A vaidade e o orgulho são coisas diferentes, embora as palavras sejam frequentemente usadas como sinónimos. Uma pessoa pode ser orgulhosa sem ser vaidosa. O orgulho relaciona-se mais com a opinião que temos de nós mesmos, e a vaidade, com o que desejaríamos que os outros pensassem de nós.

Jane Austen

I am not even in sorry!
Still a few left like Shakespeare ReTold or Bright Young Things.
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Actors Rant : James McAvoy

So all of a sudden, because of Xmen (and rightfully so) ppl have started to like James. But instead of just becuz of his portrayal of Prof. X, I wanted to put down my progression of when this guy made a good impression with me.

Starting with, Becoming Jane, as Tom Lefroy.

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The movie about the early life of Jane Austen and why she never got married. Poor Jane!

My favourite tv series of all time? Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version. Don’t start me on it, cuz I know the whole 6 hours by heart. So here, with Anne Hathaway, I started picking up on his name when I saw it. 

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Then there was Atonement as Robbie Turner. He got to die in this one! Sorta. I also fell in love with Saoirse Ronan and I still call her Briony whenever I see her. Although I might start calling her Hannah now…

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“I saw him. I saw him with my own eyes!”

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oh yes I did, and he’s going to pay. BADLY.

But back to James. The next time I saw him, boom, he’s got a gun THAT COULD CURVE BULLETS! For some reason, tho the physics makes no sense, I still watch Wanted alot.

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I think the bonus was that this show also had God in it (Morgan Freeman) and Danny Blue from Hustle (Marc Warren).

But today. Oh today, James you out did yourself when I saw you play Professor X. You sir, I must tip my hat to. I’ll have to watch it over till I know how you did it.

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So I will say this sir, you have gotten pretty damn awesome. I’ll be looking forward to more of your acting in the future.

And thus ends my Actors Rant. I might do another of these. It was pretty fun. ^-^ Plus it makes me sound like if i know something - BONUS.

EDIT : HOW COULD I FORGET MR TUMNUS?! Before any of this stuff he was a satyr from one of my favourite childhood books - the chronicles of Narnia!

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