Here’s my beautiful child @frickmaddie demonstrating the benefit of the official Red Queen Katya t-shirt. For just $35 you can look great and become instantly as flexible as a rhythmic gymnast without all the fuss and bother of stretching or going to the gym or even leaving your motel room. Before purchasing this blouse on, young Maddie was a quadraplegic with chronic anxiety and a very embarrassing patch of coarse hair growing out of her forehead. Now she’s a stunning beauty who humbly flaunts her open hamstrings confidently on the World Wide Web. Good job, Maddie. Now what are you waiting for? Buy your tshirt today at

But the real fun of writing, for me at least, is the experience of making a set of givens yield. There’s an incredibly inflexible set of instruments—our vocabulary, our grammar, the abstract symbols on paper, the limitations of your own powers of expression. You write something down and it’s awkward, trivial, artificial, approximate. But with effort you can get it to become a little flexible, a little transparent. You can get it to open up, and expose something lurking there beyond the clumsy thing you first put down. When you add a comma or add or subtract a word, and the thing reacts and changes, it’s so exciting that you forget how absolutely terrible writing feels a lot of the time.
—  Deborah Eisenberg

Practice and all is coming. Where you are weak you will become strong. Where you are stiff you will become flexible. And finally after many years of practice you may find that the hidden secret to both strength and flexibility is as simple as opening your heart and mind to receive the power of love. Surrender into your strength, lift up into your flexibility, live the yogi’s life. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Outfit by @aloyoga (at On The Beach in South Beach)

“Anyone who has been to Lyoko a large amount of times (seven times or more) begins to inherit traits from their avatars. Ulrich can use any long weapon into a sword and is incredibly quick. Yumi can do acrobatics and can make quick calculations as to where an object might land (like with her fan when she throws it). Odd becomes incredibly flexible and can always land on his feet. The only ones to not experience this are Jeremy, Aelita, and William due to complications with their avatars.” (submitted by diana-egalla-montrier)

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Hello, beautiful! You have any tips how to become more flexible? I know yoga is good, but I have no idea where to start.

Hello sweetheart! Yes, yoga is great and you can take yoga classes or as I do, watch yoga videos on YouTube (I love Tara Stiles). You can also try pilates or regular stretches (here are some great stretch exercises) :)xx

ok but think about trans wally and dick and dick has bipolar depression and he has really bad body dysphoria and thats why he’s always exercising and trying to become more masculine and flexible because he wants to make up for being so short and not having a deep voice

and wally has really bad anxiety and the only thing that calms him down is running and he’s always pacing and biting his fingernails because he’s always anxious about something and he has anxiety induced depression 

and wally and dick meet through some group therapy thing for trans kids and thEY FALL IN LOVE

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Do you have any tips on improving flexibility? I'm starting my yoga journey but it's getting me really down that I'm not even able to touch my toes

flexibility comes in time. different people experience different timelines and so i can’t tell you for sure how fast/slow you will progress in your practice. however, if you’re consistent, and patient and know when you give yourself rest days, you will eventually become more flexible. 

don’t worry about being inflexible yet! remember, you do yoga to become flexible, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga x

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hey sunny :) ive been trying to set up my workout schedule for summer and i was wondering if you recommend running everyday?

No, not everyday actually! I would recommend running 3-5 times a week.  your body needs rest days so that it can rest or recover and so that you can get stronger and prevent injury.  I also have workout links on my blog if you want to do other strengthening workouts along with running or on the days that you don’t run. Stretching is v important to becoming a stronger as well, and I’m slowly learning to become a more flexible runner so I would recommend you stretch everyday or at least on the days that you do run.  I usually stretch after I run and not before, but what you do is completely up to you :)

Circus!AU | loki-silver-tongued-god

Determination was key here. Determination was always key. Steve never gave up. He would become stronger, more flexible, more precise. His act could always be better no matter how good it was and to do that he trained for a lot of his time. In the flow of one of his work outs and his ear phones blasting rather loud music Steve wasn’t expecting the new guy to come up behind him. 

In all fairness the new guy probably hadn’t expected Steve to whip around and almost punch him in the face. He, luckily, managed to stop himself but it had been a close one. “I’m so sorry!” Steve said quickly, his large hand coming down on top of the guy’s shoulder. “I didn’t see you there!”


I’ve been brainstorming a fictional sport I could have in my setting, and a very silly idea involves the properties of Vugast Con blood. Vugast blood can become a tough, flexible gum, but if a Vugast quill touches it, the gum instantly liquefies.

The goal of Gumneedle is to liquify as much of the opposing team’s gum they have on their body. There’s probably a time limit, and if a team does not lose all of its gum, the team with the most gum intact wins. Various items with Vugast quills affixed to them are placed at the center of a large playing field. The items might be varied in utility, such as a football-shaped implement with quills only on one front; it can be thrown quill-out to snipe exposed gum, or passed quill-in toward teammates. Another item might be a quill-less smaller football with a long, quill-stitched rope attached; this would be used for reach on the attack.

The teams start at opposite ends, and would want to send at least one, but not all of their team members to the center to obtain quill items. Players cannot take steps while holding a quill item, and cannot pass to themselves; perhaps when a player releases a quill item and it touches ground, they cannot touch it again until another player does, friend or foe.

Players with gum liquefied or not can act as obstructions to the opposing team’s passes and as body shields. The football item may have to be used like a dagger if there are many players shielding their only gum player. The entire idea needs some work and there are stalemate conditions that need addressing.

Pictured is several shameful iterations of the reason for this mess: patches of the sports uniform lose anchor as the Vugast gum they are tied with is liquefied. The losing team will be less clothed, and total defeat means significant public exposure. It’s all in good sport though !

What do I want to look like?

What do I want to do?

- Run 10k before September

- Become more Flexible:

  • Crow Pose
  • Camel Pose

- Be able to do 5 normal Push ups until September

- Reward myself

  • 1€ for every workout

- Try new recipes

- Get that step goal up!

This is something I’ve written in my journal. I don’t want to focus on looks. I want to have goals that will help me move forward. I want to push myself and see change in my strenght, not my body.

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A big thank you for your long answer! :) I'm doing some yoga and strechting sessions for 2-3 weeks now and i read that yoga can more damage your body than help if you don't do it with professional help. But you have great results anyway! I will try some youtube tutorials. I watched food inc. and since that i am vegetarian... I'm also trying to cut diary products complety off 3 days a week. So i do some vegan days. Have a nice day! 😊

hello again :) Your body will be fine as long as you inform yourself of correct alignment and make sure you’re working on both sides of your body equally (i.e don’t let one leg become way more flexible than the other!!) following youtube tutorials made by certified instructors is the best idea in my opinion! ah that’s awesome, i hope you have a wonderful day too!xxx

Reasons to lose weight that aren't about looks

Some people have the idea that the only reasons to lose weight are to look better and have a thin body. I’ve met people think being hugely into fitness means that person is vain and only cares about how they look.

While looks are a valid reason, there are plenty of reasons for losing weight and/or getting fit that don’t involve looks or trying to fit into small clothes.

  • Having more energy and not feeling tired from small tasks such as climbing stairs or walking.
  • Reduced risk of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer
  • Your immune system improves
  • Exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety
  • An easier time sleeping
  • Gaining strength and being able to lift and carry heavy objects
  • Becoming more agile and flexible
  • Improving your self-confidence and self-esteem

Note: If you have depression or another mental illness, or severe self-esteem issues, please seek help from a mental health professional if you can. Exercise can be great help, but those issues need psychological attention. Exercise and therapy do make great partners.

FLEXIBILITY RANT❗️ tag someone who needs to hear this

I keep receiving questions from people over social media and people in real life regarding flexibility and if it’s too late to become flexible. First off, let’s be very clear that it’s NEVER too late for anything. Especially starting a yoga practice. People always tell me “I want to do yoga but I’m not flexible enough”. You don’t have to BE ANYTHING to start a yoga practice. You just start. And guess what. You become flexible!!! Check out this inspirational man, @carsonclaycalhoun. Two years difference. All he had to do?? He put in the work. So if you want something in life, don’t say it’s hard. Don’t make excuses. Just do. Don’t ask how long it takes to get there. Don’t compare your progress to anyone else’s. It doesn’t matter. Life is never about the destination. There is never a destination. Carson isn’t at his flexibility destination in the bottom photo, he’s going to keep progressing because you never ever graduate in life. You will always grow. He is still in his journey. As are you. You’ve gotta start somewhere. Just show up everyday. Put in the work. And then let things come as they come. I will be posting more of these progress photos in order to show that it’s never too late. So if you have any, DM them to me 😘 (hope it’s OK I stole this @carsonclaycalhoun 😁)

ppl see me out here going to the gym eating well doing my leg stretches and becoming more supple and flexible but little do they know I do it all so I’ll be able to kick myself in the face soon