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Why do you not like the dark knight trilogy? Granted, the last time I watched it I was, like, 12, and had very low cinematic standards; suffice it to say I remember very little about it plot-wise. I totally agree about the gritty Superman thing tho- I really liked man of steel. On a completely different note, have you watched the tv show Gotham? I’ve only watched the first 1 1/2 seasons, but so far I like its take on the DCU.

the reason that i like batman is because of the fact that the batfamily is, y’know, a family. when you separate out batman from the robins & the other gotham superheroes that he loves, he becomes a much less compelling and sympathetic character… as evidenced by the dark knight movies. i’m not interested in a batman that’s angsting by himself. granted, he’s constantly pushing his family away in the comics, but it’s also very obvious that they are his first priority and that is the only batman that i care for


Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri

  • tony stark: hey kid drop your whole life, schooling, family, everything, to address the press n train with me ok
  • peter parker: idk,, that seems kind of, dumb
  • tony stark: . .. .
  • peter parker: imma have to pass on that
  • tony stark: Yes That Is Exactly What I Too, Thought. I Also Think That Would Be Dumb HaHa Ha Good

yeah. i didn’t make you. you read it, you broke it. blah bla-blah-bla-bla.

“Why is this taking so long? You’re supposed to be efficient.”

“And you’re supposed to be a rational partner but life is full of disappointment.”

you know what’s absolutely heartbreaking? andrew wasn’t born closed off and guarded, he wasn’t born stone-faced and unimpressed with the world.

andrew was born as every other infant. he was a toddler at some point, giggling at everything, wide-eyed and curious. andrew probably had a favorite stuffed animal, a favorite blanket. andrew probably hummed along to songs as he finger painted and scribbled everywhere.

andrew most likely tried, and had, friends. he probably played play-pretend, hide ‘n seek, and other silly games we all played.

he wasn’t born “damaged” and that’s the heartbreaking part, the fact that the people who were supposed to protect andrew, love him, care for him were the ones who took all of that away from him.

he was a child like everyone else, and that was stolen from him like everything else was.