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My favourite thing about the Voltron discourse?
- It’s entirely made up.

Because when you think about it, every problem in the Voltron fandom was created by the fandom itself.

  • “Shiro is 25″

You got that from a video where 25 was said to be the “top range”, meaning Shiro isn’t older than that. He can still be anywhere from 19 to 25, but you keep insisting that your interpretation is the correct one while all others are wrong.

  • “The other paladins are 16″

Again, they were said to be in their late teens. If “teens” starts at 13 and ends at 20, 16 is the middle. “Late teens” would equal anything from 17 to 19, but again - you think everyone who interprets it differently than you does so to offend you personally.

  • “Allura was made a teen so Kallura could become canon”

Allura was never said to be an adult to begin with. Y’all just saw a dark-skinned girl act vaguely mature and decided that she must become the “mom character” and cater to everyone’s needs.

  • “Lotor is a rapist” 

Sincline was a rapist. In the Japanese original. That no one of you bothered to watch anyways. Any excuse you come up with to hate a character that hasn’t made an appearance in the show yet is a direct product of your own imagination. Just like any other complaint you have about the show and its writers, really.

  • “Voltron is queerbaiting”

There’s no indications of romance in the actual show yet. The only queerbaiting nonsense comes from people that keep insisting their ship is canon - when it isn’t. LGBT+ representation is very possible, but other ships you’re constantly tearing down are LGBT+ as well. You don’t care about representation, you only care about whether your ship becomes canon or not.

Queerbaiting is an issue, but your favourite mlm/wlw pairing not being endgame is not “queerbaiting”. Stop misusing words like pedophilia, heteronormativity, homophobia, queerbaiting, gaslighting & abuse. You can dislike something without it having to be morally wrong. 

Admit you don’t like the thing. Blacklist it. Move on. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll always find something to get mad over if you just look hard enough.

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To be honest I don't think I'd want any ship to become canon in voltron because I think if would really tear this fandom apart. Can you imagine how bitter some people would become and how much more discourse there would be. I mean I love klance but I'm also a multishipper and have other pairings that I love just as much.

I personally wouldn’t mind any ships to become canon. But again, I see fandom as something separate from canon and nothing that happens in canon can take away the fun I have with the characters here in fandom. I’d keep doing what I am doing now either way. The discourse would probably increase, yeah - but, as weird as that might sound, I’m actually having a good time right now. I’m following the right people, there are days where I don’t even notice that the discourse exists. Incredible, right? :P 

Should a ship become canon it might get harder to avoid the discourse but I firmly believe that it’s possible to keep enjoying this show through it all. This blog is and will stay a klance only blog and I will keep having fun with these characters. Ships in general shouldn’t be as big of a deal as the fandom makes them out to be so I’m just not gonna treat them that way. If needed, I’ll build my own little community with just my friends and me but like hell I’ll let discourse, ships, hate or any other fandom negativity ruin my fun :D I’m here for the show and the characters I fell in love with and that’s what I’ll stay here for <3 

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I'm torn between an emotional "I love you", like a romantic movie, and a confession that turns into a slight argument - "I love you" "I know" "you know? That's all you're gonna say? No 'I love you too' or even an acknowledgement?" "Well, I thought you knew, I said it before" "that's not the point!"

2nd anon: Man every night I imagine so many beautiful ways on how destiel might become canon and I really think there’s no way that wouldn’t make me sob for an entire month. What scenario would you find the most perfect?

Tbh I don’t realistically see it happening in a lovey dovey declaration type way. 

I see it more than likely happening either in the middle of an argument with Dean basically being like “I’m angry because I’m worried… I worry because I care… I care because I LOVE YOU! DAMMIT!”


as a sudden physical reaction, normal intense eye sex, as usual, lulling us into a false sense of security and *oh they’re just doing this again, nothing new here* then suddenly just grabbing a handful of shirt and just kissing the hell outta each other

I think a mix of both is my favourite concept though, the first then the second is most likely for me :)

I mean, 12x01-02 gave us hunter husbands, 12x03 gave us an endearingly cute nickname, 12x07 gave us Sassy back Cas, 12x09 gave us Cas’ devotion to Dean, 12x10 gave us “I’m not mad, I’m worried” and intense bickering, 12x12 gave us “I love you I love all of you”, then 12x19 gave us I’m mad but I still love you and I love you and I have to protect you, 12x23 gave us stop trying to protect me and just stay with me. 

SHEESH it’s really only a matter of time now and I feel like this is the most realistic option based on what they’ve given us.

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Meanwhile Sam is just like…


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I love klance but I'm also veeery sure it will never be canon and that makes me sad. But well, I can still read fluffy fics and admire the good art!

You. I like you :D

No, for real. Maybe it’s just me, but canon!klance is not my top priority. I have been in lots of other fandoms where I’ve shipped two characters that could never ever become canon simply because the show was already over. Did it make me ship them any less? No. Is non-canon klance going to make me ship them any less? HELL NO.

For me, fandom is fandom. The actual show always comes first. I am the kind of person that loves exploring all kinds of theories and headcanons but if the show delivers evidence to contradict it, I still get excited about that new information. Because, hey, that new information might create 10 new headcanons that I can explore from scratch :D And those other headcanons that just got disproven? Let’s make awesome new AUs out of them!!! Let’s get creative!!!!! Maybe we can even merge it together with the new fandom information, how about that? :D

Fandom is fun. Shipping is fun. And I just really freaking love klance with all my heart and soul, so no matter what canon will do to them, I will continue to ship them. Of course I’ll be incredibly happy if they become canon but it won’t destroy me either if they don’t. Nothing, no canon, no other person, no post against them will pry this ship out of my hands ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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If bi!Dean becomes Explicitly Canon, rather than just subtext canon, how do you think it would be executed? If you have any predictions, headcanons, or anything I'd love to hear it. Your metas are so interesting and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks!! Have a lovely day!

Me when Bi!Dean and / or Destiel is made explicitly canon:

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Tbh my personal headcanon is that it won’t be a big deal but kind of a 12x18 style “Sam, I like guys too ok? get over it” and probably Sam being like “that’s not news Dean!” And …. that’s kind of it!

For me I think it actually makes it stronger if it’s NOT made into a big deal and is just something that we have to accept was there all along, like it’s not a big reveal, the only difference is that Dean is being open about it. It’s a metaphor / symbol for the fact that being queer doesn’t actually change a person at all and he isn’t going to suddenly start wearing rainbow suspenders or whatever.

The Destiel side is of course linked to it but not dependent on it or the other way around, but I can’t imagine a bi!Dean reveal moment happening without soon after some kind of reference from Sam about Dean and Cas’ interactions, stares etc after he’s been the long suffering brother for so long and explicitly in seasons 11 and 12.

That’s my personal headcanon about it :)

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I have a hc that bakugou is actually a really good driver due to his great reflexes, but has horrible road rage to the point he gets out of his car to yell at the person. Just wanted to share >~<

And I totally approve this headcanon, I want it to become canon someday (when he gets a licence in some years) and whoever says that he is an angel on the road lies.

Never let him drive alone because some noses will be broken if he’s not stopped.

Dear Ankko/ Andrew family,
Keep your head up :) I know we are all salty and bummed about what happen, but don’t let that get you down. Zutara didn’t become canon and that didn’t stop people from shipping and contributing, so let’s do the same! I will be doing my best to post as much ankko and andrew stuff on my blog! And ignore those haters 😎

Like does anyone just sit back and think about the moment when Bellarke becomes canon? Like will the internet break? Will we hear distant screams scattered around the world? Will we see hundreds of videos uploaded of people recording themselves crying and falling to the floor in a disastrous mess? Will there be a billion edits and gif sets made that will be reblogged that many times? Will everyone suddenly have the same avatar pic of the moment? Will there be dozens of names added to the obituaries? Will I even be okay? Will I even be able to talk afterward or will my voice be gone from screeching so much? Will I even be able to see after crying so much? These are the things that keep me up at night.

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Here's an interesting one. How do you feel about Crow Winter ship? I think it would be quite interesting for more development between the two of them

I actually used to be pretty dead set against Qrowin becoming canon, but I think now I’d be ok with it if Winter gets a bit more development.

When we first met Winter, I really didn’t know how the writers were wanting us to feel about her. She came across as another cold hearted, mean family member of Weiss one sentence, and then a surprisingly caring and sympathetic person the next, and by the end of her screen time I still didn’t really know how I was suppose to feel about her.However V4 gave me a lot more context for Winter and her situation. I realized that Winter was actually probably the most rebellious of her siblings, and she really does have a heart. She was presumably the first and most rightful heir to the Schnee company, but she declined that opportunity to join the military, where she thought she could make a difference worth making.

I never liked the idea of Winter and Qrow being together in the past, because Winter seem just too cold and boring to me. However V4 has kind of change my perspective on her, and if the show can start making her look more human and likeable I think I would be down to clown with some Qrowin. :3

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BMBLB is just a shout out to the most popular pairing in the show and an appreciative nod to the LGBTQ+ fans of RWBY. It's listed as a bonus on the track and released during pride month. Why the hell would RT toss away all the blacksun development just to legitimize a fanship?

Yeah that makes sense, it’s definitely better than just saying it was a random love song with no meaning, at least it would be to appreciate the LGBTQ+ fans and approve of the ship . If they go through with bumble//by then they would’ve be baiting blacksun with all of the obviously romantic hints and LMFN, it would be unfair to us blacksun shippers who have been eagerly waiting for it to happen because they have built it up since Volume 1, but BB shippers don’t care about how we might feel about bumble//by becoming canon over blacksun after all that’s happened. They only care about how they feel and they’ll take any minor hint that could possibly allude to their ship and insist on it as much as they can, otherwise its queerbaiting. They don’t deserve BM//BLB tbh, because if it turns out to be a bumble//by song just to nod at the fans and not to advance in canon, they will shout “QUEER BAITING” without being grateful that it’s the only RWBY slash fan ship to ever have an official song made for it, and that’s because it’s the most popular out of the plenty of other same sex ships in RWBY.

The fact that it’s a bonus song (that was made becuase of an accident)also indicates that it’s not planned to happen any time soon, because Blacksun is pretty much on it’s way. In fact they might’ve made this song be about bumble///by because blacksun is going to happen next Volume,but they still want to appreciate those who support RWBY with their LGBTQ+ and bumble///by content since pretty much the beginning of the series, even if that may rile up the fanbase even more. It’ll give them profit and I’m sure they could make an excuse to control the damage it might cause, if there hasn’t been already.

ok but at what point did Qui-Gon realize he’d said “The Queen doesn’t need to know” to the actual Queen.

at what point in the battle planning did Padme very deadpan say to him, “the council doesn’t need to know?” or something like that

at what point did Qui-Gon realize that under no circumstances should Obi-Wan and Padme be allowed to become friends because they will sass him to death

at what point did the young Queen realize she and Qui-Gon were saltmates

Prince Aladdin

i just rewatched aladdin with the roommates and it got me thinking

aladdin wishes to be made a prince, but all genie does is get him a lot of stuff and money. that’s not what a prince is. a prince is the son of the king, someone in line for the throne. someone with a lot of money is just - rich. so what i think is:

genie goes okay, that’s a big one - and i can do it! but not on my own, not if you want to do it right. not if you truly want a chance to marry your princess for real, as a prince. and aladdin is a foolish, moral, kind boy - and he agrees. he’s fallen in love with jasmine, an innocent all encompassing love, and he’ll do anything for this sweet, clever girl he only knew for a few hours. so genie takes him across the desert, far from agrabah, and plops right in the middle of a skirmish and is like okay, good luck! and aladdin is like ?????

but there’s assholes with swords attacking a young girl, and aladdin doesn’t even have to think about that, just like when he stood in front of the whip for those little kids. there are three men against him, but he’s fast and clever and has been against a dozen trained palace guards. so it’s not easy to get out of there alive, especially with the little girl to protect, but he manages it with only a thin slice on his upper arm, and he’s endured worse for less. so he picks up the little girl and says “i think we should get out of here, hmm?” and she’s in a pretty red silk getup with tiny jewels encrusted on her like stars against sunset. and she nods and throws her arms around his neck. she won’t talk, only points in the direction of home, but aladdin’s okay with that, he’s used to quiet, scared kids. so he keeps up a steady stream of stories of agrabah, which seems almost like this other desert land. but there are more men with swords and aladdin is like what the fuck is going on, but he hides the girl in a corner and fights them too. and that’s how it goes all the way home. there’s no one on the streets really, and they all scatter when the men attack, and they keep on attacking, he fights his way all the way through the city with the girl on his hip or hidden away.

and he should have known, of course, but he was tired and bruised and bleeding by the time he realized the little girl is silently guiding him to the palace and he’s like why can’t you princesses stay inside??? but he walks up and the guards get one look at the child in his arms and whisk him through and multiple people try to take the girl away but she won’t budge from him, a stubborn pout to her lips as her hands remained locked behind his neck. and he’s finally tossed into a throne room where a tall old man is sitting in agony and two young men pace in front of him, each at least a decade older than aladdin. “they’ve taken our sister!” one of the younger men hiss, “i don’t care about their power or their connections, they’ve taken esfir, and we must go get her!”

“uh,” he clears his throat, “hi?”

and all three men whirl on him and the old man stumble-runs to him. esfir finally lets go of aladdin to picked up and twirled around by her father. the two men are rahim and shapur and they look in wonder at this dirty boy of fifteen who’s returned the girl to them, and he speaks with an accent and clearly is not from here and they get the story from him - he’s traveled across the desert because those in his own country want him dead. “you know,” rahim says as the king clutches at esfir in desperate relief, “you could have held her for ransom. you almost died saving her, and we would have paid handsomely to have her returned safely.”

and aladdin gives him a flat disapproving look, appearing in this moment four times his age, and says “people are not objects or bargaining chips. especially not lost little girls.” and rahim and shapur share an impressed conspiring look and they each grab one of his arms and lead him away. “hey! what are you -”

“do be quiet little brother,” shapur says cheerfully, “we really have to get you out of your rags.”

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