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who said it’s going to be easy? of course it would not be. becoming a better person is not only about changing the way you act in front of certain people; becoming better involves having to grow in your rawest, purest form. it involves dealing with scary things, thoughts, and criticisms. most importantly, becoming a better person is absolutely not always about painting your town in bright colors, it is about realizing that in order to be balanced, you need both light and dark hues.


peyton sawyer meme: (1/9) scenes
→ season 4 episode 15, prom night at hater high

To be aware whether we’re acting from truth or from ego, from love or from fear, that’s freedom. That’s how we take control of ourselves and our lives. That’s how we become better people.

There’s a thing about Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship that I want to talk about, because I feel like a lot of people don’t notice it. The show places a lot of emphasis on the ways Chidi has helped and influenced Eleanor, but Eleanor has also done the same for Chidi in more subtle ways.

spoilers up through season 2, episode 2

Chidi becomes paralyzed with fear every time he has to make a decision that has any ethical or moral ambiguity, even when someone might suffer for it. Eleanor herself is aware of Chidi’s difficulty with decisiveness, and many times she has actively worked to help make things easier for him. In episode 5, she realizes that not only is Chidi fed up with teaching her, he also lacks the conviction to tell her this himself out of fear of disappointing her. She takes it upon herself to make him a “Fork off, Eleanor” sign that he can use in place of confrontation. Episode 7 has her give up her own secret and reveal that she doesn’t belong in the Good Place, all so that Chidi won’t have to face the agonizing choice to tell Michael that he killed Janet. By ep 11, Chidi feels comfortable enough to ask her for advice about his personal life, which Eleanor takes seriously and advises that he return Real Eleanor’s love because she believes those two are soulmates. He doesn’t end up taking her advice, but he seems give it serious consideration, and is later able to have a mature conversation with Real Eleanor about his feelings.

In ep 10, her confession of love ends with “Don’t say anything, I just needed to get that off my chest,” and then she starts to leave. (She only comes back because Tahani walks in at that moment and also confesses her love for Chidi.) Similar to Jake Peralta at the end of season 1 of Brooklyn 99, Eleanor’s love does not come with any strings attached; she isn’t asking him to return her feelings because she doesn’t want him to have to make another difficult decision. She simply wants him to know because he deserves the truth. (It’s worth noting that Tahani’s speech is less considerate of Chidi’s feelings; she pretty much tries to make the decision for him by telling Chidi that he loves her.) And in season 2, episode 2, Eleanor again tells Chidi she loves him (in a different reset, so she doesn’t even have her old memories of the previous confession) and again she says “You don’t need to respond cause I know you have trouble saying how you feel.” Eleanor is able to recognize when Chidi does not need to be pushed into making a decision, and remains conscious of this when presenting him with a difficult choice.

Eleanor’s actions wrt Chidi have the direct effect of helping Chidi become more assertive and confident. He is initially hesitant to teach Eleanor how to be good, yet he ultimately agrees, in a small but important moment from very early in the series. In episode 8, he marches into Michael’s office and insists that Eleanor does not belong in the Bad Place, and demands that Michael stop the train. Michael even lampshades this in ep 10: “I need the Chidi who stormed in here and told me to stop Eleanor’s train without thinking of consequences.” And in s2, ep2, Chidi is able to return Eleanor’s love because he feels comfortable and knows that it comes without strings or life-altering consequences. No matter how Michael resets the universe, Chidi always manages to grow into a person capable of giving help and love freely without fear because of Eleanor.

Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship might seem unequal at first, since the show’s very nature requires it to focus more on Eleanor’s growth because she’s the one who seemingly needs it the most. However, Chidi actually has a fair amount of character development, due in large part to Eleanor. When Eleanor is physically present, she tries to ease his struggle, gives him tools to help him, and/or pushes him to make choices that will make him happy. As a result, Chidi has been able to overcome his hangups and act assertively in times of difficulty, even when Eleanor is not there, because her influence has been very healthy for him.

TL;DR: Eleanor and Chidi both help each other to become better people.

170304 Fancafe Update

“We are extremely sorry for our insensitive actions and use of blackface in our video while portraying Bruno Mars. There is no excuse for what we did and there are not enough words to explain how regretful we are. We are heartbroken to have hurt our international K-Pop fans so deeply.

We love and care so much for all people of every color, race, sexuality, religion, and gender. We love all our fans and are so sorry to have hurt our fans in the black community.

We understand now why our actions were wrong and we never meant to do harm with our video. We were extremely ignorant of blackface and did not understand the implications of our actions.

We will be taking time to understand more about our international fans to ensure this never happens again. We hope that you will help to educate us on these and other issues so that we can become better people and better artists.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and allowing us to right the wrongs that we have done.”


I think my love is too intense.. I require raw passion and basically your soul tbh. I expect honestly and loyalty as a default. I’m highly ambitious and I’m driven by grinding and building so we can achieve a financially free future together. I love growing with someone, helping each other become better people. I live for spontaneous shit, goofy jokes and over the top romance. I just wanna build an empire with someone whilst being in the most sincerest deepest form of love and devotion.
For some, going to work and coming home - curling up in front of the TV is enough. For me that’s great, but I still prefer the unconventional life - where we might not see each other every day because we are building but when we do, we create life long memories and just embrace. I know it seems like a lot to ask but it isn’t impossible.

- Meggan Roxanne

it’s really cool when you can look at the person you’re in a relationship with and both realize that you’ve helped each other become better people

I know that the majority of people hate it… but Sonic Boom is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Not only is it wonderfully clever while still managing to be simplistic, the characters are hilarious, and it is wonderful at cheering me up whenever I’m down. Whenever I start feeling just a little too angsty for my liking, I go to Sonic Boom for support.

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Like this gives me actual joy.

Life suddenly seems a little brighter knowing that Sonic Boom is around, a glimmering gem in the middle of all the hate and negativity. The show doesn’t let other people get it down. It keeps going strong.

And that’s something I admire about it.

Also, it gave us this.

  • otp: both have a severe case of abandonment issues that they don't discuss and use anger or jokes to avoid talking about them.
  • me: yes...
  • otp: hate and annoy each other at every turn and have an overtly antagonistic relationship yet have more in common than they think.
  • me: niceeeeeee
  • otp: form a begrudging friendship that they deny to other people while still obviously caring about each other.
  • me: incredible
  • otp: fall in mutually beneficial love where they subconsciously help each other become better people just by being together.
Lesson 11.4: Soul Relationships

Our souls come here to grow. We cannot grow in isolation and different souls cross paths in order to help each other and all of humanity to evolve. We do this through different relationships: karmic relationships, soulmate relationships, and twin flame relationships. A lot of the time we confuse these relationships and misinterpret their meaning, because they all do have overlapping attributes. However, all kinds of soul relationships are unique in their own way. 

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are relationships with people who teach us lessons we didn’t master in our last lifetime. They usually don’t work out, but that’s because they’re not supposed to. Lasting forever would defeat the purpose of a karmic relationship. Your karmic soulmate should come into your life, teach you/challenge you through different experiences, and then leave. This sounds harsh, but it’s not bad. They are called “karmic” relationships because their purpose is to help both of the souls balance mutual karma. That’s why karmic relationships often form based on strong attraction (whether it be physical, mental or emotional), because both souls know that they need this connection in order to balance karma from a past life. There will be good times in these relationships and the end is not always abrupt or through heartbreak, especially if the two souls involved are mindful. It takes strength to be in these relationships, as sometimes it’s hard to let go. 

We may want to hold on for some reason, maybe there’s something in the relationship that we can’t let go of, but we have to understand that letting go is learning our lesson and afterward we will move on to better things and new lessons. Like any soulmate, you can have karmic relationships with your friends as well.

Soulmate Relationships

Soulmates are souls who teach us lessons as well. The souls we’re with in karmic relationships often teach us things that influence our perception of reality and help us to grow our perception. Soulmates often teach us things that help us to grow internally. 

“Soul mates share a common mission and comparable stage of spiritual development. They come together because they are working on the same type of karma and the same chakra simultaneously.

So soul mates have an attraction that is based on the sacred labor and on the path of self-mastery.

A soul mate is like the echo of oneself in Matter working at the same task to fulfill a blueprint for God.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Soulmate relationships experience hardships just as any other relationship does. The difference is that in soulmate relationships, the hardships we face are usually centered around growth. The challenges help us to change and when we experience difficulty with a soulmate, we turn to introspection to see what we can do internally to help the situation. This is because soulmates are here to help us do that, to be introspective and see how we can grow. Soulmates often focus on you and how you can become a better person, whereas karmic partners focus on themselves. See, karmic lovers won’t directly encourage us to grow. Through their actions and the flaws in their personalities and our ability to let go of them, they help us to grow. Soulmates directly try to help us become better people. They even help us with self-awareness and realizing our greatness and our purpose.

Half of our soulmates won’t even be romantic. The purpose of a soulmate is to help us grow and evolve in this life and become better versions of ourselves, which doesn’t have to be romantic. A soulmate can even be a stranger you encounter for a few minutes, but within that encounter something will happen that helps you to grow. We often have “soul circles” or “soul families”, a group of other souls who we travel through lifetimes with. These will be good friends of yours who you become friends with in each lifetime. If you have friends who feel more like your family than the people you’re actually related to do, then they could be your soul circle.

Twin Flames

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Shout out to everyone who has ever been abused.

Shout out to everyone who has ever been abused by people who should be family.

Shout out to all abuse survivors.

Shout out to everyone who’s ace.

Shout out to everyone who’s aro.

Shout out to everyone who’s non-binary.

Shout out to everyone who’s trans.

Shout out to everyone who’s queer in any way, shape, or form.

Shout out to everyone who has ever had to deal with their family having internalized racism that results in abuse.

Shout out to everyone who is mixed-race whose families give them shit about their identity because of internalized racism.

Shout out to everyone whose family has ever delegitimized them because their family thinks who they are ‘isn’t real’ or is ‘unacceptable’.

If you need it, I am your family now. I’m the enby battle-ax sibling/cousin/aunc who has your back, and if you need a shoulder and a listening ear I’m here. Things will get better. I can’t promise that your abusers will become better people, but I can promise that if you get away from them and when you do that things will get better.

Like I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again in a separate post: a ton of people on this site are teenagers and young adults. We are all still in our formative years. We are all learning new shit all the time, unlearning old shit, improving, forming ideas, and becoming the people we are going to be when we are older.

Which means all of us, every last one, is going to make mistakes. Repeatedly. And not that older folks don’t either, but young folks in particular are still being heavily shaped by ours.

So this happening, trying to develop and become better people all while in a toxic environment that literally will screenshot your every last mistake and hold it against you until you delete, is going to achieve literally the opposite end.

This warped mentality people are starting to aggressively pursue that everyone has to be perfect all the time and that if they have a failing you ATTACK, is so fucking twisted and detrimental.

If you think for one second that pulling up a post that’s 3 years old and doesn’t reflect the current beliefs of a person to spread around and get others to harass them won’t come back to hurt you too, you’re unfortunately ignorant.

One day you’re going to accidentally say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or say something that can be manipulated or mistranslated, and you’ll be fucked. One or maybe all of your followers will screenshot you to and spread that around, because guess what?

Its not, and never has been about sussing out and protecting against dangerous or bad people. Its has ALWAYS been a game of “I’m morally superior and every call out I make validates my moral superiority.” So the chance to one up even an “ally” is not going to go unpassed.

And the inevitable mistakes a developing kid will make will be recorded and used as evidence and justification for social isolation and harassment, and they’ll find absolutely no reason to align themselves with your political beliefs or learn why their mistakes were wrong.

The goal is not and should NEVER be about continually minimizing and purifying social justice groups as you banish and abuse people for every misstep. Its about building larger and stronger communities by correcting mistakes and educating to avoid them.

NO ONE should be spending their time in fear of making a mistake. Being alert and conscious of what you say and do is NOT the same thing. And teaching young people that even the smallest of mistakes will have serious consequences is a horrific thing, in particular to nd and other already disadvantaged youth.

Call out culture is garbage and if THIS is the result of you trying to deal with truly nasty people, you’re not a good person either.

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: It's 2017, GOT7 has one of the biggest international fan bases, has toured around the world, has sold countless amounts of tickets for fanmeets, keeps selling albums, has reached 100 million views for one MV, is about to reach another, they started way back with JJproject and after five years JJP is back with a new album that connects with what YA are going through, that tells us how much they've grown as singers and also show us how much better they've become AND PEOPLE ARE STILL CALLING JINYOUNG "JUNIOR." I AM NOT FINE.