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Random Trinket Table

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I want something useless but mildly interesting that isn’t from the trinket table in the player’s handbook!” Well, you’re in luck. Because I love random, useless trinkets and I’ve created a list for all to use. Even though there are plenty of other random trinket tables out there, you can never really have too many. Am I right or…? Anyways. Table below the cut!

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Neymar recording a message for 7 year old Arthur who suffers from leukemia. Afterwards you can also see the reaction of Arthur to this video.


His family wrote the following with the video message of Neymar: 
“I can not thank you enough. I really have no words to say how happy my brother was. Thank you @neymarjr! Thank you very much. Our warrior will come out of this soon, God willing ❤️ 

Thank you @mariahdiaspeople who helped me in inexplicable ways and who gave us a huge force! We are still in shock and we end at the ICU INFANTIL! Everyone cried, giant emotion! He (Arthur) even had lunch and was hungry! Thank you, thank you and thank you! These days have been very difficult and this has given us strength, all these videos, the messages, T U D O! Thank you again @neymarjr.”

With the reaction video of Arthur his family wrote: 
“This was our warrior’s REACTION to @neymarjr’s video and Arthurzinho has a message to give as follows. Ney: “When I leave here and have healed, I’m going to play ball with you.”

And if it depends on me you will. I’ll move worlds and backgrounds to make it happen! Thank you @mariahdiaspeople who helped us with all of this. Thank you for being the light. Enjoy this wonderful video! I already sent your e-mail, Mariah! He still did not really thank the video, because it was very painful (chemo effect) and went to rest! ❤️❤️❤️ @butgix”

Neymar also commented on the reaction video of Arthur afterwards:

Commander’s Toolkit

Unsung Heroes 

Below are some cards that have some pretty cool abilities that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use, but me. It could be because their mana costs are too high or they’re a bit too niche maybe, but here they are anyway. 

1. Repay in Kind 

I’ve managed to win or come close to winning with this a couple of times, it’s a great way of just closing out one of those games. We’ve all had one, where someone has a Trostani deck or has just managed to get a Gary onto the battlefield and become healthy again. Laugh in their face as their life total drops to an all time low.

2. Tainted Remedy 

As good as this card is, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else use it or even heard it mentioned. it’s so good for obvious reasons. I suppose in some decks, commander damage does render it useless.

3. Dispatch 

Considering all prevalence of mana rocks and other artifact utilities in commander, as well as Exile being a staple. I’m surprised I don’t see this one more often. 

4. Nightmare Incursion 

I love cards like this, making sure certain things can never be played is just wonderful. I occasionally see Praetor’s Grasp, but that’s the closest to this card I think I’ve ever seen. This card goes really well with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth by the way. 

5. Grand Abolisher 

I don’t see this guy around much anymore. his ability to shut down all responses during your turn even your end step is just a god send. he’s really cheap too. 

6. Merciless Executioner 

This is Fleshbag Marauder’s less popular brother, he is almost the same. But I never see him being used despite having redundancy. I would say having multiple ways to potentially get rid of indestructible permanents is always useful. 

7. Hallowed Moonlight/Containment Priest

The prevalence of reanimator and cheaty decks makes me surprised that I don’t see this pair very often as they can really wipe a smile of someone who’s just played a Rise of the Dark Realms or Genesis Wave.

8. Reiterate 

I don’t see this card very often, and it’s horrible. a copy spell that can be recurred with buyback has some unpleasant applications. 

9. Malignus 

I haven’t seen this guy since he was released back in avacyn restored. I think he’s really great, I must admit though I don’t use him much myself. He enters with half the highest life total and his damage can’t be prevented. Give this guy a Fireshrieker or a Furnace of Rath and you’re laughing. 

10. Hedonist’s Trove 

Although this is quite expensive, I think it has some interesting applications later on in the game, being able to deprive someone of their graveyard and then use cards from it is just great in my opinion.

I realize now that these aren’t very diverse. mostly in black or white. I also don’t speak for everyone when I say that people don’t use these enough, I just haven’t seen these cards in the metas that I have been part of. 

BTS reaction - you being chubbier recovering from an ED

Bts reaction to u becoming chubby/squishy while recovering from an ed?

Jin: Reminds you that your current weight and body shape is normal when recovering from an ED and that he is happy that you are recovering and are becoming healthy again. Cooks for you constantly so that, in his words, “Its better to eat delicious food than average food.”

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Yoongi: Whenever he saw you looking even remotely displeased with your body he would come over and tell you how beautiful your healthy, recovery body is. He was always worried you’d relapse so he made sure to eat with you and compliment you 24/7 to make sure you knew how amazing and strong you are to recover.

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Hoseok: When showing him your outfit for the day, whether it be a tight crop top and high waisted pants or sweats and a hoodie, he always smiles and compliments your figure, proud of how far you’ve come from before. He always makes sure you’re eating well and takes you out to cute coffee dates to spend time with you. 

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Namjoon: Always so upset when you make a negative comment on your body. He loves you too much to let you think bad things about yourself. Buys you cute food (most likely Ryan related) and takes you for picnics at parks. Makes sure you know how strong you are by leaving little notes around the house when he’s away.

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Jimin: Expect many back hugs and forehead kisses during your recovery. Asks you how you are feeling and how you are eating and whether you want to talk about anything, fearful of you going back to your old habits. Makes sure you know that he is there for you and that you can talk to him about recovery whenever.

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Taehyung: Comforting and cuddly when you’re feeling down about yourself. If he’s away on tour he’ll send you flowers or chocolates with little notes saying how proud he is of you. Daily texts asking how you’ve been eating and many dinner dates.

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Jungkook: Goes to the guys for advice, not knowing what to do and being afraid to mess up. Pays a lot of attention to you and spends a lot of time with you playing video games or watching movies to make sure you’re happy. Many hugs and “I love you"s. Sort of awkward when it comes to talking but listens and gives the best responses he can give.

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- Liv

If you are recovering from an ED, know that i support you through your recovery and that getting chubbier during the recovery process is very normal.

If you currently are struggling with an ED, seek help and know that you’re not alone and that it’s not anything to be ashamed of.

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What's the difference between Ceres and Lilith?


  • Loses her daughter to Hades
  • Can show how we deal with loss and separation
  • Deals with the mother (relationship with her, you as a mother figure)
  • Shows where we’re nurtured
  • If afflicted can show mother issues.


  • Has 3 stages
  • Suppression, humiliation, isolation (Asteroid Lilith)
  • Pain, plotting, revenge (Dark Moon Lilith)
  • Rising from the ruins and becoming healthy again (Black Moon Lilith)
  • Represents abuse and corruption
Oh My Girl JinE||Her battle with Anorexia

Please take the time to read this. JinE was my favorite O!MG member. When she left I was devastated and heartbroken. Even if you dont like Oh My Girl of Girl group in general. Everyone needs to stand up. We need to fight back against news articles criticizing idols weight gain.

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When Oh My Girl was set to debut JinE seemed like the perfect candidate. JinE was full of life and cheerful, she gave off a young and fresh vibe that Oh My Girl needed. On April 20 2015 Oh My Girl debuted with the title song Cupid. O!MG had a successful debut. None of the members were criticized for their weight. Even though all the girls had a variety of weight and height there was never a problem with their looks. O!MG had a growing fanbase who loved their young and cheerful songs. 

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5 Months later O!MG came back with Closer. It became an instant hit and further increased their popularity as rookies. JinE came back looking thinner than ever. 2 Days after Closure release jinE was diagnosed with Anorexia. She was rushed to the hospital where it was later it was revealed that her members found her throwing up and discovered she had an esophagus infection. JinE promised to gain more weight and become healthy again. She announced that she “just wanted to be beautiful” for their new ethereal seeming comeback. JinE said she looked at past photos only to become triggered by how fat she was. Although she was the thinnest and daintiest member JinE did not see that. JinE admitted that she starved herself for 2 months losing 17-22 pounds. She also said that she only ate protein if she had to. She then left the hospital and was assigned out patient monitoring meaning that she would get regular check ups. 

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However JinE never gained the weight like promised and 2 months later O!MG began to promote for their new album. Netizens started to take interest in O!MG because of JinEs weight problems.Everyone started to discuss O!MG’s weight and write articles about them. Yooa and Mimi were raised for their well proportioned body and Hyojung and Jiho were complimented for their weight loss. JinE felt betrayed and hurt. She had to gain weight whereas her members were able to lose weight and be praised. It was around this time that JinE realized she had the smallest fanbase. March 28 2016 LIAR LIAR was released. JinE seemed to have gained no weight. She was the focal point of this comeback because of her cute expressions. JinE was becoming more recognized. However JinE had barely gained her weight back like promised. While JinE was maintaining her small frail figure her anorexia seemed to have become a thing of the past. No one continued to talk about it, they all forgot. 

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Nearly 2 months had passed and O!MG had another comeback, Windy Day. JinE regained her natural weight and was looking more joyful than ever. She began to show more confidence in her body and fans wondered if this was a new beginning for her. An era where JinE could start over and become a new person. Netizens noticed JinE weight gain and began to criticize her. They said she gained weight to fast and was chubby. They were worried that she would become fat. Another member Arin was also criticized for her weight gain however Arin paid no attention to them and quickly her fan base defend her saying she was the youngest. On TV JinE was timid and often hunched over or hid behind members.She would often cover herself purposefully. Possibly because of her being ashamed of her fat body. On camera she didn’t appear to be as happy and joyful as her other members. It was only a matter of time before JinE began to lose it. 

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2 months later O!MG came back with their 5th comeback, JinE’s last. JinE looked scarily thin and frail. Everyone assumed JinE would gain it all back like she did before and didn’t mention it. A-ing was the group’s 2nd biggest hit. They were often performing and promoting the song. As weeks went by JinE’s skin had gone sickly pale and her hair started to look thin and brittle. She looked tired and worn out. Now netizens started to criticize her again. Calling her weight loss “ugly” and “disgusting” while others called it “work of art” “perfect”. Finally fans began to worry about JinEs frail and sickly body. 2 weeks after their comeback WM pulled JinE from promoting and prohibited her from leaving the hospital. For nearly 6 months JinE was unheard from. She had disappeared from all camera and news outlets. People started to forget about her. In April 2016 O!MG came back once again with Coloring Book. JinE did not participated in this comeback however the members made sure to reassure everyone that she was still part of the group. They constantly mentioned her and kept her image alive. Sadly on October 30 2016 WM announced that JinEs condition had not gotten better. JinE and the company had come to mutual agreement stating that she should leave to focus on her health. JinEs contract was terminated and she officially departed from the group. JinE posted a handwritten letter onto a fancafe. In the letter JinE thanked everyone for letting her live out her dreams. She thanked the fans and members for loving her dearly and always supporting her. She also apologized for leaving but announced she hoped everyone will remember her for her vibrant and cheerful self……

~Main Admin Mirae

Me at sh writers for giving me some good material for one of my fav rareships I didn’t think I’d see. And seeing Jaia kiss! Giving us amazing Malec and Magnus and Dot bonding moments! Maia and Simon bringing up racism and prejudices and history being mentioned. Izzy getting better and going to meetings. Izzy becoming healthy again! 

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When SVT realizes they love you

I’m sorry for taking so long! Here is when Seventeen realizes they are in love with you.

Scoups had said he could beat anyone one in Mario Kart, which obviously offended you since you were always number one. You had challenged him to to a race. When it was all done and over, Coups had barley bet you. You sighed and laid on the ground saying you give up on the world causing him to laugh. “Think about this way, your always my number two and I’m always your number one.

Sunlight had started creeping into your bedroom. You had woken up in Jeonghan’s arms. Jeonghan had woken up just the same as you. He sighed and started getting up much to your distress. You pulled him back into bed cuddling into him more whining about sleeping for 5 more minutes causing him to laugh. “Of course, anything for my prince(ss).”

You had been secretly learning how to play the guitar to surprise your boyfriend. When ever you get off work and he is not home you would practice and watch YouTube videos. One day Joshua had came home earlier and walked into hearing his guitar being played. When he gets to your open door he sees you trying to play. Joshua breaks out into a smile and sits next to you. “Here, let me show you a trick”

He had came home earlier then normal one day because practice had ended early. He walks in quietly in case you were sleeping to find you with your head in a textbook. You had passed out while trying to learn Jun’s native language. He smiles and lightly shakes his head, then Carried you to bed while thinking to himself that he will help you study. “Here, let’s take you to bed now”

Hoshi was walking to the practice room to find you dancing. A random song was in background while you were dancing pretty well. He had taken notice how well your body moved with the beat. He got happy that his partner loved dance as much as him. “Hey Y/N, how about you teach that dance move, we could use it in the next song.”

You were both cured up on the couch reading books together. Wonwoo with his arm around you. He glanced up from his book to see excitement in your eyes while you were reading the climax of the story. He fell in love with your love of books. You looked up and asked what he was looking at. Only for him to respond with “Only your beauty”.

He had been pulling an another all nighter. When he finished work (for the day) he left his studio to find you on the couch sleeping. Next to you was a bag with food and water in it with a note saying his name. “Thank you Y/N for caring for me”

DK got bored so he went on your phone. He was wondering what his name was on your phone. He looked for your last convo to see his name was “My Sunshine”. He got so happy that he even pulled out his phone and named you “My Moonlight” he fell in love with the way your cute nicknames. “I love you my Moonlight”

Mingyu had gotten sick and you had forced him to take a day off. You had told him to take a nap. When he woke up, he got bored to he tried getting up so he could clean something. You immediately walked into his room making him lay down again. You scolded him about needing to rest up to become healthy again. You left but not before you gave him a forehead kiss. “(S)he will be a great mother/father to my children one day”

It was movie night for just the two of you and The8 wanted watch a horror movie with you since he loved them. When the first jump scare came on you had jumped in fright and held onto his arm. “It’s okay, I will protect you, nothing will harm my prince(ss).

Seungkwan was calling his mom for the 3rd time because she kept not answering the phone. Finally the phone answered but you voice came on. Seungkwan got confused only for you to say you were shopping with his mom. He got so happy because you got along with his beloved mother and it meant so much to him. “Have fun shopping~”

You were watching a movie with the boys. The movie got boring though so you started going to sleep. Your head had fell onto Vernons shoulder. He looked at you and started staring at your features. He fell in love with the way your hair started getting in your face and how your lips would open a little now again while sleeping. “God, you’re so beautiful”

After your 3rd date with Chan, he was walking you home. When he got it the door he stopped to say good bye. After your goodbyes you had given him a quick peck on the lips and closed your door. Chan stood frozen for a minute with his finger on his lips. Butterflies were going crazy and his heart beat couldn’t calm down. “What are they doing to me, now I will not be able to sleep now”.

Random HC #19 (Continuation of #4 - #18)


The ship has stopped.
At first, Robbie didn’t notice, because he’s still busy crying and screaming in terror and agony. But when he takes another, weak, stuttering breath in, he notices, that it’s not moving anymore. Maybe there’s just no more wind to toss the airship around like a ball, the kids use to kick around all day? He forces himself to focus on the movements that don’t come from his own trembling body. No, it’s definitely not moving anymore. So… Did it land? And if, where? …Should he strain himself to get up and check? Probably… But does it really matter? Isn’t he dying, anyway? He feels like he is… With another whimper, he cracks his eyes open. It’s still dark… Or rather dark again? For how long has he been lying here on the floor, anyway? Hours? Days? …He really can’t tell… And he can neither tell whether he needs seconds or minutes to gather enough strength to roll onto his back with a loud whine.
Step one.
He takes a shallow breath in and pushes himself to sit up.
Step two.
At once, he feels sick and dizzy again and his arms, that keep him upright are shaking violently. His mouth opens on its own account, but nothing comes out. Another tear runs down his cheek. He knows it’s useless to call for Sportacus. He isn’t here. He won’t come to his rescue. Not this time. Not ever again…
Then he startles at a strange noise, coming from the door. His heart sinks and beats faster with the slightest spark of hope at the same time. Maybe…Sportacus just wanted to scare him, to teach him a lesson and therefore sent the ship off for a little while, before it returned on its own again? And now, he’s…
The door opens. “LIGHTS!”
Robbie feels his heart skip a beat and squeezes his eyes shut with a painful yelp at the sudden, stinging brightness, invading them now. That’s not Sportacus’ voice! He’s sick and dizzy, beyond limits, but he would recognize the hero’s voice in every condition, as long as his mind is functioning more or less normal. That voice now was far too rough and hard and mean and…cold… “There he is! Get him to the judge, at once! The elders want his case closed tonight!” Strong arms grab Robbie’s and pull him on his legs, even before the villain gets the meaning of these words. He cries out in pain at the sudden movement and forces his eyes open. His vision is blurry for a few seconds, but then he recognizes a face of an old man… No… Not just any face… A painful sharp sting rushes through his chest when realization hits him and he gasps out “…Nine…”
“Hello, Robbie. Didn’t expect to meet me again, did you?!” the gleeful sneer on Nine’s lips is still the same, Robbie knew and feared as a kid. “…W-Why…”
“We send somebody to get you. You’re too dangerous for your town to let us allow you to stay there any longer. Ten took longer than we expected him to, but in the end, he obviously caught and sent you here. Now you’re going to be punished. After our judge has seen you, of course. But that’s only a matter of…”
“NO!” Robbie feels the pain in his stomach and chest becoming worse again, but he instinctively tries to struggle against the strong grips of the two guards restraining him “No! Sportacus didn’t send me here! He assured me he never would! He stayed in LazyTown because he knew he couldn’t return without me! You’re lying!!”
“He eventually realized his mistake. That’s why you’re here now,” Nine laughs out “Did you ACTUALLY believe that he CARED?! That ANYBODY cares about someone like YOU?! You’re nothing but a failure and a villain! A bad one, even! No one in LazyTown will miss you! Take him away.”
“…No…” Robbie feels his strength fading completely now and once the guards loosen their grip on him the tiniest bit, he drops down on his knees and buries his face in his hands, sobbing lowly “No… Sportacus wouldn’t do that! He just… He wouldn’t! You’re lying! He…” when he feels his cold hands touching his hot cheeks, he suddenly remembers the way, Sportacus held his hand. “…He…wanted me to…become healthy again… He…held my hand and tried to soothe me. He… He CARES!” he swallows hard and raises his eyes again, trying to steady his breathing while giving Nine the most determined stare, he manages despite his pain and fear “…And he did NOT send me here! He PROMISED me to not leave me alone! I don’t know what happened and why I’m here, but…”
“He doesn’t care about you!”
“Yes, he DOES! This isn’t… This isn’t REAL!” he clenches his hands into fists and closes his eyes, trying to focus on what he knows CERTAINLY is real and what he remembers BEFORE he woke up here all alone. He was changing clothes… Sportacus wanted him to wear something more comfortable… One of his…pajamas… And he…had already changed his pants when he suddenly…felt incredibly sick and then…nothing… “…I…know what’s going on…” he breathes in “…It’s only a dream…”
“Robbie Rotten. You will be sentenced, no matter what! Take him away!”
Robbie feels the hands on his arms again and cries out at the touch, but he whimpers lowly to remind himself “It’s a nightmare! I’m just dreaming! No one is going to hurt me! I-I’m with Sportacus! He MUST be here! Please! Please…”
The two hands on his arms move to wrap around his chest from behind now. Gently. Robbie feels as if the last bit of strength is drained from him, his eyes fall shut and he knows that he would fall forward if it wasn’t for these gentle, warm hands…
They’re carefully massaging his abdomen and chest now - skin on skin. He’s just wearing pyjamas…
And there’s a voice.
A warm, gentle, soothing but clearly afraid voice “…Robbie… Please… Wake up…”
He slowly opens his eyes. He’s still in the airship. But not on the ground anymore. A low whimper escapes him when he takes a labored breath in “…Sportacus…”
“I’m here, Robbie. Please, I don’t know whether you can hear me, but..”
“Sportacus,” it takes a lot of energy, he isn’t even sure he has, but he moves his head a little to be able to look up and into these blue, exhausted, incredibly worried but now also confused and even slightly relieved eyes “…Sportacus… You…didn’t leave me…alone in here… Did you?…”
“Robbie! You’re back!” the hero turns pale as ash for a moment, but then he appears to start crying and laughing at the same time and he tightens his hug around the villain, nuzzling his face against Robbie’s cheek, almost sobbing “No! I didn’t! And I never would! Oh, Robbie! You… What happened? What… You’ve been hallucinating for four hours! I thought…” he breaks up into another sob.
Robbie nods weakly “…Yeah… Me too…” he feels Sportacus’ hands that are holding on to his own, tightly but carefully and squeezes them probably barely noticeably. But Sportacus does notice. And he returns the squeeze, whispering once more “…I didn’t leave you…”
“…I know… You…care…” the villain manages a weak smile, knowing that the hero is going to sense this, since he’s still pressing their cheeks together “…And that knowledge…is what just kept me alive, I guess…” he thinks he’s too weakened to blush meanwhile, and his face still is heated up with fever, anyway, so he can as well be honest now “…Sportacus… I was so scared. I… I thought you left me in the airship and sent it off to your people and…everything hurt… But when Nine came to take me to their judge, he told me that you…don’t care about me and then I…realized that this wasn’t real and…managed to wake up again…” Robbie is crying again now at the memory of this. But he’s not entirely sure whether it’s not a little bit out of relief, as well. A few seconds pass. Sportacus doesn’t say anything, he just gently rubs small circles in the back of Robbie’s hands. “…I shouldn’t have told you any of that… I knew that it would scare you… But I…” the hero swallows hard “…I wouldn’t have thought that it would cause you to have such horrible hallucinations… I’m so sorry, Robbie! That’s all my fault! I…”
“No. It is not,” Robbie turns his face away, so he loses the contact with the hero’s cheek and more tears stream down his face “It’s my fault. I… I’m a mess!”
“What?! No! Robbie…”
“Yes, I AM! And you know it! You care for me, yes. You pity me, because I can’t get anything right! I even nearly die because of stupid hallucinations, caused by stupid fever, caused by my stupid inability to take care of myself!” he withdraws his hands and brings them up to cover his face, wishing for nothing more than to disappear and not bother the hero anymore, but can’t possibly strain himself with any other movements than this one, he sobs breathlessly “…Just take me home and leave me be! Nine was right, I am no good! You do care about me, but this is WRONG! You shouldn’t… And I shouldn’t let you… I deserve…”
“Robbie!” interrupts Sportacus suddenly firmly, one hand gently covering the villain’s mouth now and he takes a deep breath, before he continues softly “…Please, listen closely now… Nine was NOT right. You are not ‘bad’! And you DON’t deserve whatever my people would do to you! And…” his hand moves from Robbie’s mouth to his forehead and he gently brushes some sweaty hair out of his face, before feeling the hot skin once more “…you’re SICK. You need rest. You need care. You need…” hesitatingly, the hero leans closer again and places a very soft, very short kiss on Robbie’s temple “…love.” Robbie winces at the kiss, but tries to wrap his mind around the strange new feeling, at once. Sportacus gives him time to progress this, gently starting to run his hands over the other’s arms again, trying to soothe him. Suddenly, but not entirely unexpected, Robbie bursts out into new tears and violent sobs, chest spasming with the effort to take in enough air, and he tries to double over again. But Sportacus doesn’t let him. Instead, he gently guides his body, until the villain is lying on his side now, his upper body completely rested on the hero’s chest. “…Shush… It’s okay, Robbie. Everything will be all right again, soon, I promise! Just breathe. In and out. Nobody will be able to hurt you again. In no way. I’m here. I will protect you. Even from yourself, if necessary… You are no mess, Robbie. You are wonderful, just the way you are. And I will prove it to you, if you just let me… Please… Don’t give up now…” The villain doesn’t think, he just buries his face against Sportacus strong, muscular, but yet soft neck and whimpers lowly “…Is this real now?…”
“Yes,” the hero gently caresses his head and cheek with one hand and his back with the other, murmuring lowly and encouragingly, but with a thick lump in his throat “Yes, it is…”

выздороветь vs. поправиться

Both verbs mean ‘to get well’.

Выздороветь has only one meaning: to recover from an illness. It derives from здоровый, healthy. So, выздороветь = to become healthy again.

Поправиться means that, too, but also 2) to gain weight 3) to get better in the broad sense (one’s business gets better etc).

Yoko Taro announces planned NieR: Automata DLC


Director Yoko Taro originally spoke back on March 13th about how “NieR Automata Didn’t Have Enough Of A Budget To Get Meaningful DLC” however Square Enix are reportedly factoring in the international sales, already over 3 million, and has greenlit production for DLC.

As you may already be aware, NieR got DLC in the form of “The World of Recycled Vessel”. Yoko Taro has announced this DLC will be known as “2B_ig. Mode” which he describes as “2B’s Ultimate Secret”.

Yoko Taro outlined the following points about said DLC:

*To access this secret mode one must of completed the game with all game ends, fist-pump your support units Pod 042 and 153 at least 10 times during said playthroughs, found the toothbrush during a sidequest, set Voice Modulation to LOW (but not lowest), and then acquire a Shaman Fish. This fish will be the key to unlocking this content. Now play as normal with 2B.

*When you meet the Apologetic Machine in the Desert it’ll give you access to the elevator in which, once opened, a wave of desserts will flood 2B and cause her to absorb its contents immediately.

*Your plug-in chips will slowly ‘grease’ as you play - the lowest one on the stack will slip out and you’ll have to re-equip it or the next one, finally reaching your OS chip and thus killing you. Enjoy the micro-management!
*If you stay still for too long moss will start to grow on you.
*Animal Bait & Fish will be instantly eaten whilst staying near Moose and Boar will cause 2B to drool profusely.
*Riding animals will cause them to stagger and then collapse.
*Trying to slide down the sand causes you to roll and then self-destruct. Occasionally it may instead cause 2B’s heels to strike oil and cause explosions.

*If you use the Pod Program Wire you’ll receive a Wario-like bash.
*You can no longer fit in transporters.

*Equipping the Cypress Stick as 2B in this mode will transform machines into metal slimes.

*Father Servo will transcend the heavens and return with a Platinum belt and a work-out routine enabling you to become modestly healthy once again however this will be time-based and failure to succeed will require micro-transactions to try again.
*Engels will also return as a tutor explaining how to get a big combo in this mode which will be another requirement to return to normal size once you surpass his combo.
*The elevator will have many desserts and they need to all be consumed to finally descend and discover plot points about Drakenguard 4. Yoko Taro has sworn if people don’t complete the DLC he just won’t make the game because, and I quote, “Fuck it all I’m drunk”.

More details can be found at or by following his twitter handle.

Random HC #23 (Continuation of #4 - #22)


The night is long over and has made room for a new morning. That’s the first thing, Sportacus realizes, when he opens his eyes with a small yawn. The next fact, catching his attention is that it though isn’t as bright in the airship as it uses to be at this time of day and the next second, he can already hear the raindrops, splashing against the outside of his home. Usually, he’d feel a little disappointed when he understands that the day will be rainy. Probably too rainy for the kids to play outside. But today is different…
His eyes roam Robbie’s relaxed body. The other is still cuddled up close to him and he can feel the steady heaving and sinking of his chest against his hand, still resting on the villain’s back. Robbie’s hands are lightly holding on to the hero’s pajama top, as if he wants to make sure that he isn’t leaving him after all. The damp cloth on his forehead had actually soaked through Sportacus’ top, but it feels warm meanwhile and therefore, he still doesn’t really care…
He can’t help a soft, happy smile, although he can still feel the heat coming from the other’s body, proving that his fever still hasn’t ceased one bit. But at least, Robbie slept peacefully through this part of the night… Sportacus gently starts caressing the villain’s head again, extracting a soft noise from him. It’s a very low humming, almost edging into a purr. The hero’s smile brightens and his heart does a small, happy jump. Robbie simply looks incredibly cute, when he’s sleeping this peacefully and this sound only adds to his appearance. It makes Sportacus wish to be able to watch him sleep like this, every morning, to hold and cuddle him and help him realize that he’s not alone. On the contrary. The hero would do anything for him! But at exactly this thought, Sportacus’ heart grows heavy again, because it reminds him that Robbie isn’t here, because Sportacus told him how he feels about him and he shares these feelings, but because he’s still very sick and needs his care. And this leads straight to the question whether the hero’s care actually will be enough to help Robbie becoming all healthy again. He still doesn’t know what is wrong with him, after all. So he should take him to a doctor, as soon as possible! But…why does his instinct still reject this obviously right decision?
…Maybe…because something about Robbie’s symptoms simply doesn’t seem right? Sportacus is no doctor, of course, but he does now a lot about illnesses, injuries and medicine in general. It was his second favorite class at school, right after health education (and yes, even before P.E., because as much as he loves to move around all the time, it was NOT his favorite class during his time at school). And the way, Robbie has described his hallucinations and how the last one came along with his fever and stomach cramps… It’s just strange… And adding to these doubts comes Robbie’s obvious fear of doctors. What if he’ll only make it worse by taking him to a real physician? And with this very likely also loose his trust again, he managed to build up during the past half a day?
He sighs lowly. He’s used to facing problems and fixing things. But this situation now… He knows that he’s letting this get to him on a level, where it becomes difficult, if not even impossible to remain objective about Robbie’s condition. But how could he NOT feel horrible and scared, himself, when someone he likes so much is involved?! …He never understood… That’s why most of his teachers always told him that he’d never graduate and become a hero. But he did. And then he was send to LazyTown to capture this man and take him back to his people to be punished. But he couldn’t. Because he instantly felt that Robbie is not evil. On the contrary… And now he realized that he…fell in love with him. He’s not sure when exactly, nor how. But…he is sure that this emotion, sparkling in his chest, each time, he does so much as look at Robbie, is love. A love, that goes beyond pure friendship…
“…Oh, Robbie…” he swallows hard and runs his hands through his hair and over his back again, before he places a long, soft kiss on his hair and tries to shift away from him. At once, he’s met by a low but heartbreaking whimper and the grip on his shirt tightens “…Sportacus…” The hero freezes in his move. “…Shush…” he quickly pulls the villain closer again and nuzzles his nose into his hair, murmuring “I’m here. It’s okay…”
“…Hm…” Robbie moves his head, the cloth drops down on the bed and he mumbles once more “…Sportacus?…”
“Yes,” the hero smiles softly, although he knows, the other can’t see it “…Are you awake, Robbie?…”
“…No, I sleeptalk,” grumbles the villain and sighs lowly “Silly question, Sportagoof…”
“I’m sorry,” he chuckles and strokes through the black hair once more “…So… May I get up? I want to prepare some breakfast. You need to eat…”
“It’s your bed. Of course, you can get up,” mumbles Robbie, but without loosening his grip on the other’s top one bit “…But I’m not hungry…”
“But you NEED to eat!” carefully, Sportacus removes the villain’s hands, ignoring the half suppressed whine for the moment, and makes sure that his patient is lying comfortably, propped up by the pillows, then he jumps out of bed and turns to look at him with a serious gaze “ESPECIALLY if you don’t want me to take you to a doctor right away!”
“That’s blackmailing!” Robbie quirks a brow, a light smile tugging at his lips “Should I feel proud now, that you’ve learned something from me?”
“I’m serious, Robbie. This isn’t for joking!” Sportacus crosses his arms “I’m really worried about you!”
“…Yeah, I… I know…” Robbie looks away uneasily, his voice low “…But you’re waisting your time…”
“Why do you keep saying this?! Robbie!” Sportacus kneels back down at the edge of the bed and takes both of the other’s shaking hands in his own, searching his eyes “Don’t you understand that… That I… That you’re incredibly important to me?! Since you are so sick, I feel horrible! I try to figure out how to help you, but for the first time in my life, I feel completely powerless and scared and desperate! Please…” he lets go of Robbie’s left hand to cup his cheek instead, he barely notices his own tears before they start running down his face “…You’re so pale… Robbie, if you know or have any idea what could be wrong with you, you HAVE to tell me! Now!”
Robbie breathes in. He struggles to not lose himself entirely in the touch of the hero. “…You…have to be more careful…” his voice is low and strained. “…What?…”
“…I guess, you’ve lost this during your sleep…” a very weak, wry smile washes over the villain’s lips, when his free, left hand now blindly reaches for something next to him and then holds it up, next to his face and into the hero’s view “…Next time, this might happen, when somebody else is around, who isn’t me and therefore quite surprised, not to say…shocked…”
Sportacus stares at the item in the other’s hand and the next second, he’s sure, he becomes just as pale as Robbie, and his voice threatens to stop working when he now rasps “…You… You already…knew?!…”
“I’m your declared archenemy. Of course, I knew!” he chuckles weakly and shrugs “…It wasn’t THAT hard, actually… Sugar meltdowns, always moving, flipping, jumping around, a magic crystal, living in an airship, this ridiculous hat… And come on, your Icelandic accent! You know, I don’t remember too much about my own birthplace, but there are some stories about your folk, I DO remember hearing from my mother!…” his smile drops a little, and he lowers his hand again. A long pause follows, during which neither of them moves a muscle. “…You’re not…staring at them…” murmurs the hero suddenly weakly. “Why should I?” Robbie blinks puzzled and smiles, lightly confused “I told you, I knew before…”
“Yeah, but… At school, they told us…everybody would stare…”
“Well, I don’t think, staring is very polite,” a nervous chuckle “…Besides… Right now, I’m busy staring into your eyes, am I not?!” He blushes. Sportacus blushes, as well, but more out of joy than embarrassment. He isn’t entirely sure what to make of this, but he feels a great tension falling off of him, of which existence he wasn’t even aware before. “…So… Since you knew… Why haven’t you ever told anybody or used this knowledge against me?…” more absently, he caresses Robbie’s cheek with his thumb, still without breaking their eye contact. “I’m a villain. But not cruel. I…sensed that you had your reasons not to tell anybody… Not even the brats. I…” now Robbie shifts a little uneasy “…What you said yesterday… About me… That I never really wanted you to leave or to get rid of you…was true, I guess… I…” he breaks up and swallows hard. Then he suddenly, gently pushes Sportacus’ hands off, puts his hat in one of them and turns his face away from him, his eyes squeezed shut. “…Robbie?…” puzzled, Sportacus quickly puts his hat on again, covering his slightly pointed ears with it, before he carefully brushes a few strains of hair out of the villain’s face and notices the tears, rolling down his cheeks “Robbie, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” The other opens one eye to look at him again “…Why are YOU crying, Sportacare?…”
“Because I’m worried! And…confused and desperate…” Sportacus shrugs helplessly. “…Yeah… Me, too…” Robbie wipes his face and sniffs lowly “…See….When you’re the villain, you’re supposed to cause trouble and keep the hero busy…but not like THIS!…” a weak, strained laugh “You care for me more than anybody else ever did! And this feels so…incredibly wrong on one hand but…even more incredibly good on the other! I… I don’t know, what I’m supposed to DO!” The laugh turns into a sob and he buries his face into his hands. “…Nothing…”
“You don’t have to do ANYTHING, Robbie. Except of accepting my help and…following my suggestions at best, so you can become all healthy again,” the hero’s gentle smile is audible. “B-But…”
“No. No buts,” Sportacus sits down sideways on the bed now and carefully grabs Robbie’s hands again, to pull them away from his face and squeeze them gently “All you REALLY have to do is trust me, Robbie. And…that shouldn’t be that hard, right? I mean…I trust YOU!”
“Of course! I have every reason to! Look, you’ve even kept my secret for all these years! Stop telling yourself, that you don’t deserve my care, trust and love! You do!” Sportacus is talking without really thinking about it before now “Not just because you’re no real villain, but because you’re an amazing person and there isn’t anybody else who makes me feel so happy when he’s smiling for once, not looking so sad and depressed anymore!” He breathes in. Just now, he notices Robbie’s stunned…or rather shocked expression. And then, it hits him what he just said and his face turns dark red “…Oh…”

BTS Reaction To You Not Eating Much.



(A/N: This could be triggering to some people who may have some sort of eating disorder. Not eating is one of the worst things you can do to your body and it is incredibly unhealthy but I know how hard it can be sometimes so if you ever need to talk feel free to message me. Also, I have done a lot of gif reactions lately so I tried to make this longer and more detailed.)


Originally posted by eatjin

I think Jin would be one of the quickest to notice you eating habits but he would be reluctant to say anything until he was sure about what you were doing was affecting you health, but even then he was still wary to talk to you the situation as he would be worried about upsetting you so he would use his actions instead; he would try to cook your favourite meals everyday and would sit with you until you ate a healthy amount of food. In the end, he would do anything he could to to make you healthy and happy.


Originally posted by yoonkooks

Yoongi would notice your eating habits quite quickly but he wouldn't say anything until he was certain there was something wrong. He would do something like offer you food or ask to take you out for something to eat to see your reaction, as soon as he was certain there was something wrong he would confront you about it and would ask you to try and get help because he would be incredibly worried about your health.


Originally posted by jinkooks

Hoseok would become aware of your eating habits after noticing how much weight you were loosing, he would instantly become worried about your health and well being and would confront you about it as soon as he could. He would also feel guilty for not realizing what you were going through before so he would help you in whatever way he possibly could.


Originally posted by sugutie

Namjoon would notice your eating habit as soon as it started, he would become aware of your weight loss and how unhealthy you became almost straight away and would do literally anything to help you become healthy again. If you wanted to loose weight he  would convince you to do it the healthy way and even help you by making sure you ate healthy food and exercised.


Originally posted by suga-com

A lot like Namjoon and Jin he would notice almost straight away as he had also had problems with not eating enough and he wouldn’t want you to go through what he did. He would almost beg you to eat more and would be by your side every step of the way.


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I don’t think Tae would notice straight away but when another member brought up how skinny you were getting or how unhealthy you looked he would instantly take action about it. Like Hoseok he would feel guilty for not realizing before and would be incredibly upset with himself but he would confront you about it straight away and would try to sit with you at every meal to make sure you ate.


Originally posted by jjks

Jungkook would become incredibly emotional when he found out about you not eating, he would be extremely worried about you health and would try everything and anything to  make you eat a healthy and become healthy again.


I get a lot of messages from people struggling with eating disorders and unsure how much to eat/how to recover
Obviously seek professional help etc and I’ll always try to get back to as many as possible, but I also want to recommend heading to @maddiebailee’s tumblr and scroll through the posts she’s been making. Maddie is one of the very few people who I think actually is a fantastic role model for recovery. She understands the importance of eating enough, extreme hunger, not working out, not being HCLF, not aiming to get ‘fit’ in recovery and everything else that is vital to actually becoming mentally and physically healthy again.

Random HC #35 (Continuation of #4 - #34)


“…I’m sorry, Robbie, I completely forgot your tea!” Sportacus shakes his head, confused about himself, when he leaves the bathroom to return to his friend again “I’ll catch up on it, immediately! Just… Robbie?!” he nearly drops the bowl in shock, when he finds the bed empty “Robbie!” The next second, he sees the villain standing in front of one of the smaller windows, his eyes fixed either on the heavy rain outside or on nothing at all. He has crossed his arms in front of his bare chest and is shivering. “Robbie?…” puzzled and a little worried because of the lack of reaction, Sportacus quickly puts the bowl on the bedside table and then carefully approaches the shaking, obvious absent villain “…Robbie, why aren’t you in bed? You shouldn’t walk around in this condition… You’re still weakened…and sick…” Still no reaction. “…Robbie?…” hesitatingly, he rests his hand on the other’s, once again slightly tensed back “…Hey…” Unlike what he has been expecting, Robbie doesn’t wince this time. He just shrugs his hand off and turns away, his eyes fixed on the ground now and his voice low but clear “…I should go now…”
“What?!” the hero stares at him in utter shock and confusion, then he wildly shakes his head “What is this now?! We agreed that you stay here! You’re far too sick to take care of yourself at the moment! How do you suddenly get that idea, anyway?!?”
“This is none of your business,” replies the villain coolly, straightens up and heads for the closed door to exit the airship “Thank you for your help, Sportaflop.”
“…Robbie…” Sportacus rarely feels overwhelmed or unable to cope with a situation, but right now, he feels like crying out in frustration and desperation. The villain was completely relaxed and at peace. Then he leaves him alone for not even three minutes and he starts to act…like THIS?! He doesn’t understand… But when Robbie manually wants to open the door, by pushing the button next to it, the hero reflexively calls “Lock!”
Robbie holds in his move, obviously aware that pushing the button would’ve got no point now “…You can’t keep me here against my will, Sportacus…” His voice is still low, but this time, there’s something in it that the hero has never heard before. It’s…a strange, grave seriousness…almost…close to…a warning…threat?!… Sportacus isn’t sure. But he doesn’t really care right now, either. “Robbie!” with a fluid motion, he easily flips over the other man and lands right in front of him, facing him with open confusion and fear “Robbie, what is WRONG??” The next moment, he nearly winces when Robbie meets his eyes for the first time now. They’re…cold. And just like it has been with his voice, the hero has never seen his eyes look like this before…
“What is wrong?! You’re keeping me prisoner! THAT is wrong!” Robbie’s voice still sounds this strange. And Sportacus feels his heart breaking again. He can’t help but sound hurt “No! That’s… I just want you to stay because you’re sick and I care about you! How… Why would you…”
“You shouldn’t!” Robbie clenches his hands into fists and turns away “You should not care!”
“Robbie, we’ve been there before!” the hero takes a deep breath, mentally preparing for another one of Robbie’s heavy self doubts “I DO! And you DESERVE care and love! What…”
“I DON’T!” the villain turns back again, his eyes not cold anymore but filled with tears and his voice breaks “I SIMPLY DON’T, SPORTACUS! Why can’t you just accept that??? WHY DO I HAVE TO YELL AT YOU SO YOU FINALLY LEAVE ME BE??? WHY…” he stumbles but catches himself, then he presses his hands on his temples and sobs lowly “…Why do I have to be…mean to you…to make you listen…” The hero is completely overwhelmed. He truly doesn’t know what has gotten into the other, but he knows that he has to calm him somehow… “…Robbie… I ALWAYS listen to what you say…” very carefully, he rests a hand on the villain’s shoulder, but he whines and pushes it off at once, so he keeps trying it verbally “…But no matter that I do, I CAN’T let you leave now! You’re…not yourself… What happened when I was in the bathroom? You’re all shaken up out of a sudden… Robbie? Please! Talk to me! Otherwise, I can’t help you!…” begs the hero desperately and takes a very small, careful step towards the other “…Robbie…”
“…You don’t want to help me…”
“That’s not true! Of COURSE I want to! I’m TRYING right now!” Sportacus takes another step closer and his voice softens “…Robbie, did you have another hallucination? Or a nightmare? Or…” His question appears to be unheard. “…You wouldn’t want to help me, if you knew…” Robbie breaks up and he wraps his arms around himself and slowly shakes his head. “If I knew what? Robbie. Please…” He gets cut off by a bright flash and enormous thunder, followed by a low cry and Robbie, slumping on the ground in fetal position, hugging his knees close to his chest. “Robbie!” Sportacus kneels down next to him, at once, and this time, he ignores the low cry at his touch and pulls the villain’s upper body onto his lap, holding him close to his chest, with both arms wrapped around him, taking his hands in a tight grip in his own. Robbie starts to struggle at once. He kicks into the air and writhes and swears and cries for long minutes, while the hero nuzzles his face into the tousled, black hair, murmuring soothing words, partly in English, partly in Icelandic, and waits him out…
His breathing has slowed down a bit, just like the beating of his heart. But instead, he’s shivering violently now and his eyes are still fixed on an imaginary spot at the wall. Sportacus is still caressing his hair in gentle strokes, a successful way to calm him that he has started, shortly after the villain had stooped struggling against his embrace. His shaking hands are now gripping on to the hero’s shirt, so tight that his knuckles turn white. “…Shush… It’s all right, Robbie…” repeats Sportacus once more lowly. But this time, he gets a response “…No… It isn’t…” Robbie’s voice sounds as if he’s suffering from grave pain and he swallows noticeably hard. “Of course, it is. Don’t be scared. You’ll become all healthy again, I promise!…”
“…No, you don’t understand…” whimpers the villain lowly and turns his head to look up, into the other’s eyes “…I… I…remembered…more about that evening…before my family left me behind…”
Sportacus feels a shiver running down his spine. That’s what he feared, the moment, Robbie broke down in an obvious panic attack. That’s what he has read about in his book. That’s what he hoped would NOT happen to Robbie…
“…Robbie… You’re under shock. You’re still running a high fever and you’re stressed. Don’t…”
“I’m not mistaken, Sportacus. That was a real memory. And…” his breathing hitches and he starts to sob again “And you’re going to hate me!!”
“Robbie, no. I could NEVER hate you!” contradicts the hero gently but firmly and he soothingly runs his hand over his bare back. But Robbie’s crying intensifies again and he starts tugging at Sportacus’ pajama top to release some of his desperate anger “You WILL hate me! Everybody hates me! Anybody, I ever met hated me! I-I can’t be loved! I… I shouldn’t even EXIST!!”
“Robbie!” exclaims the hero truly shocked and stills his hands “Don’t say things like this!”
“But it’s TRUE!” Robbie suddenly pushes himself up, keeps his upper body supported by his arms and strains to look the other into the eyes again “…I’m a monster, Sportacus…”
“Robbie, don’t…”
“You’ll realize that I’m right…”
“No, I won’t, because no, you are NOT!” Sportacus feels angry. Not at Robbie, but at his parents for not showing him the kind of love, he deserved and needed as a kid. No wonder, he believes these horrible things about himself, now that he’s feverish and completely overexerted and confused by slowly recovering his real memory again… “…Robbie, listen. Whatever your parents told you…”
“I’m a FELF, Sportacus!”

youre all stupid as fuck and dont seem to understand that DID isnt one of your otherkin coping games. uh, my friends, people with real DID are not capable of changing the race of their alters, whether or not they exhibit symptoms that they find disturbing, ect. the best one with such a severe , rare, and complex disorder can do is find a therapist that will treat each and every one of them individually because there are bound to be toxic alters. 

stop sugarcoating something that develops to protect you in WHATEVER WAY from absolutely life threatening, raw, vulgar trauma. 

our experiences can’t be rolled in nonbinary fairy dust and sprinkled with ‘don’t follow if you identify with peridot’ , ect. lol fuck off you have no idea. no one wants to be this way. we’re constantly fighting to remember and work through the absolutely terrible things we’ve done to cope and become whole, and healthy again. you have no right to take away from our experiences, just like none of us had the right to take out what happened to us on you.

we are working on it. we exist. our reality is not what you choose to be acceptable or not.

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Thoughts on Tess Holliday??

Look at these photos.

Both are extremes. Neither are healthy. One of them is Tess Holliday. 

I think it is wrong that it is seen as ok to slam one end of the spectrum for being an “unhealthy role model” for being too thin (which yes she is, and yes, she is not a good role model) but then saying the other IS a good role model, even though she is quite clearly on the opposite end of the spectrum and instead of being malnourished and underweight, is instead overweight and causing a different kind of stress to her body.  
But oh god, CAN’T SAY THAT CAN WE !? No ! Because that’s “fat shaming” ! 

No. It is not “fat shaming”. It’s not “shaming” her for being overweight. It is simply stating that she IS overweight, and NOT a good role model for people either ! 

YES. It is WONDERFUL that she is comfortable in her skin and confident with her body, regardless of other people’s opinions of her ! 
BUT. There is also a biiiiiiiiiig difference between being healthy and curvy, being a true “plus size model” a picture of health, and a good role model for others to look at as inspiring, than there is being overweight and doing damage and causing a big stress to the body in a different sense than being underweight.

Human bodies are not physically designed to be carrying around such an immense amount of excess weight. It not only causes stress to our organs, it also puts extra strain on our joints, bones and just everything in general.
Saying pointing out that somebody like Tess is in fact not a good role model because she in overweight is not “fat shaming”, it’s just as valid as saying the model on the left is not a good role model because she is incredibly underweight. 

Like I already said, it is great that she IS confident in her body and loves herself the way she is. That is something for girls to aspire to and feel about themselves, to learn about self love and body acceptance ! BUT - if Tess truly DOES love herself and her body, then she should also use that as motivation to truly start looking after her body, nourishing it and becoming physically healthy. And, again, like I said, there is a difference between being “curvy” and being “overweight”, and there is a difference between calling out someone for being overweight and “fat shaming” - they are two very different things. 

Just as unhealthy as it is to be underweight, it is equally unhealthy to be overweight. But society seems to deem it acceptable to point out when somebody is underweight and call them “disgusting” and “anorexic”, but then consider it to be “fat shaming” when pointing out somebody’s ill health if they are over weight. BOTH ARE UNHEALTHY. But instead, society ENCOURAGES people to be overweight by promoting the idea of “plus size” with models who aren’t “plus size”, who are not “curvy”, they are simply overweight. 

I’ll say it again. There is a DIFFERENCE between being healthy and curvy, than there is being overweight. And, I’ll say it again. Models who are UNDERWEIGHT are not healthy. But, equally so, models who are OVERWEIGHT are not healthy either. And that is not “fat shaming” that is FACT STATING. Carrying excess body fat is NOT healthy and is just as stressful and unhealthy as carrying to LITTLE body fat. They are BOTH extremes and both should not be aspired to or considered to be healthy role models for people !