being a member of the pack | teen wolf

- growing up with Scott & Stiles

- having loads of old photos with the boys that you look back on laughing.

- helping stiles investigate Scott’s ‘condition’. - being the first one besides Stiles to find out that Scott was a werewolf.

- being afraid of Derek after what the boys have told you but you find out that under all the tough wolf exterior there’s a little puppy.

- helping Lydia with her visions & her banshee abilities

- being best friends with Allison & Lydia once you’ve spent load of time with them

- sleepovers with the girls

- Lydia doing your makeup & helping you pick out outfits for school

- her also being blunt and t the point telling you that you can’t wear flannel and denim to school

- being there for Allison as she goes through the heartbreak of breaking up with Scott.

- slapping Scott for being an idiot

- watching all of the boys lacrosse games no matter what.

- cheering extra loud when Stiles scored

- regular visits to the hospital to examine dead bodies or enlist in mama McCalls help.

- learning how to drive with the girls

- being there when Allison dies

- the depression of losing your bestfriend

- movie nights at Stiles watching Star Wars

- rides to school in Stiles jeep

- constantly being late because his jeep keeps breaking down

- thinking Isaac was totally hot when he arrived becon hills

- Lydia tutoring you because she practically a child prodigy

- stiles understanding your sarcastic humour

- always patching up the boys and yelling at the for not telling you where they were going/doing

- “you could’ve got yourself killed! you idiots”

- “i swear to god stiles if your car breaks down one more time im walking the rest of the way”

- “i will never abandon this jeep”

- eating curly fries in Stiles car whilst listening to the police scanners

- being there for Stiles as he copes with post void stiles

- helping Lydia through Aiden’s death

- going on rides with Scott on his new motorbike

- constantly skipping school graduating with lydia stiles and scott

- morning all your lost friends and being happy that your still human and alive.

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I've becone fixated on the idea of Hannibal and Will living in a cute, portable, and off the grid tiny house together. Can you imagine? It'd be adorable!

Haha yes - I can see it! Not sure about the portable part but I always imagine them staying in small cabins/lodges at least at first while they recover. Definitely something way off the grid!

I have read so many post TWOTL fanfics that it´s hard for me to think about another scenario ;_)

W: Where is the second bed?

H: There is no space for another bed, Will.

W: Guess someone will have to sleep on the rug then and it´s not me.

H: ;_(
Yellow-eyed Betas and Foggy Windows

Liam Dunbar x Female!Beta!reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: T💕

Request: “Could you do a Liam imagine where Liam and the reader don’t like eachother since they’re both the new betas, but the actually start to like eachother. (Smut I guess😂)

 I rolled my eyes as I sat down on Derek’s couch. We had a pack meeting tonight to talk about whatever was reaking havoc in Becon Hills as of late.

 Derek came and sat next to me, pulling me into his side and kissing the top of my head.

 Now, I know that everyone thinks that Derek Hale and I are a thing, but he is actually more like my brother than anything. But that didn’t change the fact that I still smelled someone who was giving off a jealous sent when they walked through the door. I just couldn’t place who it was specifically because Scott, Lydia, Liam, and Isaac all came throgh the door at once.

 Derek got up and walked to the table and shook hands with Scott.

 Lydia waved to me and Liam rolled his eyes. I showed him just one of my fingers and he scoffed and looked away from me. I smirked triumphantly.

 Scott finished what he and Derek were talking about and turned to the rest of us.

 “So, Derek and I split everyone into groups. Lydia and Derek, Stiles and me, Jackson and Mason and Isaac, and Y/N and Liam.”

 Liam shot up. “Scott! What about what I told you?! You said you wouldn’t do that!”

 Scott smirked, “I know what I said.”

 “Greeeeat. I’ve got to deal with a child; just my luck.” I mumbled.

 “Y/N,” Derek said, “aren’t y’all the same age?”

 “Fuck you, wolf-boy.” I say.

 “You’re a werewolf too.”

 “I said fuck you!”

 The next night, Liam and I were sitting in my car, watching the section of the woods that we got assigned.

 Scott stopped by to bring us some snacks and water. “God, Y/N, couldn’t you have put on longer shorts?”

 I laughed. “Why? Am I distracting you?”

 Scott nudgged me and giggled. “I am not the one that you have to worry abou, but whatever.”

 I drew my eyebrows together. Scott started to the jeep where Stiles was. “My two betas better behave!”

 I rolled my eyes and waved as the two boys drove off to do whatever it was they needed to do for this mission.

 I looked and saw Liam sitting on the passanger side, his door open and his head in his hands. I put the stuff from Scott in my seat and walked to him. As much as him and I hate eachother, I needed to know that he was alright.

 I crouched in front of him and put my hands on his toned biceps. He looked at me.

 “You okay?” I asked him.

 Liam’s pupils were blown wide ans he was breathing shallow, but he nodded his head still.

 My hands fell to his knees. “Are you sure, Li?”

 I caught sent of something. I breathed deep and finally put a finger on what that smell was. Arousal. Liam clearly saw that I figured it out, because he sat back and looked down at me.

 “So,” Liam shifted, giving me a better view of the hard on that he had. “since you are the reason that I am so hard, are you going to fix it?”

 Liam’s voice had dropped a couple of octaves, and it really turned me on. I slid my hands up and down his thighs. I bit my lip and looked him in the eyes.

 “If you want me to…you just have to tell me what you want me to do.” I said.

 Liam s;ipped his right hand to the back of my head, pulling on my hair. I moaned and he smirked darkly.

 “I want you to take my cock in your mouth until I cum down your throat. Then you are going to let me fuck that little pussy of yours until you are screaming my name so loud that everyone knows exactly who I am when I’m finished with you.” His eyes glowed and I moaned a little.

 I didn’t even think twice before I undid Liam’s belt and jeans. I pulled his hard on out of his jeansl I gasped.

 “How can someone your age have a cock this big?!”

 He laughed. “Are you actually complaining about it?”

 I shook my head. “Absolutely not.”

 I started to stroke Liam’s cock, watching him watch me, his mouth open slightly.

 I took his cock in my mouth.

 I bobbed my head, taking as much of him in my mouth as I could, the tip of his cock brushing the back of my throat and his pre cum coating my tongue.

 Liam kept his hand on the back of my head, pushing it down a little more. I gagged around his dick and he moaned.

 “Oh, God, Y/N. Fuck, your mouth can definately work wonders. Fucking hell.”

 I squeezed his left thigh while I continued to suck him off. I drg my teeth softly over his cock, and he moaned out loudly. I sucked on Liam’s dick harder, until he gripped my hair tightly, almost painful, and shot his load down my throat.

 I wiped my mouth and loooked Liam in the eyes. “What was that second part that you said again?”

 “Get in the backseat. Now.” Liam growled.

 I practiacally sprinted to the backseat and slid to the door on the opposite side. I whimpered as Liam crawled into the car with a wild, animalistic look taking over any other visable emotion in his eyes.

 Liam shut the door behind him and licked his lips while he looked me up and down.

 I practically read his mind and took my shorts and sneakers off. Liam took his jeans off, and literally ripped my shirt off of my bodyl

 Liam didn’t waste any time diving between my thighs. He licked a single stripe up my pussy, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. My two hands flew to his messy brown hair and i gasped. Liam continued his oral assault on my clit and pussy lips. That boys tongue is magical, I swear it!

 My voice came out high-pitched. “Liam! Fuck!”

  Liam stopped eating me out and kissed the insides of my thighs. I moaned still.

  Liam sat up enough to line his cock head up with my entrance, and slammed into me.

  “Oh, Liam!” I screamed and clawed at his back.

  “You like that, baby? Huh? You like my cock dep in that pussy of yours?” He moaned in my ears.

  “Ha-harder.” I begged.

  Liam put one hand on my hip and the other on the window behind my head.

  His hips snapped harder and I could feel his cock hittin deep inside of me.

   I could do nothing but moan and gasp and scratch my fingers down his back.

  “Oh, fuck, Y/N, keep scratching my back like that, baby.” Liam said.

 I did like he said and drug my nails down his back again. Liam slammed his dick deep inside of me, causing so much pleasure I couldn’t see right.

   I could feel a pleasure knot in my stomach on the verge of exploding. I gripped Liam’s shoulders, digging my nails deep into his skin.

   “Li, I’m gonna-” My sentence was cut short by my orgasm.

   Liam came shortly after I did, roaring, literally, as he did. He stayed in his position until there was a knock on the window.

   “Get dressed so that I can rip you both to shreds for not following orders.” Scott growled at us.

   “So much for “hating” eachother.” Stiles giggled.

   “Shut it, Stilinski!” The three of us yelled at him.

Honeypot - Victuuri Week Day 1

Title: Honeypot

Rating: T

Warnings: Mild swearing

Summary: Other Careers AU - Victor and Yuuri are international espionage agents both after the same target. 

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Maneki neko : “beckoning cat” (=^・ェ・^=)

招き猫 (まねきねこ)

The maneki neko has been around awhile, first appearing sometime during the Edo period (1603-1868). You’ve probably seen a maneki neko in a Japanese or even Chinese restaurant. These cats are said to bring wealth, good business, and luck to their owners.

In modern times, these good luck charms are even kept in study spaces in hopes they bring good test scores! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ 

This one is decorated with symbols for fortune, luck, prosperity, and courage. But they come in many different varieties.

It looks like the paw is raised in a super cute “mew” kind of way.. but that’s actually how you say “come here” in Japan. You put your hand with fingers facing downwards and motion them towards yourself.. and repeat. Just like in the USA or other places, but we put our hands upwards instead.

The Message

The message came in the form of a letter. Each said the same thing and was left unsigned. The letters seemed to appear before each recipient from a brief purple portal that closed in an instant.

Bring me what I demand and I shall let him live. Otherwise I will spill his blood on the alters of the old gods as tribute. My demands are absolute. There will be no negotiation. Bring me what I desire. I await in Icathia.






All you need to know about HxH
  • <p> <b>Gon:</b> I'm searching for my father while battling powerful people who are trying to destroy the world<p/><b>Killua:</b> I'm trying to escape my abusive family of assassins while learning who I am by fighting evil and making friends<p/><b>Kurapika:</b> I'm going to becone stronger so I can avange my people who were slaughtered for their rare red eyes<p/><b>Leorio:</b> STUDENT LOANS!! STUDENT LOANS!! STUDENT LOANS!!!!!<p/></p>

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I Found by Amber Run? (A/B/O au!)

Excellent choice, I love this song. Also, holy shit, first time doing abo omg

Send me a song (and au if you want!) and I’ll write you a short shance fic.

And I’ll use you as a makeshift gauge
Of how much to give and how much to take
Oh I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind

Oh and I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me
Talk some sense to me

“I can wait.”

He knows he sounds naive and young, that if it wasn’t Shiro he was talking to, that it would be used against him. He sounds like he’s full of hope, that he actually thinks using his words and trying to argue will get them through this, but… but, he knows that’s not the case. He knows that Shiro’s mind was made up the second he came to deliver the news.

Shiro’s face falling even deeper into pity and sympathy and anguish in response only solidifies this.

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A Theif of mind and a Prince of Light?

@miliitem‘s Jack of Truth, one who destroys Truth in others!

These guys are the perfect lawyers. They can defend others by gaslighting so hard that people don’t even know WHAT’S true any more! They can also make Truths into lies, so that when one person says what they believe to be true, the Jack can alter it.

Beware this player. They can be an indisposable ally, but they are derived from two of the most unstable and dangerous classes, and can just as easily becon=me the most heinous threat in the game.

Teen Wolf Throwback Video
Dylan o'brien & Tyler Hoechlin

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There is a fire within you, one feared as a weapon by the vile but only because it burns the wicked. Your blog serves as a constant becon of light and wisdom. Never change but also never stop growing.

Let me share that fire with you, my friend, so even if I go out, the fire keeps growing. Walk in Light.