lostweightgainedlove replied to your post: Running in Florida’s cold weather

of course I have to comment on how 37 is a nice balmy day at the end of March and tshirts are breaking out around here!

Oh of course I get one of ya’ll northerners remarking on the temps! ;-)  Well I’m a sissy when it comes to cool running weather since I’m such a newbie runner.  But I was definitely only rocking a long sleeve shirt and shorts, plus my compression socks.  Combine that with gloves and I was out the door.  So I guess it wasn’t too bad of a get-up, right?

 becomingabetterbecky replied to your postRunning in Florida’s cold weather

37 is freakin’ cold! It’s been in the mid-thirties at night the past couple weeks here in California, and I can’t stand it!!!! I”m cold! lol

Haha, see, someone in a warm state agrees on the temperatures being just a tad on the cool side!  I actually love the cold weather, makes for me enjoying my favorite activity–snuggling under the covers with some good movies/Netflix.  And at night is the BEST time for it to be cool because otherwise I can never get comfortable and fall asleep.