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Something my middlest brother pointed out yesterday:

The wealthiest people on Earth do literally nothing with their wealth. They do an awful lot with their power, but not the hoarded wealth itself. Any spending or reinvestment is minuscule in proportion to the sheer amount that exists just to sit there and accrue. The wealth grows far faster than it can be spent, so any argument that spending is itself an efficient form of redistribution falls apart. 

Under capitalism, capital races to become inert wealth. It is not a self-perpetuating dynamic system, it’s a system degrading toward a kind of heat death.

okay i am going to reach into my sociology knowledge bank to try and briefly explain a thing because a lot of understandings seem to be, to some degree, misinformed:

what the wage/pay gap isn’t: an employer literally handing seventy-seven cents to a (white) woman and one dollar to a (white) man. i mean, c’mon. think a little harder.

what the wage/pay gap is: the consistent pattern of the average of men’s incomes (both in general and in specific fields) being higher than the average of women’s incomes (this is the basis of the seventy-seven cents to a dollar model). no, this pattern is not caused by ~women’s choices.~ it is linked to several different (STRUCTURAL; again, NOT choice) factors, including (but not limited to): men being more likely to receive promotions and therefore move higher up the ladder (glass ceiling [glass escalator in female-dominated jobs]); occupational sex segregation, which sees men and women within the same field tracked towards different roles that typically place men higher up in terms of status and pay than women; gendered socialization forces that encourage men towards subjects that lead to higher paying fields (such as STEM fields) and women towards subjects that lead to lower paying fields (such as humanities, liberal arts, et cetera); the devaluation of “feminized” (read: female-dominated) jobs that results in lower pay in those fields (check out the history of teaching for very stark proof of this); continued gender expectations rooted in traditional patriarchal roles that encourage (and, frequently, push) mothers to take more time away to raise and care for children while encouraging fathers to do the opposite; the motherhood penalty, which is the phenomenon of employers seeing mothers as automatically less dedicated to work and therefore choosing not to hire/promote them (there is no fatherhood penalty; studies have found that fathers are actually seen as better job candidates)(this also affects women who are not mothers because employers view them as people who will inevitably become mothers and will therefore be less dedicated, etc) and so on and so forth. 

(it’s also super important to remember that the gaps become even wider when race is factored in, meaning that women of color earn even less than white women in comparison to white men).

So there’s this long list of prompts, and I love all of them, so I’m going to do a bunch of them completely unprompted.

Number One: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“I can’t believe this is your dirty secret.”

Boyd raised his eyebrows, adjusting his belt. “What did you think it was?”

“I don’t know, scrapbooking? Ballroom dance? Secret piccolo prodigy?” Stiles tried to shimmy the massive wedgie out of his buttcrack, but it just slipped in further. God damn it. He was wearing way too many layers to go after it, at least two of them chainmail.

“Piccolo?” Boyd’s tone itself wasn’t threatening, but picking up a broadsword and sheathing it on his belt certainly was. It was much bigger than Stiles’ sword, that was for sure.

“Come on, dude. Do you really not see the irony of a literal werewolf LARPing? And not as a werewolf? You wouldn’t even need prosthetics!”

“It’s not roleplaying if you’re just being yourself.”

“Okay, but why roleplay when you’re already a badass? Let’s face it, if anyone here should be roleplaying, it’s the pack human who doesn’t have superpowers.”

“They aren’t superpowers!” Derek’s usual reflex response came from behind the curtain, and then he added, “Are you sure you didn’t give me Kira’s outfit?”

Boyd rolled his eyes like they were the ones being unreasonable here. “Yes, I’m still sure. Come out.”

Stiles couldn’t actually hear it, but it was like a sixth sense by now; he knew Derek sighed before yanking back the crookedly hanging sheet that served as a dressing room in a corner of their massive canvas pack tent.

“So, the skirt is supposed to be this short.”

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Raziel: You and your people will drink my blood and become a strong race of humans with angel blood

Jonathan: What will we be called?

Raziel: What’s your name?

Jonathan: Jonathan Shadowhunter


Oh Sehun//Fast Lane

Summary: You finally find out how your big cousin earns her money - she’s the flag girl for the illegal street races in your neighborhood, and now she’s dragging you along. And that’s where you meet the Hawaii-shirt wearing, orange-headed Oh Sehun, ace street racer and smartass.
Scenario: street racer!au 
Word Count: 6,337

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anonymous asked:

Dear Hank, I am a 20-something straight white male, and I am finding it increasingly hard to not hate what I am because of other people who are that. I find myself wrestling with self-destructive and violent impulses towards other people like me. The simple fact of the matter is we deserve to be bled like swine for the damage we've done to the world and all the other people in it. How do you accept the monstrous history of our race without becoming some sort of serial killer?


This is awful. This is an awful, awful thing to feel. I have never felt guilty about the power I’ve been given. You are not responsible for what people who are not you did just because you benefitted from their actions. You are only responsible for your actions and what you do with that power.

Like, I have a responsibility to do good with the power I’ve been given, but I’ve never hated myself because I happened to be born with the skin color, gender, biological sex, or bank account I was born with. I feel those things as a weight because I want to use the power I have well. But do not hate yourself because of something you didn’t do. 

anonymous asked:

How about the lions becoming human or whatever race with a side of langst?

Fuck yes!!!!!! Mama Blue to the rescue!!!!!! :D
The new ability had come out of nowhere. One minute Pidge was frustrated with a new upgrade, and the next a human version of her Lion was pointing out what was wrong with the programming.
After that, a human form became available to Black, Yellow, and even Red. Green looked quite similar to Pidge’s mother, Colleen. Black explained that they chose their form based on an important female figure in their Paladin’s life, with a few differences. Like Green having bright lime colored hair and golden eyes.
The hair color matched the Lion’s metal, and all of their eyes were golden. They were a physical manifestation of their own Quintessence, while their metal bodies stayed put.
And yet, Blue still didn’t have her human form. That function was damaged, and she’d had no time to repair it since she’d been reactivated.
Lance didn’t blame her one bit, but he did feel slightly jealous every time he saw Hunk and Yellow, a bubbly yet bulky blonde reminiscent of Hunk’s mother, chatting away and baking in the kitchen or Keith actually laughing while training with Red, who may have been short and slim figured but was fast on her feet.
What really hurt, was that nobody seemed to care about it. Their Lions took his place as the friendly guy to the team. Pidge had Green to keep her active, Hunk had Yellow to soothe his anxiety, Shiro had Black to calm his flashbacks or nightmares, Keith had Red to tell him when to stop training for the day.
Nobody needed him around anymore.
Most of his time was spent in Blue’s cockpit, blurting out his frustrations and worries and fears while she hummed to him to calm him, upset she couldn’t assure his worth with words like she wished to do. He didn’t know if anybody even noticed that he was hardly around anymore, aside from missions. He kept it to himself, knowing that the Lions made his team happy, he couldn’t be selfish and beg for attention. He was raised better than that.
The tipping point was during a mission to destroy a Galran main support ship. They had formed Voltron to fight back, but that’s where everything went to Hell. An overcharged laser cannon hit Blue, inflicting horrifying damage and actually snapping the leg off of the main body. They were forced to split up, Blue returning to her previous Lion form but unable to move as her pilot wasn’t responsive.
Blue was sent flying at high speeds into a planet so very very far away from her sisters, crashing into a black ocean that felt thick and heavy against her metal skin as they sunk to the planet’s ice cold core.
Her Lance was bleeding, badly. He was burnt and sliced up from the electricity of the laser. She drew in power from the sludgy ocean and forced herself to form a human body inside her own cockpit. Fluffy, curly blue hair bounced around her tan shoulders as her slim, twiggy body smoothed out her blue t-shirt and jean shorts, grimacing at the sticky dark red liquid staining her bare feet.
Wasting no time, she hurried to where her first aid kit was stored and pulled out everything, more than a little frantic. She almost slid on the bloody floor while dashing back, but she caught herself and pulled away his armor, leaving him in his black undersuit. She’d left a working light on before she’d shifted, as it was pitch dark outside her windows, and proceeded to tend to the burns and slashes carefully.
She pulled him onto the floor with her, and tucked his head onto her chest, purring soothingly, light glinting off of her golden eyes. She tilted her head back to look at the ceiling.
She hoped her sisters found them soon.
If you want a part two, let me know! Instead, have this Mama Blue and langst ;)
I’ve gotta go cook dinner right now, but I’ll be back in a bit!

Edit: there’s more of this AU!

A few things need to be said:

A character with an ambiguous skin tone and/ or racial identity is not good representation, even if you headcanon them as a POC. The likelihood is that the writer also perceives this character as white. Stating white skin tone/ race is often unknowingly perceived as unnecessary, due to our (society’s) gross, internalised bias that the ‘default’ is white.

Do not give credit to an author for allowing their characters to be headcanoned as POC. A headcanon is something you or a group of people believe, but not necessarily the author. If the author wanted true representation, they would have downright and concretely stated their character’s skin colour/ race in the texts of their work. By all means, headcanon race, but just be wary about giving credit where credit is not due. No one deserves brownie points for doing a sloppy job.

Stating a character is “tanned” or “olive-toned” is also not good representation. These are often considered ambiguous terms because, first and foremost, white people can be tanned. Olive can work, but there is dispute over whether it is similar to using tan, so it’s generally not recommended to use it.

Please just plainly state your characters’ races every time, even if they’re white. If your character has brown skin, or is black, or Caucasian, just say it. When you do this for POC characters, their race becomes visible, which is good for representation. When you do this for a white character, it helps to remove the awful implication that “white is the default” for both yourself and the reader.

Wow the Bellarkers are really intimidated by the possibility of Braven becoming a thing, aren’t they? Actual arguments I’ve seen for why they won’t be involved:

“If Raven and Bellamy hook up it will only be as friends with benefits [because Bellamy will totally be hung up on Clarke for six years].”

“I don’t think Raven will get together with anyone. She’s amazing and deserves someone who really appreciates her, like Roan [whom she’s never interacted with] or Clarke [who has barely said two words to her since season two].”

“I think Echo [the woman who murdered his girlfriend and tried to murder his sister] has a stronger romantic bond with Bellamy than Raven [who he has more faith in than anyone else] does… But they’ll only be a friends with benefits type of situation.”

“Bellamy and Raven didn’t work out as a couple in season one [no, they had sex as barely anything more than strangers four seasons ago] so they won’t now either.”

“Bellamy and Raven won’t be a smart choice since it just means a rehash of her season one storyline where Finn ditched her for Clarke [because it’s a foregone conclusion Bellamy will ditch Raven for the white blonde girl even though Rothenberg has said Bellarke isn’t canon].

Feel free to contribute with other desperate Bellarke arguments you’ve stumbled upon.

  • team rocket: we want to take over the country and rule it from the shadows because we're the yakuza and we won't bend to anyone.
  • team aqua: we want to make the world a better place for life by returning things to the primordial ocean from whence they came.
  • team magma: we want to make the world a better place for life by expanding the land so they have more room to live.
  • team galactic: we want to unmake reality and reform it in the image of our leader, creating a universe without spirit or strife.
  • team plasma: we want to bring about change and justice for pokemon, letting them live free from human cruelty and interference.
  • team neo plasma: we want to take over our country with brute force and become the masters of all around us with the power of a legend.
  • team flare: we want to eradicate the common folk and become a race of beautiful, eternal elites who will reign forever.
  • aether foundation: we want to conserve living beings, including those from other worlds, regardless of the consequences for our own world.
  • team skull: we just wanna fucking eat cause the economy's fucked and our lives are going nowhere