becuase it's great


I actually love the message of little victories in the video. they could just as easily have made it some crazy celeb centric thing like a wild party or brendon celebrating the stuff that comes with his lifestyle and his muscial achievements, but choosing to make it dorky and include things that we as fans could relate to is very sweet and I appreciate it a lot

Exciting Announcement

Ok so I know I said Raising Home wouldn’t have any artwork…

But last night just for funsies I decided to try sketching an idea I had for Raising Home’s future movie poster (don’t laugh) and it sorta maybe kinda totally turned into an AMAZING portrait of [insert spoiler name here] and now it is too irresistible I know that I will end up drawing nine more posters for the central cast because it makes me cry happy julie tears to see my characters come to life *sobs in ball on the floor*

So, yeah. Raising Home will include 10 dramatic portraits that I will release with the publishing of the story.