becoming one with the universe

“Rose made me feel… Like I was everything.” 🌹🌹🌹

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Uranus: “I will free myself from what everyone expects me to become.”

Neptune: “I will free myself from material world and become one with the universe.”

Pluto: “I will free myself from the person I was in the past.”


look what i in the everlovingfuck found :

do you see this ?

do you see the stubble ? do you see that pout??

do you ?

ok then be prepared for this:

here it is

you can see the blue in his eyes

ok ok

but then there is this :

do you wnat a moving version ?

you dont ?

oh well

here it is :

you are welcome

and just so u know im not freaking out because this man is so hot the sun is melting

but he because he can also change in one second and become the best and only angel bean in the entire universe!



Im out

im done

Whenever you love yourself with all your glory and imperfections, you become one with the universe.

You become enlightened along with its stars and planets and glory. Your love for yourself will begin to expand like how it expands. You become one with it, and it will begin to understand beyond what it understands. That love and all its meaning and reason are beyond all its meaning and reason. That love in its purest form is undeniably unexplainable. That love in its purest form is not shared but rather unshared because despite its potential to heal and understand and reach for another pure form to be a helping hand—it has the potential to kill and steal what you’ve already feel. That losing the feeling that you’ve already earned since the beginning of time would lead you into believing that it was never real. That love and all its meaning and reason were just some big delusion for security.

And that’s why it is so important for love to come from within. That’s why it is so important for love to be only synonymous only to yourself. Because self-love is the most powerful force in the universe. And it is only when you love yourself with all your glory and imperfections is when that power is realized. And when you believe truly believe that you love yourself—then nothing is impossible to achieve.

—  Juansen Dizon // Grandiosity 

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Favourite book?

your illustrated guide to becoming one with the universe by Yumi Sakugawa

it is such an amazing book, I read through it within 1h maybe or even less (it’s not that much text because nearly the whole page is full of illustrations) and it changed my mindset so much to the positive!! Whenever I feel like everything’s falling apart I grab this book and read through it again bc it helps me so much!!


Ahhh~! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed my headcanon! ( ‘//v//’)

i live to pick on kanda basically
  • college au in which ot4 meet in a beginning hip hop class they’re all taking for breadth credit only allen, lenalee, and lavi genuinely wanted to take the class and kanda just couldn’t fit anything else into his schedule and is the shittiest dancer in the world. 
  • when kanda’s regen core craps out completely (but he doesn’t die bc these are HAPPY ok) and he has to deal with the shit care he takes of himself, he gets really dry cracked heels and bad split ends. for the dry skin he goes to lavi and points at his heels and is all ‘what the fuck is this’ and lavi has to teach him to moisturize. for the hair he goes to lenaleee and doesn’t have to say anything, she just knows and gives him shampoo and conditioner and it pisses him off that there are two steps so he combines both in one bottle and invents 2-in-1.  
  • “hey yuu, i got a question for ya. okay, so say you’re running a race, and you just passed the person in second place. what place are you in?” “first, obviously. why are you asking me such a stupid question. what do you want. why are you laughing at me?”
  • ot4 all move in together after college and their first real test as true adults is building all the ikea furniture they’ve bought. it is also a test of how deep their friendship truly runs. kanda screws the legs of all the chairs on upside down and then decides, fuck it, he’ll just sleep on a mattress on the floor who cares about a bed frame. allen and lavi laugh until they are out of tears, and lenalee tries valiantly to squish her lips together and not make a sound, and later is the one who has to knock on kanda’s bedroom door and convince him to come out for dinner.
  • allen, lavi, and lenalee surprise kanda on his birthday. they wait for him to come home and when he does they yell ‘SURPRISE!’ and it’s like 11pm and kanda’s been working late and he’s so startled he punches his fist clean through the pinata allen has strung up in front of the door. it goes very quiet and finally kanda says, looking at the sad pinata on the floor, ‘is that supposed to be my face?’ speed up to birthday cake time, they all kiss kanda on the cheeks and he blushes a little bit and then lavi slams his face into the cake and it’s a very merry night indeed.