Kutya okan egy csomo fura, de kedves ember talalt meg tegnap a varosban, de a nap lezarasakent odajott egy atlagnal kicsit szakadtabb srac, a szokasos dearanyos mianeve kerdeskor utan elokapott egy koteg papirt es egy lila filcet es ‘legrefitizte’ az allat becses nevet. A srac az utcan el, a kutyat kardigannak hivjak, de a sajatja utan o minden kutyat csak bobbynak hiv :)

I’m finally home.
Today’s photo shooting was an amazing experience ^-^
The set was in the Castle Dundjerski.
I’m really tired, but I can’t wait to see the result.  


The worst thing we knew, it happened, it started to rain soon after that, so we had to stop. >.<
The next meeting is set to next Monday. I don’t know can I attend since that is the day when I start with my new job.


We climbed to the tower, almost leaving our lungs on the staircase XD
….. but the view was fantastic

….. and there’s my city in the distance ^-^