becoming youtube deep

It’s weird how much people that we don’t really know, and who don’t know us, can affect us.

We subscribe to a youtube channel to see some comedy, or some make-up tutorials. It can be very easy to forget that clicking “subscribe” doesn’t mean you know that person and everything about them. It doesn’t mean they know you. You’re not friends.

Alex Day uploads a video in which he says some things which offend people, and everyone freaks the fuck out. Perhaps they forget that they have chosen to listne to him. That they can choose to disagree, and unscribe. To forget what he said, because it doesn’t really matter, not unless you want it to. If no one cared, then no one would subscribe. Then he wouldn’t have made that video, because no one would have watched it.

Dean Dobbs got his hair cut today. I know who he is because he makes comedy sketches, so why does his hair interest me, and so many others, at all? It shouldn’t. We watch him so we can laugh, not to look at his hair. (here I speak for me, who knows why others watch him) But when he tweeted he got his hair cut, I was geniuanlly interested. I hoped I would like it, because he makes me laugh and I want to like everything about him. But should we really get so attached to such small details about people, when they are only in our lives to provide a form of entartainment? (your hair looks great Dean, btw)

Dan Howell turns 22, and this is a massive deal for everyone. Why? This one I really don’t understand. I wouldn’t have known it were his birthday if it weren’t for everyone speaking about it. I tweeted him to wish him happy birthday, because I wanted him to have a happy birthday. Because, again, he makes me laugh. He can brighten my day. But that’s all. I saw many tweets like “Dan is 22 omfg I can’t” What? You can’t deal with with…what? That he’s a different age? His age makes no difference to his videos, not really.

I worry that it’s dangerous to have such a deep attatchment to people, when it’s not an attatchment to the person. It’s only a small part of that person you know, just a fraction. So we shouldn’t care so much about them and their lives. And I wonder why we do. Why we feel that by watching someones videos we know them. Because we don’t, not really.

Perhaps we’re just lonely. Perhaps it’s just nice to love someone, who will love you because you watch them, you allow them to do what they want to do. It’s nice to love someone just on the surface, because you don’t have to fight with them. Or worry about them judging you. Or any of that. Because it’s a superficial relationship. One that takes place mainly in your head. And, that can be nice.

As long as we don’t forget that we only know a simple version of them. As long as we remember that they are complex people, as complex as your or me.

As long as we don’t get too attatched. As long as we know that while they’re videos are always there for us, the people that make them don’t live for us.