becoming a lifeguard

On the Social Dimension of Disability: “I don’t think of you that way.”

I can’t count the amount of people who have said some variation of “I don’t think of you that way” when it comes up that I’m disabled.

Disability (n.):  a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.

I have permanent paralysis in my shoulder, arm, and hand from an injury to my brachial plexus. My range of motion in that arm is about 40% of what a typical, uninjured arm would be, not to mention my underdeveloped strength, dislocated shoulder, and the resulting scoliosis. I could go on. Based on the simplest, literal definition, I am definitely disabled, because at the very least, compared with a typical body, my movements are limited.*

So, why am I always hearing “I don’t think of you that way”? 

Often a person says it to relieve their own social discomfort or cognitive dissonance, either because I’ve self-identified as disabled or because they’ve said something disparaging about disabled people. Examples:

  • My boyfriend’s mom says she has “crippling self-doubt.” My boyfriend says, “bad word choice,” gesturing to me. She does a double take, looks my way, and says “Oh, I’m sorry, it didn’t occur to me because I don’t see you that way.”
  • My college roommate and I are chatting and I mention, in a neutral tone, that I am disabled. In the voice of someone finally expressing something that’s been bothering her, she says “I don’t know why you think of yourself that way. I don’t think of you that way.”

In the first example, my boyfriend’s mom uses “crippling,” (cripple (n.): a person who is partially or totally unable to use one or more limbs) as shorthand to say that her self-doubt prevents her from normal activities, or at least from the activities she’d prefer to take part in. When my boyfriend points out that this metaphor implies physical disability (such as mine) necessarily means abnormal, negative, or useless, she experiences discomfort. She relieves it by saying, “I don’t think of you that way,” preserving the abnormal, negative, or useless associations in her head with physical disability. Because she sees me as normal, useful, productive, I must not be disabled. The definition of disability shifts from a value-neutral description of physical or mental difference to a negative social role, in order to exclude me.

In the second example, my roommate does something similar. Although I don’t express sadness or anger when calling myself disabled, it makes her upset, and she pushes back. That’s because, rather than seeing disability as a value-neutral physical or mental difference, she sees it as a negative social role. In her mind, by self-identifying this way, I’m insulting myself.

The problem with both these lines of logic is twofold:

  • The definition of disability shifts at will in order to protect the nondisabled person’s perception of disability as a negative attribute.
  • Inclusion and exclusion into this social role shifts at will in order to protect the nondisabled person’s perception of disability as a negative attribute and attitude toward disabled people that they do “think of that way.”

If I’m not disabled, then I have no way to explain why I was told not to become a lifeguard, or why men routinely refuse to date me because my “arm is just too weird,” or why strangers approach me to tell me how great it is that I’m out living life. I lose out on putting a name to these negative experiences (which is a necessary part of healing from them and fighting back) in order to protect nondisabled people’s shifting definition of disability.

Worse still, if I’m not disabled, then disabled people are just the faceless, abnormal, negative, useless Other. If, as soon as a person because a valued figure in your life, they’re excluded from that group, it is far too easy to dehumanize, objectify, and disenfranchise that group. 

*I wouldn’t trade that limitation of movement for the world, as it’s caused me to develop an interesting set of physical skills that nondisabled people lack along with character traits that are integral to my personality. But that’s for a different post.

SVT Cute Jobs; Junhui !!

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look at him saving minghao i think so yeah this is a thing. accept it

also i put in a lot of research to this damn thank you wikipedia 


-first of all



-okay so Jun recently moved from Shenzhen to sunny California to work as a lifeguard

-because his friend Joshua (who is a guitar teacher) has a free room and is letting him stay there 


-so in the time before becoming a lifeguard he had to take a course which was tiring but paid in the end cause he got the job !!

-he’s the youngest on the team and the least experienced when it comes to saving lives and stuff

-so he just sits up in the tower alerting his fellow lifeguards of anyone who’s drowning

-when it’s not too crowded on the beach Junhui would normally help the kids in the shallow ends of the water and play with them awwww

-and when the beach is super desolate his friends come by and pretend to drown in really shallow water so he gets fed up 

-takes the lifesaving buoy

-puts it around the necks

-and drags them back to shore

-(im sure he would be fired for that but oh well)

-but i can tell you they mean well i sweaR

-the first time there’s an emergency 

-there was a person out to sea and they were being dragged out pretty far


-Jun got shook out of his life because he didn’t know what the hell to do 

-so he took in the advice that he got from Joshua 

-which was to keep calm

-and so he was calm from there on out

-radioed his captain

-and people were sent out to get them 

-and was able to get that person to safety 

-from the comfort of the tower

-good kid

-ah the beach

-you and your friend haven’t been to the beach in ages

-and both decided this was the year that you two get a summer romance



-you two had a bet 

-kind of

-whoever got a number off someone by the end of the day then the other person would buy them ice cream

-your swimsuit was chosen by the help of your mother


-it was sweet but it was a two piece

-two pieces weren’t exactly your thing


-so you just wore a baggy t-shirt over it

-luckily it wasn’t super packed like always

-you two chose a place close to the shore so that you could keep an eye out for your stuff

-”y/n put sunscreen on!!”

-you heard your friend but your attention was somewhere else

-a lifeguard was watching you two as you placed your things down and sat on your towels

-”y/n?? oh, the lifeguard, huh~?”

-”wait what do you mean??”

-”the lifeguard. right there. y/n i know you’re not blind just look over there. hes caught your eye hasn’t he??”

-”oh him yeah i guess…”

-your friend kept on teasing you but she meant well 

-you snap out of it laughing a little

-the lifeguard in question however

-he was taken by your beauty 

-he was like bruuuuuUUUUUUUH

-damn he thought you looked really good

-”y/n!! come into the sea with me!”

-”not yet, i’ll just sit here for the time being!”

-the lifeguard you recently got the hots for noticed you sitting alone while your friend was in the sea

-you looked kinda down

-so he comes over to cheer you up!!

-at first you’re nervous as heck cause who is this and why are you near me you’re too hot to be near me 

-he asks if you’re feeling alright and if you needed company

-you werent going to lie

-if a cute lifeguard came up to you and asked if you wanted some company then hell yes you would say yes

-so you take him up on that offer

-”you’re a new lifeguard, right??”

-”yeah…wait how do you know?”

-wait fuck how did you know

-”i-i just notice…i’ve been going to this beach ever since i was little..”

-”wow seeing this view every time must be pretty right??”

-“i guess…”

-”what’s your name?”

-and just like that somehow he asked your name and you didn’t cry or run

-”y/n. whats yours?”

-”Jun. your name is really pretty.”

-o h   s  hi t 

-”wow thank you !!”


-god damn it

-out of the corner of your eye

-you could see your friend struggling in the water

-you couldn’t really let Jun the really hot lifeguard get her

-you really wanted him to sit down since you’ve seen him walk about today

-so fuck it

-”hey could you excuse me for like one moment??”

you stood up 

-took your shirt off

-ran toward the water

-pulling your friend out of the water

-saving her god damn life

-and in the midsts of all of it

-Wen Junhui was #shook™

-there was blushin too oh my god

-”what did i say about going in the deep part?? stop giving me heart attacks pls this is a nice day don’t scare me you little shit”

-”im sorry y/n…wait is that the lifeguard?”

-”oh yeah thats Jun hes pretty cool”

-he stood up to see if your friend was okay but he also wanted to praise you on that good rescue

-”that was so cool wtf !!”

-”huh? oh she normally does that just ask any lifeguard in the tower about her and they’ll say she had to be saved like 20 times”

-”not my fault…if you would only give me the inner tube”

-”but then it’s going to be drifted away in the sea because of the current”


-jun was kind of amazed at how much you knew about sea safety….maybe ene more than him da M N

-but the day also went on as planned

-jun kind of kept on coming back and was asking questions to get to know you like whats your favourite colour and stuff

-every time he came back your heart was screaming but the good screaming

-not the ah oh my god no go away youre annoying scream 

-but the aAAA come back more we can chat more you’re really cool and cute scream

-hes really sweet i swear down

-at the end of the day you two started to pack up your things 

-but then Junhui came back with his lifeguarding jacket on and boi does he look fuckin great in that jacket

-”hey y/n have you considered becoming a life guard??”

-”me?? a life guard?? oh not really but my mum has mentioned it before”

-”why don’t you do it?”

-”yeah why don’t you y/n? you and Jun could be the super cute lifeguarding couple omg that sounds so cutE”

-your friend just had to butt in gdI

-a rather LARGE feckin blush appeared on your cheeks but you ignored it

-kind of

-but jun was blushing and smiling

-w h y    t h e    f u c k   w a s    h e    s m i l i n g    a t    t h a t 

-”oh do you want to be a lone? i’ll leave”

-your friend left you two to talk and you were glad she did tbh cause she can get carried away sm

-”so…if you ever want to join the team, then you can call me or text me or something…”

-”i thought the lifeguard tower already had a phone number??”

-y / n     c o m e     o n      t h i s      i s n ‘ t       r o c k e t      s c i e n c e 

-”ooooooh sure.. yeah, i’ll text you.”

-”or…if not the lifeguarding thing we can always hang out or something…”

-”that would be nice Jun.”

-you both gave your numbers to each other and you both left each other extremely happy

-catching up with your friend you remembered something

-”hey….im really craving ice cream…you paying”

-”no you can– oh fuck- did you?!”

-”got his number~!”

-”f u CK”

aren’t you supposed to save me? (lifeguard!wonwoo au)

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Prompt: Jeon Wonwoo is a life guard. A new one actually. He can’t keep his eyes off of you because you look amazing in your swimsuit so he’s secretly watching you. You dive down into the water but being an idiot Wonwoo thinks you’ve drowned. He gets up ready to jump in but at that moment you rise from the water. He tries very hard to stop and not jump in and look dumb but whoops he slips and everyone’s just like uhhh you ok?? You end up having to save the new lifeguard

Word Count: 2.4k
A/N So this happened. I’m not sure how I like the end results but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. I had fun though, which is the main priority! Thank you to whoever gave me this prompt! You revived my creativity -Admin Madi

Wonwoo wasn’t sure why he applied to be a lifeguard.

While his friends were waiting tables, bagging groceries and operating amusement park rides throughout the duration of summer, Wonwoo was left to burn in the sun. He didn’t exactly know why he chose monitoring swimming pools over stocking shelves, but it definitely had something to do with the employees; especially you.

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You’re Still My Hero

Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count:


A/N: Once upon a time, in a Houston Texas galaxy far far away, Liz attempted to become a lifeguard. She saw this GIF and decided to write a fic about it, based off of her own training. Enjoy!

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If you hadn’t been paying attention, you would’ve missed it.

You, Sam and Dean were taking a walk together. You insisted on walks in the afternoons no matter where the life took you. Dean had initially protested, but eventually joined you and Sam. Turned out walking lightened Dean’s normally grim mood.

On one of those said walks, you’d seen what looked like a blind girl searching for her white cane. Obviously she couldn’t see that she was about to walk right into the lake. And according to the travel pamphlet you got at the motel, this lake was very deep.

It all happened so fast. She went under and went straight down. Didn’t even fight to stay above the surface. How could she? It’s not like she knew where she was. You shouted when she went in, pointing towards the lake. Sam, being the guy that he was, ran straight towards the lake, you and Dean not too far behind him. Without any hesitation, he dove into the water. He didn’t surface for a good 10 seconds.

“You said it was a little girl?” Sam shouted to you.

“Yes. I think she’s blind. She was wearing sunglasses and walking like she was searching for something with her hands.”

With a nod of his head, Sam went back underwater to find the girl. You were praying it wasn’t too late. Dean was already on the phone with 911 requesting an ambulance.

Another 10 seconds passed and Sam came back up for air. Still no girl. But you could see he wasn’t going to give up til he found out, whether she was dead or alive.

This time, Sam didn’t come back up for at least a whole minute. You were starting to worry, thinking you may need to jump in and rescue him yourself. You were a career lifeguard before you started hunting, therefore you were aquatics CPR certified by the American Red Cross.

But when Sam finally did resurface, it was grim. He had the little girl in his arms and it was clear she wasn’t going to make it. She was cyanotic all over. However you couldn’t help but notice how good Sam looked completely soaked.

Sam dragged himself to the shore of the lake and laid the little girl down. You sobered from your smutty thoughts and ran up to immediately work the poor girl. You started CPR and kept it going for a good 5 minutes before you started hearing the sirens of the responding ambulance closing in. By the time they arrived and told you to move, they’d confirmed what you knew would happen. Lacking any signs of life, despite your efforts, they called her death and laid a white sheet over her. The police arrived shortly after that, and you and Sam gave statements and were thanked for doing everything in your power when you didn’t have to.

Sam shooed the paramedics away assuring him he was fine and sat down on the opposing sidewalk, watching as they loaded the dead girl into their ambulance to take her to the morgue. You walked over to him and sat down. Despite being all wet, you could tell he was crying.

“I couldn’t save her,” Sam finally said after a moment’s silence. “That’s all we do. We save people from monsters and demons and all other matters of night bumping things. And I couldn’t even save a little girl from drowning.”

“Sam you couldn’t have known,” you said, wrapping your arms around his wet bicep. You laid your head on his shoulder. After a second, he rested his head on top of yours. He sniffled, and you continued. “Those waters are murky as hell. It’s not your fault you couldn’t see her very well. Who knows what kept her underwater for so long.”

“I’m either a really crappy hero,” Sam breathed, “or you have very low standards when it comes to men.” He sounded defeated, and it broke your heart.

“Well you may be a crappy hero at mundane stuff,” you said with a light chuckle. You were hoping he didn’t take offense to that because you were trying to lighten the mood. It must’ve worked because Sam cracked a smile, his dimples coming out slightly. His dimples always made you weak in the knees. “But you’re still my hero. You are a hero. To the things nobody even knows about. And I think that’s something worth remembering.”

Sam lifted his head to look at you. When you looked back at him, once again getting lost in those hazel eyes of his, he kissed you. You knew he always got discouraged when he lost some, but you also knew that he was proud of the wins he got. And he definitely won the lottery when he found you.

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Heat Spell

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: T
WC: 7,375
Summary: In the midst of an intense summer in Sahara Square, Judy and Nick are both college students working as lifeguards at a local pool club. One-Shot.[AO3]

[A/N]: This was just a fun little one-shot I wrote to take a break from Something That Finds You. Very fluffy, very casual – hopefully it isn’t as scattered as I feel it is. Once again, many thanks to everyone who reads this, and any of my other works! Happy Summer!

Her feet burned against the asphalt of the parking lot as she hurried into work, the ends of her fur practically singeing in the heat. No one had arrived yet, other than the other employees, but the club opened in less than 10 minutes, which was cutting it far too close for Judy. She whipped her keycard out of her tote bag as she entered the lobby of the main building, grateful for the brief welcome of an air conditioner.

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Day 15/100 of Productivity - July 17, 2017
- I started the Bronze Medallion course, which is the first step on the way to become a lifeguard, which is a goal of mine
- did the homework for the course😕
- got some new clothes for when I start my new job on Thursday!
- saw baby driver with my friend - it was very entertaining, and I’d highly recommend it if you enjoy well-made action movies!
I’ve been tagged a couple times for the 92 statements tag - I hope to post that tomorrow!

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any hc about what happened to the gadget guy during the changing to CPI? I mean, he's almost anorexic and his speech is like he turned back into an anxious feather ball

Woo! First headcanon! (Is going to be super short!)

So, I think Gary didn’t actually do much at all to be a little fluffball- rather that other people did things.

From almost all the dialogue G ever says, he’s very attached to his friends and very reliant on them too. They all remind him to sleep, eat, and all around take care of himself; Darwin also tries to help by getting him up and small pet habits like that.

After everyone migrated, people start to get a taste for doing their own thing: Aunt Artic takes a more prominent role in leading the island, JPG becomes a lifeguard, Rookie runs the tubing races, heck, even Rockhopper gets a job! But Gary? Gary’s stuck doing the same old thing. Yes, he still talks with the Waddle Squad and helps AA from time to time, but he’s mostly left to his own devices.

This detachment causes a significant drop in his mental and physical health. Since his friends are preoccupied, his anxiety starts creeping up on him. It digs away at him, to the point where G would blow up the moon for a little bit of appreciation from others, but at the same time can’t even talk to them from the fear of being rejected.

This effects his physical health too, because his nervous habits come to say hello as well. His speech patterns become jittery, he shakes a bit too much and over explains a lot. On top of that, no one’s reminding him about sleep or food, causing him to lose weight very fast.

… someone give this man a hug. Hope this was up to your standards Anon!

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Trevor@Nept- er... Cap'n Neptune: "You've got a really cool accent, sir. You're actually the first Floatzel I see that speaks the 'seafaring way'." The Lucario smirks. "Is it safe to guess you've been a sailor? Or are you just a number 1 fan of the bunch?"

Neptune removed the pipe from his mouth and eyed the much younger male with a prideful smile

“Aye lad, this be no act. I am as true as the ocean be blue! I was a naval captain’s Pokemon ages ago, sailing the seven seas and protecting them from pirates and foreign scallywags who be trying to start wars with the peaceful nations. I was a rescue Pokemon, just like me other son Kai who be in training to become a lifeguard himself, hahar!”

He put the pipe back in his mouth and smirked “Funnily enough lad, the training facility be located on the old Alolan naval base where our vessel was anchored. Its also the same place where this old salty sea weasel met me sweet sea siren, Ebony~”

Plot # 55: By the Seashore (loosely adapted from the Little Mermaid)

Muse A has always loved the ocean. When Muse A was a little kid, their father used to take them to the beach nearly every day during the summer and they’d swim and collect sea shells along the shoreline. Having nothing but fond memories from their youth, Muse A decides to become a lifeguard at that very beach this summer. One afternoon, Muse A notices Muse B struggling in the surf. Muse A springs into action to save Muse B, pulling them to dry land and resuscitating them. It’s not until Muse B begins to awaken that their significant other appears and shoos Muse A out of the way. Muse A falls back and returns to their lifeguard post, allowing Muse B’s companions to lead Muse B away. A few weeks later, Muse B returns to the beach alone, catching Muse A’s attention. Muse A tries to introduce his/herself to Muse B but they become painfully shy and are unable to speak to Muse B. Muse B gets the impression that Muse A can’t speak at all, so Muse B picks up the slack in conversation, while Muse A just smiles and nods along. They spend the whole day together, admiring the sea. Muse B tells Muse A about their near-death experience, not realizing that Muse A was the one who saved them from drowning. Muse B believes that it was their significant other who saved them because that’s what the significant other reported, and because of this false account, Muse B has decided to stay in the relationship that hasn’t been working for the last few months. Muse A is let down by this admission, but feels as if it’s pointless to tell the truth now. 

Over the next few days, Muse B returns to the beach to spend time with Muse A, who stays quiet to keep up the rouse. Muse A coaxes Muse B to get back in the water with them and once they’re heading back to shore, they share an unplanned kiss. Muse B feels guilty about it afterward because of their significant other and suggests that they just stay friends. The more Muse B talks about their significant other, the more jealous Muse A becomes and the more obvious it is that they’ll lose Muse B if they continue to keep their mouth shut about what really happened the day Muse B nearly drowned. When Muse A speaks to Muse B for the first time and blurts out the truth, Muse B is shocked. Muse B doesn’t believe Muse A, (how can they after Muse A’s been lying about being able to speak this whole time?). Muse B accuses Muse A of trying to manipulate them and ruin their relationship, then says that they can’t see each other anymore. As the summer stretches on and Muse B stays away as promised, Muse A worries that they’ll never see Muse B again.  

Will Muse B come to realize the truth and forgive Muse A for waiting so long to speak up? Or will Muse B leave the infatuated lifeguard heartbroken and alone by the sea?

Alien Update: Getting Old Part 2

I actually had more to post in last nights update but the post was getting too long. Glad I waited cause I have even more to report now!

So when we last left our Alien family, it was just Pamina and Mariah left in the house. Pamina had just hooked up with her new boyfriend, and Mariah was climbing the career ladder.

As her family was busy pairing off, Mariah was busy getting older. In fact, she hit a mid life crisis.

Her only midlife crisis wish was to move, so I packed her and Pamina up and moved them into a split level I built down the street from her brothers. It was my first try using CFE in build mode and I think it turned out real cute!

Apparently this lot was completely ideal for Aliens to visit, because in spite of going several generations without seeing any land, TWO showed up to visit this house in as many weeks.

If only I had this luck when I was streaming! It also seems like Shane somehow ended up with a Space Ship, because he lives nearby and I often hear ship noises when he goes to and from work. Huh.

While Mariah was working toward her life goal of becoming an Astronaut (which in the Sims is Military Career Rank 10 for some reason) and mingling with her new Alien friends, Pamina was having fun going on dates with a rapidly aging Julien.

Canoodling at the cemetery

After Julien spent the night, one morning Pamina was invited to a party. Little did she know this cuddle would be her last.

A quick reflection on Pamina’s life. She had a rushed childhood (because I had to get ready for the stream I shortened the days she could remain a child) and had a rocky romantic life. But she did fulfill her life goal of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon, and raised three very successful Alien children all by herself. Though she wasn’t the nicest person, she was loved for her hardworking attitude and selflessness, and her death left poor Mariah heartbroken. RIP Pamina.

I was worried Mariah would be lonely living in a big house all by herself, so when she stopped by Shane’s house, I had her adopt one of his dog’s puppies. This little furball’s name is Chun, and she’s a mutt. Dogs are really cute in the Sims 3! I’m surprised, cats are really weird looking. And also dogs seem a lot easier to take care of. Somehow cats are way needier and have a much more demanding social need, which seems completely reversed from reality. Oh well.

Since I am still doing a legacy challenge, there are certain tasks each generation must complete. Mariah is my heir, so her goal is to a) Reach level 10 of the military career, and b) Marry one of her co-workers once she does. At this point Mariah was level 9, so since she was getting close, I invited her only eligible male co-worker over to see if I could get them moving along. Well…

That didn’t go so well. At this point I was at kind of a loss for what to do. Unfortunately since this is a legacy challenge, I have to have her marry a guy so that they can reproduce. Luckily at just the right moment, an ex-paparazzo joined the military career, Jayme. This guy used to hang around their house and basically stalk them throughout their childhood, so I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Mariah hooking up with him. But it was slim pickings as her only other male co-worker was Shane, so he’ll have to do.

Things went well, but I didn’t want to formally get them together until she hit level 10. It just so happened that she did the very next day, so I hurriedly got them married.

Upon moving him in, I discovered that Jayme is 130 days old, which is WAY older than any of my sims have naturally lived. I was pretty concerned that he’d drop dead before he’d have a chance to make any babies, so I got Mariah the Fertility Treatment lifetime reward and got them at it.

Bingo, preggers.

Meanwhile Chun grew up into an adult dog and promptly started learning all sorts of tricks. 

Now that it was a guarantee that they’d have at least one baby, I went ahead and got Jayme going on his lifetime wish, which was to become a lifeguard and rescue 50 people. There’s no way he’s doing it before he kicks the bucket but eh why not try. So he quit his low level military career and started patrolling the beach.

And after his third day on the job, Mariah went into labor! So he rushed to the hospital, and the two of them came home with twin girls, Tanya and Camille.

It’ll be interesting to see what these two are like as teenagers since they’re only 25% Alien. They have olive green skin.

That’s all for now! I may play some more later today but I may go swimming instead. Both sound pretty appealing :)

Friends With Benefits *Wes Smut*

Request-could you do a Wes smut where you’re friends with benefits and you get asked on a date and he gets jealous

“Look at those fine hunnies,” Wes said while checking out couple of girls who were wearing bikinis. 

He licked his lips while eyeing them from head to toe, not wasting a bit to steal glances of their half-naked bodies. The girls shrieked when they noticed him checking them out and gave them a flirty wink.

I rolled my eyes of how pathetic Wesley could be around girls, but what sucks even more when he’s capable of having to get any girl he wants by his handsome looks. That is another thing that sucks because, even though I try so hard, I personally try to tear my eyes away from those rock hard abs and that shining smile of his. Which is why our friendship is complicated because we’re friends but we also use each other for sex when we get sexually frustrated.

You can’t really blame me when I get to stare that body of his everyday at work. Both of us work as lifeguards at a local beach, so it means a living hell and paradise when it comes to working with Wes.

“Oh God, Wes,” I hissed. “Can you stop please looking at every girl for couple of minutes?”

“Geez, (Y/N), it’s my job to look at them. You know, I have to make sure they’re okay and out of trouble,” Wes grinned mischievously.

“But your job isn’t to check them out. Your job is to respect them and make sure they’re actually okay. Perv,” I spat, walking towards our lifeguard house.

“Just because we fuck once in a while doesn’t give you the right to tell me to not check girls out,” Wes hissed under his breath, getting closer to my face. “You’re just jealous.”

I knitted my eyebrows together as I looked into Wesley’s hazels eyes with an intense glare. Even though we have had troubles with this complicated friendship, I still have a crush on him. Stupid, I know, but he’s the only thing that makes me happy when I’m down. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to make him think I’m weak.

“Maybe I am a slight jealous,” I whispered. “But I’m not going to come between you and your other girls. You could look at them all you want because I’m out.”

With that, I turned my heels around and hurriedly walked towards the lifeguard house without caring about what he is doing. 

“Fine then,” Wes shouted. “I’ll do whatever I want without you!”

At that moment, all I wanted was to punch a frickin’ wall by how much anger was boiling up inside of me. I seriously thought Wesley and I would be something someday, but now everything has turned upside down. I don’t care anymore. He could do whatever he wants, just like he said.

The rest of the morning was a bit slow, I would look at the ocean blue horizon to make sure everyone is safe and sound. There has been at times where I had to go in or I had to help around the beach. Wes did what he did best, look good and flirt with girls. 

I groaned with a huge frustration as I laid against a towel. It was my lunch break, which means I could lay against the sand and relax for a minute while Wes takes care of this shift. He was standing inside the lifeguard, watching the shore while talking to some girls who wanted to steal his attention.

“Um, excuse me,” a voice said.

I opened my eyes to see a hot guy sitting next to me on the sand. I couldn’t fail to notice his rock hard abs and enormous biceps.

Man, why do guys have to be so good-looking? Can’t they give us, girls, a break? Geez.

I stopped babbling inside my head when I noticed the guy staring at me. I sheepishly smiled and slightly blushed, which made Wes quickly tear his eyes away from the girls and focused on us. His eyes remained attached on the guy’s profile as his jaw locked. Just by knowing by his serious expression, he wasn’t fond of me talking to this guy. Bingo! I could secretly make him jealous. Two could play this game.

Laughing, “Sorry about that. But what could I help you with?” I asked.

“Yeah, um, I’m actually trying to become a lifeguard. And I was wondering how to apply for it, may you help me with that?” he asked.

“I would love to help you, especially since you look like you could be a hot lifeguard by how your looks are very charming,” I raised my voice as complemented. I used my peripheral vision to look at a particular person. 

Wes immediately walked away from the girls and the lifeguard house and rushed his way towards us. He took a seat on the other side of the guy and his eyes remained on him. I ignored his stare by focusing on the guy. 

The guy gave a hearty laughed and approvingly shook his head.

“I would like to say the same thing about you. I was actually staring at you from a few feet away and you’re a very gorgeous girl. And I was wondering if you like to go on a date with me?” the guy asked without being hesitant.

“Oh, I would so love to go on a date with you,” I said while eyeing at a green-eyed Wes. “It’s the best thing I have heard from a guy in a while.”

The guy smiled, “Great, just give me your number and -”

“She’s not going to give you her number because she work to do,” Wes growled as he got up from the sand and made his way to me. Grabbing me by my arm and pulled me to walk with me “Let’s go.”

“Where you taking me?” I asked him as he was leading me to the lifeguard house. “I was in the middle of something.”

“What the hell is your problem?” he growled when we were inside the lifeguard house. 

 The whole room was a bit dimmed by how the only light was from a small peep hole through the wall. Perfect lighting so we could escape from the heated temperature from outside.We were both alone, I guess the girls must’ve left when they saw him with me.

“What’s my problem? You said that I shouldn’t care about you checking out other girls. Then you shouldn’t give a fuck about my love life,” I hissed, poking my index finger into Wes’ chest.

“How shouldn’t I give a fuck about your love life when you’re the only thing I care about?” Wes asked angrily. “You’re the most gorgeous thing I have seen.”

“I don’t think so when you said that we fuck once and while. That sounds like you don’t care about me at all,” I spat, crossing my arms.

“Then I should correct what I said,” he said softly, letting his fingers gently caress my arms. “(Y/N), would you like to be my girlfriend?”

I intensely looked inside of Wes’ hazel eyes, wanting to search any honesty behind his eyes. Man, sometimes this guy that is in front of me could make my whole be the happiest to being a living hell, but that doesn’t mean I care about him as well. He is the only thing that keeps me intact when I’m in my lowest. While looking into his eyes, I knew that I wanted to fully be his.

Quickly jumping on top of him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso as I started to hungrily kiss his lips.  He immediately caught me to be in his strong arms, but that couldn’t stop us clashing onto the floor with me being on top of him. Wesley started to kiss me back, in the same pace as I was going at it. Slowly slipping his hands inside my lifeguard bikini top piece, we tore our clothes off to be fully nude. 

“Hmm, ride me, baby,” Wes grunted as he teased the tip of his hard dick against my wet folds. 

“Stop fuckin’ teasing me and put it in,” I hissed, tugging on his wavy hair. 

He growled as he bit on my shoulder before putting his whole cock inside of me. My nails dug inside of his golden body, loving the nice view of his Greek God body, and I started to moan while riding him. His eyes filled with lust when he saw my boobs swaying back and forth in this cowgirl position.

“That feels so good,” he moaned, squeezing my boobs before biting on them gently.Muttering, “You feel so nice around me, so freakin wet, and you taste so good, too.”

“Shit, Wes,” I groaned. I could feel him hitting all the way back, close enough to hit my stomach.

“Hello, is everything alright there?” the guy from earlier asked while knocking on the door. “I would like to talk to the girl again and about the lifeguard thing.”

Wes angrily turned us around so he could be on top of me. “Go away, you piece of shit! No one wants you,” he said before eyeing me and hold onto my face. “Tell me who’s your daddy, fucking tell me, (Y/N)! Show him who’s your daddy!”

I moaned when he slapped my boobs, “Your my daddy, Wes!”

“I knew it,” he growled before grabbing my hips, leaving nail marks, and slammed inside of me. “God dammit, you’re so tight.So many times of fucking you, I can’t even get it loose.”

“That’s because you have to go hard or go home, daddy,” I muttered, grabbing onto his shoulders.

“You bet I will,” he hissed, hitting on my g-spot and I was close to orgasm.

The whole lifeguard house was filled with our moans and grunts, and the temperature started to rise. Seconds later, I was the first one to orgasm before he let his cum fill me inside.

“That was so good,” I said through my heavy breathe, trying to get my normal breathing rhythm back.

“So, does this means you agreed to be my girlfriend?” Wes asked with a huge smile.

I couldn’t help it but smile and laugh as I hugged him. Aah, this is going to be a start of a beautiful relationship.

His eyes couldn’t give a death glare at the guy while his fingers curled into two fists. 

Faking It - Lifeguard Theory

1x04 - Know Thy Selfie

In this scene we discover for the first time that Amy is definitively romantically predisposed to both lifeguards and Karma

2x13 - Future Tense

Here we learn that Karma has had an established goal of wanting to become a summer lifeguard. Not sure when she developed this desire to seek out lifeguard as an occupation or whether or not it was spurred on by witnessing Amy’s whirlwind crush on that ‘mystery lifeguard’ alluded to in the diary entry that Shane skimmed.

2x20 - School’s Out

Following her tearful rejection of/by Amy in the 2B finale, Karma is seen arriving late for the first day of training as a pool lifeguard. While this may appear to be a seemingly innocuous coping mechanism, with Karma sticking to her back-up plan as a distraction for the crushing loneliness she was sure to endure without Amy around this summer… past evidence leads one to argue that Karma’s involvement as a summer lifeguard must be a subconscious attempt to win Amy’s affections upon her return next semester.

Combining  her already notable charm and sway over Amy’s heart with that of Amy’s established Romantic predisposition towards water-safety workers, Karma’s insistence on moving forward & becoming a lifeguard (rather than relegating herself to a tearful, sobbing mess like she did following the rejection from the Season 1 finale…) is a deliberate move towards molding herself into a Mega-KarmaSexual Entity; attaining previously unmatched levels of irresistability, charm, and influence upon Amy’s return.

Godlike’ - Chapter 3 (AkaKuro AU-Fantasy Fic)

Title: Godlike
Rating: Mature (Violence and sexual themes)
Pairings: Mainly Akakuro – future Midotaka & AoKise

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

Kuroko contemplated the events that had led him into the arms of the god.

It had been a cold winter morning when the name of the next sacrifice was announced to the public. Like countless times before, the citizens of Seirin had gathered in the royal audience chamber, a steady buzzing of nervous chattering filling the large room in a display of nerve-wrecking anticipation.

Parents were clutching at their young sons and daughters, fear filling innocent eyes as streams of reassurance left the parents’ lips - empty promises for everything to be okay.

Keep reading

SUMMER: A list of things to do 

  1. Create your own jewelry and sell it on Etsy
  2. Roadtrip to the lake,beach,or an island
  3. Find a music concert near you 
  4. Become a lifeguard 
  5. Have a cookout 
  6. Go for hikes
  7. Audition for an indie film 
  8. Thrift shopping
  9. Have a lemonade stand (not just for lil kids)
  10. Camping!
  11. Become a youtuber
  12. Create a garden
  13. Go to a fair
  14. Have a sleepover with friends and make your own facial masks
  15. Start your own band
  16. Go to cool cafe shops
  17. Volunteer at your local humane society
  18. Paint your room with chalkboard paint!
  19. Clean out your closet and sell for $$
  20. Make a terrarium
  21. Roast marshmallows
  22. Learn how to surf
  23. Take a painting class
  24. Go to an amusement park!
  25. Buy a polaroid camera and go crazy
  26. Learn how to play the guitar
  27. Cook a different type of meal every day
  28. Write a novel
  29. Go swimming
  30. Laser tag
  31. Dye your hair a different color
  32. Get a diary
  33. Go on netflix and watch foreign films
  34. Visit a college
  35. Check out your local bookstore
  36. Create a zine
  37. Learn how to paddle board
  38. Find a yoga class to do
  39. Wake up to see the sunrise
  40. Dinner on the beach at sunset 
My first lifeguard class~

Well yesterday i started my lifeguard classes, i have to go every Saturday at 5 p.m. till 8 p.m. and i had forgotten about it because my mother and i went to a truck company to rent one out for June (for when we move to Florida). My mind was somewhere else because of that, but luckily i remembered a little bit soon, even so, we arrived late. We arrived like at 5 :45 p.m. and thank God they were just starting the pool tasks.

(There’s 2 pools to make one and it is divided by a little bridge, one is only shallow and the other is just 13 feet deep.)  

Apparently i missed a whole 30 min of our coach talking and I went right in to swim 12 laps in the 13 feet. I’m 5'3 and i had to go swim down to the bottom of a 13 feet pool for a 10 pound brick i had to work twice as hard to pick that brick up and that could’ve possibly been my mother at the bottom of the pool.

I failed at the first try, and then a lifeguard came to me and said 

“What if that’ve been your mother huh!? Are you just going to leave her there?!”

So i asked to try one last time and they allowed me, i got it this time but i was out of breath and almost drowned.

Afterwards, we went over to the other side and went in the pool, once there we were to work in teams of 7 and complete the tasks. Any one who failed were asked either to leave and take the money back or stay and try it again. Very few left and a lot of them stayed. After our teams were formed we had to swim there and back freestyle and once back our new task was assigned. No goggles and swim with your head above water, you can’t move your head or else the whole team has to start over again. You had to swim looking straight forward. That hurt my spine afterwards.

The other task was to freestyle to the bridge, get up on the bridge and jump into the other pool and continue freestyle. I did it, some did it but, we had all forgotten that it was team work so we had to start over again the right way this time.

That’s not even the challenging part, we were lined up against the wall with our teams and were given numbers 1-4 once you had your number assigned you had to go to were they told you to. Once there our task was to carry the same 10 pound brick and swim back and forth 2 times without letting it drop and of course, without drowning. When i went in, i drowned, the brick dragged me to the bottom but i fought against it. I adjusted myself right and calmed down, i took short breaths because my head was always under water so i had to force it above water to get some oxygen. Our team passed again and that was the last task for today. Well not really, we had to swim 12 laps again.

But like, i have problems with my knee, because of an accident i had when i was young. I’m not supposed to be exercising like that, but i do it anyways and when i came out of the pool from doing the 12 my knee began to hurt.

It is an unbearable pain, it makes me want to cry. But i hold it and then this guy comes and stops infront of me

In my head i’m like “Oh shit, he noticed there’s something wrong with my knee and can’t become a lifeguard T^T”

He suddenly yelled at me, with a rough tone.

 ’‘Look at me!“

And i looked at him

He’s all like =_=

I’m all like o_o -wheeze-

and he’s all like


And I was all like ; ~ ;

and he’s like

’'You passed all tasks today, congratulations. Let’s see you next week, hopefully.”

and I was like “Holy sweet gsoos.”

This guy asked “Is next week harder than today?” and the coach said

“Be prepared.”

It’s not just swimming, we were given a book to take home, or a website if we had internet. We were to read the first 5 chapters and report back next Saturday before we go in the pool. The week after that, we will have a test.

So every Saturday i will automatically log off at 4:30 p.m and head to the school, i will come back but it will be either at 9 p.m or 10 p.m depending on how exhausted i am. So please don’t ask me why i wasn’t on for 3-4 hours. I really want a lifeguard licence, it is my goal and i wont back down from it no matter how challenging it gets.

anonymous asked:

I have to bring this up because it's been a repeat argument all season long on Arrow. A recent poll talking about heroes on The CW excluded Felicity until her fans fought for her and now she's kicking butt as number one. What do you think of the notion that Digg and Felicity aren't heroes because they don't wear costumes? We've seen this sentiment by certain fanboys, articles like the one saying to kill Diggle and even the CW's superhero fight club excluded them.

Settle in. It’s story time.

Once upon a time, I was a teenager. I decided that I wanted to follow in my brothers’ footsteps and become a lifeguard. Since it would not be safe for myself or others for me to take on such a job without proper training, I underwent several months of training in water safety, emergency care, first aid, and CPR. When my instructor felt that I had fulfilled the physical and academic requirements, I was certified by the Red Cross as qualified for the position.

I didn’t just go out, buy a whistle, and declare myself a lifeguard on the basis of being able to not drown while wearing a red bathing suit.

The end.

Why am I sharing this random story about my teen years in response to a question about Arrow?

Because I so very much dislike the importance that has been placed in certain circles on wardrobe for characters’ worths as heroes. 

It was a pet peeve for me all year for both Arrow and The Flash that characters throw the hero title around like it’s nothing. Oliver had to earn his status as a hero, pouring his blood and sweat and soul into his quest to make himself worthy of the designation. For Barry and Laurel and Ray to refer to themselves as heroes after comparatively little sacrifice and after spending a relatively small amount of time on the streets in actual danger rubs me the wrong way and I get incredibly defensive of Oliver. Of all of the masks on both shows over this year - save perhaps for Roy - Oliver is the only one to have truly earned the hero designation to go with the leathers. Barry has absolutely come close and undoubtedly will be worthy of the title of hero, but he doesn’t yet understand what it means to live the life in the long term. Honestly, I wouldn’t even trust most of the costumed crusaders on The CW to be lifeguards, and I can attest to the fact that those classes are not that hard to pass.

To actually answer the question that was asked:

I’m so glad that Felicity fans have managed to elevate her on the poll. Female characters in particular to be recognized for heroism that doesn’t necessarily take place on the battlefield.  It’s so important for shows like Arrow to remove the stigma that heroism can only be won via combat. Men are always going to be bigger and stronger and able to last longer in a fight. Nyssa is one of the most skilled fighters in the history of the show, and certainly more well-trained than Oliver…but at the end of the day, Oliver nearly always defeats her because he has eight inches and eighty pounds on her. It’s nothing that should shame her or any other female character; it’s biology. The show needs to emphasize that heroism isn’t always winning the fight or taking the hardest beating without breaking. Giving Felicity the credit that she deserves for her different brand of heroism would be a win for the show, a win for the audience, and a win for the portrayal of women on television.

Articles and individuals marginalizing Diggle need to consider the entire character before passing judgment based on their vision of what the show ought to be. He was a fully realized hero before the series even started. Digg had already served his country for several years as part of the armed forces, and he put himself in very real danger to protect Oliver back before he found out about the vigilantism. He joined Oliver’s crusade not to kick ass and take names, but rather to help save the soul of a tortured man struggling to come home from war. Then, he proceeded to kick ass and take names anyway. I adore Oliver and will defend him until kingdom come, but John Diggle is my hero. He doesn’t need a mask to qualify. 

♥ Taylor Michael Caniff ♥ ~Part ~

This is my first ever fan fiction and I would very much appreciate it if you let me know if you liked it! Part 1. Should there be more parts?!

It is your last high school summer. You plan on going crazy and hanging out with friends to blow off the steam before you have to get serious about school. You’re definitely planning on going to college. 

Your POV


Your alarm goes off at 9 am you forgot that you had to take life guarding lessons because you need to get recertified to become a lifeguard at your local pool. 

Lessons got over and you went to meet up with your friends Hunter, Emma, & McKayla at Cici’s Pizza to have lunch.

“(Y/N), I heard there is going to be an awesome start of the summer bonfire tonight are you in?!” said McKayla.

“Eh, I don’t know,” you hesitated.

“C'mon (Y/N) don’t be such a god damn prude all the time!” exclaimed Hunter.

“Fine.” you mumbled.

- Later that night

Emma came over with her boyfriend Stephen. She brought him everywhere you were pretty stoked that he wasn’t out to have pizza earlier because she actually talked to you. She wanted to help pick you out an outfit, you haven’t had a boyfriend in awhile since Jay broke up with you freshmen year.

 “How about this?” You grabbed your go to dress.

“Ew, you wear that for everything,” Emma said.

She grabbed a pair of high waisted shorts and a daisy cropped top.

“Try this on!” she yelled.

I actually really liked it and it looked great.

“Perfect!” she exclaimed. “Hey there is a bonus I heard we got a new kid in town and he is uber cute so I’ve heard.” she explained.

“Mk,” you said nonchalantly.

You threw your hair into a braid and then went with Emma & Stephen to go meet up with McKayla & Hunter.

- You guys arrive at the bonfire

It was a perfect setting for a first summer night bonfire it was on the beach of the best lake near the city.

“(Y/N) come dance with me!” exclaimed the buzzed McKayla.


Tonight you weren’t looking to drink you promised that tonight you would be DD, which you’re fine with.

While dancing with McKayla you spotted this really attractive guy that you haven’t seen before, you assumed that it was the new guy that Emma was talking about. But you can’t really remember what she was talking about because you blocked out her babble. She had been wanting you to start dating again since you could remember.

You heard someone running up behind you, you turn around and its Hunter.

“DUUUDE, GUESS WHAT!” She exclaimed.


“That new kid has been checking you out for like the past half hour,” she explained. “Go talk to him.”

“HA! Me? Go talk to him?!” “You must be on crack!”


You slapped her and she giggled.

“No but seriously go talk to him (Y/N)”

“No, I refuse.” “ If you think I need to talk to him so bad, tell him to talk to me.”

“Okay.” she said. She turned around and started towards him.

You whipped your body around and took off to go find McKayla.

“Kayla!” you yelled.

“Blurrwhat?” she mumbled.

“Help hide me, Hunter & Emma want me to talk to that new guy and I hate talking to boys.” “I fuck everything up.”

“Heeey, if you don’t talk to him, i-iii-i will.”

“You aren’t any help.”

You knew that McKayla kinda got crazy when she was drunk but it upset you when she said that. Once you knew that you were alone on this situation you went to go sit on a random trucks tail gate.

Hunter's POV

She took off to go find that knew guy whatever his name was because you knew that he probably liked (Y/N). 

You saw him standing in a circle with a couple other guys.

“Hey Bandana,” she said.

“Who me?” he said.

“No the other one, ya you!” “I noticed you’ve been checking out my friend (Y/N). The one in the daisy shirt & shorts.”

“Oh jeez, no.” he said shyly.

“Don’t play that bullshit with me right now.” “She’s amazing and you should go talk to her.”

“Uhhh..” he stuttered.

“Please? It would make her really happy.”

“Uh, okay I spose.” he said. “Where is she?”

She turned around and looked at the spot that she left you at and you had disappeared.

“Shit.” she said. “Idk, lemme go find her and I will bring her near the fire and leave to go get a drink, that is when I want you to come and start talking to her, okay?” she explained.

“Okay.” he said.

Your POV

You had been sitting on that tailgate for awhile so long that your ass went numb. You got up and headed back to the fire when Hunter was charging at you full speed.

“GAAAH!” she screamed. “He said he would talk to you!”

No way you thought.

“What,” you mumbled.

“That guy -fuck I forgot to ask him his name..” she said. “Anyways he said that he would talk to you.”

“Gosh Hunter, why do you want me to talk to him so bad?” “Why does everyone wanna be the god damn match maker for me?” “How do you know that I don’t like being single?!”

“(Y/N) don’t lie to yourself you know that you think he is cute.” “& I know you do because I saw the way you stared at him while McKayla was boozin’ all over you.”

You know that she had a point.

You guys stared walking back to the fire you were staring to get chilly anyways but, when you go there Hunter took off.

“Aye I’m going to go get a drink & check up on McKayla, Emma & Stephen.”


You sat there for a good couple minutes until you could see someones shadow in front of you.

You turned around and there was that boy, you jerked up and threw your hands in the karate position.

“Whoa,” he said throwing his hands up. “No need to go kung fu on me, atleast yet.

"Okay, did Hunter put you up to this?”

“Is that the girl with the beanie?” he asked.


“Yaaa..” he said. “She told me that you had the hots for me.”

“What?” you said confusingly.

“No she didn’t say that.” he said jokingly.

“Okay.” you said. “Why did you come here for that last year of school?” you asked.

“Well my mom asked me where I wanted to go or if I wanted to leave.” “ I said yes and she asked where.” “I said I have yet to go to North Dakota lets move there.” “And now I am here.”

“North Dakota, out of all the 50 gorgeous states you choose North god damn Dakota.” I asked confusedly.

“Yes, I’ve never been here before and if I could live here a year it would be cool.” he explained.

You say back down on the log in front of the fire & he sat next to you. You talked for another 2 minutes until another pretty attractive male came up.

“Hey” said the other guy.

“Hi Cameron.” said the guy that had been talking to you.

“We should get going I know your mom wants us home soon & since we don’t know our way around here very well we should leave soon.” Cameron said.

“Okay, oh by the way this is my cousin Cameron.” said the attractive guy.

“Ahh, hello.” you said. “I’m (Y/N)”

“Hey,” he said then walked away.

Speaking of the time you checked your phone. *1:30* You started to look around for your friends and spotted them in the distance watching you. Gosh they were embarrassing, they act as if you’ve never had a relationship before.

“Hey, as much as I liked talking to you I better get going.” he said.

“Okay.” you said glumly

He walked over to give you a hug goodbye and you felt him slip something into the back pocket of your shorts. He started jogging away.

“Hey!” you yelled. “What is your name?!”

“Taylor!” he yelled from the distance.

Taylor you thought. What a cute name. You walked over to meet with your friends. 

“OOOOOO” they all cooed.

“Stop guys,” you blushed. “We will talk about this tomorrow.” “For now I better drive you guys all home.”

- Laying in bed

You forgot about the thing Taylor had slipped into the back pocket of your shorts until you were already comfy in bed. You didn’t care though you got up to go check & see what it was. It was his number written on a piece of a matchbook. You went & put in your phone and fell asleep.