These Two Brides Had Their Disney Dream Wedding And It's The Sweetest
Now they're in a whole new world.
By Takumi Harimaya, Susie Armitage

But coming out went much better than Ryo expected. “[My parents] had an opportunity to experience an open-minded LGBT culture on one of their travels abroad,” she said. “They had become more flexible, partly due to such experiences, and they easily accepted me.” […]

When Haru watched Ryo’s dad walk her down the aisle, Haru lost it and “could not stop her tears.”

When I first joined the studyblr community, I was taken aback with the amount of studyblrs posting photos of their planner and their bullet journal spreads. I’ve only known and been in the fandom side of Tumblr for years, so I found it really cool that there are others who share the same appreciation for keeping things organized and staying productive.

I began to post my own planner spreads and since then, I would receive a lot of messages every day about planners/bullet journals and how to set them up. I decided to create this series to give you an overview of the art of using a planner or a bullet journal (right on time for the new year!) and address if not all, most, of your questions. Hopefully, as we progress through the series, you’ll find that keeping track of your tasks and staying organized isn’t as hard and tiring as it seems!

In this first part of the Plan and Play series, I’ll be covering the basics of planners, bullet journals, and planning in general. So let’s start: a planner and a bullet journal, what’s the difference?

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Leatherworking Lecture: Casing

Hey, wow, I just hit 500 followers, thought I’d say thanks to everyone out there who’s stalking me and do something to celebrate. So here, guys, have something nice – have, uhh… *digs through closet* …a tutorial on how to prepare leather for tooling & shaping! :D

Greetings! Today I shall deliver an excessively long lecture on casing, aka, getting leather properly wet in order to carve it, tool it, and mold it. (You will be astounded how many words I have to say on the subject of “get it wet.”) This is not the most glamorous part of leatherworking, but it is an important one – properly cased leather will give you better results on your finished product, and also make it easier and more fun. Working with good, properly-cased leather is a genuine joy – working with cheap or badly-cased leather is an exercise in frustration.

I haven’t really found anywhere else that puts all this information in one place. Other people have talked extensively about tooling, because that’s the fun part, but I’ve never found a comprehensive guide to casing. When newbies get on leatherworking forums, etc, and ask for advice on casing, the old-timers tend to say things like “You’ll learn to tell when it’s properly cased” or “You’ll get a feel for it” – which is true, but not all that helpful when you’re first starting out.

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Adore You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Request: None! Lot’s of FLUFF

Words: 1,642

Warnings: None

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 @pabegay1

Your whole body hurt and all you wanted to do was lay down and do nothing. You had just gotten back from a particularly hard mission with Wanda and Natasha, you three had been gone for over a week and although most missions ranged from a couple days to a couple months, you felt like it had lasted years.

You were like Natasha, although not as skilled, you were really flexible and that was about it. You knew how to grab different objects and use them as a weapon, you knew how to use your enemy’s body as a shield from flying bullets. You knew how to break and enter into the most high security places, and you taught yourself how to fly a helicopter in a day.

Your flexibility was not something you were born with, in fact you weren’t flexible up until the day you were recruited to be an Avenger. Maybe it was your fast reflexes, maybe it was how fast and sly you were, maybe it was how you knew how to hide in plain sight, or maybe it was your father; Tony Stark. You didn’t know why they wanted you as an Avenger but the hardcore training they put you under to become as flexible as you are now was intense.

You weren’t as smart as your dad, as charming as your dad, as funny as your dad. You were just you, you took after your mother in quite a few ways but your dad loved you endlessly. You were his everything and he never got mad at you when you messed something up in his lab or wrecked one of his cars or when you hid out during a party in the bathroom eating cake.

You stumbled out of your bedroom and dragged yourself towards one of the living rooms where you knew your dad was. You didn’t feel good, you hadn’t felt good since the day before. Maybe it was exhaustion, but all you knew was that you felt like you were dying.

You were wearing a hoodie and a pair of leggings, your hair was thrown up on top of your head and you didn’t care about what you looked like, you were too tired to care. You were too tired to care about how your six month long crush was sitting in the same room talking to your dad, you didn’t care about how the conversation went silent when you collapsed next to Tony.

You scooted closer to Tony and lifted up his right arm, Tony didn’t bat an eye and only started talking to Bucky again. Bucky was a little distant at first, he was solely focused on you. He watched your every move as you rested Tony’s arm over your shoulders and leaned against his chest. Your legs laid lengthwise along the rest of the couch lazily, and you moved a sweatshirt covered hand to hid your face as you closed your eyes. You hair was tickling Tony’s jaw but he didn’t care, he was used to it. It was natural that you would lay against him when you were tired, sad, or felt like crap. You were a daddy’s girl and everybody knew it.

You looked so adorable to Bucky. You were sleepy and cute, you reminded him of Sam’s new kitten. Bucky couldn’t tear his eyes away from your figure, even though your face was being covered by your hand. He tore his eyes away from you when Tony went quiet and was glaring daggers at him.

Steve walked back into the room, he left minutes ago to deal with a phone call, he looked slightly surprised to see you on the couch, he didn’t even know you three were back from the mission yet. By the look Tony gave him, he understood that you weren’t feeling good and nodded his head before having a seat next to Bucky.

“Training tomorrow morning?” Steve looked at Bucky and rose an eyebrow. Bucky’s eyes lingered on you before turning to meet Steve’s.

“Sure.” He nodded slowly, his mind still mainly focused on you and if you were feeling okay.

“Sam’s gonna join us.”

“Really?” Bucky’s eyes moved back to you and he watched as Tony leaned down and whispered something that only you could hear. You wiggled around a little and mumbled something that Bucky only heard because he was eavesdropping heavily.

“I don’t feel good.” Your words were slurred and sleepy, and Tony only nodded his head before moving his arm from your shoulder to under your arms. He lifted you up to where both of you were standing, your face still hidden by your sleeve and now Tony’s arm.

“Be back.” Tony called out over his shoulder as he walked both of you towards the elevators. “Don’t miss us too much.”

Steve rolled his eyes and mumbled something under his breath, to which Tony only snickered. Bucky watched as you finally moved your hand away from your face when you entered the elevator. Tony’s arm was wrapped around your shoulders and your head was still leaning on his chest, your eyes met with his and a surge of electricity passed throughout both yours and Bucky’s bodies.

The doors shut and you disappeared, a piece of Bucky felt missing when you left his sight. He wished it was him with you and not Tony. Even though Tony was your dad and you were really close to him, he still wished that Tony wasn’t around every time you needed something. Maybe then you would come to him, and he could help you.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a HC for all the batboys where they have a s/o that's a gymnast?


-having competitions which usually ends up with one of you stuck in a complicated maneuver
-Dick teaching you some cool tricks and you teaching him some as well
-doing cool tricks together
-he loves when you’re willing to do a trapeze act with him
-you have to have a lot of trust in he other person to catch you so he finds it a very intimate moment


-would be like so impressed
-asks for help so he can become more flexible
-likes to watch you do your routines
-loves your outfits
-checks you out in them too ;)))
-during competitions he’s the loudest person in the crowd
-he’s your #1 fan high key
-“So can we try some new moves in bed?” ;)))))))


-he would also ask for some extra help so he can learn some tricks
-he would totally do one of those videos where the couple does a routine together just to make you happy
-when he sees you practicing he can’t help but stop you and kiss you cause you’re just so dANG ADORABLE
-sometimes worries that of might get hurt but he tries not to since he knows you’re amazing at what you do


-always trying to show off
-both of you always have to show off infront of each other
-some of the most exicimtg things to happen in the Wayne household is when you and him compete against each other
-the whole fams there watching it go down
-everyone has bets
-Dick, Cass, and Tim are the judges
-while Duke, Tim, Harper, Jason (occasionally) Stephanie, and Barbara watch
-it usually ends up tied, but you both always kiss at the end of it to show there’s no hard feelings

How to improve English pronunciation

(Author: our favourite person ever, @jk-my-words)

I thought it would be good to share with you a fun skill that helped me out a while back.

Language accustoms our mouth, lips and tongue to creating sounds unique and common for it. This is especially true with first languages and many people struggle to shake off their initial accent because of this fact. For instance, Russian speakers are encouraged to produce firm sounds, so when it comes to navigating English pronunciation, they tend to sound a little too rigid and tense.

But wouldn’t it be cool to impress your examiner? Could it be that you are self-conscious about your accent and would like to sound closer to native speakers? Do not fret, we have a tip!

Stick a pencil between your teeth and try reading! :)

As comical as it sounds, this method dates back to Ancient Greece, where speakers would put their heart and soul into proper annunciation, and pebbles — in their mouths. To follow their steps in a more conventional way, insert the pencil horizontally between your teeth and hold on to it tight. Try not to hurt yourself in the process! Now pick up a book, preferably in English, and try reading it without letting go of the pencil. It will be difficult at first but gradually your lips will loosen up: by giving them a bit of a challenge, they become more flexible and allow you to annunciate better. After reading for about 5 minutes, have a go at those expressions that always came out slightly awkwardly — this method works a miracle!

And don’t forget, practice makes perfect

to help (someone) out: помочь, выручить (кого-то)
a while back: некоторое время назад
to accustom: приучить
first language: родной язык
to struggle: бороться
to shake (something) off: избавиться (от чего-то)
initial: изначальный
firm: твердный
to navigate: ориентироваться
rigid: жесткий
tense: напряженный
impress: впечатлить
to date back to: брать начало, датироваться
annunciation: в этом контексте - объявление. 
pebbles: камешки
conventional: общепринятый, традиционный
to insert: вставить
to let go: отпустить
gradually: постепено
to loosen up: расслабиться
have a go at: попробовать(сделать что-то)

as + adjective + as + noun + verb: устойчивое выражение, аналог русского как бы ни…

  • as comical as it sounds: как бы смешно это ни звучало

put (their) heart and soul: вложить сердце и душу
to work a miracle: творить чудеса
to hold on tight: крепко держаться
practice makes perfect: пословица, дословно - “практика приводит к совершенству”, аналог русского “повторенье - мать ученья”
self-conscious (about): стесняться (чего-то) 
Don’t fret!: Не отчаивайтесь!


Power Rangers: The Saving Grace & The Leading Warrior // Jason Scott Fan-Fiction

“Nothing burns more calories than dancing on your tippy toes and twirling barefooted… try it!”

Adelina Monet is a quiet and shy teenage girl who is in the Angel Grove High School’s dance team and has an unknown crush on the school’s former football legend Jason Scott. Her history follows a double difficulty with bullying and depression for several years; struggling to discover who she is and loses her own sense of loving herself and has a lack of confidence.

Landing in Saturday detention after she kicked a male student in the face who tried violating her in public, she comes face to face with a group of teenagers who are secretly the heroes in the city of Angel Grove.

After going through some very odd changes by getting stronger, more flexible, and becoming highly more athletic than she should be, Adelina is given the chance to be the purple Power Ranger and is acquainted with the same teenagers from detention, knowing only one of them. Finding it unlikely at first to rise up to the challenge of becoming a hero, Adelina is seeking one way to help her self-esteem and confidence grow.

But as she goes through this process, what if the leader of the Power Rangers falls head over heels for her?

Follow Adelina’s story as she goes through a journey full of teamwork, friendship, self-confidence, and a whole lot of love.

A/N: Prologue and first chapter is up now

I was reading a website and a guy was answering a girls concerns and thoughts regarding her relationship OCD. It helped me a lot. His replies to her thoughts are in bold: 

  • I should feel in love with my boyfriend 24/7. Impossible thing – you can’t feel these hormones all the time. Even if you could, you would start getting immune to it. And wanting a higher kick. 

  •  I have a boyfriend whom I consider to be in love with, hence I should not feel attracted to other guys or find them good looking.Impossible. You can’t switch this off. It is like saying “I do not want to feel hunger anymore.”
  • If we are having fights over small issues that means we’re not meant to be. A right couple do not fight.I don’t know of any relationship that does not fight from time to time. The issue is how we do it, not that it happens.
  • If he is not doing enough things for me, then that means he doesn’t love me as much as I do. I probably should be with someone who does things for me more than I do. This is a communication issue and male/female thing. The important thing is that BOTH are willing to put on the effort to address this.
  • I shouldn’t feel bored of him if I love him. If I feel like getting out on my own spending a little time away from him than that must mean I’m bored of him. You don’t stop being an individual when you get into a relationship. You can become more flexible like watching action movies with your boyfriend but you still like your chick flicks…
  • I shouldn’t marry him ’cause I already know him so much so after marriage it’ll be all same and boring. (spike given by a friend) You make the relationship exciting if it needs be. When things tail off – the infatuation feeling – you need to make things kind of happen again. I had a really great time with my wife, playing bowling last week. You have to find the solutions. And you cannot feel excitement all the time, it is not healthy.
  • If I move in with him, I’ll get bored cause of living with the same person all the time. Our love might fade away. Yes, or it might grow to a deeper level. It does not grow deeper when people are apart. But it will require work.
  • If I find some other guy hot then that must means I’m not in love with my boyfriend 100%. Or it just means that you find the other guy hot.
  • If my boyfriend is a bit immature or isn’t upto the level of understanding about life and love and other things then we can’t work out. Every relationship is a compromise. You are not perfect either. But this is the point of love – growing together by means of compromise.
  • if I’m looking for signs then that must mean he is not the right one for me.How do I know this is the one for me?Or Is this Mr. Right or Mr. Right-now?!” Maybe I should keep looking for signs. Ultimately, no one knows. No one. Our best bet is to become Mr. and Mrs. Right through a lot of work, patience and service. Becoming is reality. Being is fiction.
LOVE IS HARD WORK. By putting two imperfect people together, we can’t expect perfection to happen!

anonymous asked:

I'm 16 and would really love to start ballet, the problem is that I'm super inflexible, trying to touch my toes is really painful for me and I'm trying to work through getting more flexible by doing a stretching routine every day, I've found a nice dance studio near me that id like to try shooting a message about what classes they do and where I'd fit in, I'm not sure what else to do to prepare though, do you think you could give me some tips? Thank you!

You will become more flexible as you go! The majority of people (young & old!) don’t begin dancing with exceptional flexibility- it’s largely something that’s cultivated. Further, it’s by no means the end all be all of ballet! The teachings of ballet will help you tailor your stretching outside of the classroom & your teacher(s) can guide you to what you hope to achieve.

Get in touch with the studio, find out what class(es) you can take, & pursue dance with the twin goals of betterment & joy.

all of this and heaven too: bawson fic

@texasbama asked for the fic and she shall receive <3

So basically, Mike is supposed to be getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and then he sees Ginny in a dress and their night get sidetracked.

For obvious reasons.

(cross posted on ao3)

The dress:

He’s being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame…and he can’t find his favourite cuff links.

Mike has checked the drawer where they usually are, every possible place in his closet, and the bedside table, for whatever reason they may have ended up there. Nothing.

“Ginny! The cuff links? The ones you gave me? Any ideas? I’m running out of places to look,” she’s in the bathroom and he can hear her faint laughter through the door. Of course she’s laughing at him.

“I’m looking at ‘em! You forgot them in here, old man,” her voice is full of mirth and he’s about to head over to open the bathroom door when she beats him to it. 

Mike has decided he’s not at all interested in being honoured; leaving the house is most definitely the worst possible thing he could do right now. Leaving this bedroom even. She looks unbelievable, so unbelievable he blinks a couple times just to make sure she’s actually real. He takes a second to remind himself that she is his wife. She is all his; she agreed to be with him for the rest of their lives in front of everyone who matters to them both.

He’s never going to get over it, it astounds him over every time he sees the ring on her finger.

The grey sheer fabric hangs off her like a dream, the tie accentuating her waist and the dipped neckline brings his eyes to her beautiful breasts like he’s zeroing in on a target. His favourite part though, is that one of her beautiful, long, strong legs is visible through a sinfully high slit in the fabric.

Mike lets his eyes rake slowly over her. He starts at her feet, the heels she’s wearing making her legs pop and his mouth go dry. His gaze travels slowly up her body, along the curve of her thigh to the flare of her waist, her chest and neck, until finally landing on her face and the artfully tousled hair falling around her stunning face.

This has to be a dream. This can’t be his life. There is no way he won a world series, is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and has a living, breathing goddess as a life partner. There is just no way.

He almost pinches himself but his hands are tingling and his brain is working too slow to force any of his limbs into movement. 

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I have this idea:

Imagine you are an animated person going forward. Relationships are strings that are attached to you. As you move forward, some strings being pulled to their limits, will break, which means your life and theirs will no longer be in contact. Other strings, they adapt, grow longer, become more flexible, and withhold as you move forward. Although they might become thinner for you won’t be contacting them as you used to before, they still have an effect on your life and vise versa. You will be there for them and so will they.

captain-cate  asked:

Omg I'm in love with your blog so much! If it's not too much trouble, could you please do the rfa + v reacting an mc who is a circus performer? Like an acrobat or contortionist? Thank you and have an amazing night!

You’re so sweet, thank you so much!! I’ve never been to a circus before but they always look so entertaining! This is such a creative and fun request so thank you for sending it in! I hope that you like it!! :3


  • Yoosung’s so excited when you tell him that you’re an acrobat performer! 
  • The first time you take him to watch you perform, Yoosung is cheering for you so loudly
  • Like the security guards come and tell him to quiet down since he’s being too loud and distracting 
  • His eyes sparkle when he sees you on the tight rope and is super impressed
  • After the show, you let Yoosung look around and he keeps begging you to let him try some acrobatic tricks out
  • “Yoosung, you can barely walk in a straight line. There’s no way I’m letting you walk along the tight rope.”
  • He pouts and you eventually give in and lower the tight rope low enough so if he would fall, he wouldn’t seriously injury himself 
  • Yoosung took about two steps until he lost his balance and fell
  • The two of you end up busting out laughing and Yoosung asks you to perform just for him because he thinks that you’re so talented
  • By the end of the night, you and Yoosung are still at the circus tent as he watches you perform because you’re so cool to him


  • Zen’s super impressed when you tell him that you’re a contortionist in the circus
  • The first time you show Zen how you can contort you body, Zen becomes super impressed!
  •  “You’re almost as talented as me MC!”
  • The first time you take Zen to the circus to watch your performance, he becomes your number one fanboy
  • He takes so many pictures of you like he took at least fifty that night alone
  • Zen gives you a huge bouquet of flowers after your performance and gushes to everyone about how talented you are
  • He wants to become more flexible himself so once everyone left the tent, you show Zen some basic moves
  • But he’s as stiff as a rock and ends up pulling a muscle
  • So you end up putting on a little performance for him, which he records to show off to everyone
  • Zen now goes to your shows every time that he can and now brags to everyone that he has the coolest girlfriend ever because she’s a contortionist


  • Jaehee becomes a nervous wreck when you tell her that you’re an aerialist acrobat in the circus
  • She’s concerned about your safety but is secretly really impressed
  • You beg her to come see you perform so you can prove to her that your job is safe and fun
  • “The minute I see you wobble MC I’m running onto the stage to catch you”
  • She’s been to a couple of circuses before in the past so she thinks she knows what to expect
  • But Jaehee is blown away when it’s your turn to perform!
  • Her eyes never leave you as you perform on the aerial silk
  • She also loves the costumes you wear and secretly wants to try one on herself
  • After the show is over, you take Jaehee backstage and hold up a costume for her to wear
  • Jaehee becomes a blushing mess but you convince her and then lead her to the aerial silk
  • She watches as you show her some basic moves and surprisingly, Jaehee gets the hang of it in no time 
  • The two of you spend the rest of the night at the tent with you and Jaehee twirling on the silk


  • Jumin’s completely confused when you tell him that you’re a contortionist at a circus
  • “What’s a circus MC?”
  • You roll your eyes and end up dragging him to one of your performances
  • He doesn’t understand what’s so great about the circus and sits there with his arms crossed and stone faced until he sees you about to perform
  • Jumin watches in awe as you contort your body into all different types of shapes
  • Once the show is over, Jumin immediately walks up to you with so many questions
  • “How did you do that? Did it hurt? Why isn’t the entire show just you performing since you’re obviously the best performer?”
  • You grab Jumin’s hand and lead him to the center stage and slowly show him how you contort your body
  • He’s so amazed like he even gets out a small notebook and pen to write down all of the tips that you give him
  • You ask Jumin if he wants to try a simply contortion and he hesitantly agrees
  • Jumin is able to do some simply contortions but he insists on you performing just for him
  • So he rents out the tent for the night and watches you perform with wonder still in his eyes


  • Seven is hyped when he finds out that you’re a trapeze acrobat specialist at the circus
  • “Be my sensei and teach me your ways of awesomeness MC!”
  • When you take him to see your performance, Seven almost tears up because in his youth he had always wanted to go to see the circus but was never allowed to go
  • The smile on Seven’s face when you perform couldn’t be bigger as he cheers as loud as he can for you
  • When the show is over, you lead a very happy and excited Seven to the stage and ask him if he wants to try the trapeze out
  • He almost explodes from happiness and watches as you demonstrate for him what to do
  • You lower the trapeze so he won’t hurt himself and watch as he ends up being pretty good at it
  • He asks you if you want to try to perform together
  • You hesitantly agree and swing on your trapeze towards him
  • Just as Seven is about to catch you, he slips making you slip as well and the two of you tumble to the ground
  • Both of you laugh it off and Seven gives you a big hug, thanking you for showing him a childhood dream of his
  • You tell him that he has potential as a trapeze acrobat specialist and tell him that you’d practice with him more if he’d like
  • Seven agrees enthusiastically and the two of you spend the rest of the night laughing and failing on the trapeze


  •  V can’t believe that he’s dating a contortionist!
  • So. Many. Pictures.
  • You eventually ask V if he wanted to see you perform on a larger stage and in costumes
  • “I would love nothing more then to see your beautiful performance MC”
  • He watches your performance with a smile the entire time because he’s honestly so happy and impressed by your skills
  • V tries so hard to refrain himself from taking a hundred pictures but he’s struggling
  • After the show is over, you take V to the center stage and tell him that you’ll do some special poses for him to take pictures of
  • He just stares at you for a little bit because he just can’t believe how beautiful your body is when you contort it
  • You ask him if he wants to try some simply poses and he cautiously agrees
  • Poor boy has no sense of balance and falls over as soon as you position him
  • He laughs, saying that he’ll leave the contorting to you and the pictures for him
  • His favorite picture he took of you is when you’re doing an elbow stand and he keeps that picture with him at all times
  • You become V’s model and he ends up going to all of your performances and takes so many pictures of you because to him, your contorting is a thing of beauty

anonymous asked:

Can I request that the Phantom Theives react to s/o doing a death drop to avoid a fatal attack. Like have you seen cheerleader/drag queen deathdrops? My jaw was on the floor the first time I saw it

I looked it up and mine dropped too, I think it reached the bottom of the ocean. Seriously though, I’d snap both my legs off if I tried doing that. 

Phantom Thieves react to S/O doing a Death Drop

Akira Kurusu

  • He’s met a talking cat, was dragged into a crime he didn’t commit, and probably accidentally fused a di– Mara. What else could possibly surprise him next?
  • It was a battle against a Rangda, and at that time, no one knew that it could repel physical attacks. When Akira went forward to strike it, he immediately flew back when he felt his own blade swipe against his body. “Be careful! Physical Attacks just bounce off this one!” Futaba cried out, watching as he tumbled backwards. 
  • You weren’t the only experimenting with this new foe, despite your exhaustion. Raising your pistol up to the Shadow, your finger idly waited by the trigger. “Is it my turn?” You asked, already having shot the bullet. Your eyes widened as the projectile was caught, only to be thrown back towards you. 
  • Akira’s eyes widened in fear, having calculated the result in his head. If that bullet hits you, you’d be hurt badly. He had run out of Life Beads (All thanks to Confusion) and he was too tired to cast Samecarm at this point. “S/O!” He growled out, hoping that you would be able to evade this attack.
  • “Not yet!” You yelled out, praying silently that your timing was correct. Bending your leg in an difficult angle, your body dropped down onto it’s back. By just a few inches, the bullet flew by into the depths of the room. Immediately getting back up, you grinned at the Leader. 
  • “I’m alright!” Akira stared wide eyed, blinking to himself. How was that possible? Is it even possible for the human body to bend so far? You seemed fine, standing on your two feet with no problem. He locked eyes with yours, letting the silence sink in.
  • “Can you teach me?”

Ryuji Sakomoto

  • Ryuji worked out with you sometimes. You’d accompany him to the gym, and do some stretches with him at a time. He’d often make comments about how flexible you can be, but he didn’t pay too much mind to it. 
  • In this battle, Akira was low on energy. Morgana was knocked out, and the only two people available to fight were you and Ryuji. It pissed the Leader off how people get easily tricked by the enemy when they casted Marin Karin.
  • Panting heavily, you could feel the scars on your body weigh you down. Every scratch felt like they were on fire, and it didn’t seem like you could hold your body up any longer.
  • Ryuji missed his attack, the grip on his bat tightened with frustration. Before he knew it, he glanced at the Shadow to see it lunging towards you, seemingly powered up. His eyes widened as a yell tore through his throat. “S/O! Look out!” 
  • When your body bent in a way deemed impossible, he immediately thought you had broken your back. His jaw dropped, eyes popping out of his sockets. His mouth was open but he couldn’t make any sound as you easily got back on your feet without any difficulty.
  • “… Damn, I love you.” He blurts out, running up to the Shadow and smashing it down with his bat. Once it dissipated into dust, he approached you, slinging an arm around your waist. He really did feel lucky that you were still awake, who was going to heal his wounds?

Ann Takamaki

  • Ann had already known about your attempts to flexible a long time ago. She had been trying to perform a Death Drop herself, for modeling purposes however.
  • She never did expect a technique to be used in the Metaverse though.
  • It was an attack gone wrong. Akira had been sneaking up on the shadow, failing to realize one had been following from the back. Before the Phantom Thieves knew it, they were surrounded.
  • The Battle was going on and on, and it felt like it wasn’t going to end. Everyone felt exhausted, and it seemed like the odds of winning weren’t high.
  • You weren’t paying attention to your surroundings, dizzy from dodging each and every attack the Shadows were throwing at you. You wanted to sit down and rest, but there was just no time.
  • Ann felt the same, weary and tired at the same time. She wanted to collapse so badly, but before doing so, she noticed a Shadow headed towards your way. Snapping awake, she gasped out towards you. “S/O! Behind you!”
  • Frightened by the sudden yell, you looked around in a frazzled state. “Where!?” On instinct, your body dropped down, your leg twisted all the way to your back. By a mere inch, a blade missed your hair. 
  • At first, Ann thought that the Shadow had decapitated you. Her eyes widened, tears threatening to spill once your face was no longer in her view. “S/O, no!”
  • Too caught up in her tears and agony, she glared at the Shadow and showed it no mercy. Without even sparing a glance at your body, she faced Akira. “Joker, S/O… T-They—”
  • “Ann…” Corspes weren’t supposed to be talking. Twisting her head to the side, she saw your head titled upwards, a pained expression on your face.
  • “Help me up, will you?”
  • Ever since, Ann practices doing these with you. You know, just in case a Shadow’s after you. 

Yusuke Kitagawa

  • When you allowed Yusuke to model you, at first, he didn’t make you do very complex poses. Initially, he just had you standing or sitting by the windowsill. 
  • Nowadays, he likes teasing you by putting you in some very complex poses. Imagine having to stand on one foot with your back leaning backwards. Somehow, you always seemed to amaze him by being able to pull them off.
  • He never really took the fact that you had become flexible thanks to his poses into account.
  • When that Shadow decided that throwing projectiles at the enemy was a good idea, the Phantom Thieves found it hard to land a hit without getting a scratch. 
  • In the midst of dodging all sorts of blades, Yusuke was deflecting all the attacks that were sent your way. He seemed to be able to block every single one of them, except for the final blow. He didn’t have time to unsheathe his blade once he saw that blade headed towards your head.
  • “S/O–” He pales when he looks to see that your face was no longer in view. That was until he heard a snapping from underneath.
  • “Yusuke, help me up.” A sigh of relief leaves his lips, noticing that you were just a bit shorter than usual. “Please.”
  • He really doesn’t realize that the average person can’t bend that far. To his luck, he turns your new talent into another pose for his personal view.

Makoto Nijima

  • Makoto has her own tricks of fighting. Rather than focusing on the flexibitlity her body can take, she focuses on how aggressive she fights. She uses force rather than grace, and can’t imagine her body bending to such extents.
  • It was in the heat of a spar, Makoto had requested to fight you in order to hone her own skills. It wasn’t as heated in the beginning until she found herself missing all her targets. 
  • Determined to at least get one hit, she didn’t seem to notice how you were beginning to tire out. For a moment you wanted to take a break but you had to keep up your pride as a Phantom Thief.
  • Suddenly, you found yourself nearing a wall. Any longer, she would push you into a corner and beat you at this game. You weren’t going to have any of that at all.
  • Makoto threw a fist forward, only to miss and hit the palm of your hand. With a smirk, her foot rose in an attempt to lock your head down. Eyes wide and alert, a squeak left your throat as you jumped down, successfully evading the blow.
  • Now that move caught Makoto’s attention. Pausing in her steps, she took a step back to see what had become of your form. A flash of surprise appeared over her face, taken aback by your position.
  • “S/O? How did you do that?” She asked, eyes sparkling with renewed determination. Perhaps that move may be very useful in the Metaverse, she thought with interest.

Futaba Sakura

  • Futaba was not an athletic or physical person. She was the Oracle, whose skills can only give support to her vassals. 
  • As long as her allies are capable of fighting, she had no worries except for the one time she thought you had died.
  • From her Persona, she can only watch as the Team scrambled to aid you. It was just your luck, the Shadow used attacks that happened to be your very weakness. As much as she wanted to help you, she couldn’t do a thing.
  • Akira casted a ‘Mahamaon’, hoping to end the battle quickly before you were beaten. He was just as unlucky, taking out everyone but one. A curse left his lips as he realized what the Shadow was going to do next.
  • “S/O, you need to dodge it!” She cried out from above, watching as the Shadow moved forward to finish you off.
  • For a moment, you really looked helpless and defeated with no other way to run. You were too exhausted to hold up your health any longer. Unknown to your partner, a lightbulb flashed over your head.
  • “Oh yeah? Watch this!” You growled out, lifting your self up the ground for a second. Swiftly, your body bounced downwards with your head thrown back with a smirk.
  • From her point of view, Futaba watched as the attack was made, eyes widening in horror. “No!” She hissed, watching in fear. Closing her eyes, she refused to see what was left of you.”No..”
  • Suddenly, she hears you laugh. Looking at through her Persona, she drops her jaw in disbelief. You were grinning right at her, victorious of your evasion.
  • After the battle ended, you approached Futaba smugly. “Hey, like me new trick– Ow!” She pinches you, an annoyed expression on her face.
  • “What was that for!?” 
  • “Don’t scare me like that again, you idiot.”

Haru Okumura

  • Why do I have a nagging feeling that Haru might’ve actually taught you this move? She’s the type of person who probably attended a lot of dance and aerobic classes in the past thanks to her Father.
  • Initially, she and you learned this move together when you accompanied her to a class. It was a date but she was occupied with the schedule. In the end, it was a very fulfilling date.
  • Despite the class, Haru wasn’t sure you could do it so easily. It was just one class after all. You couldn’t possibly be able to stretch your leg out in that short span of time.
  • Luckily, it came to use in a battle against a Shadow. It was a desperate time, and the team was just begging for someone to miss an attack. On the way to exiting the palace, an Elite Shadow had come to block the path.
  • It was just before your turn to attempt to beat down the Shadow, but it had other plans in store. You appeared weak to it, making you it’s next target. Smiling eerily, the shadow approached you, a claw ready to strike your figure into Heaven,
  • “S/O!” Hoping to take the blow for you, Haru scrambled to her feet but it wasn’t enough. She watched as the claw made it’s way across your supposed figure, nowhere in sight. To her surprise, your remains weren’t scattered all over the floor.
  • You were looking upwards, your legs contorted in a painful manner. “I’m fine.” You said through gritted teeth, smiling forcefully. “Perfectly fine.”
  • Sighing in relief, Haru took this chance to attack, reducing the shadow into dust. Once it was over, she approached you with an innocent smile. “S/O, don’t scare me like that again.”
  • “I won’t, but will you help me up?” She was too angry at you to even get you back on your feet. She was scared to death, really.
  • Since then, Haru had been taking you to the same class, hoping you would become more flexible to use that move. “Please, for me? You really scared me on that one battle, you know.”

If I see that “reblog if you use dude as a non-gender-specific term” post again I am going to roll my eyes so hard they are going to fly out of my skull. If you call somebody “dude” and they don’t like it, your initial response shouldn’t be “oh I call everyone and everything dude, chill out”. Like I understand how “dude” has become a pretty flexible word, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to call somebody something they feel misgenders them and makes them uncomfortable???????