lost in terms of studies, life, and the future, please write something that would encourage me when I’m tired and sad. PS: I really really like you, you’re my sunshine! [T/N: OP’s ID literally translates to “Jun-meow’s little bell”]

Jun: (draws a cat ringing a bell, he also modified OP’s name to “Jun-meow’s little ding ding”) Ding ding ding~~

P.S. He said he didn’t write a whole sentence because he wanted to convey his feelings with a drawing, he only felt like drawing that day.

In addition, they asked Jun about who sleeps on the top/bottom bunk between him and Wonwoo-

Jun: I lie randomly on either the top or low bunk. I can also sleep horizontally, diagonally.