REMINDER - tips for a healthy, happy lifestyle:
x - wake up early, draw back the curtains and open a window, appreciate the morning
x - start yoga! not only will it relax you mentally, you’ll become more flexible and toned
x - the less ingredients the better, enough said
x - take hot showers, wash your hair, and again - rinse and repeat
x - moisturise every day, I find it’s easier to do so before bed so you’re not struggling around with sticky legs and skinny jeans in the morning
x - keep a journal, track everything, plan your day/week/month, write down your thoughts
x - tidy your room, tidy room tidy mind
x - empty your wardrobe and put together new outfits, it’ll save you buying new clothes
x - most importantly, remember that nobody is perfect

I never thought I could become this flexible. Everyday I make progress, challenge myself, and am completely amazed by my transformation.

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Looking back at my audition, i was pretty critical, then. I was going through a period of rebelling. I wouldn’t forgive the world with my resisting spirit, then. Now i know how to compromise (He gets to listen to the world). I become more flexible.”

You don’t want pirate boots, but you want boots with the flexibility to become pirate boots, boots that leave the possibility of piracy open, so to speak.

opens Sat, Apr 19, 5-7p:

The Real Estate Show, What Next: 2014
 John Ahearn, Stefan Eins, Peter Fend,
 Coleen Fitzgibbon, Bobby G, Tom Otterness,
 Ann Messner and Laurie Arbeiter, and Alan Moore
Cuchifritos Gallery, 120 Essex St., NYC (inside Essex Street Market)

“An extension of The Real Estate Show of 1979/1980, this exhibition will serve as a living project space, presenting new work that continues to question the impending re-development of the Seward Park Urban Redevelopment Area (SPURA) sites. By addressing certain issues that have both united and polarized the neighborhood over the last 30+ years, the exhibition will encourage artists and community members to become an active part of the conversation by focusing on the particular insights and experimental processes that artists bring to imagining new urban spaces. All of the projects, contributed by former Colab members and participants in the original Real Estate Show, take form through audience engagement, as Cuchifritos becomes a flexible site for the active processes unfolding throughout the duration of the exhibition.” - thru May 18

Corresponding Exhibitions:

The Real Estate Show, Was Then: 1980
at James Fuentes, 55 Delancey Street, April 4 – 27

RESx: The Real Estate Show Extended
at ABC NoRio, 156 Rivington Street, April 9 – May 8

at The Lodge Gallery, 131 Chrystie Street, April 10 – May 11


From 148 lbs to 128 lbs

My before picture was taken the summer of 2012, when I didn’t do any exercise and I would eat whatever I wanted. I learned a lot about nutrition and learned how to be a healthy vegetarian. I drink a lot of water, no pop, and don’t eat any ‘pre-made’ foods from a box. Oatmeal, almond butter, and fruit are my favorite foods. I hated the feeling of being out of breath after doing simple everyday things such as walking up a few flights of stairs or had a lot of difficulty hiking. I found a passion for hula hooping, started running, did strength exercises with hand weights (lunges, squats, ect.) and using a balance ball really helped me to tone up while losing the weight. I am no longer focused on losing weight but instead becoming more flexible and stronger. I still do all of the same exercises but traded running for something I love even more - yoga. I now practice yoga up to 2 hours a day, it’s really something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. It really makes you balanced and more connected with your body and mind. 

Weight loss gets easier when you stop hating your body and start loving it and wanting better for it. The best feelings in the world are when you prove to yourself that you can do something you or someone else once thought was impossible. Stop trying to impress other people and instead turn your energy into impressing yourself. When I stopped caring what other people thought is when I had the most success. 

This is my first time making a B&A and with it I hope others find it inspiring. I didn’t even notice the huge change in my body until putting the photos side by side. (Look at my legs!) I used to look at B&A’s frequently for inspiration and hope someone will be inspired by my pictures. If anyone needs some support, motivation, has questions, or anything else feel free to leave me an ask! I will answer everyone! You are all amazing! ^_^ 

what the fuck yall be up to in 2015
  • aries:fucking pies in the middle of bed bath and beyond while a goat watches and records it
  • taurus:going home every night to your cat named Pete and turning away men
  • gemini:going to clubs every night and doing handstands while a 47 yr old man named Bruce feeds you shots
  • cancer:crying
  • leo:becoming the leader of the free world then turning it into a society of dog worshippers
  • virgo:literally licking your teachers anus
  • libra:driving around in a Maserati while a girl named Danielle eats you out
  • scorpio:becoming ruler of shit mountain and carving out your own place in hell complete with 50,000 pairs of red Dior heels
  • sagittarius:telling babies they're useless shits
  • capricorn:reorganizing your room 3 times a day and dating a guy named Greg that works in the IT department
  • aquarius:becoming so flexible you can suck your own dick and breaking your leg when ya go windsurfing with Bethany
  • pisces:misses your wedding because you're in the back room thinkin bout that time he lied on September 24th 3:12pm

Hacking Households

Project exploring ideas related to coding and open-source principles and bringing them to product design - video embedded below:

What if objects were produced the way open source software is developed?

Creating software has become a flexible, collaborative, and adaptable process: projects develop as code is openly shared, reviewed, adapted, and distributed. Simultaneously, home appliances are increasingly dependent on inflexible standards of production leading to a lack of reparability, less adaptability, and more waste. With affordable technologies of digital manufacturing and electronic platforms, translating code into matter is becoming possible for everyone. Programming object thus seek to bring open source software practices into the world of (open hardware)appliances. Moving away from a top-down approach from corporation to consumer, to one where objects are designed, developed, and produced democratically within open communities.

More here and here


Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga With Adriene writes:

This 30-minute yoga sequence is perfect for those seeking to relax and relieve anxiety. Perfect for a recovery day and perfect for those needing a little time for yourself. This yoga practice is fun, slow and stretchy and great for all levels and those seeking to deepen their practice with a connection to the breath. Repeat this practice weekly to promote overall health and become more flexible - both in mind and body!

Stretching. Whether you’re increasing flexibility in your muscles or becoming more flexible in your life, it’s going to feel different, it may hurt, but go slow and you will change for the better. Get a little more comfortable with your discomfort daily. #blogilates #Vidcon

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Here’s my beautiful child @frickmaddie demonstrating the benefit of the official Red Queen Katya t-shirt. For just $35 you can look great and become instantly as flexible as a rhythmic gymnast without all the fuss and bother of stretching or going to the gym or even leaving your motel room. Before purchasing this blouse on, young Maddie was a quadraplegic with chronic anxiety and a very embarrassing patch of coarse hair growing out of her forehead. Now she’s a stunning beauty who humbly flaunts her open hamstrings confidently on the World Wide Web. Good job, Maddie. Now what are you waiting for? Buy your tshirt today at

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