eliza’s(and everyone else who fights dark powers, instead of people in Christ’s name) song


so guys, heres some wisdom for the week:

most people hate it when you try  and comfort them with mushy-gushy words. they never help. i dont know why people think they work cause they dont.

i remember when my best friends grandma died…… she found out in the middle of school….. and i was the first person to see her after she found out and she was trying not to cry and i just held her for like 5 minutes and then the bell went and everyone came out of class and the first thing everyone said where things like:

“oh, you’ll be ok.”

“im here for you.”

“at least shes going to heaven.”

“its ok to cry.”

“i know how you feel.”

and you know how they put on that really overly sweet voice. im sorry to anyone who is like this or does this stuff but serioulsy….. its not helpful. playing the whole “im gonna pretend to pity you” act… it really annoys me. and i just remember sitting there are lunch and everyone was crouding around her saying the same typical  words that everyone says and me and this other girl… we just sat there and we were both crying silently and we just sat there and i felt kinda bad cause i didnt say anything but afterwards she came up to the two of us and thanked us for just sitting with her and not trying to be all touchy-feely and typical

and…..just the other day a friends cat died…. and it was that same kinda situation where it was better to say nothing than it was to say something….

so yeah….