become the greatest version of yourself

Hey guys! So, I wanted to make this post for a long time. Sometimes we are our own enemies and it’s so easy to get caught in fighting against yourself, and I want to be a new person and become someone that is content with who they are. A part of me wants to look back on this when I am feeling bad again and read everything I have written here, like a little reminder of my own, you know? With that, I hope you walk away feeling okay and content, like I hope to do, because that is my goal: for all of us to be okay with ourselves and our lives even on days when it feels like it won’t be.

Be proud of your art, because it matters.

Whatever you choose to create, know that is great and you should not look to others to find what is inside of yourself. So often, it is as if you look around and feel you are not good enough, because you may feel you are behind the curve of others you admire. But, in a way, that is perfectly okay to be behind the curve. Every writer, artist, poet, dancer, and singer did not start with an abundance of skill. They worked at what they loved to create to become your inspiration. Take personal notes from them and find who you want to be as a creator, on your own terms. And down the line, when you become who you want to be, you can become someone else’s inspiration. Where that begins is being proud of what you create, and finding the confidence within you to be your own great writer, your own great singer, or your own great poet. First and foremost, be your own inspiration. Be your first inspiration because it matters. Create your art because it matters.

It is okay to be alone.

For the longest time, alone and lonely have been exclusive to each other. And that is not true. Loneliness sucks. It is one of the worst feelings to have nobody to truly reach out to when you have a bad day, or even a great day. Loneliness is the feeling when you walk around and feel as though you are the only one in the world without someone to share your stories with, your words, your passions. But, aside from the pain of being lonely, you have the opportunity to be alone with yourself and love it. Find what makes you great on your own. I am not saying that you should not be understandably upset because you are lonely, but maybe it is a sign that you need to become the best version of yourself first. Find what is making you unhappy alone, and change it. That way, when you meet others, you will be the greatest you possible. Just remember, it is okay to be alone. It is okay to be alone at home on a Friday night, to eat at a restaurant alone, and to go to a movie alone. The best company is yourself, because nobody can or will know you better than you.

Don’t doubt your positivity/optimism.

There were so many moments in 2016 that questioned your faith, your beliefs, your hope, and your optimism. With everything that went wrong, personally or externally, it was hard to feel the space of your comfort being shaken, but that’s okay. You stayed strong through to this year, and that is what is important. Be optimistic for the future. Do not believe hope ends when there are moments of doubt and struggle. See the good in people, in unfortunate events, in life. Sometimes that space of comfort needs to be stirred to rattle that optimism inside you, to light the fire that keeps you optimistic, and to motivate you. So let it be stirred. Keep that fire alive.

It is okay to fail, or not achieve perfection.

Perfection is impossible. Nobody is perfect. You may look at someone from the outside and see perfection, but there is always something someone is fighting, no matter how small or big that thing is. And I understand. Failing sucks. It is horrible to feel inadequate at something or feel less than because you slipped and fell. It’s as though you can’t get up without the shadow of that failure beside you. Don’t believe in that. Your failures and imperfections are there to remind you that you are simply you and there is nobody in the world who does something once and instantly gets it right. That is impossible, just like perfection. Nobody is instantly great at everything they try at. And that is the whole point of failure: the act of trying. If you’re trying, you’re doing something.

Who you are throughout your life is not completely defined by what is out there.

I am talking about strangers, celebrities, media, and even family and friends. You are not your parents, or your friends, or celebrities. You have tons of opportunities to be your own person, with your own thoughts and feelings about what is going on around you. You have a way to make in the world, and it is only made through where you choose to go. Nothing in a magazine, movie, or someone else’s words can or should change how you feel about yourself, or change who you are as a person. When you wake up, you are yourself, so it is important to know who you are and not let things outside of your own influence take you down. It’s unhealthy and a disservice to yourself. Don’t rely so much on what is outside of yourself, because you live in one set of skin your whole life. Don’t spend it worrying about fitting into a box created by something or someone else.

They are out there.

Yes, they. The people that will understand you and love who you are. They will find you, or you will find them. It may take a bit of waiting, but it will be worth it. Maybe “they” are friends, or significant others, or maybe even family, but the point is to know that you won’t be alone forever. You’re not gonna keep your emotions, your passions, or your thoughts inside of yourself forever. You’ll find the ones that will be glad to listen, who will love to hear from you, and will be glad you are beside them. Like I said, it may take some waiting, but nothing worthwhile is instantly gratified.

You won’t notice it.

You won’t realize things have changed until they have already been changed. While sadness seems to remind you of its presence, happiness can blindside us. Once you’ve achieved what you want to achieve and done the things you’ve set out to do, you won’t understand it has gotten better and you have moved on until you’re already moving. As I said before, be patient; instant gratification is never as good as people say it feels. That moment where you look back and realize you’re in a better place than before is coming, and it’s gonna feel fucking great.

There will be shitty times. But, you are gonna be okay.

It’s easy to fall into believing things won’t be okay. Maybe it’s the day you’ve been having, or the people around you are bringing you down. And yes, things will be shitty for awhile. Whether that “awhile” is a few minutes, a few days, or a few months. But, you should not forget things will be okay, and you are gonna be okay. You have everything you need inside of yourself, even if it feels like you don’t in those shitty moments. Don’t let yourself fall into a space where you believe you won’t be okay, because you will. Things will be okay. For all of my hallmark advice and words that could be put on a self-help card, you will find the friends, moments, and everything in between that will remind you it all will be okay.

Always prioritize your happiness and well being my friends. The best thing you can ever do for yourself is to be true to who you really are and to be the very best version of you that you can possibly be. Don’t be afraid of what others will think, because at the end of the day, you are not the opinion of someone else. Your opinion is what matters. Just keep being your beautiful selves, it’s the greatest gift you can give yourselves.

…and on that note, I’m proud of the person I have become over the last few years and I can honestly say I am gay and proud of it 😊

You want someone who’s going to give you information–someone who’s going to be there to inspire you when you doubt yourself.  You want someone who’s going to remind you there is no such thing as failure–only stepping stones to become your greatest version.
—  R. Smart

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hey sam, about your living in your own head anon, i have the exact same problem and i was wondering if u could share the things you've been doing to improve/get out of it? i need ideas! thanks so much!

i think the best advice i could give is try to look at yourself from a higher perspective. i’m literally my own therapist. i’ve learned how to call myself out on my own bullshit and push myself to do things that feel uncomfortable. once you are able to see your ego from that perspective it is easy to identify what you need to do to change. eventually you will reveal little energetic and mental blocks in your subconscious that have been hiding from your ego. the hard part is actually making the change. i try to force myself to do little things that feel uncomfortable everyday. change takes time and you have to be patient with yourself. i learn new things about myself everyday it’s all about being dedicated to becoming the greatest version of yourself and mastering all that you can in this lifetime. u just gotta be real with urself and be ur own best friend and supporter. idk if that answers ur specific question but that’s my answer to trying to make a change in general i guess haha 

The secret to becoming the greatest version of yourself is to let go of whatever is no longer serving you. We have to begin stripping away the layers until we reach our true authenticity, this is where we find the pearls within. Many of us do not feel we deserve to be great, we do not feel worthy. We have to let go of all the programming; I am not a race, religion, job, or democrat—I am. Anything keeping us in a box, we must get rid of; then we will see there is no box except the one we create. It is a magical universe we live in, we have to open our eyes to the beauty all around us. ~ Ralph Smart

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do you have any good fic recommendations? I've already read FINAGLC, Best of times worst of times, Entropy and The Scientist.

Oh boy I have so many.  I’ll try to keep this short, but I have a list of bookmarks on Ao3 if you want more (not everything on that list is good but it’s a starting point).  The majority of these will be Papyrus-centric angst because that’s what I love.

Feel it Move Through You by @jewels336, ongoing multichapter, Papyrus falls down and Sans and Undyne go into his mind to save him.

Replacement by Shadow_of_Quill, completed series, Papyrus and Gaster “switch places”.

Near Completion by sheepwolves, ongoing multichapter, Queen Alphys and Sans are friends who are sad together.

Skipping Record by @themanicmagician for @betters-au, oneshot, Papyrus and Sans both remember previous timelines and get into a lot of wacky shenanigans.  HIGHLY recommend this one.

Mea Culpa by @xilluminax, completed multichapter, Flowey is a sad traumatized flower and Papyrus is a good friend.

Fire-forged by @sharada-n, completed multichapter, how Papyrus and Undyne first met and started training together.  I’d also recommend all of this author’s SFW Undertale work, especially Remembrance and her Gaster concept (more) (even more) (warnings for abuse and disordered eating)

Despite Everything, It’s Still You by AngeliaDark, completed multichapter, Papyrus travels to alternate universes.  Mild references to fontcest in this one.

Puzzles might be fun if you tried them by LeiaLibelle, completed multichapter, aborted genocide run where Frisk lives with the bros and learns to be good.

Rehab Cabin DLC by @rehabcabin, ongoing series/AU, Sans learns to adjust to linear time after spending years in a timeloop in the Underground.  HIGHLY recommend.

i still hesitate in the hopes i’ll save some face by Princex_N, a collection of scenes featuring autistic Frisk and many other autistic characters.

I Am In The Past, Never In The Future by khilari, completed multichapter, Papyrus recovers his memories of being Gaster a long time ago.

Phantom Pains by Silverskye13, completed (and long) multichapter, Sans learns about other timelines and tries to keep the universe from falling apart with help from Papyrus and Grillby.  This one has a lot of really interesting ideas, and a lot of Sans angst if that’s your thing.

memeing across time and space by threefourthstime, oneshot, Gaster’s many failed attempts at rickrolling Undertale characters.  Hilarious and wonderful.

Shared Secrets by @cisphobepapyrus, oneshot, Papyrus and Frisk bond over their similarities.  Warning for self-harm.  I’d recommend everything by this author actually, I believe it’s all in the same universe, and it’s what got me into Papyrus angst in the first place.

Feeling Bonely by hTeDruknenPotaT, completed (and long) multichapter, Soriel human AU where Sans and Toriel meet on Omegle and become online friends.  Warnings for suicide, self-harm, abuse… actually probably look at the fic’s tags because this one is really dark.

Two Too Cool Assholes Share a Body by TheInevitableSense, ongoing multichapter, Sans and Mettaton end up sharing a body and shenanigans ensue.  This one has really great characterization of Mettaton.

Frisk Learns Some New Words by Rakkogaki, comedy oneshot, Sans’s laziness goes a little too far.  There are so many details in this one that I absolutely love, it’s great if you need to cheer yourself up.

Peace by NekotoLuna, ongoing multichapter, Papyrus/Reader where the reader an autistic abuse victim and develops a close relationship with Papyrus while in the difficult process of becoming independent from her abusive parents.  I can’t even describe how precious their relationship is to me, it’s the greatest thing and it fills my heart with joy.

Toy Box by UrdSkullAndVerdande, completed multichapter, alternate versions of Papyrus’s pre-fight speech in Genocide where he remembers previous timelines.  This one is a great example of how to write Papyrus in a funny yet sweet way while staying in character.

To Cause a Soul to Crack by @asleepyskeleton, ongoing multichapter, Flowey is horrible and Papyrus has to try to recover.  Warning for rape.  This one has a similar vibe to FINAGLC, but I prefer the way Sans is written here to the way Sans is written in FINAGLC, and the same goes for Papyrus.

My Best (Hated) Father (Monster) by @geekwithtea, ongoing multichapter, Gaster comes back and Papyrus is unhappy about this.  Warning for abuse, among other things.

tatemae by @zekestrife, ongoing multichapter, Papyrus tries to deal with some stuff.  Warning for extensive references to self-harm and suicide.  This one is amazing, I can’t recommend it enough honestly.  It’s a great example of a Papyrus who really resonates with the audience and with the way he’s written in canon, while also being really heartbreaking.

Theoretical Battle Scenarios series by Lethotep, ongoing series, Papyrus knows more than he lets on, but he isn’t very good at dealing with it.  Touches on resets and Gaster.  Another great Papyrus characterization.

the college lie.

Someone lied to you.

I know press releases are pretty dry, so let me summarize something. DeVry University, which is part of DeVry Education Group, which has over 40,000 students at more than 55 North American campuses, is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.

False advertising? Yep. They claim, in their promotional materials, that 90% of their graduates get a job in their field within six months of graduation. There’s something bigger. All those for-profit schools that convinced you that college was the thing to do after high school? It’s a lie … a big one.

I went away to a very for-profit, very private, very expensive school. I got a scholarship because my parents put themselves through damaging financial stress from 2000-2004 to pay for my high school education. I wore a shirt and tie every day in high school because I needed extra discipline. I was a bad kid. Even with my college scholarship, we took out loans. I was just signing pieces of paper. I don’t even have a legible signature, but there it was. On the dotted line.

I graduated and my parents helped me pay down my debt. I was one of the lucky ones. I have friends, family, loved ones who won’t be out of debt until they’re almost forty years old. One of my best friends got married, is trying to start a family, buy a house, all in severe debt. But all that money, was it worth it for those four lost years in upstate New York?

No. I love my parents more than anything, and I owe them an apology. I, along with the graduating class of 2008, was lied to. College was supposed to be what I did after high school. Pick a career, pick a major, fill in a few bubbles with a pencil and decide who you are. When it was over, I was supposed to be forged and ready for the big, real world. So what happened?

In college I spent the majority of my time alone, drinking, eating fast food, doing drugs, gaining enough weight that my cardiologist told me I’d need to lose almost 65 pounds or risk being on meds forever. I “majored” in Film Theory, which is a cool way of saying I wrote BS essays on Kenneth Anger and Stan Brakhage. To boot, my socialization was a disaster. Point blank: I was a mean kid. The friends I made have all the patience in the world for sticking with me. A lot of people didn’t stick with me. I pushed them too far … pushed them away. I was in orbit around myself. A total bubble. My own solar system.

They told you that you need to get out, go away to school, make something of yourself. You’re seventeen, eighteen and making anything out of anything is cool, so you go. Maybe you drink, maybe you don’t. Maybe you fail, maybe you graduate top of your class. The g-word … graduate.

The real world revolves around money. Your money. It was your name on the loan papers, the bank is looking at you. So you get a job. Maybe it’s at your dream PR firm, maybe you get your foot in the door! But that’s the lie. And guess what? The generation before ours, the people hiring you, they know it. I was a college graduate dispatching limousines. I was a college graduate working as a mail courier. I was 24 and on unemployment because the real world is fucking hard. I got my first big-boy job over 4 years after I graduated. Most people that come right into the working world less than 6 months after graduating could not be any less prepared for it.

Those loans? You don’t have to take them. That “next step after high school” can be you reading as much as possible, working not-the-greatest-job, but starting your clothing line, writing that book, figuring out how to make that film. Your friends might leave, and you might feel left out. It’s okay to feel left out. It’s okay to feel like “not everyone else” because that feeling is what eventually becomes the drive to be the most ferocious and interesting version of … yourself.

^^^ me on spring break from college in 2008. fuck.

It’s ok to have a breakdown. It’s ok to let the tears fall. It’s ok to act like a child and throw a tantrum. It’s ok if you’re not feeling 100%. It’s ok to BE HUMAN. We judge our bad days so much that we actually miss the growth opportunities they provide.

Will you allow your sadness, anger, frustration or fear to teach you something? To show you unloved places inside yourself?

As humans we feel something uncomfortable and our reaction is to block it out, push it away, get rid of it. So we numb out with work, alcohol, drugs, etc. But what if we faced what we were feeling with open eyes?

What if we made the growth process easier by not running? By not judging our bad days, weeks or even months?

How have you judged your experiences lately? How can you bring more love into your space? Would you be willing to let go and love? Love the good and the bad? How bad do you want to grow and become the greatest version of you? It will take getting uncomfortable. It will take facing some deep dark places within yourself. It will take you returning to love.

It’s your life, MAKE IT EPIC!
-Jhon LeBaron

What I've Learned

Don’t judge others, and don’t judge yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, rather compare yourself to who you were before, and make improvements, and change for the better. But don’t change to be like someone else; only make changes to be a better version of you. I’ve spent too many years being envious and jealous of other people; enough is enough. I am me, and all I can do is try to become a better version who I am every single day. Don’t be angry with others for no reason, and don’t be angry with yourself for no reason, anger is pointless, and draining. Don’t hate others, and don’t hate yourself. Learn to love. That’s the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned. Love others, and most importantly, love yourself. Love. Even when it’s difficult. Just love.

When you start making changes in your life and expanding your awareness you will probably lose some friends who refuse to move to the next level with you. But that is ok, because as you grow new relationships will come. And they will bring so much more value to your life.
Don’t let people hold you back from becoming the greatest version of yourself.

-Jhon LeBaron

Taekai is like a real fairytale to me. They knew each other, before the world knew them. They had the same fire for dancing and music, so they helped each other to turn that passion into a career. Even though their fate was a bit bitter and they did not debut under the same group… They still remained close, supporting each others dreams. Taemin debuted first and Jongin was left behind, but he was only focusing on learning from Taemin and not being jealous. And look at them today. How happy do they look whenever they’re interacting. It must be a wonderful feeling to see your dreams becoming true together like that. They even got to share the same stage during Taemin’s solo era, despite of being in different groups. They have inspired and supported each other and still continue to do so. No matter what their relationship truly stands for, it shines through. Taekai is… happiness. Taekai is a soul connection at its best. It’s not about possession, but helping each other to become the greatest version of yourself. Taekai is about fighting for your dreams and seeing it become everyday life with someone. If that’s not bit of a fairytale, I don’t know what is.

Spend ample time discovering and understanding your flaws. And when you do, do not simply accept or attempt to justify them by saying, “that’s just me”. Instead, get up everyday and work your ass off to improve upon them. Become the best possible version of yourself and never settle for less. The greatest project you will ever work on is you.

you know what I really love? midgames.

midgames are awesome.

you can do anything you want with a midgame.

they are all about development.

you can fall madly in love with your midgame.

and fall out of love on the next week

your midgame can be the greatest love of your life

you just weren’t theirs

they can be your greatest supporter and you’ll become friends for live







your midgame can make your characters do things they had never imagined

or make you the worst version of yourself

midgames man

midgames are important

Beauty in loving yourself.

People can tell you over and over again how pretty you are, or how amazing you look, but it it will never matter until you believe it yourself. 

The compliments I received from people did not matter to me because I felt like I was not worthy of what they were claiming me to be. I did not feel pretty. I was not happy with myself. I did not love myself. I viewed myself as a “fattycake”. That’s right, I called myself fattycake. I laugh now at the silly name but back then it was a way I could talk about my weight in a joking manner because I didn’t know how else to talk about it.  When people saw me joking about my weight they couldn’t see the pain I was feeling. I felt awful about myself. 

I had always pictured a “skinny” version of myself in my mind. I pictured myself taller than I was(if only), thin, and with a wide grin on my face. I looked happy. I wanted to be as happy as the Katherine I pictured.

That has changed. I no longer want to be the “Skinny Katherine” I once pictured. I want to continue to be the strong,healthy Katherine I have become. I believe in myself and believe that I am worthy of being happy. I am lovely just the way that I am. 

Loving yourself and your flaws is one of the greatest obstacles in life.  Not one of us is the same. We are each different in our own ways,that’s what makes us a work of art, a masterpeice. 

No one has the right to tell you how beautiful you are because beauty is inside everything. 

Beauty has no boundaries on shapes, colors, or size.

Beauty is brunettes, blondes, and gingers. 

Beauty is freckles, pale skin, and sun kissed skin.

Beauty has flaws.

Beauty is acceptance of your flaws and loving yourself anyway.

I don’t know why but I’m excited for the future. Excited to see myself in a couple of years, graduated, working and perhaps married too. That picture of me keeps me going, that someday this will all become greater and I’ll be looking back going dang I was only 21 and fretting over small things when bigger things awaited. I hope each one of you pursue to the greatest heights and become the best versions of yourself.