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New Osomatsu Party card relevant to Japan’s job hunting culture. A little background: April 1st is the beginning of the fiscal year and this is when there’s a big hiring push for recent graduates. The caption says, “now, we’ll become new members of society.” Good luck in your job hunt, guys!!

The way that terrible dudes have ruined the phrase Devil’s advocate really irks me, because the origin of the phrase is amazing.

Back in the day, when someone was up for potential sainthood, the Catholic Church would put the stiff on trial.

Each side of the case would be assigned to an actual, accredited lawyer (who was, of course, also a priest, so it’s sort of a priest/lawyer multiclass deal).

One of them would take up the role of God’s advocate, and argue in favour of the candidate’s canonisation.

The other would take up the role of the Devil’s advocate, and argue that the candidate was just a regular asshole and didn’t deserve it.

So in its original sense, the term isn’t at all metaphorical. The Devil’s advocate is literally the Devil’s representative in a court of law.

Which is a. awesome, and b. all kinds of messed up, if you think about it from the perspective of the priest who gets stuck with the job. You’ve devoted years of your life to becoming a priest and an expert in Church law? Good job - here’s your first case. Your client is the actual Devil.

I want you(Namjoon AMBW Smut)

Ahhhh finally one request down! I’m sorry for such a long wait but after much time here you are @hennessybee I really hope you enjoy this fic, if not I will do it over! 

A light knocking on the wooden door caused you to stir yourself awake as you looked around. Namjoon was laughing at you looking at how your body was draped in one of the styling chairs in the makeup room.

“Noona, you’re going to get a crook in your neck if you keep that up.” He lightly scolded moving to sit in another chair beside you.

“It’s okay.. Really.” You let out a soft huff, lifting your body slightly with a wince, it had been a rough few days since you were always on the move with BTS and sleep was little to none because you were always with them. ALWAYS. “And I told you, don’t say that.” You could feel your cheeks heating up.

Namjoon moved his hand to the back of your neck giving a comforting squeeze that seemed to release all the tension in that spot. “You’re really cute don’t know you know that?” He asked with a light chuckle. “You are our noona, our cordi noona and I’m sorry but even if we were to go through the whole process again you would still be a noona.” Namjoon said dramatically helping you realize your doom. It wasn’t that you disliked the word, it was the fact that coming from him, it made your whole being lit up and you didn’t know how to handle it.

“Right as always Kim Namjoon.” You cooed wagging your finger at him. He rolled his eyes leaning forward to bite your finger gently causing you to still for a moment. A loud yell from the hall caused you both to jump as Taehyung came running into the room to wrap his arms around your neck breaking the moment you and Namjoon were having.

“Come on noona it’s time to go! You’re packed and everything, right?” He questioned sending a devious smirk to Namjoon who just sat back in the chair in disbelief.

“I do have everything I need; can you take my bags for me Taehyunggie? Noona can’t carry everything.” You whined knowing he would give in. Like lighting he took your bags and headed for the door, causing and amused laugh to leave your lips as you stood up.

“You know better..” You started as you grabbed for your face mask seeing the look Namjoon was giving you. He stood up from his chair, towering over you causing you to look up at him. He wasn’t wearing anything too flashy, just black skinny jeans and a button down white shirt that was tucked in, his hair was parted right down the middle to show his forehead like you liked it. He smirked softly seeing how your eyes flickered all over him, opening the mask up he put it on you the correct way seeing the BTS display read brightly against the black mask with white letters as he felt some surge of pride through his system.

“Do I?” He questioned you back, cupping your cheeks he stroked your skin with his thumb and you melted for a split second before you were pulling his hands away before Taehyung came back. Grabbing at the makeup bag that you needed, you allowed Namjoon to walk with you and give you skinship until you got outside of the building where he went to stand with the others. You let his hand go sighing softly behind the mask glad that you could pout without anybody seeing it. You moved to get into one of the vans with the other members of the team. Driving behind the boys towards the airport, you put in ‘Not Today’ trying to give yourself some since of hype but it ended with you passing out with your head against the window, the soft beat earphones cushioning your face.

“This girl.” Namjoon sighed softly but he couldn’t hide the kind smile that was on his lips as he watched you. He crawled into the van as everyone else got out, moving to shake you lightly he didn’t stop until you were opening your tired eyes looking at him.

“Sleeping beauty, let’s go.” He called out for you grabbing at your hand. You didn’t know if it was simply because you were tired or what but you gave him your hand, walking behind him with your fingers laced together as he pulled you through the massive crowds of fans. Namjoon made sure your body was against his becoming almost protective as he kept pushing your head down so that no fan could take good pictures of you. It was too much, the flashing lights, the screams and cheers. It was the reason you opted on staying back for most of the shows but this one was different and they needed all their staff, they needed you because you were very good at your job and becoming well known. The boys’ images had to be top notch for other things to be a success. After a moment of having the flashing light in your face and harsh criticism threw at you by some fans, Jhope and Suga both came to the aid of you and Namjoon pressing against your left side to block any views from you.

“Thank you both.” You said gently looking up at Yoongi who gave a kind smile and like Namjoon pushed your head down gently with the pads of his warm fingers against your forehead.

“Keep your head down, thank me later by making me look good.” Yoongi teased as Jhope gave a chuckle nodding in agreement. Jimin was next to make his move coming to stand in front of you, he smiled and gave the camera aegyo and sex appeal to distract every one of the girl that was in the middle and stealing the attention. Jungkook came to join him walking beside him and Jin was the last to join in walking behind all of you as you went to stand in the airport line. As it moved up and you went to board the plane Namjoon made sure that he was the one sitting beside you when it was called for you all to choose your seats.

You once again fell asleep after putting on your music, moving to lay your head against his shoulders, at least on the plane you two could be able to share some since of closeness. While you were knocked out into dream line, Namjoon was losing his mind. He couldn’t stop looking down at you, he was so in love with you he didn’t know what to do, it was too much for him and he felt not telling you anything was going to break him apart. It was everything about you, your eyes, your full lips. The way you looked so peaceful once you slept. He could feel the harsh thumps of his heart and he wondered how could you be so calm with him. What he didn’t know what that you were dying as well but at least you knew how to hide it from him a little bit better than what he was doing.

Once the plane arrived in the States, Namjoon had fallen asleep with his head resting on top of yours, unknown to you both Hoseok found this endearing posting the pictures to the official twitter, and the Cafe. They had woken you both up to get you off the plane so that you could go to the hotel. The next set of days were a blur between BTS doing interviews and sound checks you were there to give them touch ups but then you, had to go and do other clients that you had promised you would meet while down here. You had also met up with some friends all of you going to the beach to hang out while the boys got ready for their first Wings show. Namjoon had been moping missing you by his side and he was always refreshing his feed when he could just to see what you were up to.

“You’re going to be classified as a stalker if you kept this up.” Yoongi warned patting the male’s shoulder.

“I think it’s too late for that.” Namjoon himself admitted but he tried to let it slide off him. He knew however how serious it was, when he saw a picture of you with some guy who had a modeling gig. It wasn’t the fact that you were with him helping him, it was the fact that he was a ‘friend’ Namjoon knew nothing about and he felt jealous. Even while he was getting ready to go on stage he saw you in the back, and he purposefully avoided you, going to the other Cordi’s to let them help him instead not wanting to be around you until he got his emotions underway. When it was time for him to sing Reflections, you came to stand by the side of the stage looking at him with adoration.

“You two are killing me. Please just get together already.” Yoongi came by your side once he was finished with first love looking at his friend who was pouring his heart out on stage.

“Shut up. He’s doing really good today.” You said softly clasping your hands together in front of yourself wiggling slightly.

“He feels those lyrics strongly today.. Especially since he is hurting.” Yoongi almost whispered the last part, causing you to frown and look at him.

“What happened today while I was gone?” You asked him standing up straight. Yoongi pursed his lips looking between you both before he let out a sigh shaking his head hesitating and going between telling you and keeping his loyalty to his friend.

“Listen, I think you two need to talk this out. But what I will say is, you’re not the only one who has a career at stake here. So, maybe you should be the one to decide as the eldest what’s best for the both of you. And if you decide that you can’t do this. Then be honest with him because he deserves at least that much.” He gave a kind smile walking off to get changed for fire and as Namjoon came off the stage to the side you were at you quickly looked at him reaching for a hug that he gave back tightly.

“We love you!” You chanted back at him causing him to laugh and become flustered. “You did really good. Do you want me to touch up your makeup for fire?” You ask him and he nodded eagerly pulling you backstage with him, buzzing from how well he did he could feel his skin tingling and it made it better that you were here brushing foundation against his forehead lightly, he eyed you looking down and standing close to you causing everyone else in the room to shift and look knowing that there was something there if only you both would act on it.

“Two minutes!” The stage handlers called out trying to get everyone in place, you let him go moving back to your place on side of the stage to watch him.

“The boys are so talented.” Some of the noona’s were talking behind you and you were going to turn around to join in the conversation until you heard the rest.

“I know, it’s just a shame that with money comes sluts trying to take them down.” One spoke out.

“Yeah and then they either want money or their own fame so they use them and it’s such a shame. We all want to be close with them but at least we do it the right way. We don’t go to the limelight.” Another spoke.

“Yup! At least we don’t go around talking to other members from other companies and having our own agenda we are faithful to them.” The part that upset you the most were that they spoke in Korean as if you didn’t know anything that was being said or the fact that you knew these two particular girls were talking about you.

“Don’t worry about them, they are just a bit.. Jealous and dumb.” A girl who was a bit shorter than you came to stand at your side looking out at the stage and dancing a little beside you. She had brown hair that rested at her shoulders and she was a few years older than you. “If anything, you would get their struggles better than us. You have your own reputation and you know the do’s and don’ts.” She started out encouraging you. She was always friendly and nice to you making you feel that you did have at least one friend.

“Thank you for being kind to me.” You said gently bowing your head as fire went off and Fun boys came on.

“No problem, just make sure you don’t push him too head over heels.” She teased you causing you to blush and you were glad that it was dark for the most part.

The concert was a success and from all the screaming fans you knew that the boys were going to be very proud of how well they did. Once the show was over, you had to leave out with them, surprised that so many fans were waiting for them to leave you saw a lot of girls holding up the signs referencing Namjoon to daddy, you tore your eyes away from those signs thinking of something else because the ache between your legs was unbearable and you knew that it was going to take at least two rounds with your hand so that you would at least quench some of the fire that was inside of you. While you were in the van, the boys decided on take out and you were glad, you needed to get to the hotel to change your panties quickly. Tomorrow they wanted to go out for American food and you knew of perfect places to take them to setting your plan in action.

“Did we do good?” Namjoon asked leaning close to whisper against the shell of your ear, his breath tickling your skin causing you to jump as you nodded.

“I was really proud of you love, I am so honored to be a part of your team.” You admitted with a soft smile.

“Trust me, we are glad to have you.” He sighed happily pressing a kiss against your jaw.

“Break it up back there!” Hoseok teased you both and it stayed that way until you got back to the hotel.

Once you arrived, you said your goodnights to the boys as the elevator came to your floor. You decided to get a room a floor under them to keep yourself from becoming and embarrassment and going up to the room Namjoon was in to ask him to talk. You walked to your room and you could feel his eyes on you, but you didn’t turn around just lifted your hand up to wave bye to them. You moved into the room, quickly scarfing the food down eating in the most un-lady like manner so that you could get in the shower.

You stayed in there for a good thirty minutes getting yourself off with the shower head and your fingers. Once you were done, you moved to dry off your body after you were done, not wanting to sleep in nothing you crawled under the covers with a bath robe on, laying on your back you rested looking up at the ceiling, thinking about Namjoon you tried to get your thoughts from him considering how loud you had been crying his name.

Namjoon was sitting up in the bed, drying his wet hair with a towel and a very hard problem between his legs, it only took him a few split seconds to think more on it before he was getting up with a key card leaving his room and coming down towards yours. He took the elevator hoping that no one noticed him, walking towards your room, he knocked on your door and you not knowing who it was decided to change your robe to a silk robe instead. You put on the baby blue silk robe that was partially see through, opening the door up you were surprised to see Namjoon standing there on the other side with a white T-shirt and baggy shorts around his waist. He looked down at you, almost speechless as his eyes roamed your body.

“What are you doing here? This is risky.” You groaned softly pressing your hands on his chest as he moved in.

“Exactly but you keeping me out here makes people more suspicious and besides, what if I get taken a picture of?” He asked softly as he pushed inside more to shut the door with a crooked smile.

“What do you want, Namjoon?” You asked softly with a playful roll of your eyes.

“Well. I need you.” Namjoon said simply cupping your cheek to make you look up at him. “You won’t say it so I will. But I am falling for you y/n. I know that it’s a bit too early to say that I love you but I know I’m getting close to it, and I know that if I didn’t even at least try to get to know you and keep you in my life then I would regret it. If you’re scared then let me protect you. I won’t hurt you, we both have reputations and I know what it’s like to need to keep it.” He urged nuzzling his nose with yours. “Just please let me be with you, even if it’s just for a moment that you don’t want later. It would fucking hurt but I could at least be with you and I need you so much.” He whispered as he pressed against you.

“Namjoon.. We can talk about this later. Take me.” You groaned in defeat and he didn’t have to be told twice, he picked you up with his hands under your thighs carrying you towards the bed, he laid you down on the bed, pressing his lips against yours he gave you a breathtaking gentle kiss, his hands moving to roam your body gripping at your hips as the robe fell to bunch around your waist. Namjoon pressed his body flush against yours sliding his tongue into your mouth causing you to release a soft moan. You couldn’t believe this was happening your heart was racing and you were sure he could tell. He sucked on your tongue, letting his tongue explore every ounce of your wet warm cavern. He pulled back after a few moments grabbing at his phone he pressed the outlet into his phone turning on music.

“What-“ You questioned panting as he put on Party Next Door. He leaned down over you pushing you back against the bed, sucking on your neck as he whispered in a deep voice using his English causing his voice to be accented and the right kind of cute and seductive.

“I don’t want everyone hearing how I make you scream.” He sucked on your neck, moving down towards your collarbones and breast to mark you up and make sure that the hickies were not visible. He undid the strings on your robe, pulling back to look down at your curvy body that was wrapped in brown skin.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I can’t let anyone else have you.” He shuddered moving to press his lips against your breast his tongue skittered across your areola on your left breast before he wrapped it around your nipple to suck on it, his hand going over to play with your other nipple grazing and flicking the hardened nub. Namjoon moaned against your skin, sucking harshly onto your breast, his mouth trailed wet kisses towards your other breast as his hand drifted down to ghost across your sensitive clit. You arched your back a sharp gasp leaving your lips as your hips bucked up. Namjoon pulled back from your breast after a while with a wet pop lifting a keen eyebrow.

“I never knew you were so sensitive here.” He teased circling the pads of his thumbs against your clit.

“E-every girl is daddy. It’s not that.. I touched myself twice before you came.” You finally admitted causing him to immediately plunge two fingers inside of your wet pussy. You groaned in slight pain but it didn’t sting too bad, it felt good to have his fingers inside of you thrusting in and out of your pussy. He leaned down to wrap his lips around your clit, sucking on the pink bud he pulled it into his mouth causing your hips to buck up and ride his face as he thrust his fingers in and out of you. Your hands gripped at his hair, pulling on the soft locks you pressed him closer to your body.

“Come on daddy give me more.” You called out softly feeling your wet pussy start to drip against his face as he pulled and pushed his fingers around inside of your, his fingers moving to circle and twist inside of you slipping past the knuckle each time he released your clit to flick his tongue against it quickly watching you and how you seemed to crumple under him, your whole body started to shake, your legs bending as he feasted on you once again, replacing his tongue with his fingers he slapped at your thighs rubbing on your clit quickly, your body was a complete mess, you knew you were close to cumming, and it seemed he did too because he pulled back licking on his fingers and his tongue.

“You’ve cum too many times without me, can’t cum again until I’m buried inside of you.” He smiled standing up and you followed helping him shed his shirt and shorts, he didn’t have on any boxers causing you both to become flustered, he tensed up you gripped his member to stroke him slowly licking up and down his cock slowly. Namjoon moved to push you in the middle of the bed. He pressed his knees down into the bed and you helped him align himself with your entrance. Slowly you pushed your hips up to take him inside of you and he let you move until you were sinking down taking him in inch by inch. His hands crawled up your skin, gripping at your hips he let you take over for a bit, sitting back on his hind legs to let you take over, he rolled his hips forward slightly and your hands moved to press down into the sheets so that you could push your hips back down against his. He kept you like that for a bit before he picked you up and laid on his back, your hands pressed down on his chest as you started to lightly bounce your hips up and down his shaft. You mewled in pleasure rolling your head back gasping lightly as you circled your hips. You could feel Namjoon start to thrust erratically bucking his hips up and you were proud to see how his head rolled back. His head was tipped back his eyes screwed shut as part of his neck veins popped out. He was full of pleasure that you caused and you knew even in this moment you wanted to be the only one with him. He moved his thumb to brush against your clit rubbing it in circles as he tried to get you off, his name rolling from your lips as your warm walls squeezed around his shaft. He slammed you down harder with one hand, your hands moving up to scratched down his chest slowly digging your nails into his skin to make crescent marks.

“Shit, I’m going to cum.” You announced leaning over to grind down against him, your hands moving to grab at the sheets beside his head.

“Will you cum for me baby girl?” He asked in a harsh whisper leaning up to bit your jaw, he continued to slam you down against him your pussy starting to gush with water. Your hips jerked down as you nodded your head giving into him you let a cry out of his name, your pussy clenching tightly around him, the walls clamping down and locking onto his shaft, he wrapped his arms around your waist continuing to slam you down as his hips snapped up to bury himself deep inside of you. His load shot out inside of you while he cried out your name, he let his hips slow down at a steady pace as he rode out your orgasms. Kissing over your face and your body he gave a soft hum nuzzling his nose with yours.

“Fuck, yeah I don’t want to be without you.” You admitted burying your face in his neck. “If you’re ready to try so am I.” You admitted biting on his jaw and kissing his lips.

“Good then, because I want you and though I was a little mad earlier I know I don’t want to be without you.” He admitted nipping on your jaw as the music shifted to a BTS song causing you both to give quiet giggles as he held you and talked.

About a Girl [3]

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final / Epilogue

The disappointment

You had been working for Mr. Kim for nearly two months now, and things had gone pretty smoothly. You and Jangmi had bonded rather quickly. It made the job much easier. The one thing that didn’t make it easier was Mr. Kims absence. Jangmi would often ask about him, but you were never really sure how to answer. Most of the time you’d change the subject.

Jangmi squirmed as you pinned the last flower onto her dress for her school play tomorrow night. “Jangmi, you need to stay still. You don’t want me to accidentally prick you, do you?”

“No,” she muttered. “I just wanna see the dress!”

You gave her a warm smile. “Be patient, I’m almost finished.” You put the final stitch in, feeling relieved that you had finally finished. You sat back to admire your handy work. “Alright, we’re all done.”

Jangmi jumped down from the stool that she had been standing on, running to the full length mirror. She squealed in excitement at her reflection. She twirled in her dress. “Miss Y/LN, it’s perfect!” She rushed back to you, wrapping her arms around your waist. “Thank you so much.”

You gave her a pat on her head, “Anytime. Now, why don’t you go change into your pjs while I clean up. Alright?”

Jangmi skipped off to the bathroom as you cleaned up the mess that you had  made. Various pieces of cloth had been scattered across the room, it was your job to gather it all up. “Looks like a hurricane came through here,” a deep voice spoke.

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If you do a good job training your genin, when they become chunin you will have another gifted to you as good teachers are hard to find. Gai ends up training a stupid number of genin because all of his litters of beastlings turn out well.

Very sensible, 10/10 should have been canon.  💕

We’ll Never Leave Again

Author: castielohcastiel

Characters: Castiel x Reader

Warning : Angst, fluff

Word Count :1746

A/N: Anon Request :  “I’m not important” “You’re important to me, dammit” A Cas x reader where one of them is going on a dangerous/suicidal mission and the other one doesn’t want them to.

We’ll Never Leave Again : Straylight Run

You always know exactly what it is I need. We’ll be safe in our home.
Hidden in here alone. And the photos will show .These moments were golden
We’ll never leave again. We’ll never leave again…

Castiel watched you from his seat, as everyone listened to Dean’s plan. You nod in agreement, trying to avoid eye contact with the angel. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Sam gave a worried look in your direction. Feeling the gaze of those blue eyes, you nod bravely, “Sam, I’m the perfect bait, just get in there, kill the bastards and call it a day.” Dean shoots a glance over to Cas, who is looking off to the distance, anxious worry written all over his face. “I’m going to get some rest. Dean, call me when dinner’s ready.” The hunter nods; the three men watch you walk away, leaving the bunker library. The angel shifts in his seat, lowering his head in defeat. “Come on Cas, she’s a big girl. She’s been hunting since she was a kid, like Sammy and me. Y/N, will be fine.” Dean smiled at his friend, who just glared back, “How can you be so sure Dean? Do you have future seeing abilities I am not aware of?” Sam tries to cover up his chuckle with a loud cough, Dean rolls his eyes, “Really Cas? Stop being an ass. You’ll be there, right? So why are you worried?” The angel’s eyes narrow as he stands up, “Do not test me Dean, I don’t want Y/N to go on some suicidal mission.” 

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Hi there mark. So im in love with everything reptile and was wondering what are some of the benefits of becoming a herpetologist. Like besides the fact that ill get to study my favorite animals.

  • Field work
  • Working in museum collections, surrounded by hundreds of years of collected material
  • Handling holotypes
  • Describing new species
  • Sex appeal
  • Chat-up lines including:
  • ‘I’ve got a snake in my pants, want to see?’ *pulls out small colubrid*
  • 'I’ve got a lot of experience handling massive snakes’
  • 'What do you and snakes have in common? I’ve got both of you hooked’
  • 'Like a gecko’s lamellae and a smooth surface, you and I should stick together’
  • 'I’m a parselmouth. I speak in tongues.’ *wink*
  • 'Sorry if I seem to be dancing like a snake in front of you. It’s just that I find you so charming’
  • 'I wrestle crocodiles.’
  • 'Are you familiar with the word “amplexus”?’
  • 'You may be playing hard to get now, but I can see us caecilian the deal later’
  • 'If it’s any consolation, at least I only have one penis and it’s not even covered in spines.’
  • Advanced level chat-up lines:
  • 'Most of the snakes you think are colubrids aren’t actually colubrids.’
  • 'Boas and pythons aren’t sister groups.’
  • 'Adhesive subdigital structures have evolved at least seven times in geckos alone, and another four times in other clades.’
  • 'All toads are frogs.’
  • 'Do Van der Waals forces do it for you, or are you looking for a more intimate kind of bondage?’
  • Lack of job security: every day is an adventure.
  • Lack of funding: you learn to be frugal.
  • Advanced sense of humour. Herpetologists are often seen to be laughing hysterically at such things as:
  • Denied grant proposals
  • Insignificant results
  • Rejected publications
  • DNA contamination
  • Empty pitfall traps
  • Causing consternation on the faces of relatives.
  • Eleven years minimum at university. What is this ‘real world’ you speak of?
Is The Universe Testing You?

I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned and what I believe from all my experiences, this which resonates the most with me. Every moment of our lives, the law of attraction is always working. We are always creating our experiences, creating our reality. In some cases we build up this negative momentum, like a snowball, and if we let it, it gets away from us. Same thing with positive momentum. If we can build it up enough then let it run away from us, life starts unfolding in a more positive way.

Now let’s say you have built up this snowball of positive energy and it’s starting to gain momentum, but things come up like you become sick when things are going really good, you lose your job or your boyfriend, etc. Keep in mind, many of us have only been aware of the law of attraction for a little while. Which means, you have your whole life prior to awakening that you have created both positive and possibly a lot of negative momentum. Right now things are awesome, then BAM - you hit a brick wall. You get sick, your boyfriend breaks up with you, you lose all your money or you fail a test. You even take time off from work to focus on your passion but instead sleep the whole four days away.

This is because you still have this negative momentum in your awareness that pops up in the form of insecurities and fears. At the same time, you are both creating these unpleasant situations to happen as well as the universe is “testing” you. What I mean by “testing” is, the universe is asking you questions - are you really ready for your new desires? Are you ready to allow all the good you have been manifesting to show up in your life? Are you absolutely confident that this is who you now want to become? Have you explored root causes if necessary, accepted them, released/let go of them, and moved on?

You have these underlying thoughts, these root causes that in some cases need to be explored, brought up and released in order to be free of them forever. If you keep having the same situations popping up all the time - every time I get so close to perfection, something always happens to take it away from me - now is the time to explore this. The universe is “testing” you because you have this negative momentum of fear, insecurities and lack of self love build up that hasn’t been dealt with.

The universe, in a way, is asking you, do you really want to live your highest purpose full of love and bliss, or do you want to keep experiencing situations to learn and grown from in the form of negative situations like above? Are you ready to move on and experience something new? It’s all a choice. We can keep perpetuating the situation by feeding into our fears and insecurities, having the universe "test us”/show us this gift, or we can grab life by the reigns and decided enough is enough. You always have a choice. There is no right or wrong. We are all here to experience life in an infinite amount of ways and we all have free will to choose and make decisions.

As you become aware of your snowball of negative momentum, that’s the first step in turning things around. And remember, we all have this negativity built up in all different ways in various degrees. Once we make the decision to create more positive experiences, it will get better and better, easier and easier. You must keep in mind, things are always going to pop up and the universe will always be “testing/asking” us. Life is a choice - do you want to experience this or not? Do you want to be in alignment or not? Do you want to feel good or not? The law of attraction is always working. You are always creating your experiences out of free will. Now is the time to choose.

Double Trouble (Luke Hemmings)


criminal!5sos (?, i think?)

disclaimer: Im not really sure what this is (?) i wrote it in like 3 days at 4 in the morning so I’m not even sure how i feel about it. i just haven’t posted anything in a while *hj smut*

Summary: If He’s in trouble, so are you. 

You tried to close your eyes, tried to give in to your heavy lids, but your mind was running at a mile a minute and sleep was the last thing it was ready to do.

It was hard to do, impossible you’d say, when the spot beside you was empty and your beloved was out working his way through the darkness of the town with the pack he called partners, nearly begging for trouble, and almost always finding it.

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There’s something to be learned from One Punch Man

You can work so damn hard for something you want to do so damn well like a hobby or a job. You can work so hard that your hair falls out from the stress your body takes. But if you become too good at your job, then the enjoyment you get out of it just disappears. That’s the lesson. Never be too good at something you really want to do.