Aujourd'hui je rentre chez moi en passant par le centre de ma ville. C'est un de ces jours où je me sens capable de déplacer des montagnes et où j'écoute de la musique qui me conforte dans cette idée. Je passe clope au bec et un ID homme s'approche de moi avec une clope. J'enlève un écouteur en pensant qu’ il va demander du feu. C'est alors qu'avec un sourire ignoble il me dit “Vu comme ta robe est courte faudra pas t'étonner de te faire violer toi…”. Le temps que l'info pop dans mon cerveau il se retourne. Sans réfléchir je lui ai attrapé le bras “PARDON ? T'ES EN TRAIN D'INSINUER QUE JE MÉRITE DE ME FAIRE VIOLER ?”. Les passants regardent vite fait “TOI FAUDRA PAS T'ÉTONNER QU'ON FINISSE PAR CONFONDRE TA TÊTE ET TON CUL VU LE DÉBIT DE MERDE QUI SORT DE TA BOUCHE !”. Le pauvre ID homme *cynisme inside* se débat pour que je lâche et me lance un petit “Salope !” auquel j'ai répondu avant de lâcher “C'est Madame Salope pour toi tête de cul !”.

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Hcs for sanji taking out his date to the ice rink but his fems/o hilariously struggle to ice skate bec. she's not good at it until sanji helps her out

oh god this so cute

  • very excited for their date
  • Sanji is a natural at ice skating, he hasn’t been many times but he’s that great
  • He’s gonna take both of her hands and help her carefully glide on the ice a bit, sure she’s gonna trip a bit but Sanji is there to catch her
  • After she wants to test it herself and falls, Sanji is immidiately there to catch her
  • He carries her bridal style and slipping on the ice 
  • cue lots lots lots of fun
  • In the end, he’s gonna skate some more rounds and try to impress her with figures and tricks

Finally started my own bullet journal! I honestly liked what I did with the monthly cover, I always had a thing with doodling scribbles and vectors(?).

Should I do this more often? Or should I experiment with different styles? Idk yolo (jk)

Btw, semi-new studyblr here! I follow 37 blogs and I really want to follow all of you my dear peeps, help meeeehhhhhh.

PS. I made this account a few months ago but I recently had the motivation to be active in this community bec school is starting on the 15th of Aug! + I want to get my life together despite my m.i.

love and lost! :)

Hey so this is a MCxHunt fanfic requested by anonymous who said: hey can you write a story hunt and mc sad with happy ending.  I really loved this idea and I hope this is what you’re after.

Words: 1300+

Warnings: Angst, feels, not much more I can think of.

Sorry for any spelling, grammar mistakes and typos. Enjoy!

Thomas had just got home. He had been out after work catching up with Priya.

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I was tagged by margaerys - thank you sm, bec <33

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john x sherlock (sherlock)
jaime x brienne (got/asoiaf)
carol x daryl (the walking dead)
twelve x clara (doctor who)
will x hannibal (hannibal)

I’m tagging valramorghulis, winoncryder, starksren, oswinwaled, daenerysn, clarietemple, brainiacdean, daniels-gillies, ricksmichonne, gryffindour xx

Act 4 Recap, Part 9...

So, Harley is part of the genetic code for Bec, and Nanna took up baking and pranksterism to pass along to her son and grandson, respectively. 

Ahhhh, that makes sense why AR flipped his shit in the future. But… Bec is good dog best friend!

Dad: Hey.
Mom: Hey.
Dad: You dropped this.
Mom: … That was 13 years ago.
Dad: … I know.
Mom: … <3


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What are you're thoughts on SME going to hawaii at the end of august with a total of 350staff members including Redvelvet Exo Snsd Shinee and FX ......?

idrk hahaha most of their artists deserve the vacation! but there’s this uneasy feeling bec you know people are going to go there too.. and shit may come especially from those shippers. nevertheless, i hope they enjoy!

10 questions tag

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  1. what’s the last movie you saw? cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
  2. last song you listened to? transgender dysphoria blues
    do i listen to anything else lmao
  3. last show you watched? sense 8 
  4. last book you read? the raven boys (my poly heart is loving the possibilities already)
  5. last thing you ate? porridge
  6. if you could be anywhere else right now where would you be? space
  7. which decade would you want to travel to? not the past lol
  8. if you won the lottery and got millions in cash, what would you do? pay my rent for my entire lease duration and get tattoos and piercings and concert tickets. id buy nice food and pay back my family and give my dad and bec money bc they need it. and id get an art gallery membership and go to the degas exhibit and buy all my textbooks and a new phone and pay for a psych and start t hopefully. 
  9. which fictional character would you hang out with for a day? ransom 
  10. what was the last fandom you joined? check, please!

tag 10 people: @unchillnursey, @hockeycaptain, @king-bittle, @lilgaybabes, @transwhiskey, @transbitty, @that-omgcp-trash, @bitty-pie, @pieforbittle, @zimmboners (only if you want to tho)

Act 4 Recap, Part 10...

This is something that I didn’t realize until just now. Sure, it makes sense that dream selves on Prospit would be dead because of the battle. But why would dream selves in Derse be dead? Isn’t that kingdom supposed to win? Perhaps their dream selves were caught in the Battlefield or something. It just seems strange that there would be anything on their version of Derse that would kill their dream selves. We’ll find out later.


Bec, I swear to jegus you better be the good dog best friend you are and save Jade. You go do that right fucking now! 


dil proposes! (about time, tbh)