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How do you draw humans?

hello welcome to i have no idea whats going on when i draw. these are some tips ive picked up over the years and really it all ultimately comes down to just doing a lot of gesture drawings and references from real life until it becomes muscle memory to you.

lines of action help a lot in making people feel Alive and not rigid. my limbs are always round hot dog-like shapes in my sketches. then to help with making proportions feel good, i always found that doing these vague bubbly ribcage and pelvis shapes help in finding that weight on a person.

then i go over the sketch  with more defined lines. i always imagine the body separated into several sections, as shown with the arm and leg limbs. the thigh and calf curve trick is just very cool in general when you need to draw some Quick Legs and not want to Suffer. from the front a leg would look similar to an arm (but with just the two sections instead of three)


do lots and lots of these. try and identify the lines of action, then identify the limb basic shapes. then the ribcage/pelvis areas. then of course have a go at doing a quick drawing of it with all these things in mind. another thing that i always say is, when practicing, first do one where you trace it, then do the same one again but Without tracing. tracing helps a lot in memorising the basic gist of what human bodies look like. also shading! look at lighting tutorials (esp on skin/muscles) - these can help you picture bodies in a three dimensional way in your head, rather than a two dimensional one. but on that note, all human bodies are different so make sure to look at different body types, ethnicities, genders, ages, and so on. lots of different features to learn! these tricks also work with anything, really - animals, objects, backgrounds, etc. it’s all about learning and re-learning. like writing, you’re not just gonna post a first draft, you’re gonna keep rewriting until you get it right!

The Gods Diaries



Of course you would find his dislike for the scorpion and kitchen scale in his diary. There would be a million different things they did that annoyed him and each one he would right down in fine detail. His diary would definitely lead to a war if Scorpio or Zyglavis found it. Leon also loves to write down unimportant details like how many times you glared at him today when he teased you. But he does have a soft side shown in his writing. There was mention of beautiful flowers he saw, the sounds of the birds singing he heard; many pages were filled with him talking about the beauty of life and how wonderful it is.


Having a perfect memory writing a diary seemed pointless but nevertheless he agreed to do it because you were doing it. Huedhaut filled his diary with all the times he spent with you. Every moment becoming a precious memory in writing. His diary was more like a love chronicle than anything else; if only you knew what he was saying in it. Though Huedhaut did mention the other gods, albeit rarely. Such as the times Zyglavis and Leon would argue and how he thought it was amusing and the one time he watched Teorus wander around for hours lost but never bothered to help because it was good entertainment.


His diary would be filled with details about things from earth. Especially about all the places he went to try out the different spicy foods. Karno loved to document his dates with you and would even share his diary with you so you would know what he felt during that time. It was embarrassing to see but you could feel his love in his words. Karno also loved to draw pictures in the corner of his pages so you would see them when he showed you. The pictures were often of the two of you together, it warmed your heart he thought of you so much.



Just like Leon, he would also berate the lion even in his diary. Things like “the way he breathed today pissed me off”. Scorpio also documented down all the times he had gotten lost and it was surprising seeing it in writing how easily this god got lost. If he ever went somewhere with Teorus you may never see them again. Scorpio also liked to write down things he wouldn’t openly say, at least not often. Like how beautiful you looked today and how he liked the clothes you were wearing. Scorpio would pour out his feelings in words.


His diary would seem more like a rulebook than a diary. “X god didn’t follow the rules today, I will lecture them later” things like that. He would write down gods who needed to be lectured and you will even find a page on all the things he wishes he could do to Ichthys but knows is too cruel. His diary was more of a place to let out his frustrations. He even has several pages dedicated to that rabid lion, which comes as no surprise. By venting in his diary he is able to remain composed in the face of Leon. However, his diary isn’t all about rules and frustrations. Even he has his softer side. Such as talking about the chocolate ganache you made him was delicious and how he loves your cooking. How he wants to hold you all day and never let you go and wants you all to himself. It was his sweet and jealous side. But it will take a lot of searching to find the sweet things among his usual uptight self.


His diary is filled with him gushing about you and how cute you are. How cute humans are. How cute everything is. Every moment he remembers in fine detail and writes it in his book. His diary is more like a story then a book with all the care he takes to document every moment with you. Though his darker side does show in his writing at times. Such as mentioning how he wants to eat you up and at times he wanted to ravish your body over and over but he held back because it wasn’t the time for that, though he really wanted it. Dui knew he could never let you read his diary and reveal his inner thoughts. They had to stay off limits. Besides his inner desires were too wild, even for you.

why you should stan namjoon: his ability to manipulate and play around with the korean language

A little while ago, I asked a question about whether Korean music sounds like gibberish to non-Korean speaking listeners. Majority of those who answered said yes and for the most part, many just try to recognize certain phrases or the overall gist of the song when you are listening to it. Now this sort of got to me because as a bts fan, the members play around with words in their songs and they honestly have some of the most poetic/complex lyrics in the industry and it’s really interesting for me, a Korean-American, to be able to hear and distinguish that. But for non-Korean speakers, you guys can’t really do the same. An awesome example of this is Namjoon because well- he is just a genius, a modern-day poet. So, I’m going to try my best to try to point some of the word play in his lyrics out because I think you guys would find it just as interesting as I do!

1)  흥탄소년단/Fun Boyz

저 위 정상들이 보이지
일상에 상을 하나 더해 난 이상해지지
정상인 상태로는 정상에 못 가요 baby

trans:  “You see the peak over there, right? Add one more prize to my daily life, I’ll get weird. You can’t reach the top by being normal baby”

In this verse, Namjoon uses the word “정상” which can mean two different things depending on whether you use it as an adjective or a noun. As a noun, it means “the peak” (like the highest point of something). But as an adjective, it means “normal”. In the first line, he uses it as a noun- asking a question if you can see it. But in the third line, he uses the word in both ways. If I were to translate the last line stiffly it would be something like: “in a normal state you can’t reach the peak”

In the second line, he also does another word play.  일상 is a noun that means “daily life” while 이상 is an adjective that means “weird” or “abnormal”. However, he also makes a math pun in the line. The first syllable of  일상 is  일 which is the number 1 and the first syllable of  이상 is  이 which is the number 2. So literally, if you “add one more” to  일상 you get  이상. Add “one more” to daily life, you get weird.

Also! Note the repetition of the syllable “상” (sahng) through out his verse!

2) 고엽/ Dead Leaves

모든 낙엽은 떨어지듯이
영원할 듯하던 모든 건 멀어지듯이
너는 나의 다섯 번째 계절
널 보려 해도 볼 수 없잖아
봐 넌 아직 내겐 푸른색이야
마음은 걷지 않아도 저절로 걸어지네
미련이 빨래처럼 조각조각 널어지네
붉은 추억들만 더러운 내 위에 덜어지네
내 가지를 떨지 않아도 자꾸만 떨어지네
그래 내 사랑은 오르기 위해 떨어지네
가까이 있어도 나의 두 눈은 멀어지네
벌어지네 이렇게 버려지네
추억 속에서 난 또 어려지네

trans:  “As if every autumn leaf has fallen, as if everything that seemed to last forever is falling away, you’re my fifth season. Even if I try to see you, I can’t. Look, you’re still blue to me. Even if our hearts do not walk, they walk instinctively. Our lingering affections, like laundry, hang piece by piece. Only the crimson memories fall above my dirty self. Even if I do not shake my branch, it keeps on falling. Sure, for my love to ascend- it falls. Even if I’m near by, my two eyes grow further- they’re falling away. Like this, I’m being thrown away. I become young again inside my memories.”

Not only is his entire verse extremely poetic with his usage of analogies and personification and overall language but another thing that you have to make notice of is the fact that he raps in alphabetical order.

From the line 마음은 걷지 않아도 저절로 걸어지네 down, the verbs at the end of the lines follow alphabetical order.

The part of the Korean alphabet he uses is (from left to right) ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁㅂㅅㅇ. Order-wise, and not by actual sound, its equivalent to the English alphabet would be abcdefgh.

Now pay attention to the first consonant of the first syllable of the last word of each line.

걸 어지네 , 널 어지네 , 덜 어지네 , 떨 어지네 ,떨 어지네 , 어지네 , 버 려지네 ,어 려지네



*ㄸ is a double consonant, meaning that it’s the stronger sound of ㄷ. In some alphabets, the double consonants come after its single consonant- meaning that Namjoon was still technically following Korean alphabetical order

One more thing to note is his repetition of the verb ending “-네”. This is typically used when the speaker is just taking notice of something and it implies that they have been taken aback by whatever has happened. For example, if you haven’t seen somebody in a long time, you might say something like “You’ve gotten prettier/more handsome”. In Korean, you would use the verb ending “네” for this situation and say something along the lines of “__ 예뻐졌네” or “__ 더잘생겨졌네”

So similarly, in this verse, it’s as if Namjoon is first discovering that hearts will walk instinctively, that his lingering affections hang piece by piece, that his love must fall in order to ascend, that he is becoming young inside his memories, and so on and so forth. It’s slight, but it adds a new level of depth to how you interpret his lyrics.

3) Always

난 세상을 이해하기 위해 사는데
세상은 날 이해한 적이 없어 왜
아니 딱 절반이 모자라
날 해하려 하잖아

trans: “I live to understand the world, but the world has never understood me- why? No, precisely one half is missing. It’s trying to hurt me.”

In this verse, Namjoon uses the verb 이해 which means “to understand”. When he says “precisely one half is missing”, he literally meant one half of 이해 which is 해. The verb 해하다 means “to hurt/injure” which is why he’s saying that “it’s (the world) is trying to hurt me.”  The world lacks one half of understanding him, which is why it’s trying to harm him.

Again, another thing I’d like to talk about is how he says 날 해하려 하잖아. Typically, the verb ending “하잖아” is used when you want the person/people you’re addressing to take notice of something. So, for example, if you’re craving something when you just ate- typically your friend would say something like “but we just ate!” And if you’re talking in Korean, it would be here that your friend would use the verb ending 하잖아 and use the phrase “방금 먹었잖아!” (you just ate!)

By saying 날 해하려 하잖아, it’s as if Namjoon is asking us to see that the world is trying to hurt him, it’s as if he’s implying “can’t you see this?” So it adds a whole entire new spectrum of emotion to his lyrics and I just wanted you guys to clearly hear the song the way he wrote it.

lately i’ve been thinking a lot about the specificity of language. everyone always talks about how english has one word for love, i’m bored of that. i think a lot about how we have a word for a sign of things to come (portent) and how we have a word for freeing someone of sin (absolve), we have a word for a sudden outburst of any kind of activity (paroxysm). today my brother taught me wayzgoose: “an entertainment given by a master printer to his workmen each year on or about St. Bartholomew’s Day”. 

i think about this in a kiss, how we purse our lips, how we press into each other, how kiss is a small word for an action that feels big - i think about how we have french kiss, how we have a smack on the cheek, a peck. i think about this when we make eye contact, how we have “a moment” that passes between two people like an envelope, one that reads of more, more, more - i think of who gave us the names for obscure things. how shakespeare gave us elbow, and what did we call it beforehand. 

what word is there for the way your eyes look when you talk about your favorite thing. we have phosphorescence, the property of emitting light, but that’s not right. what word is there for how it feels with the floor against your back while you’re watching sunbeams filter dust motes. there’s languid, relaxed, but that doesn’t work. what word is there for how it feels beside your best friend, listening to them laugh, knowing this moment is a pocket that keeps all of the good things inside, one i will tuck myself into again and again, one i am somehow distant from even though i’m enjoying it: watching the moment become a memory i think of fondly, even while it’s happening. 

there’s kissing, there’s leaning in, there’s words for summer and fireflies in jars and fall creeping in. there’s words for leaves and the smoke in the air from breathing and there’s words for the fire of a sunset on an autumn evening. i think about how we made words for things. the oxford dictionary gives us 171,476 current words to make sense of things. how we let poets give us syllables for how it feels to fall into someone’s arms (melting) and someone who talks a lot (gregarious) and vast burning (conflagration). the beauty of language is we have a word for that until we don’t have a word for that and then poetry comes in. 

if i kiss you i think: portent. if i kiss you i think of telling you here is where our lips purse here is where my sins absolve here is the paroxysm of my heart. i kiss you and i think: what words do other people use when they need to fill in the emptiness of “love”. do they think conflagration, the misery of scorching, or do they think of slow burning. do they think portent. do they think of kisses as french or as just kisses, no purses or bow lips. when they lean in do they melt into it. when they love, is it just that? something specific? or do they mean “the spaces around this word say more than the letters i’m given.”

I don’t want him to become a memory.
—  I loved him dearly. He was real and I loved him dearly.//E.M.//8 words #98
It was when I cleaned out my closet.
The closet I swore up and down I wouldn’t clean out until the day I packed my bags and went somewhere different. The closet I vowed would always be flooded with the waters of my childhood.
It was when I emptied it, hollowed it out like a pumpkin ready to be carved.
That’s when I realized nothing is permanent.
I could take out all of my guts and become something greater.
My “friends” that often confused being spiteful and hurtful to being honest could become distant memories. I could stop coming back to the boy that always left me wanting more because he never cared enough to give me his all. I could read more because I always wanted to read more, I just never had the time. I could call my grandma, I know it’d make her day. I can rebuild myself.
I can start again.
—  v.m // you are not set in stone
Dr. Seuss Quotes

Check sun & moon !!

Aries -

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!”

Taurus -

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Gemini -

“You are you. Now isn’t that pleasant.”

Cancer -

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

Leo -

“So, open your mouth, lad! For every voice counts!”

Virgo -

“Step with care and great tact, and remember that life’s a great balancing act.”

Libra -

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

Scorpio -

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Sagittarius -

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Capricorn -

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Aquarius -

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.“

Pisces -

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”


“One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.”  Antonio Porchia 

Alec bringing Magnus Forget me nots because we all know what will happen one day (*cough* immortality *cough* death *cough*) ;A; and he doens’t want Magnus to forget about him!!! (to be honest- magnus COULD NEVER forget about Alec! and he won’t)

now if you excuse me- *GROSS SOBBING*

Retrograding Planets in Houses 

Retrograde 1st house planets: Takes time out to harvest the identity, authentic viewpoints, and resources, uses socialisation to test its validity and usefulness

Retrograde 2nd house planets: Items frequently go missing and return in strange ways. There is more focus on the development of inner resources and wealth rather than finances and assets 

Retrograde 3rd house planets: The lessons are repetitive, the individual must learn one thing through many different ways to ensure nothing has been missed

Retrograde 4th house planets: Evasive recall, can become confused with lived memories and dream memories, and frequent deja vu, can be psychic about unknown details in past events 

Retrograde 5th house planets: Willingly performs for an audience of no one, can be shy or reticent to share artwork and creative talent, can be very skilled at acting because they know how to go into another mode of identity expression

Retrograde 6th house planets: Illness can be recurring and a very isolating experience. Seasonal sickness can strike at the same times each year. There can be intense side-effects and complications with medicines 

Retrograde 7th house planets: Can feel like meeting the same person over and over again, lovers can become enemies or enemies can become lovers 

Retrograde 8th house planets: Faces the same recurring fate, can suffer nightmares, can be isolated by the psychic experience, inheritance of ancestral psychic abilities, trauma, psychological illness

Retrograde 9th house planets: The quest for meaning, universal truth and intimacy is undertaken on a private, imaginative, and internal holy expedition 

Retrograde 10th house planets: There can be conflict between conditioned and societal expectations and the individual’s authentic values, passion, and calling 

Retrograde 11th house planets: May prefer to conduct widespread connectivity through seclusive and non-invasive ways such as through internet 

Retrograde 12th house planets: Can have dreams, memories, or visions that belong to a past life, longs to help but doesn’t know how, repetitive dreams