so guys, heres some wisdom for the week:

most people hate it when you try  and comfort them with mushy-gushy words. they never help. i dont know why people think they work cause they dont.

i remember when my best friends grandma died…… she found out in the middle of school….. and i was the first person to see her after she found out and she was trying not to cry and i just held her for like 5 minutes and then the bell went and everyone came out of class and the first thing everyone said where things like:

“oh, you’ll be ok.”

“im here for you.”

“at least shes going to heaven.”

“its ok to cry.”

“i know how you feel.”

and you know how they put on that really overly sweet voice. im sorry to anyone who is like this or does this stuff but serioulsy….. its not helpful. playing the whole “im gonna pretend to pity you” act… it really annoys me. and i just remember sitting there are lunch and everyone was crouding around her saying the same typical  words that everyone says and me and this other girl… we just sat there and we were both crying silently and we just sat there and i felt kinda bad cause i didnt say anything but afterwards she came up to the two of us and thanked us for just sitting with her and not trying to be all touchy-feely and typical

and…..just the other day a friends cat died…. and it was that same kinda situation where it was better to say nothing than it was to say something….

so yeah….


eliza’s(and everyone else who fights dark powers, instead of people in Christ’s name) song

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despite the fact that your beautiful body looks amazing in both photos; the smile is what makes it for me - you look so happy in the second photo!!

hehehe honestly it was a matter of realizing that my face would appear in the picture, so I remembered to smile this time :) I was definitely just as happy in the first picture, but since summer’s rolled around I’ve had more time to spend on me (hence the tan and hint of physical fitness) 

thank you dear, you are the sweetest peach in the orchard :] (idk I’m searching for cute compliments here)


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what is mulch?!

Mulch is essentially Marco Polo but on a playground. It’s based off of tag where one person is “it” and is trying to tag another person. While they’re on the playground equipment, “it” has to have their eyes closed. So they’re feeling around to try to tag someone. People can jump off the playground and run on the ground, but if the person who’s “it” calls “Mulch!” then the person who’s on the ground is tagged and then they have to be “it." 

It’s WAY more fun when you’re too old for such things. :) I have bruises from trying to be an acrobat. xD

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    yeah, i actually love the idea of looking at people & just going, “Wow, God has made them beautifully!” :)

  2. exactly! when i see a beautiful women… there is nothing sexual going on in my head…(usualy:/) sometimes god actualy uses it as like a way to calm me… one time i was really stressed out and i saw a random picture of Victorias hair and it was just like… wow thats really beautiful… what was i thinking about again? i think the same thing happened once and you posted a picture with your freckles:3 its the little things…:D

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yesyes! i wanna see!

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Yes post them!! And I think it would be super cool if you could draw my face? I feel like it’s weird to ask but I kinda really wanna see :D

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:O do et. and if you get bored maybeee try to draw mah face? :D [i promise i wont hate you for it :P]

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wooot! do my pretty faceeeee!

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I’d love it if I were one of the 100. And you could make a post about it and add the pictures to it as they come.(unsure if you can have 100 pictures on the same post or not.)

O_O oh my goodness you guys DO exist! :D Okay I shall post them.
lolol, they’re 95% hockey players. OH WELL HONEYBADGER DON’T CUR. 
If you want me to draw your face, post a picture of your face straight-on, with no flash if possible (better for shading - flash washes out the defining shadows), and tag it with my URL so I definitely won’t miss it. :) It may take me a couple days to get ‘em all.

And what better than reliving a suicide to remind her to stay alive?

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“to convince you to stay alive” “to make you stay alive” “remembering a suicide” You sure you want to use 2nd person here? Or anywhere?

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there was nothing like re-hashing a suicide to aid in your own self-preservation … is that ok? :)

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“for renewing your will to live” .. or “There was nothing like a re-hashed suicide to renew your will to live”

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haha just thought of something else - “There was nothing like a re-hashed suicide to bring you back to life”

OH you guys are the best. Thank you. I think I might have it. But I also might change it later. Oh well. I just had read it so many times I could hardly tell anymore. :P