Can someone please make a sign that says ‘Sorry Roy, I’d love to listen to your opening set but I have to get back to the kitchen and make my man a sandwich’ 🍞✋🏻👋🏻 and bring it to the first SLFL show he’s opening?

You got me in Chains|| Nick & Demi

Demi was lounging in her bed the sheets ruffled up beneath her. While the tv was playing Big Brother. She was trying so desperately to keep up with the show. It was nearly becoming futile with the touring and interviews. She had on loose pajama bottoms and a tank top. She had successfully smack herself a few times in the face with her cell phone, it kept dropping. “Rock your world, huh?” Demi grinned almost feral and catlike. She rushed to the bathroom letting her hair out of the tiny ponytail. The black hair came down in tiny waves. She had no makeup on and it was a bit concerning. She looked at her makeup case hesitantly. A bit of eyeliner and lipgloss. He’s a guy he wouldn’t notice. 

She quickly grabbed the little tube of lip gloss and applied it, her lips puckering at the mirror. With a tiny rub into her eye to apply some eyeliner. It looked nearly natural besides the lipgloss. However, she can really lie and say it was on to begin with. Demi heard some shouting from the tv, she skid out to catch the fight on Big Brother. 


An art book about Georgia O'Keefe’s trip to Hawaii (Mau'i) to paint a pineapple for Dole in 1939. I discovered that she did this trip because @artbma has a piece in their American collection. – I initially got this book simply because I wanted to see her ‘take’ on the tropical places similar to the ones that I have seen. I know her work - these pieces are really beautiful. And what a job, eh? #dreamjob – The more I visit Hawaii, the more I’m able to see past the tropical vacation spot and, instead, see the history of plantation work, missionary and colonial ways. – It’s important for me to make an effort to see the people who are living there with that history, as individuals, as communities with culture above and beyond the colonial, missionary and plantation history and an entire people who didn’t ask to become tour guides or have their culture on display.

There is a standing map in a shopping center in Hanalei, Kaua'i that features the Pacific Ocean, front and center, with some land masses on either side. It’s a good reminder that while this state may be a US state, it shares a unique perspective, not only based on culture but also geographically. As visitors, we, too, can try and see things from new perspectives. #perspective #book #GeorgiaOKeefe #travel #responsible #respect #culture

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anonymous asked:

May I have the link that talks about 'getting jobs' or finding a way to get money (or somethin)? I've tried lookin for it but can't find it!

Alright so basically the way it works is that in order to gain more money, your muse has to do chores or a “job” around the museum / gallery. They can do this simply by volunteering. 

For example, as a “job” your muse can volunteer for is to handle the bar, to become a tour guide at the museum, to be ‘security’, to take up house serves, anything your muse can think of, they just have to ask Mary!

It’s the same with chores, they can keep the hotel clean, do laundry, cook, clean up the gallery, little stuff like that.

Basically, if your muses are going to be living here ( which they are, for a LONG time ), THEY are in charge of keeping the place nice and neat. And they get payed money for it!

The amount of money earned itself depends on how much they worked that day.

Also, they only get payed by the day, rip.