become a better version of yourself

You can’t always be the victim. I know it sucks to admit when you’re wrong, but everyone has been wrong a lot of times. Life is never about making a mistake here or there, life is about making constant mistakes and trying to grow from them. It’s easy to turn your head and blame someone/something else for your wrong doings, but start somewhere small. Accept that maybe that cup you broke or the fact that your car broke down wasn’t the universe fucking with you. But the fact that maybe you’ weren’t paying attention when reaching for the cup. And it’s possible that you’ve been neglecting the state of your car. Start small. You hold fault in a lot of things you wouldn’t ever think you hold fault in.

There’s a sense of living when running away from what hurts, but there’s a sense of peace when you decide to wade in the waters
—  E.G.C