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bucky deserves better than someone who tries to murder him because tony, a grown man, can't tell the difference between someone's own actions and brainwashed actions.

There is something inherently /wrong/ with people like you who would blame any responsibility of the consequences of cw on Tony Stark, a character who was /lied/ to and betrayed by someone he considered at the very least a teammate.

I don’t know what kind of person you think you are; obviously you’re better than everybody else in this world combined, because I doubt the rest of us will be able to rationalise seeing the murder of our parents right before our eyes and think, “Oh hey I’m sure now would be the perfect time to think about the circumstances surrounding their deaths, and yes absolutely I’ll have the patience to rationalise why my teammate LIED to me and kept this information hidden from me for almost two years. no big deal, all is well. lets start a campfire, hold hands and sing kumbaya.” Give mE A BREAK.

You should be lucky Tony didn’t do more damage than he was obviously capable of doing. As this post from one of the blog’s I used to follow, clearly and so brilliantly outlined, Tony Stark has enough power in his suits to take down military tanks, yet Steve and Bucky manage to walk away. If Tony had wanted them dead, they WOULD have been.


Also. Get TF over yourself. You probably came into my inbox like a coward on anon, too afraid to handle the music as yourself, thinking that I was probably another Tony blog who ‘ships winteriron’, when in reality it’s Bucky that is my favorite character. I grew up with cap. america comics, fell in love with Bucky and followed him to the mcu, where I found an equal appreciation for Tony. So what makes you think you have monopoly over Bucky?? As in you are the single determinant of what constitutes as happiness for him?????

The ironic thing about your message is that I don’t in fact ship it in the mcu, nor am I championing any movement to make it happen in canon. I’m under /no/ delusion that it will ever go down that road, which is more than what I can say for some other fans of his, who are vocal about non-canon ships of his.

What I want for Tony is for him to reunite with Pepper and start a family so that my boy can finally catch a break. What I want for Buck is him x happiness, in whatever form that HE decides. In another universe, I would want Bucky and Tony to be friends, in another universe, they could have had the potential to be more. And I would go into detail about how if circumstances were different, their personalities could match up perfectly and they could bond over similar pains/life experiences, talk a lot more about why I feel this way, but I don’t think that would be something your delicate sensibilities would want to deal with.

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(1)You've said that men can't sell their stories and that women dominate the field, and while it is certainly true (women dominating the field), you think the reason for this is that women generally write kinky porn for women to enjoy and men do not. Have you taken into consideration the sheer amount of women writing m/m fiction, comparing to man? And that readers of those works are predominantly women? That men are generally not interested in romance genre, which m/m fiction mostly is.

(2)No one is keeping men from writing their stories. They just don’t do it much. In the m/m fiction section at least. Or maybe there is some gatekeeping movement going on, where women harass man out of “their field”. I have never heard about it, but if it’s true than I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. Maybe there are some hidden gems written by not women no one’s heard about because of that. Can you recommend some?

hi, and thank you for these asks. they pose an interesting question: are men stopped from writing erotica?

i want to say yes. but it might not be the way you think. 

i ran across this thread some weeks ago, and it has stayed with me for quite a while. though i do think the entire thread is important to read, i want to focus on what thebibliosphere is writing:

Oh my gods this. This is everything I try and fail to say when people ask me how to explain fetishization vs storytelling.

Do you know how many books by gay men I edited in my time at the erotica publishing house? One.

Out of literal thousands of manuscripts, there was One gay man writing m/m, the rest were all by women, and I feel safe in saying, the majority of them, not from within the LGBTQA+ community.

And boy howdy did they pitch fits when we turned to them and said “your manuscript does not meet our health and safety requirements please revise” because our house had a strict safe sane consensual rule, along with body positivity, which everyone LOVED when they were writing m/f stories. But when it came to m/m we had so many authors say “ew, but that’s not ~sexy~ :/” to which my reply was often a very politely phrased “literally don’t give a fuck Susan, you know what else isn’t sexy? Bleeding assholes, which coincidentally is what you’re being.”

But y'know, nicer. Because I’m a fucking proffesional.

Anyway. Do you want to know what happened to said singular man writing m/m fiction? He got dropped after a year. Because, and I quote, this is a direct line from our then marketing team, about a gay man writing gay erotica: “that’s not what women want to read”

And if that’s not one of the most precise and fucking infuriating demonstrations of what the fuck is wrong with the “but I write gay slash fic! I can’t be homophobic!” “~allies~” (spoiler: you’re not) in fandom and yes, even in “real” publishing, I dunno what is.

There is a Difference between storytelling and fetishization, and all y'all crying “kinkshaming!” when someone asks you to treat them with respect, need to stop.

emphasis mine

i also found this ask that thebibliosphere got, but i’ll only quote what i found the most important:

Which, there’s nothing wrong with women or people who identify as women, writing m/m stories. But when there’s an entire industry dedicated to gay male suffering aimed as cis straight women, there’s a serious problem. People are not objects, they are not dolls for you to play with. Anyway.

this isn’t some fanfiction, or fanart, or even a free manhwa found online. it’s published books, where the authors get payed for every sold book, and men - man in this case - can’t even get a deal. because women don’t want to read gay stories written by gay men. a respectable erotica house lays off their only male m/m writer, becuase the marketing team doesn’t find that women are interested in it. 

if that isn’t keeping men away from m/m erotica (and romance), i honestly don’t know what else it might be. 

through this blog, i’m also constantly bringing up the fact that non-mlm’s voices are shut down in writing spaces where m/m is prevalent. i’m a fanfic writer myself, writing fanfiction with an mlm audience in mind, and i’ve gotten comments about how my sex scenes are unrealistic (”you don’t need to prepare an asshole that much!”), or boring (”why do you keep adding lube mid sex scene? and condoms?? ugh”), or outright wrong (umm, what?). 

i’ve had non-mlm writing partners tell me that i shouldn’t write for mlm, because i should focus on what women want to read instead. i’ve been told, when i voice my concerns over how the community is treating mlm creators, to “leave the m/m community if you hate it so much”. me, a gay man. leave the m/m community (which entail MY orientation, MY sex life, and MY relationships), becuase some women think their fetishization and objectification of gay men is more important than my comfort

this is why we say that mlm creators of m/m are shut down. and we, as both fans and consumers of published m/m media, needs to change this

to change the subject: i’m constantly looking for good gay books written by men, but it’s a long and hard road. most best-selling m/m books written by gay men are self published, just so you know. 

i don’t have a list i can recommend right now, especially on the happier side. they’re so hard to find that i’m, myself, still looking for more than one or two. a classic lgbt book, though it’s about internalized homophobia which manifests in misogony and abuse, is giovanni’s room (1956) by james baldwin (a gay black man), and it’s a good book to show that mlm should be the ones writing about male-related homophobia, rather than women. 

if anyone wants to add good m/m books written by mlm, send us an ask or reply to this; we’re aiming to keep a list of good representation on our blog in the future

My name is Lucan
I am a poet
I’m a little nervous, but I can’t show it
I’m sorry, I’m an Annaeus with pride
You talk about Seneca and my poems, I cannot let it slide
Nero! How was the rest of your show?
—  Lucan

Hiya guys! (Like the three people who follow this blog ;-;)

So I haven’t been posting much becuase I spent the last two weeks (fall break) playing skyrim, watching drum corps videos, and procrastinating like the lazy shit I am. I did, however, make a hat and a dice bag during that time, and also make a ton of progress on my big afghan (I promise it’s almost done). I went out to hobby lobby and walmart today to get a ton of hooks that I needed (4.0, 5.0, 6.0, and 25mm).

I also found a nice local yarn store with the help of @apollo-has-skills, a knitter and a friend of mine who I’ve been growing closer to with the help of discord, and got those sweet cakes in the top right (hanks initially, but whatever).

I’m gonna be cranking out christmas presents, experimenting with cotton with this nice cone that I got, and making some socks/slippers for winter percussion/winter

(I promise I have a six by six afghan on the way I’m not kidding at all)

-Donut :3

so I thought I wouldn’t have to use this blog anymore but after my ex sent me a bunch of anons on tumblr (even though i blocked her…..thanks for that) saying things like “do you miss your ex?” “you should talk to your ex” “i miss my ex”, i broke personal code and creeped on her blog.

turns out she has a girlfriend. and she’s pulling this BS with me.

that’s unfair to whoever your partner is (let alone to me) and you need to cut the crap, you are your own worst god damned enemy

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Wait, what's an anti blog? I'm sorta confused?? Is it like... anti-shipping? Anti-nsfw?? Please help me Sinmother

This is going to be long, but i suggest all my followers read.

Anti Blogs (or so my understanding of the situation is) are blogs dedicated to eradicating problematic or controversial content. This usually has to do with incest, pedophilia, white-washing, and abusive ships.

 Now in some instances this can be really good! I’ve seen anti-blogs take out other blogs who have been sending hate, re-posting, spamming underage users with porn, or deliberately trying to trigger abuse survivors. Some of the people who run these blogs really do have others’ best interests at heart and do all the can to make sure fandom remains a safe place for everyone it it. These are the blogs I support. 

Now, on the other hand, there a good number of anti blogs who have gone off the deep end. 

These are mostly people who thrive off of so-called “doxing culture” and have nothing better to do than create problems out of nothing. They can find fault in anything and practice a militant brand of social justice that attacks people for the smallest things. They like to condemn bloggers who do not tailor to their specific ideals, to the point where they themselves become a hateful blog. 

One blog in particular has taken root in the ml fandom, creating a number of posts ( x x x x x x) that do little but spew hate. This is just a small number of the many asks (most of which I would assume they sent to themselves seeing as though the typing style is the same) this blog has published bashing a number of ml blogs about what content they decide to put out. they even bashed Thomas Astruc?? like???



But I also think there is a huge difference between pedophilia (sexual conduct between a minor and an adult), and two consenting teenagers exploring their sexuality in a safe way.

Here’s the thing: there is always going to be nsfw content. Always.

As fans of a show with underage characters, the only thing we can do as a fandom to keep tumblr a safe space for everyone is to make sure that content is:

  1. always aged up
  2. not tagged with main fandom tags and always tagged nsfw
  3. heavily warned about so anyone uncomfortable can look away

Everyone should have the right to see what they want on their dash. Some bloggers like nsfw, some dont. It it not my place, or anyone’s place to take that choice away. As a (barely) legal adult, I can’t rid the internet of bad things. I cant make it my personal journey to insure every person under 18 never encounters nsfw content… 

Because newsflash! There are going to be minors who *gasp!* are curious about sex!  

Teenagers have urges, and their curiosity is natural! I was literally in their shoes a few short years ago, trolling for smut because I was curious about sex but didn’t like porn!

 Censoring the internet is an impossible task, but what I can do is make sure I am showing examples of safe, sane, and consensual sexual relationships. Because 15 year old Bullysquadess- who grew up thinking that a boy kissing a girl to shut her up was romantic, or that your first time was supposed to be a bloody, painful experience- really could have used more exposure to content like that. 

Content that was real and honest. Content that was not sensationalized, not fetishized, but honest-to-God educational.

And when blogs like this arise- blogs that probably never even read my fic before branding it as evil, child corrupting smut- they ruin the fandom experience for those around them. They are taking away a source of learning and exploration for people who may not have many opportunities to explore their budding sexuality in a safe, non-judgemental space. Their holier-than-thou attitude and desire to condemn anything that they dont deem as “good” or “moral” makes sites like tumblr almost unbearable for the other 99% of bloggers who have the common sense to just look the other way when they encounter something they dont particularly enjoy.

As a little review, I am not necessarily against Anti blogs, but I feel a number of them cross the line onto being hateful.  

( Along that same topic, I dont want to see any of my followers sending the blog in question any anon messages, as hate does not put an end to hate. )

After almost 1 ½ months to the day I have finally finished my 200 followers thank you photo. Right here is 42 (including myself) Tumblr users which have either inspired, helped or made me feel like I was part of the community. I gotta admit this wasn’t easy to make at all, wake up at 5AM for school and end at 5PM takes alot outta you, add that with work in a diner and I was exhausted while making this, I even passed out twice on my art pad…

However, it was all worth it. Sorry for not being able to do everyone but time constraints had me by the collar. To everyone who follows me now or future I want to say you all have my thanks :)

Here is everyone in this picture:

@rinidinger - one of my biggest inspirations and reasons to start drawing, thanks for unintentionally giving me the courage to improve!

@wukong-themonkeyking - One of my personal favourites when it comes to overall blogs, keep being that fantastic CatDog addicted Mexican that you are :D

@threshdad - Bro, if there’s ever a fresh prince of Bel Air reboot your in it… OR ELSE

@eliminate-zaun-gray - In a community filled with OP OC’s (not that there’s anything wrong with that) It’s great to have a normal person doing good for once!

@iris-the-electromancer - GOTTA GO FEST

@celestial-gardener - Just seeing your RP’s I really love how you are just so… Nice… To everyone… I like that… It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…

@unchartedpolygons - MUCH CUTE, VERY WOW

@dhurain - NOTICE ME YASVEN SENPAI (btw your in the bottom left corner)

@daddy-veigar - Hobo’s choice award for sexiest mun 2016

@blue-eyes-barbarian - FECK YO CRIT (oh wait…)

@i-never-bluff - KIWI

@sheriff-cait - *insert generic British impersonation*

@askspiderqueen - Your one of my fav RP’ers… Too bad your Elise scares me to hell and back…

@asktrollleona - PROTECT THE GAY

@gaycialmalphite - One of the swaggiest mobile icebergs I know… Also the only one…

@jinx-you-owe-me-a-soda - You are now my determination senpai… Congrats?


@katarinaishyperashell - This dude… What an arse… Jk I luv you

@ask-le-ali-di-demacia - “Your angry at a bird, Darius” - Quinn 2016

@keeperpoppy -

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@vi-and-cupcake - SIIIIIIIN

@reforged-noxian - I LOVE YOU, TAKE MAH BABIES…. OH WAIT… HUH…


@ask-ahri-kitsune - Meow~

@ask-the-half-enlightened-one - SA ELI SAH

@askmalzyvoid - Fist me daddy

@ask-ahri-sempai - WHY ARE YOU SO NICE TO ME???

@zulidoodles - Lazuli, you inspired (AKA: I stole) my art style so that I can never thank you enough! Having a grand day out with it now! (please don’t sue me).

@sheriff-caitlyn - You made me legit cry with your RP… Good work?


@asktheabysskogmaw - *Insert Kog’maw trumpet taunt thingy*

@ask-zyra-thecuriousflower - PLANT SENPAIIIII

@a-zaunite-weaponsmith - I CAN’T DRAW GAS MASKS I’M SORRY!!!

@zaunsclaws - Like Zed, but more sweg

@summonershad0wmn - SO FLUFFY!!!

@mycloneismywaifu - Senpai will always notice you <3

@ask-theicemaiden - I don’t care whoever talks against you, I will always think your great and amazing

@kayron-the-shy - STOP BEING SO ADORABLE DANGIT!!!

@wanderingbeserker - Bro, I think Olaf hates that hat now…


@sweatered-mermaid - You almost gave me a heart attack becuase I thought you deleted your blog… Please nu, I need my kawaii onsie-clad mermaid… Plz fish senpai….


Hi, I’m really bored and this usually take me a long time to make so im making yet another FF, there’s no really  a reason behind it, so   just wanna say thank u to the people in this list for not being too annoying or not shitting on BVB, because if u talk shit about Arsenal and Barcelona I’ll brush it off but BVB truly hurts my heart and u need to stop, only like 6 of u do it tho so i can tolerate becuase im a grown.

Also I followed a lot of new blogs in my attempt to keep learning korean even tho I got too lazy for it, but im still trying, to all of u, thank you for having such nice EXO blogs, I aprecciate u a lot even tho I’ve been following u for like 2 weeks, that’s it.
And some other extras i just follow becuase you’re rad/latinx/nice

Now cmd + F your URL to find urself down below becasue I’m bored but not as much to arrange everyone in alpahbetical order (:

sergiro  ♡ luchoscoolerthanyoubarca-penguinsbartra-marcfcbootylonathecatalanscruyffsbeckenbauer ♡  wilshieslosalbicelestessassycescalbertosmorenodancing4mylifeagainliverpoolrulessergisrobertoazulgranassblaugr4naconcretarholaleomessisergiobusquets5campnouforever ♡  secretariats vamosblaugranarxogersleosmessiraininginlondonthhiagomessisergissamperle8ngoretzkamandzukicsjudybarca11peterpanpiquequenandosbuttmarcohanlensjehmanncamp-nou-is-my-homeheartbeatblaugranabartrismemrs-bartraleitnermoritzvamos-argentinaoligiroudsdortmundsmarckoreus gregbaederwielvilladavidbayern-madridneymarsdsilvamathieudepussyxavihernandes ♡  fifaworldwarmessiticblaugralovegonzalohiguainsjackswilsherewoodyinholniestarosecityrivetersbaerussia-dortmundcescfabregasjoveticsmistercatalunyasara-bastian ♡  capitanascodellariosrnarcbartrarusselbrandtomsandpieholyreusaubamevangreusful oliviergiiroud gbalesgctzeblaszcykowskiteamdebuchimtoopopular jordialbshector-morenomarceloviierabvbkirschejackwilsheresmarcoosreuserikdurmies mattmurdocck marsreinakoenigreusbvbyecarlosvela2 fathermessi kampls boreussin piszchu j-aviermascherano missrolls merikhummels shakirugh mesutinho sarmaprincess cruyffs-turns amantedelcalcio ochoasmemo tennisrage mertes4cker sebastianstanbear desangrado nur-der-bvb09 jurgensklopps pamzuniqa h0odrich barcawhy football-s gunnersatheart buttcrackbartra centrocampistas  k-dramatique hector-moreno beethappening mexicanho minhahee jurgendamm  cezannic nurisahn matttmurdork  fernandotorresofficial (nice new url) joosang-wook  iamtyran sheknowsbyjcole kathzt sugaslostswag blessthisrainbow taomatoo suhoshi cat-booty notokpop tropicosatan 6thseason wuyifanxing blondejongin fuckhaja mixtapetao seehuun kyungsound sehunchik presidentyeol pinguchingu chencharming eggyeoll xiuboos baekhoul 174cents guccizitao baekyoungie taesthighs patriarch-suho kairamelo namgenius bruhhitskiki baehkyunz holaexo dorknaesehun otkho kaebbsong bbaekhyunbiased kyungsoosbumhole namzoom exorgy supah-taohun kingkyungsoo dadsuho jonginmotion suhobos palehunhan hydratedlatina perfexol

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Hello tiger! We havent met before. I'm sygnallost, a fellow anime illustrator. I really have to ask how you get your art out there? If that makes sense.

Hello!! This has been sitting in my inbox for sometime haha;; I had to give it some thought before I could answer it. I dont think i’m supremely popular or anything lol;; These are just based on my own experiences!

too long didnt read: I suppose it boils down to posting often and interacting with the community. Plenty of people seem to think that the internet is this giant machine that will automatically get you followers and fans the moment you post a thing. It’s not. 

longer version: Firstly, there are just way too many artists out there, so you need to constantly post (daily?? weekly??) or people..will simply forget about you. 

Secondly the internets is a two way thing. You can’t just post a thing and tag 9000 things and hope people see it, you need to get out there and interact with people. When I say interact I don’t mean go aroudn screaming HELLO PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW  at every one lol. on tumblr perhaps, this is sort of harder becuase there isn’t a legit commenting system, but on places like facebook/dA, commenting on things or participating in forums can go a long way, and you might even make friends! I guess..being sincere is best tho haha I’ve seen my share of “OH U DRAW GOOD LET BE FRIEND xoxo follow for follow” and that’s…kinda : ^ )  to me lol

oh and lastly I guess a lot of people (myself included) feel that you need to be supER GOOD AND TALENTED to be noticed. While that is sort of true, there are also niches you can look into. Fanart is probably the fastest way (lol, i know plenty of people see fanart as whoring popularity but that’s a topic for another day) Keep up with the latest news and draw what people want to see I guess? but this brings me to my next point:

Remember to have fun! if you draw just for the sake of attracting followers and getting!! many!!! notes!!, well, go for it lol, who am I to judge?

but as naive as it sounds, I think that when you enjoy drawing a thing, even if you dont have Super Good Technical Skills™, that joy is what makes your work shine brighter.

I need more blogs to follow!

If you post at least 85% Animal Crossing content, please reblog this! I need more blogs to follow becuase my dash is starting to be mostly content for my side blog!
I reblog ALL Animal Crossing games, & I’m also looking for blogs who post a lot of AC related art, & original content!
You don’t have to follow me back, but I would greatly appreciate it!

Following spree!!

I am rewatching Merlin and you know that show is so good, and its making me feel things, and i need more of it on my dash. And some other shows too. So, if you post that, then please REBLOG or LIKE this. And follow me :) Becuase its easier for me to see your blog like that!

- BBC Merlin (The Adventures Of Merlin)

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- How To Get Away With Murder

And I will check your blog out and follow you. Have a great day.

i needed an excuse to make this and today is perfect becuase its my birthday yay! Bolded users are my favorite blogs! im sorry if i miss anyone. i judged urls names that involved 5sos to sort this out.  I follow you guys from asseaterlarry


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Hi I love your blog! So I have a hard time sealing to my parent mainly BECUASE we don't get along great but ever since childhood I suffered from great anxiety and I'm always scared of dying, and now that Ebola is in the US I'm scared a Fck, but I'm only 13 yrs old, and ever since a young age I felt a lump in my boobs and I'm scared I have cancer, like I said I have terrible anxiety 😔 so I'm scared to death since the beginning of this year it started hurting more.. I need some advice😔

Sometimes I think you can almost force symptoms if you think of it too much. I suggest talking to your school nurse, that’s something she can help with okay.

text → the one that got away.
  • dexter: i know it's 3 am but i just got ou t of a party and i had al ittle too much to drink and it rreminded me of the time we met
  • dexter: such a cliche way to m eet right/? at acollege party? so /stupid/
  • dexter: but i c ant i just can t loo kat anothe person becuase theyre not as ta ll as you and they do nt have that cute little wrinkled nos e laugh l iek you do and they dont have the right eye color and wow
  • dexter: god i fucekd up i know i did i /know/
  • dexter: but i miss you
  • dexter: and i need you to com e back