“Teen Wolf” Season 5 Spoilers, Cast Update: 2-part premiere awaits fans; New villains revealed
In Teen Wolf Season 5, more villains will definitely show up. Who could they be and how are they going to be a pain in the butt for our lead characters?
One of these so-called villains is Sluagh. He has a very interesting character as he feeds from innocent souls and there are also times where he would leave a piece of his ghastly soul to the bodies of sleeping people. How will this affect his victims? Let’s find out more once the show starts.
Based from rumors our teen wolves might face the future without their friends beside them. After all, they are already seniors. However, it seems that there are some people - or creatures that are already planning to divide the team. Are they going to be successful? How will the protagonists be able to fight against them?
On June 29 and 30, we will see a two-part premiere of Teen Wolf. Don’t miss one of these episodes or you’d be left behind.

Teen Wolf Throwback Video
Dylan o'brien & Tyler Hoechlin

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