become man

Day One Hundred and Nine

-A young boy yielding a pool noodle thrice his height shouted the word “penis.” He may be only three, but he is well on his way to becoming as mature a man as any.

-A child passing by Starbucks remarked, “Hot chocolate? Like in Polar Express?” I hope that their innocence and enthusiasm are never dampened and that their exposure to liquid goodness goes beyond disturbingly-animated movies.

-I have become something of an attraction to possessed children today. Throughout my shift, upwards of two infants have twisted themselves around 270 degrees in their seat to maintain eye contact with me. I am unsure how best to utilize my legion of demonic toddlers, but I am certain they will come in handy.

-Four twelve year-old girls spent the better part of an hour sprinting throughout the store, and the better part of another hour sitting in a single cart at the front. This gaggle of gals had a large bag of water and a complete lack of supervision. This has potential to be a devastating combination as any of us have seen.

-A nine year-old busted out a surprisingly sick drum solo. With nothing more than a plastic stick, she gave my life a sense of drama which I can only hope to live up to.

-A man left his bag behind. I began to shout after him. A woman behind me chimed in, echoing my calls in a soft whisper. My attempts were not enough. Thankfully, the sound level it took to get his attention was precisely one whisper above a shout, so once again partner and I have triumphed.

-A clean-shaven neckbeard spent his evening compulsively and sporadically dabbing to entertain his friends. Sadly, his attempts at being impressive were entirely in vain, as he was behind them the entire time, and he was dabbing.

me as i open an episode of downton abbey on amazon prime: ahh, sweet downton. such a quaint, soothing program for a peaceful afternoon. what would i do without you?

me after watching downton abbey for 30 seconds: PUT YOUR OWN FLIPPIN’ CLOTHES ON YOU STUPID RICH PEOPLE

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bizzle fought her selena whether she was with someone else or not he always got her back... this Justin has like no motivation 😩

No, tho Justin knows he was wrong… he now can see it all clearly, bizzle wasn’t Justin’s strongest mental state I think we can all agree….. he is becoming a man now and knows I can’t play this dumb games anymore to win a WOMAN back


happy birthday, precious minghao 
from a bright eyed 12 year old with big dreams to a 19 year old who’s achieving them, you’ve come so far on pure hard work and talent. we’re so proud of you. here’s to supporting you for more years and more birthdays to come. stay our cool cutie with infinite potential ∞


mystic on ice looks great


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”

So everyone basically agrees that Shiro is the space-dad, but what if Lance turns into the space-dad once he and Keith start dating?

Like his protective-family-side shows up and he’s the one who makes sure everyone is well taken care of - especially Shiro (who would become Lance and Keith’s son):

Lance: Shiro, I don’t care if you’re the black paladin or not but you are NOT going out there looking like a hobo.

Shiro: But I’m YOUR leader, you can’t -

Lance: SHIRO don’t make me call Keith.

trump apologists:

me, remembering the morals and values that define me as a person:

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oh, speaking of Lord Vetinari, i just thought about our introduction to him as a major character in Guards! Guards! and his first interactions with Sam Vimes, and the Lord Vetinari shown in later books.

yes, Terry Pratchett was fleshing out his characters as the series progressed, but I really think, that while Vetinari will always be the same character introduced in G!G!, he became a better person, very subtly so, hidden beneath his dictator mantle, because of Sam Vimes.

And not, “better person” suddenly becomes a super good guy, but Vetinari I think becomes more aware of the little people, the everyday people, through the Watch, and also in dealing with Sam, and seeing Sam become lit with very tightly contained righteous fury at all the injustice in the world.

Sam might’ve been allowed peeks into the inner thoughts and mechanization of Vetinari’s mind, and boggled at how complex and dark it was, but I think the constant vigilance of Sam against anything despotic kept Vetinari slightly more human.  Sam inadvertently, through his own very nature, kept Vetinari in check.