becomes better people

I think my love is too intense.. I require raw passion and basically your soul tbh. I expect honestly and loyalty as a default. I’m highly ambitious and I’m driven by grinding and building so we can achieve a financially free future together. I love growing with someone, helping each other become better people. I live for spontaneous shit, goofy jokes and over the top romance. I just wanna build an empire with someone whilst being in the most sincerest deepest form of love and devotion.
For some, going to work and coming home - curling up in front of the TV is enough. For me that’s great, but I still prefer the unconventional life - where we might not see each other every day because we are building but when we do, we create life long memories and just embrace. I know it seems like a lot to ask but it isn’t impossible.


I hate how the show frames Steven as the moral center of the universe but then whenever he fucks up it’s “but he’s just a kid!”

Marco, Star, Dipper, and Mabel, for instance all mess up and has the narriative acknowledge that they mess up. Mabel is impulsive and doesn’t always think things out. Star’s a massive, selfish hypocrite who’s incredibly irresponsible. Marco doesn’t always know what’s best in every situation and often fails to think outside the box. Dipper raised the dead. They all face consequences and get scolded, but they learn and it ultimately helps them become better people.

But Steven? Steven’s always right. He was right to befriend Lapis, Peridot, the cluster, centipeetle,  his racist uncle. Lapis sucking it up in order to befriend somebody who she wanted nothing to do with was presented as the right thing to do. The water spire was going to collapse anyway. Jasper, Bismuth, and Eyeball were all shown to be “in the wrong” (#bismuthwasright). He’s always there to provide the morals for Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Greg, the Pizza Wars, whatever. He’s potrayed as this perfect child that can do not wrong and it was endearing way back in CheeseBurger Backpack but now that the show is covering serious topics like bigotry and abuse it simply just doesn’t work and ends up being more less Plebcomics For Kids. 

  • otp: both have a severe case of abandonment issues that they don't discuss and use anger or jokes to avoid talking about them.
  • me: yes...
  • otp: hate and annoy each other at every turn and have an overtly antagonistic relationship yet have more in common than they think.
  • me: niceeeeeee
  • otp: form a begrudging friendship that they deny to other people while still obviously caring about each other.
  • me: incredible
  • otp: fall in mutually beneficial love where they subconsciously help each other become better people just by being together.

I’s married now! 😍
My best friend
College sweetheart
Ruby (Steven universe reference 😂)
My Swiffer (insider) ….

You know it’s real when someone expands your heart in ways you never imagined . I remember us pushing each other to study during finals week. We never had much but we’ve alwsys had each other. We continue Holding each other through heartbreak. Learning and growing together. Becoming better people for ourselves and each other.
Our spiritual partnership is one that mirrors . Holding each other accountable in love and compassion.

You get on one nerve that no one else knows about lmao . But you make me laugh. You helped me understand what love looks and feels like. In the words of Zora Neale Hurston

“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place ”

Thanks for choosing me this lifetime 😍😍😍😍

i’ve seen a lot of people worry that the text is foreshadowing something but i don’t think it is. when i read it it felt more like a text to let us know that even has people that care about him, but that he’s not magically cured because of it

What kind of stolen Aesthetic is this??

I’d be overjoyed if they characterized Sonic the way they did in Unleashed and Black Knight.
A Sonic with a strong sense of morals. A Sonic with a short fuse, quick to anger at anything unjust. A Sonic who cares deeply for his friends, and is willing to spare his enemies in the hopes that they will become better people. A Sonic who values fun and freedom over all, but is willing to sacrifice his freedom or even his life to protect those he cares for. A Sonic who is affected by loss and sadness, but won’t let it prevent him from fighting on. A Sonic who refuses to let the constant evil around him corrupt him.

General thoughts on Zutara and why I started shipping them in the first place

Katara was always the mother figure of everyone in the group, except for Zuko.

Katara, I believe, has always been instinctively or even inherently motherly. Her being a mother figure was not a role she needed to assume, but rather something she has always been. That’s not a bad thing, but that is just one side of the many facets of Katara’s characterization and personality. Yes, she is the mother figure of the group. Yes, she’s there to help everyone grow into becoming better people. Yes, she’s there to make sure no one fucks up. Yes, she’s there to heal them when they need healing, both literally and figuratively. And again, that’s not a bad thing. But that is not the only thing that defines her. That is not all that she is; she also happens to be a force that is near impossible to extinguish. In her is a fiery passion and a determination to fight for what is right. In her also lies a brewing storm that only very few can calm, or even choose to calm– A/ang was never one for this part of her; to him, it was a part of her that needed to be pushed down. He never accepted it, much less like it. I wouldn’t know about Sokka or Toph, but it seems like this side of Katara, they barely acknowledged either. Inside her, she was facing her own demons. And I don’t think she chose to completely shove this fiery part of her aside, but rather she decided that her love for her friends and taking care of them and making sure no one fucks up was much more important at the moment.

And she was always the mother figure of everyone in the group, except for Zuko.

Zuko never treated her as someone above nor beneath him. In Zuko’s eyes, she was his equal. He’s seen the storm inside her and accepts it, acknowledges it as a valid part of her. He knows her pain is real. He doesn’t push or shove it away; he doesn’t see her as just the mother figure of the group, nor see her as someone who always needs to make sure he doesn’t fuck up like the others. He sees her as Katara. He sees her as a fierce, passionate woman whose capacity to release a storm is directly proportional to her capacity to love and protect the people around her. He never invalidates her struggle. He’s there for her all throughout. He worked hard to gain her respect, and ultimately, her friendship. And although neither of them had actually said it, they had each others backs unconditionally. This was something Katara could never get from A/ang. This was something M/ai barely had for Zuko either. But both Zuko and Katara understood each other in a way that no one else would or could ever have, not even their canon significant others. The portrayal of their bond and loyalty to each other (albeit non-romantic in canon) says so much more than the actual canon ships. They didn’t need to kiss. They didn’t even need to hold hands. It was there. It was just there. Nothing ever needed to be said. It was just there. And I think that’s fucking beautiful.

Confession:  I get really annoyed when people complain about characters in ME being prejudiced. Every single person is prejudiced in some way, even if we can’t see it ourselves. Part of the power of storytelling is seeing these characters understand and grow out of their prejudices, ultimately becoming better people. A character who has no flaws, has no prejudice, acts thoughtfully and kind at all times who doesn’t grow or change is not interesting.

i dont think tvd even understands the gravity of what they’ve done. Stefan and Caroline’s entire relationship is based around them helping each other gain control and change for the better and become better versions of the people they already are. By doing what they did in the finale, they basically said that everything they had, everything they did, every step caroline helped stefan take towards controlling his vampirism without going down a guilt spiral and every step he took himself was null and void. Stefan came into our lives as a genuinely good person who thought he should sacrifice himself for the people he cared about and that he didn’t deserve to be happy because of what he’s done in the past and he exited the show the same way. They completely obliterated 8 seasons of character development in 5 minutes. Steroline deserved better. Stefan deserved better.


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Hello, Ethan! Mark’s Pliershas been working on this project for a little over a month now, and we are so excited to tell you about this. We were going to tell you at PAX East but we weren’t able to, we can’t wait for you to see this and be a part of this. Thank you to everyone in Mark’s Pliershelping me execute this, for helping me raise the money for this somewhat insane idea. Thank you for inspiring us everyday to become better people, and this is how we’re doing it.

Be sure to watch out for me and Aubrey at VidCon, we will have the rest of the plan for this project explained to you there, and we are so excited and nervous for you to hear it.

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Thank you so much, Ethan, for everything you have done for every one of us, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this.

Jen, and everybody from Mark’s Pliers

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You know what I want? I want a Juvia who has a hard time breaking her ‘time I spent in a border-line dark guild’ habits. I want to see her fighting to not go over the edge into almost cruelty. Not because of Gray, but because she’s a Fairy now. She’s been given a second chance and she doesn’t want to screw it up. I want to see her and Gajeel working on becoming better, less cruel people together.

Today’s Spoon

The Law Of Attraction Is Bullshit

Sorry to break it to you, but the title is right - it is all nonsense, IF it’s not backed up with action. Setting your intention for your day-to-day life and believing in the law of attraction is only part of bringing about massive changes in your life.

I like to say that the law of attraction doesn’t work without the law of action - actions breed results. Without actions our beliefs are irrelevant because nothing will change unless we do.

We are having a physical human experience - therefore we must be able to bring about some physical actions in order to manifest that which we seek. The law of attraction states that we attract what we are - so if you want better you must first become better.

They say that people only change through desperation or inspiration - I pray you choose the latter because the former forced me to change out of necessity. This is when I realised that my inside world had to change before my outside world did.

All I wanted was peace & love - but inside all I felt was the opposite. So I began doing things that inspired the feelings I wanted inside me. When I was around the people, places & things that made me feel peaceful, I felt as though it was easier to love myself.

It was these actions that helped me raise my frequency and attract better to me - action breeds results, my friends. There’s nothing that can save you from whatever you’re going through but yourself. Love yourself enough to do better for you and you’ll soon see your world change.

Nothing changes unless you do - start taking action.

Peace & positive vibes.

In a world where mirrors don’t reflect light, but souls, you’ve made a unique prison for the worst criminals. Every wall is a mirror. Many repent and become better people, faced with the ugliest parts of their soul. One just laughs.

cute factventure things

-Rick is the larger of the two but he loves being the little spoon when they cuddle
-Craig and Rick both sharing an interest about history/nature and they constantly get excited about it together
-The two falling asleep in each other’s arms while watching documentaries
-Rick being one of the few people who can make a serious nerd like Craig smile and laugh
-Rick being extremely sweet and affectionate to Craig which makes him more affectionate too
-Craig having the biggest but toughest dork around to protect him
-Both of them being unafraid to show emotion around each other so they’re free to be themselves
-Rick encouraging Craig to not be so shelled into himself and to try new things
-Both of them become better people because of each other
-They’re both each other’s everything

(feel free to add more!)