becoming a braid

Junilypso 🌸🌺
  • they’re Soft Girlfriends™
  • calypso loves wandering around Camp Half-blood’s woods; she knows it’s dangerous but iT’S SO bEauTiFUL
  • it’s such a different atmosphere from Ogygia, calming but in a rougher, wilder way
  • she finds it fascinating
  • the nature spirits are a bit moody in general, but calypso gets to know a dryad in particular who’s very sweet
  • she starts packing picnics for them to share
  • picture this: lying on the grass, staring up at the sky
  • cUDDLING on the grass, staring into each other’s eyes
  • hair braiding becomes a regular activity
  • they both constantly have flowers in their hair
  • juniper is a much better kisser than leo lma o (sorry bud)
  • calypso regularly appears back from the woods a blushing mEss, with grass stains all over her clothes
  • leo teases her ENDLESsly about it
  • “and to think I brought you here so you could have sex with some tree spirit in the woods, smh”
  • learning combat techniques together adahf;xhfx
  • hONEsTLY imagine calypso in gear 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽
  • they never learned to fight so they’re both amateurs, which means there’s a lot of confused stumbling around and of course there’s practice sparring that turns into make out sessions
  • the other dryads get so exasperated with them
  • and they’re not jealous at all pffft where would you get that idea
  • calypso planting flowers at the base of juniper’s tree
  • just… junilypso
For @lgbtqpjo’s 3k week!! Inspired by @percalyspo

What to do on a plane (and other tips)

i’m back, and today i’m bringing you a mini post about what you can do on a plane, since a lot of people are traveling right now! 

if you have a day flight: 

  • chances are you won’t be tired! if you are, sleep, but if you aren’t, here are other ideas. 
  • plan out your vacation! if you have a travel journal, you can set that up; 
    • maybe you can journal about your experience in the plane or your impressions; 
    • or just set it up; 
    • or write down a schedule.
  • watch a movie! 
    • obviously this depends on the selection available, if you don’t like any of the movies offered you can’t unless you’re prepared to watch a movie you dislike. 
  • make a doodle reference sheet; 
    • or a font reference sheet. 
  • sometimes, the best thing to do is sit back and relax. 
    • maybe listen to music if you brought some! 
    • you can also listen to podcasts. 
  • become a braiding master. 
  • eat at least a little of the food that’s offered so you’re not starving when the plane is landing. 
  • and if you’re in school stress, you can work on an assignment or study, maybe write notes. 
    • i wouldn’t recommend this though, unless you’re really stressed by upcoming deadlines. 

if you have a night flight: 

  • sleep!!! 
    • if you are tired enough and you feel comfortable enough to, please sleep!! it will make you feel so much better after you land (even if you don’t realize it immediately) and you will probably feel terrible if you try to work when tired on a plane. 
  • obviously you can also do all the other things i suggested on a day flight!
    • i would recommend trying to sleep first though. 
    • or if you really can’t, do some of the less mentally challenging things, such as
      • watching a movie or listening to music/podcasts. 

if you get sick: 

  • i will emphasize on this again: please sleep. 
    • when you sleep, you aren’t conscious of the turbulence and the air. 
  • find out what’s making you sick. 
    • for me personally, the air and the smell of it made me sick, so now i started bringing a scarf to put in front of my face. 
    • if it’s the motion, you can’t do much about it obviously. 
  • don’t eat or drink much. 
    • drink and eat enough so you don’t dehydrate yourself extremely, or starve yourself, but don’t eat or drink too much. 
    • know what foods make the sickness worse and which don’t have an effect. 
  • try to not get nervous. 
    • out of personal experience, it will make the sickness worse. 

hope i could help at least a bit! have a nice summer everyone!


Cinderella and Sam become besties and braid each other’s hair👌👌👌😂😂😂

Batfam Headcanon- Tim's Hair

The entire family loves Tim’s long luxurious hair. Being the adorable mess he is, little Timmy often forgets to cut it, leading to it being a slightly too long shaggy black mop on his head. The girls have become obsessed with braiding it, eventually just using him as a living Barbie doll to practice whatever hairstyles they come up with. Dick likes to ruffle his hair whenever he passes by, enjoying how annoyed Tim gets. Damian and Jason only like it because they can use it as perfect teasing material, and Tim likes having it because he thinks it makes him look cooler. Of course, walking down the street with an old t-shirt, a messy man bun, and a gallon cup of Starbucks doesn’t look the least bit attractive, but as far as Tim knows, he’s as cool as they come. 😎

an oliness fic thing in which nessa tries 2 be a temptress lmao

i got curious as to how a similar situation might play out so i….messed around with it. they’ve got the most ridiculous amount of ust i don’t even know what to do w/ them anymore.


Oliver is always looking at her.

Always. At first, it was a nuisance and she had been suspicious of him having some secret joke with himself over her appearance. She’d become obsessed with tucking her braids back into their pins tightly and making sure that her sleeves are sitting right on her shoulders. She’d straighten her back when he walked into a room and forcibly kept herself from meeting his unrelenting gaze.

She knows better now.

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Braids Symbolizing Healing & Hair-touching Boundaries

@lanewilliam asked:

First, my main character came from a neglectful facility, where her hair became very matted and tangled, and her adoptive family cleaned and braided it. So her braids become associated with healing, nurturing love and chosen family. Is this an appropriate use of her hair in the story? Are there pitfalls I should be careful of?  Second, I’m looking for advice on other characters touching her hair. Should I be careful about having close friends, family and love interests touch her hair? Does it matter whether those people are Black or White? Or is it fine so long as it’s an appropriate to the relationship (mischievous sister pulling it, father patting it, lover stroking it, etc) as opposed to coming from a creepy stranger?

I don’t see a problem with this, as you’re giving braids a positive association. Remember her hair doesn’t need to be braided in order to be positively associated, though, and just having clean hair is enough. But I’m just throwing that out there; it’d be a bit of a reach to pull a negative association out of her getting braids after this situation. It doesn’t need to be bigger than it is.

Do consider her head would likely be tender and fragile after that much neglect, so braids aren’t the best option to jump right into as it would likely lead to breakage, especially on the weaker edges. Perhaps there’s a rest given before she gets her hair braided, or it’s braided very gently.

Idea: You could also focus on her hair being properly washed with natural hair-friendly shampoo/conditioner or cleaning conditioner (i assume at this neglectful facility, if she had shampoo it was some cheap kind or chemical-laden one that damages Black hair) and detangled, deep conditioned, moisturized…overall just being cared for properly. Again just ideas of some of the things that might go into her hair being cared for. I’m glad you’re showing aspects of her hair being cared for, and It doesn’t necessarily all need to be on-stage.

As for having others touch her hair, it would depend on the character on what she accepts or not. It’s more about trust and the established relationship as you said. 

I’m definitely in on avoiding having strangers or rather anyone she’s not close to sticking their hands in her hair unchecked, but that goes for closer relationships as well. Having a little sister pull it would likely be annoying regardless, but if she’s sensitive it might be a bigger deal. That’s something you’ll want to work out in her character. 

A lover stroking it, father patting it, are all loving things that she may allow the other party because it’s affectionate and they’re close vs. an evasive act of curiosity or entitlement. 

Lesya has more on positive braiding symbolism!

~Mod Colette

A similar concept exists in the Native-written ballet Going Home Star, which is about two modern Natives reconciling the residential school system. The main characters end up journeying through the past to expose what happened in residential schools (the male main character as a survivor of the schools and ran away, but faces the possibility he could have easily been killed; the female main character is a Native disenfranchised from her identity who reconnects) and explore their historical culture, even though they had lost it in modern day.

After they’ve exposed the depths of the wounds that occurred in residential schools, they are finally able to start rebuilding. The visual symbol of this rebuilding is her braiding his hair. Considering one of the first things residential schools did to Native children was to cut their braids (and one of the flashbacks to the residential school showed a girl getting her hair shorn), this was an incredibly meaningful gesture. 

You might want to consider this type of care and trust, with what Colette said. Braids are involved, intimate and extremely culturally bound, so an arc off healing and reconnecting wouldn’t be out of place at all. It would probably be quite cathartic for the Black character, and probably Black readers— I know I sobbed my eyes out, seeing myself reflected back and being given so much hope I could still find my culture even after losing it generations ago.

~ Mod Lesya

anonymous asked:

tell us how you feel about nahyuta and apollo!!!

“…I-I really do wish to become closer with Braid Hea…Big Bro. And I would also love to become closer to Horn Head, too, as he is like a second brother to me. I may give off the impression I dislike them, but that is not true at all. I, admittedly…am not skilled in expression platonic affection.”

"Though I am not exactly sure how I can bond closer to them. Though I suppose it is understandable that one would be unsure of to exactly talk about with a young princess…”

It's time for some LukexHana headcannons that nobody asked for!

-there are lots of late night existential crises on both ends.
-heated Mario Party nights, complete w/ snacks. They both get silent w/ concentration during late-game minigames. Very competitive.
-the two of them swapping playlists/mixtapes
-Ian being a total protective mom when it comes to Luke.
-Hana talking Luke through creative blocks
-Luke teaching Hana how to beatbox so they can freestyle together. (Hana’s not so great at it though. But Luke doesn’t mind)
-Luke’s way w/ words inspires Hana to write poetry and Luke finds it one day and is all proud.
-“Hey, Hana, listen to this sweet song I found.”
-They play w/ each other’s hair. Eventually Luke learns to braid and becomes obsessed w/ braiding hair.
-Sleepy bedroom talks about life and dreams over one of Luke’s chill playlists
- Just general creative and emotional support.

Feel free to add more! These are just some thoughts I had!

I just need to have some Dag appreciation here.

When Max comes after them in the salt plains, she’s already showing so many signs of the person she will become. She has braided and wrapped her hair (reminiscent of the head wrap she has when we first see it, but so different), and in the strands hang a metal disc (looks like copper) and a small jaw bone. Already stylish, a little morbid, and entirely in tune with the Vuvalini aesthetic.

She just takes 10 hours with the old badass ladies to transform into a complete wasteland shaman, and I adore her so much. It’s as if with these people, she finds the person she has been waiting to become, all these years. 

Max found his better self in Furiosa, but I think The Dag’s better self was just always there, waiting for the time when she could become it.