Bed and Breakfast: Part 1
I decided to drive down to Mississippi to work on my writing. I needed a change of scenery and a southern bed and breakfast sounded like the place to do it. At twenty eight I finally was financially stable and I felt like I deserved this small trip. I also had noticed a recent change in my metabolism, and I wanted to explore that somewhat. Like most men my age, all the junk food I was used to consuming began to stick. After about ten pounds that went straight to my gut, I weighed about 165. Having always been a chubby chaser, I’d fantasized about my own weight gain but could never stick with it. Now seemed like the time, and a southern inn with free breakfast sounded perfect. I arrived at the Little Brick Inn around two o’clock. The summer heat mixed with the humidity was practically unbearable. Just the walk from my car to front desk left my shirt soaked. The owner of Bed & Breakfast, Marcie, checked me in. She was very sweet and very large. There were only three rooms in the house and according to Marcie, mine had the best view. Boy was she right. My window overlooked the small pool in the backyard. Beyond that were the woods and a few other old looking houses. But the best part was the giant hunk of man lying shirtless by the pool. He had on a pair of skin tight, brightly colored, swim trunks that were not made for men of his size. He looked to be about 250 pounds and if those trunks were any indication, gay. I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and headed down there. If he played for my team, then this little trip could be even better than expected. I got down to the pool and could see that he was sitting up in his lounge chair. As I got closer I was delighted with the vision that greeted me. First, I had underestimated his weight. This guy was at least 300 pounds, if not more. Second, he was putting sun screen on. “Hey there,” he said. I was elated, I could tell from his voice he was definitely gay. “Hiya, you a guest here?” I asked. His bare stomach filled his lap so you could hardly even tell he had a swimsuit on. “I certainly am and you?” I replied that I was and what he said next left me gobsmacked. “Can you rub some of this on my lower back?” Shocked and aroused, I quickly said yes. I started in the middle of his back, but he kept directing me to go further and further out. Before I knew it, I was caressing this man’s ample love handles. I was hard as a rock and didn’t know what to do. “I didn’t catch your name?” he asked. “I’m Alex, nice to meet you.” “That’s a nice name. I’m Ryan. And I’m very happy to meet you.” I didn’t know what to say, so I just continued to knead the fat of his back. His love handles were soft but firm, bulging out a good three inches over his waist band. I stopped when I felt I could no longer keep this up without blowing a load and moved to a new chair. I tried to hide my erection, but it was difficult. He thanked me and leaned back. His massive gut lifted off his lap with this motion to reveal a considerable bulge in his swim trunks. I was impressed and somewhat surprised. Was he hard? After a few moments, I realized I was ogling and blurted out that I should go unpack. “Will I see you at dinner?” he asked with a flirty grin. I glanced at his gut and said: “Certainly.” The second I got back to my room I wacked off. This man, Ryan, was the stuff dreams are made of. Well, at least wet dreams. I couldn’t believe my luck; one of the guests not only had the chubby body of my fantasies, but also was gay and extremely flirtatious. I wondered if he could sense that I liked big guys? I’d barely said anything before he had me caressing the rolls of fat perched above his swimsuit. The B&B served dinner and I couldn’t to see how things would develop between us come mealtime. Plus, I had a dire hankering to see just how much food that stomach of his could put away. A man doesn’t get to that size from eating conservatively. And hey, I wanted to stuff my own face too- that’s part of the reason I came, right?

I’ve never come across raspberries in the wild before, but we spotted masses of them in the lanes around Balliemeanoch.  It seemed a shame to let them go to waste, so we spent a day last week picking them - rude not to, really!  We came back with enough tubfuls to make a great batch of wild raspberry jam.   Yummm!   We’ve shared with friends and neighbours, but made sure to keep a few jars for our guests’ breakfasts!

Bed and Breakfast: Part 3

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The rest of dinner was filled with sexual tension between Ryan and I. Ryan had such a voracious appetite that I was hot and bothered throughout the whole meal. It got to the point where I could barely focus on stuffing my own face. Ryan was clearly aware of how I felt and began playing it up a bit. The highlight of which was when he unbuttoned his pants without announcement or any dose of shame. He leaned far back in his chair to reach the button hidden under his gut and undid it with a sigh of relief; allowing his round, gelatinous belly to spill even further into his lap. At this point in the night I could feel sticky pre-cum stuck to my thigh.

During bouts of trying to ignore my overwhelming libido I joined in with small talk, learning that Ryan was a history teacher. We bonded over a mutual fascination of the civil war and he invited me to his room after dinner to view an “artifact” from the era. Of course, I accepted.

After polishing off a desert of luscious strawberry milkshakes, I followed him up the old creaky stairs to his room. His girth filled the tiny stairwell and each step moaned with the pressure of his weight. When we reached the top Ryan was completely out of breath. As he pulled the key from his pocket it fell to the ground. I bent over to pick it up and felt his fingers caress my lower back. Before I knew it we were passionately making out in the hallway. When we finally got the door open he pulled me inside and pinned me against the wall. His belly totally encompassed my abdomen and I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. He whipped off my shirt and I dropped my pants, my cock struggling against my wet boxer briefs.

I pushed him into the bed and mounted his lap, my dick pressing into his soft underbelly. I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and began caressing his curves. Eventually we were both nude and he ended up topping. The old bed was loud and rickety and I’m sure we must have woke every person in the house. I fell asleep wrapped around Ryan and his hairy belly.

I awoke in the night to heavy breathing and a sweet aroma. I was a bit disoriented and confused by the presence of crunchy papers covering the bed. I looked at the clock and it was three in the morning. Eventually I realized that Ryan was stuffing his face with boxed chocolates.

“Midnight snack,” he said, “you can sure wear a fat guy out.”

I could not believe what was happening to me. This guy truly loved to eat; he was gluttonous to the core. Without saying anything, I began to feed him the chocolates in the dark and slowly massage his belly. We quickly ran out and he informed me there were a few more boxes in his suitcase. I got up to get them and realized that by “a few” he meant six. I grabbed them all and crawled back into bed.

Box after box things became more heated. I began to rub his meaty thighs and suck at his surprisingly small double chin while popping chocolate after chocolate between his lips. It was clearly a highly sensuous experience for Ryan who began to moan almost embarrassingly loud. I was afraid we would wake the guests, but was too aroused to quit. As we burned through box number five we were both smeared with chocolate and writhing in bed. His fat rolls were supple and warm. After finishing all the boxes we both came to orgasm and lay in bed talking.

Ryan revealed that while he identified as a gainer and enjoyed getting fatter, he mostly just liked food. He was raised by cooks and developed an intimate relationship with food at an early age. All through his teens he would work out tirelessly to maintain his fitness in spite of his love for delicious foods. Once he began teaching in his mid twenties, he just stopped working out and the weight piled on. His immediate reaction was fear and disgust at the beer gut he’d developed within one school year, but he soon realized that this fuller figure turned him on. Ryan confessed that after finding self acceptance he binged for a month, consuming food to his heart’s content. In one month he gained close to thirty pounds, which caught the attention of both faculty and the students. Colleagues began inviting him on hikes and charity walks. The kids, he was teaching high school at the time, began to lovingly tease him about his new belly. Some of the boys would even declare, half-jokingly, that they wanted to have a gut like his when they grew up.

Needless to say, Ryan did not stop gaining and has put on close to one hundred and twenty pounds since teaching. The most surprising part of his story though, was how he came to The Little Brick Inn. Doing research for an out of state field trip, Ryan met the current chef for the inn, Scott. Scott was an encourager who eagerly fed Ryan’s addiction to fine treats. For the past six years Ryan has been annually visiting the inn where Scott has been feeding him meals with calorie counts that reach into the thousands- tonight’s dinner was one of them.

I confessed that I myself wanted to gain weight, which is part of the reason I came here. Ryan told me I came to exactly the right place.


Christmas at The Williams House, Amelia Island, Florida by Dawna Moore
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