Best interview was Best

Not sure if I got the job, but I was apparently the first response to their ad and I’m a UNT alum, which they wanted, and they are a family company AND THE PAY IS DAMN AMAZING OK

And the job’s so easy ;A;

Muchos gracias and endless thanks to all the well wishing and good luck from everyone. I really appreciate it! <333

sekahyyh, becomingamermaid, modestdemidov, that’s what I think too, though I feel like I’m very subjective. He’s an artist too (studies design) but doesn’t feel that need to identify with his work in that “dark” way. And unfortunately I can see all points of view involved, mine as well as his, and I see there is truth in what he says too (ex. I won’t draw gore and death as gift art)

His arguments are that there is enough negativity in the world, in art/music/media of all sorts, and that the soothing feeling that comes from identifying with other’s pain is an illussion, and that in fact this only maintains the pain shared.

On another side, negative art is a mirror to the world, like Sekah said. So I can add a moralistic element, I suppose?

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May I ask a question or two~~ *enters in your ask box with awkward harpy swag* 1 6 8 10 15 21 and if you feel up to it 22

What are your tracked tags?

Osap, osapenis, and puppyshipping

Do you have a guilty pleasure ship?

Um, all of them basically. Right? I pretty much ship shamelessly, so no guilty pleasures haha~

Which pairings do you like most from your other fandoms?

Haruka/Michiru and ChibiUsa/Gay Horse (Sailor Moon), Heero/Duo and Quatre/Trowa and Zechs/Noin and whoopsorgybetweenthegundampilots (Gundam Wing), and then I’m boring and don’t ship much else in other fandoms or otherwise like the canon couplings. 

Is there any couple in one of your fandoms that baffles you?

I don’t know, MillenniumPuzzle/DuelDisk is pretty hot There are a lot of crazy YGO pairings that have been dreamed up but aren’t regularly shipped, so I’ll ignore those. Out of ones that I see regularly enough though, Shizuka/Kaiba confuses the shit out of me.  I’d be willing to listen if someone cared to explain~

Any older celebrity crushes (as in 10 yrs older than you or more)?


Make one confession or tell us a secret

I’m having to relearn how to judge my art appropriately, rather than being completely apathetic about it.

Stream of consciousness activity

It took me way too damn long to pick a confession or a secret. I am way too honest for my own good, it seems. Like, really, I tell tumblr an assload of stuff that others wouldn’t? Does that make me an exhibitionist? OMG, I need to make a Kaiba coat and walk around naked underneath so I can flash people. No, no, cops. … shit, but I could at least put on skin-tight black underclothes and flash people. Yeah, YEAH. And dance to Rhianna because that feels appropriate for some reason. Though dislike to all of her music. haaa wow, we might be having pancakes for dinner….

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staph posting games D:, you are making me want to play so many games. I have a list a mile long, don’t make me replay it. I can’t handle another game on my list!

No matter what your list of games may be, you should always be replaying at least 1 Final Fantasy at any given time. Why not FFX!

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I actually hate you right now.

those Dark Aeons though

becomingamermaid replied to your post: if you were to make a homestuck oc, what would they look like? how would they talk, etc?

your strife modus should be breakdancing gerbil. Everytime you wanted to place something in your deck, you’d have to first catch said gerbil, so you could clear up your cards. If you didn’t, they all fell to the floor and you would just go: adjdfkj;’



boobly replied to your post: I cut my leg while cooking.

u ok osa?

I’m k. The knife didn’t pierce too deep, so only a little blood and an itching/burning cut. c:

 becomingamermaid replied to your postI cut my leg while cooking.

I’ve cut my mouth with a spoon before.

Sucks, but that happens to me a lot.

 dragonblast replied to your postI cut my leg while cooking.

One time I found food behind my neck after I was done eating.

Well done

 mostremote replied to your postI cut my leg while cooking.

Once I put myself in the hospital doing the washing up.


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l;akjsdf;lakjsdfd i asked you and forgot to send you my classpect in the first place, it's page of void!

I didn’t even get your first ask I don’t think?? BUT I’M GLAD I GOT THIS ONE!

Page of void, same as Horuss (HOO HOO)! Void players are always a tricky one to pin down, but incredibly interesting. They seem to have the ability to not only bring void around them in varying ways, but they have the knack of using nothingness to their advantage, or being incredibly adept at making something from nothing (which we see in how Roxy literally creates things that way!)

Pages are passive exploitation classes. They start off incredibly slow and at a lack of many of the good things about their aspect — for a page of void, this would manifest in incredible misfortune, as it did for Horuss. It isn’t until later in their development that they begin to learn how to use their aspect in productive ways, but when they do, it can be great. They inspire others and have the canny ability to give even beyond what it seems they have (Jake can literally HOPE things into existence), and for a page of void, this would be doubly true. Pages of void would inspire others through their own lack or through the obfuscation of possibilities (“you never know what could happen!”). Pages of void would also be skilled at making things happen without exactly understanding anything about them — they would be masters of intuitive success, and more easily fail by trying too hard.

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Turn off/Turn on game: Buff muscles, slender muscles, piercings, eyes, voices (any be it high or low or anything in between), knowledge And for the drawing game: Digimon

Buff muscles: meh

Slender muscles: Hnng

Piercings: as long as they’re not ridiculous, hnnng

Eyes: art boner

Voices: in theory, they are hnng, but I think it depends on the context and if there’s an accent, etc.

Knowledge: ALL OF MY BONERS I’d fuck Wikipedia

Though I really enjoy Daisuke and Taichi and practically everyone, Ken is my fav. I identify with him quite a bit and he’s adorable ok. I’ll be your friend Ken ;A;

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here have a really bad joke: What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?Dam. and this one; What do you call an empty jar of cheese whiz?Cheese Was! Bad jokes and puns make things better right? okay one last one for the road: This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I’d never met herbivore.

fkdsoafjskdlf;js omg yes these are beautiful 8’3

cheese was fjdskla;fsklj

I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.

Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink.

that one reminds me of something that actually happened to me… i was trying to make a scary “movie" on my camcorder with my cousin and sister, and my sister was doing the scary noises, but for some reason in the middle of filming she decided to throw a can of green beans and yell “CATCH!“ and i was in the middle of acting and didnt expect it at all and it hit me right in the head. i totally cried it huuurrrt

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if you were to make a homestuck oc, what would they look like? how would they talk, etc?

Oh jeez, I haven’t even thought about it! (I’m kind of flattered you’re even curious, hehe!)

If I’m going by my zodiac sign, I’d make them one of the teal-blooded trolls. and every time they were excited or speechless or just what the fuck ever they would keyboard spaz because that is EXACTLY WHAT I DO. And irl they’d just make a lot of weird noises to express that and it’d be fucking hilarious to witness. Like talking to a breakdancing gerbil or something.

Here’s a doodle, for the lulz:

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Me and icecream right now

Aww yeaah, you tear that ice cream UP

 kaibacarp replied to your postI am having a very indecent relationship with…

you run your tongue over that spoon. put that pudding inside of you slowly.. do it s l o w l y

S-slow it down KC. I’m an engaged Chuck now, you know~

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Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it! :D

oh fun

1. I regularly hum Final Fantasy/Lord of the Rings/Doctor Who tunes while in the shower

2. I try to slip in subtle video game references into conversation. no one usually catches them

3. there’s something about travelling in a car that puts me to sleep in seconds

4. I own more video game music than regular music

5. I can only read books at night o.O

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I know! the porn scares me. I won’t tell you the horrible tales that I have come across! *shudders* But then you find that one piece of artwork, or that one piece of music that is completely kickass! And it feels almost worth it. It’s a cycle!

^^^ YESSSS. Mostly music for me. Dem bronies make amazing tunes, I’m tellin’ ya.

One of my friends is actually part of the team developing the Ponykart game, and makes lots of awesome graphics in his free time (including the logo and other art for the Cloudsdale website). He’s also been dabbling in music lately (thanks to some of the popular brony musicians), and the two of us are working on a This Day Aria collab. He’s doing the music, and I’m going to sing for it. cB I am excited.

I am on the edges of the fandom with… connections to some famous bronies. Odd, amirite?