REMINDER - tips for a healthy, happy lifestyle:
x - wake up early, draw back the curtains and open a window, appreciate the morning
x - start yoga! not only will it relax you mentally, you’ll become more flexible and toned
x - the less ingredients the better, enough said
x - take hot showers, wash your hair, and again - rinse and repeat
x - moisturise every day, I find it’s easier to do so before bed so you’re not struggling around with sticky legs and skinny jeans in the morning
x - keep a journal, track everything, plan your day/week/month, write down your thoughts
x - tidy your room, tidy room tidy mind
x - empty your wardrobe and put together new outfits, it’ll save you buying new clothes
x - most importantly, remember that nobody is perfect

I’ve always hated my legs. I think they’re the least flattering part of my body, because they are way too big. I hate that I have a chronic knee injury. These legs prevent me from becoming a more flexible dancer. They prevent me from sitting in most arm chairs. They prevent me from riding on rollercoasters, or fly on planes. They prevent me from wearing skinny jeans and leggings comfortably. I hate them so much that I refuse to wear shorts in the summer, or even a bathing suit. For 20+ years, I’ve told myself that my legs were holding me down. But I should be telling myself that my legs are lifting me up. They are not a burden. They keep me walking everyday. They have endured years of dancing. They have survived hundreds of strains and injuries. They allowed me to do splits in middle and high school. They allow me to do 90-degree arabesques. They allow me to squat. They allow me to walk for 4 miles on hiking trails. But most important, they allow me to be me, a dancer and an athlete. I have to learn to appreciate and love my legs more. They have done so much for me. They are beautiful and freaking strong! 

Otayuri headcanon

In response to @plutominous ‘s great suggestion - “What about some hurt/comfort for OtaYuri? Otabek gets a mild injury while practicing and is upset about it, but luckily he has Yurio there to cheer him up ?” Haven’t written much OtaYuri but excited to try! Here goes. (Also I wrote this as if Otabek had transferred to the Russian team to make it easier!)

In practice Otabek focusing a lot on trying to become more flexible, and one day pushing himself too far and ending up with a sprained ankle. He tries to keep skating and hide the injury, saying he was just sore, but Yuri seeing through the almost suicidal determination and telling Yakov to keep him off the ice. 

Otabek coming back to the rink the next day, sitting on the side and watching the proceedings with a obviously bitter expression at not being able to be on the ice himself, and the whole practice Yuri being distracted by the admittedly adorable Otabek sulking on the perimeters of the rink. Yuri keeps missing his landings and getting progressively angrier with his teammates and coach because all he wants to do is make Otabek feel better goddamn it! 

When it’s finally over Yuri storming off the rink and going right over to Otabek and hugging him aggressively with a furious expression still on his face, but still blushing all the same. 

Yuri nearly dragging the injured Otabek back to his apartment and pampering him despite his insisting he was okay. 

“Otabek we need more pillows how can you heal if you aren’t comfortable?” *Otabek is already practically drowning in pillows with like five under his ankle* “I think I am okay, really Yuri.”

“I want to cook you something do you want borscht I can make you borscht it will help really Otabek you should try it.” 

“Otabek!! What are you doing stop standing!” “I have to go to the bathroom Yuri…” “WELL STOP LET ME HELP YOU GODDAMN IT!….” *both realize and start blushing* *Yuri still walks him to the bathroom*

And the whole time Otabek sitting there with his ever-present serious expression, but blushing like mad from all of Yuri’s attention.




Looking back at my audition, i was pretty critical, then. I was going through a period of rebelling. I wouldn’t forgive the world with my resisting spirit, then. Now i know how to compromise (He gets to listen to the world). I become more flexible.”

Enstars: Dengeki Girl’s Style April 2016

Yumenosaki Academy’s Club Journal part 6
Basketball Club: Warm-Up Exercise

Released March 2016.

Story by Happy Elements
Illustration by Gao Yuzuki

Midori: Wha—wait…

Chiaki: No, I won’t! Now! You can go further…☆

Midori: Oww! Oww, I said!

Chiaki: Hm, I know you can do better, though…? A body too stiff is the source of injuries!

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some trans related headcanons

-jack learned to sew so that while he was out on missions with gabe if gabes binder got ripped he could repair it cause he never bothers to do it himself. jack tried gabes binder on once out of curiosity and he almost got stuck in it 

-gabe was self conscious about his wide hips and legs and still is but feels a little better because jack thinks its one of the most beautiful things about him (and spends a lot of time between those legs too) 

-jacks family was pretty trans/homophobic so he grew up having to conform to masculinity but gabe helped him to become more flexible and open about his gender expression. he still keeps a pretty rigidly masculine exterior being a soldier and all, but in his downtime he wears a lot of floral print and watches sappy romance movies and he cries about them

-gabe wears a hard packer 24/7. he is always ready

                              Here Comes A Thought Spread

                        here comes a thought, that might alarm you

Inspired by the amazing SU song, “Here Comes A Thought” I wrote a quick spread to explore being honest with yourself and finding yourself. Feel free to tweak it and shift things around, or use it for inspiration to make your own!

It’s a 6 card spread.

1) Something you did/said that you regret/haunts you/something that is staying with you:

2) How that event has harmed you:

*(optional card next to 2) How that event harmed someone else:

3) Ways you can be more flexible/things you can become more flexible on:

4) Who loves you/how you can show/accept love:

5) Who you can trust/self-reflection on trust issues:

6) Advice to find yourself, how you can find yourself again.

This spread was like an SU episode itself for me! Enjoy!


“Looking back at my audition, I was pretty critical then. I was going through a period of rebelling. I wouldn’t forgive the world for resisting my spirit, then. Now i know how to compromise. I’ve become more flexible.” -RM


How to Become Really Flexible - Without Stretching!
By Erica Lin
@EricaLinCheer on Twitter/Insta

You don’t want pirate boots, but you want boots with the flexibility to become pirate boots, boots that leave the possibility of piracy open, so to speak.

anonymous asked:

How did you increase your flexibility? I'm trying to become more flexible and get into yoga and find it hard to stretch well unless I've done a lot of cardio or something to really warm me up... this can be difficult if I'm just trying to practice at home ... any tips/advice ? Xx

Practice every single day… stay consistent!

Drawing of a Proconsul skull, done in pencil, 2015. Proconsul is thought to be an ancestor of monkeys and apes. The skull shown here is the most complete fossil skull known of this animal, and unfortunately it is deformed due to mineral leaching from the bone. This caused the bone to become flexible and pliable, and sediment that covered the skull caused it to become compressed. The result is an oddly warped skull. As a future scientific illustrator I have to draw a specimen as it appears, but later on I can work on reconstructing it to see how the skull would have really looked before it fossilized.